What’s Jared Got to do With Iraq?

Pretty much nothing. If there’s a lesson to take from the Jared situation, it is probably that power tends to corrupt. People start indulging their worst aspects when they think that they can get away with it. This applies to pretty much anyone with even a modicum of power. But it did remind me of a few things.

Before I get going on a tour of the covert horror show, why is what I’m going to cover important?

1} Barrett Brown would be covering something like this, and in a much better manner, were he not a political prisoner. That is what he is, stop making excuses for a giant machine filled with spooks who know how to manipulate people and the media.

2} We have another Bush running for POTUS. Really, are we not able to get enough after the Saving & Loan Scandal from 41 and the near complete financial meltdown from 43? Oh, right, it actually made a few people even wealthier, so screw the 99%. Banksters rule.

3} It involves indirectly another political prisoner, Matt DeHart.

4} We cannot seem to, in general, grasp that we have a few million spooks in this country alone, many of them in the private sector, and that there just isn’t enough for them to do in the category of things we actually expect them to do. Therefore, they cook up other things and provide illegal services to Wall Street and petty, vengeful, greedy politicians.

But it did remind me of UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. I detailed what happened to two other NJSF interns, and what someone tried to do to me, in Wicked Game chapter 4 as well as what happened to Ritter and how it may relate to MKUTLRA subproject #109, Pharmacological Age. The chapter is long, but the Ritter section is at the end of the chapter, just before the notes.

What is the broader picture here? For that, we may have to look at the context.

First, there was the ‘Downing Plan.’ This was the result of a discussion between US and UK officials on how to garner support–and a legal basis–for invading Iraq. It included discussion of a false-flag-ish operation in which Iraq would be tricked into shooting down a plane upon which ‘UN’ would be painted on the side. While UK representatives opposed this proposal from their American cousins, one thing became clear: the Neoconservatives were very concerned with being prosecuted for war crimes. They wanted a solid legal basis for invading Iraq.

Note also that Ritter rejected the advances of Achmed Chalabi. Chalabi was the Pentagon’s favorite for replacing Saddam Hussein, a noted con artist and criminal, as well as very probably a double or triple agent working for Iran. Another thing that people don’t seem to grasp, many Joint Chiefs love instability because it provides opportunities for future military industrial complex profits down the road. They don’t want peace when they can fill their pockets forever on Permawar.

CIA to the neocons’ rescue. And on more than one occasion in all likelihood. Besides the character assassination against Scott Ritter, who as I noted in the chapter was literally explaining away the Bush administration’s WMD lies on CNN only to be cut off mid-sentence in order to go to Condaleeza Rice stating the exact opposite, there was Amerithrax. Jim Woolsey in particular. Jim Woolsey of later Booz Allen Hamilton, who also makes a couple of appearances in Wicked Game.

It appears that FBI investigated why CIA was attempting to frame Iraq for the Amerithrax attacks. An alleged document indicating the existence of this investigation was what Matt DeHart allegedly received from a member of Anonymous.

This should come as little surprise as FBI was investigating a lot of people who, not shitting you here, they thought were secret Muslims. This issued from politicians having ties to organizations that FBI thought also supported terrorism.

Of course Matt is up on charges completely unrelated to the investigation and instead something closer to what they got Ritter for. This is common tactic, even when the charges have no basis in reality, in order to dissuade support and to scare people about entering jail at all and therefore making them easier to coerce. See that chapter 4 again for field testing on American’s by the US government during and after the Bush 41 administration.

There are so many examples of kiddie porn among government employees, and so very few that resulted in prosecution and in some cases even firing, that one could only look at the Catholic Church or the British Government for a more corrupt system of cover-up. While I don’t want to see a theocracy, the Obama administration keeps making the case for some kind of morality within government. I swear, that man is the Koch’s best friend and a staunch GOPer when it comes to what he actually does as opposed to what he says.

History repeats itself again and again. Maybe it isn’t so much a flat circle as an ashtray.

Even Stranger Bedfellows

Among the aborted short stories still drifting in the back of my mind was a piece about the…I don’t know exactly who he was supposed to be exactly. The Son of Perdition maybe. Like a lot of my fiction, there was going to be a punchline.

In this case it was a meeting of…whatever they are…world’s Luciferians. Illuminati maybe. The 1% of the 1%. A big party in a canyon where those who couldn’t get in were throwing themselves into pits of spikes and fire while the big dogs arrived in their armored humvees. The Antichrist was supposed to be speaking but somehow this other guy wound up taking his place. Complete with a human sacrifice, this was supposed to be the big end of religion as we know it.

But as I was piecing together the flow and plot in my head, it occurred to me: the tops guys are evil, right? They enjoy inflicting pain. So, what better way to end the story than a speech:

“…so here it is, folks. The moment you’ve been waiting for…

“6,000 more years of Abrahamic fundamentalism!”

The crowd laughed assuming he was kidding.

“No, really. I mean look at you, with your Beamers…your portfolios…and the rest of your bullshit. It’s what you deserve. You haven’t learned a goddam thing…”

Anyway, it would continue this way with some fun zingers {that seemed hilarious to me at the time in my state of surreptitiously drugged by government in order to cover up mass spying for insider trading at CIA and NSA}. It would end with him grabbing the proposed sacrifice and riding off on a motorcycle with the yuppies and billionaires all frantically calling on their cellphones trying to figure out why and how they had just been screwed out of decades of secret planning to reshape the world in their image.

I don’t recall precisely why I didn’t write that one up, but I do vaguely recall all hell breaking lose in terms of noise and distractions and I chose to concentrate on some other fiction instead.

Last night, I watched The Unbelievers. A documentary about the push by zoologist Richard Dawkins and physicist Lawrence Krauss attempting to bring atheists, secularists, and agnostics out of the closet.

I agree with them on several things. The idea that people have to lie about their religious beliefs in order to get elected, for example. That science should be getting a lot more backing, financial and political for another. It is also quite problematic that religion is so often used as an excuse to exclude, murder, or otherwise infringe on the rights of others.

However, I cannot help but notice a few other things and in light of current events, I think I may have to part ways on those. In fact, it may be the collusion with some of the people they claim superiority to in terms of morality that I take issue with for starters.

First, Krauss was put on President Obama’s science advisory board in 2008. I think we recall the first, or at least the first in recent memory, swearing in event that included mention of non-believers. It did appear that atheists might earn some respect. Since then we have, for example, Hillary, the likely shoe-in in 2016, stating that her favorite book is The Bible.

Next, there was the mystery of Christopher Hitchens’ support of the invasion of Iraq. Not really a mystery since Hitch explained his position as being in support of women’s rights. As he saw it, Islam stood in the way of progress. The film goes further into this explaining that the Middle East was the center of reason and science such as it was and it was wiped out by the rise of Islam.

In addition, we have the current situation of supporting and fighting nearly every single party in Syria and Iraq at the same time. Sides switch by the minute, and it starts to seem as though there is almost no rhyme nor reason to it at all.

I suggest that there is. The point is not the points being mentioned by the MSM at all. The point is that when it comes to really big moves, you need the backing of multiple powerful groups at once. In this case, the military industrial complex, who doesn’t care who it blows up so long as someone puts in an order for more, along with the Religious Right, who wants to evangelize the Middle East into a Christian region, and the Big Atheists who think a few less sky fairy followers will make for better world sometime in the future.

I’ve written, tweeted, spoken, etc. at length about my distaste for the former two groups. No need to repeat that. The bone to pick here is with those who agree with Dawkins and Krauss, and I am being a little unfair since as far as I know neither has come out and said publically that they agree with Hitchens on conversion via bomb.

But I think that’s the point. These powerful lobbies have struck a deal. Think about that for a minute. Sleep on it. Doesn’t it make sense?

Now, why do I have a problem with scientists taking this stance?

First, because they claim that they may hold better answers. Instead, they have come up with the very same answers that those they claim to despise have. It’s shameful. The best they can do to fight world hunger is to reduce demand for it and let Monsanto become a monopoly? The best that they have come up with for climate change is to reduce population?

It gets worse. A large portion of the world’s population needs to believe in something. I say that from a scientific perspective. The effects of placebos are a statistical, empirical, and therefore scientifically provable fact. Yet, it has not been explained by science exactly how it is that nothing {yeah, I’m poking at Krauss here} can result in healing disease.

Does it always work? No. Does it work often enough to be statistically significant? Apparently so.

New York Times, “Placebos Prove So Powerful Even Experts Are Surprised; New Studies Explore the Brain’s Triumph Over Reality,” Sandra Blakeslee, 13 October 1998:


This same thing is what gets some people to survive natural disaster over others. Note that it was most often the people who do not take to cannibalism who ultimately survive situations in which others find it necessary. How? It’s not yet explained by science. It’s a evolutionary survival advantage and it is both unexplained and, it seems, disrespected by some top scientists due to its association with religion.

That is bias.

Without explaining that and offering up an alternative, and coupled with mass murder, science–as represented by some of these top folks–is throwing its hands up. If things are going to get very, very bad before they get better, people need better than this.

Now, let’s look closer at the logic and the long view, suspending for the moment the fact that these purveyors of reason are looking at death for a solution.

The implied argument is that Muslims are savage, uncivilized, and unreasonable. And yet:

Telegraph UK, “CIA ‘tortured al-Qaeda suspects close to the point of death by drowning them in water-filled baths’ :Exclusive: As the US Senate prepares to release a report documenting US torture programme after 9/11, Telegraph reveals new details about the scope of CIA excesses,” Peter Foster, 7 September 2014:

And yet:

Google search: military rape epidemic

And yet:

Google image search: drone damage

Who’s uncivilized? What makes, given the fact that privileged white men can sit in relative safety, separated from the rest of humanity as all manner of horrors are unleashed on the world at their behest, the West, the US, the UK, the EU, or any of the rest of world “more civilized”?

It’s a lie. And these men claim to love the truth and hate lies.

Ultimately, this is a pointless post. These kinds of scientists will claim that it’s because they didn’t have enough funding, because of the Religious Right, because of a lack of understanding on the part of the layman, or whatever else they want to blame.

“If only everyone thought the way I do.” So much for evolution. Apparently, they know who should live and who should die. They know better than the rest of us.

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” If you can’t beat ’em, you suck.


I close with a link to a recent post by a former supporter of Dawkins’ who pulled her support over some of the things he’s said, positions he has supported. I suggest again: white man out of touch with reality. *

NeonTommy, “Unfollow Richard Dawkins,” Carrie Poppy, 23 September 2014:


And a suggestion that the answer is right in front of us. How do we get there?

Not this way.

* Either that or the Pope is mindcontrolling him, lol.


For the time being, only self-hosted and WordPress VIPs can embed storifies, a multimedia tool that is often used to show a series of posts and/or tweets.

Here’s a typical twitter exchange for me, though I note fewer and fewer people are willing to engage me at all. Refreshing when they do.


I bothered to do this because I created a Storify account, had considered storifying this, but decided to sit it out. This fellow did it for us, though:


As you can see, we already do have other organizations that we helped to create or at least watered and added fertilizer. The Defense and NATSEC industries thrive on problems and their immense influence and power results in them getting their way as well as a mainstream media that not only sucks up to them…

The Intercept, “The CIA’s Mop-Up Man: L.A. Times Reporter Cleared Stories With Agency Before Publication,” Ken Silverstein, 4 September 2014:

Not only completely blurs the lines between public/private, government/business:

The Intercept, “The U.S. Government’s Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations,” Glenn Greenwald, 5 September 2014:


…between security and spying…

PandoDaily *, “Hall of Mirrors: Wikileaks volunteer helped build Tor, was funded by the Pentagon,” Yasha Levine, 22 July 2014:


…between protest and corporate agenda…

PandoDaily, “Uhhhh… Occupy Google gets help with “messaging” from Google-funded Silicon Valley think tank,” Yasha Levine, 30 June 2014:


PandoDaily, “Yes, Google works with “former military operations people.” But they won’t tell us who, or from where,” Yasha Levine, 24 June 2014:


All that’s missing, and really it isn’t, are religious institutions. These are virtual Godzillas and they’re stomping around, using your house for scratching the bottom of their feet, your bones to clean their toenails. Your rights are insignificant to them as they look down and watch the ants scurry and hide.

In closing, an intercepted recording from a meeting…actually several…in Silicon Valley, Virginia, and Wall Street practically simultaneously.

“How can we really get control over people…in meatspace?”

“Well, the Internet has rewired brains to store memory in the Cloud…Maybe we can make them forget how to drive.”

“And by taking that responsibility away, murder them at our convenience or use the threat of ‘car-hackers’ to steal more rights.”

High five.

* Yeah, I crossed the Intercept/Pando streams. Can’t be helped to get a fuller picture.

Slithering Towards…


Getting there.

The Zombified Abnormal

This is more of a bitchy state of affairs post because I haven’t done one in a while.
Continue reading

They Come in Pairs

A couple of documents related to hypnotism research by the Central Intelligence Agency from their FOIA reading room:

Doc No/ESDN: 0000140404
Released: September 1, 1999 Pages: 6
Download PDF for 0000140404


Doc No/ESDN: 0000140394
Released: September 1, 1999 Pages: 8
Download PDF for 0000140394


Some of the fun involves a case where a hypnotist turned a devout atheist into a believer until he undid what he done. Then, the opposite.

Continue reading

FOXed Out

Just some random FOX, NewsCorp and related stuff.

Stinker, Sailor, Wonder Why?

First, Rupert Murdoch apparently asked spy novelist John LeCarre who killed Robert Maxwell. Maxwell was a competitor of Murdoch’s who was found floating in the ocean off of his yacht. Murdoch bought up Maxwell’s papers after that, increasing his own reach. LeCarre said that he had no idea. The blog author said he assumed suicide.

I’m thinking there’s a world of difference between asking a spy novelist and a mystery writer. Likely Agatha Christie would have looked him in the eye and given a different answer based on motive and who benefited. The natural spook answer always seems to amount to “nothing to see here.”

Get the Widows on the Set

While there is of course no way of knowing, the subtext here (warning: graphic suicide – see also baby mamas sue) sure seems to be “get out of my head, argh, I can’t take it any more.” Some bizarre behavior for a simple carjacking. Not wanting to go back to jail, I see that…

But I also see the possibility of something close to The Running Man. Movie with Arnold on a deadly game show combined with public execution. To listen to victims of Organized Stalking from AZ speak, a grim collusion between news and police there would not surprise me. Dead “bad guy” on camera, a happy day for both parties.

You’ll also note that Smith flew to see Timothy McVeigh’s execution in person. Very pro death penalty.

Now imagine for a moment that NewsCorp has voice-to-skull, acoustic psycho-correction, MEDUSA, whatever similar stuff there is available to a monstrosity like one of the world’s largest news conglomerates. Need some headlines, ratings? Just zap somebody and make up a story as to why they went cuckoo afterwards. You are conveniently there because you set it up.

What the problem with fixing this is if that is the case is, again, the spook answer trumps that of the detective. “National security” (a euphemism for ripping people off while scaring the s— out of them) trumps justice. Every time. They’d rather have their toys out of public view and allow the mayhem to continue than let the secret out. They might do something nasty to people who misbehave with it, but exposure is not their style.

I am seriously thinking that ought to change. I don’t think that the argument that we are safer as it’s been holds any water whatsoever any longer.

Progressive FOX?

And this. Touted (by liberals and conservatives alike!) as FOX tearing Obama a new one over Syria. That’s not what I see at all. What I see is FOX coming late to the party, using almost exactly, line for line, the anti-Iraq invasion arguments that the left used against Bush against going into Syria against Obama. Truly amazing to watch. (I oppose military action in Syria, BTW).

Not to minimize the seriousness of the Benghazi attack, but it wasn’t 9/11 and they gave Bush a pass and carte blanche because that happened on his watch.

You’ll also note the complaining about the IRS spying on those with tax dollars to hide, but an hardly a complaint about NSA spying on millions of Americans. They haven’t changed that much.

Ok, Not Just Fox

Over at BoilingFrogsPost, Sibel Edmonds and company are having issues with one of the fastest growing news organizations there is, ProPublica. These guys won the Pulitzer in 2010 but appear to be very much in the pocket of Wall Street while signing agreements with 90 news organizations (including your “liberal” ones like Slate). Some interesting stuff, especially after they demanded a retraction from Sibel.

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