How the World Works

Item 1:

Here’s Yasha Levine’s latest. Not only is a large portion of California’s water privatized, but the billionaire couple who owns a major portion of it is one of the lobbies pushing for war with Iran because they grow pistachios.

Item 2:

Here’s Michael Hayden making a big deal of Huawei spying for China when all of Silicon Valley spies for Monstanto, Exxon, Pfizer, and large multinational banks on and against the public interests of US citizens:

Charles Riley, “Ex-CIA director says Huawei spied for China,” CNN, 19 July 2013:

Hayden currently serves on the board at Motorola Solutions, and is a principal at security consultancy Chertoff Group.

Phil Muncaster, “Former CIA and NSA head says Huawei spies for China,” The Register, 19 July 2013:

Aussie politicians responded by banning Huawei from bidding on the National Broadband Network (NBN) project.

The UK, on the other hand, has welcomed the firm with open arms, prime minister David Cameron even hosting founder Ren Zhengfei at Downing Street after he announced a £1.2bn investment in the country.

However, a parliamentary security and intelligence committee has since raised national security concerns with Huawei.

Could Motorola want Huawei’s UK, Australian, etc. contracts? Isn’t it a little odd how national security threats frequently align with personal business interests?

There’s more.

Here’s the Trump administration getting Canada to arrest the CFO of Huawei for “intellectual property theft”:

Dan Mangan, “National security advisor John Bolton says ‘I knew in advance’ about arrest of Huawei executive,” CNBC, 6 December 2018:

And that is the Trump administration giving future payola solutions to Motorola Solutions {NSA} to spy on Mueller’s team and escape whatever it is Team Status Quo had in mind for endgame in Russiagate, and otherwise prompting certain regions of the powers-that-be to pardon Team Trump Deep State/secret squirrel style.

Legion of Doom: +1. Humanity: 0.

Speaking of Profit Via Espionage

The Register – Former NSA/CIA chief Michael Hayden accuses telecom Huawei of spying for China

There was a time I suppose one might consider that simply capitalism in action. You know, Wrigley competitor “Bubbleyum puts spider eggs in their gum” (they don’t and it might have been Trident or Bazooka for all I know started that old rumor). Might at one time have been considered pro-US, providing jobs, etc. Dirty pool, but for a “good” cause.

But once you get to know these sonsabitches you realize that, no, it’s just about them.

Remember when Thomas Drake said NSA officers created the “boogeyman” in order to go private and win contracts to deal with the illusory threats that they created? Became millionaires as a result? Same principle.

Hayden is a walking national security threat himself. He is constantly pushing for more spending for various things like his infamous “digital Blackwater” comments. He knows, as most phony rightwing fiscal conservatives know, that breaking the back of the federal government (in order to give power to the mostly conservative controlled states) would be the eventual result. But, please, not before they rob the US Treasury that they all claim to abhor. They love spending, they just don’t want to pay for it.

And he was in charge when GROUNDBREAKER began in February of 2001. Naturally, he ignores the US intel community excesses like PRISM (and those of his own doing) and points and attempts to summon the specter of Fu Manchu in order to scare people back in line, to stop questioning the almost 100% likelihood that he and his neocon chums abused the surveillance powers they took in every conceivable way. He is a shameless self-dealer who cloaks himself in the flag.

And his claims could even be true, but who can know when the words come from an obviously biased source who always seems to have a personal profit motive when this stuff pours out of his mouth?

The remarks by Hayden – now a director of Motorola Solutions – will likely inflame an already tense relationship between the US and China.

Do you think that Motorola might have a stake in seeing a competitor or favored partner’s competitor barred from bidding on government contracts?

And throw dirt in the Obama administration’s face at the same time (no, I don’t know why they bother anymore, it’s not like they’re seeing all that well right now anyway).

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