Small Update

First, I added the now MIA at their website US News & World Report article about CIA’s child kidnapping ring known as The Finders. As it turns out, they were taking toddlers to Saudi Arabia to be diddled by members of the House of Saud who were so inclined. The article is here and the FOIA can be found over here in PDF.

Second is what is perhaps my favorite interview of all time. Jeremy Scahill interviews historian Alfred McCoy * about the fall of the US Empire, the CIA trafficking drugs and how mainstream media lied to help cover it up {and CIA continues to even though the missing paragraphs proving Gary Webb correct are available elsewhere}, among other goodies. Perhaps most timely, a rundown on how many foreign elections the United States meddled in during the last half of the 20th century. I think the number will surprise you.

Jeremy Scahill, “Donald Trump and the Coming Fall of the American Empire,” The Intercept, 22 July 2017:

Third, if you follow the Twitter and are wondering where a new piece is, I’m still collating data. Also, I prefer to know what two, three or four outcomes the enemy is hoping for before taking action so as to avoid falling into one of their traps. Suffice it to say that there’s been a LOT of crazy around these parts recently.

* Via tag you will find a vague reference to a quote by Dr. McCoy posted during my brief tenure at the University of Illinois at Chicago stay in Chicago in late 2013, early 2014 which includes photos from my visit to Dr. James C. Lin, who had the good sense to not be in his office when I came a’knockin’ to ask about his microwave and audio work with CIA and DoD and why Carlyle Group was investing in headphones to be marketed to African-Americans.

I believe the McCoy quote was, when repeated to me years ago, taken out of context. For one, there was a difference of opinion in CIA when some were hoping there was some sort of Soviet or Chinese “magic” with regards to mind control. There was not. However, despite CIA’s spotlighting the bad science portions they spent money on during MK Ultra, even finding out that, and that, for example, schizophreniclike symptoms can be induced in people with isolation and trauma alone, is useful information for a corrupt institution like CIA.

In any case, Dr. McCoy understands keenly the cyberspace and outer space issues, as you’ll read or hear in the interview. It’s just a small step to get to behavioral modification, and we’re already seeing some MSM news on “improving soldiers.”


Mos Def’ly Deep State Skullduggery {Updated}

Bout to represent in your whole atmosphere

The answer bloody well isn’t forty-two, it’s yes. Undoubtedly, unequivocally, unabashedly yes.

28 May 2014 update: Apparently the story picked up by the New York Daily News, Democracy Now, and others was false. Mos Def has not been blocked from entering the US. But do read this Salon article on why the rumor worked so well.

Salon, “Mos Def’s False Alarm: Why a Deplorable Internet Rumor Seemed So Credible,” Falguni A. Sheth, 27 May 2014:

The answer provides a lens into the current state of U.S. foreign policy: If it can drone its own child citizens for the sin of having a fundamentalist cleric for a father, why would it be so hard to believe that it would deny reentry to one of its own adult citizens?
Last year, Bey drew attention to the inhumane treatment of hunger strikers at Guantánamo Bay by attempting to undergo the same force-feeding procedures that have been imposed on them. Bey aborted the attempt almost immediately because of the intolerable pain and discomfort that he felt.

Maybe something about the US reminds him of that pain and discomfort. More at the link.

On the flip side of this portion, Apple has now bought the headphone business from Dre, so white people can also worry about what’s going through their ears and into their heads via Carlyle:

Guardian, “Apple buys Dr Dre’s Beats for $3bn as company returns to music industry,” Heidi Moore, 28 May 2014:

You know, Apple, one of several companies that the US intelligence community has direct access to your data on their servers and, as Edward Snowden noted this evening on “Defending Yourself and Deflecting From Government Abuse with Brian Williams,” any intelligence service in the world can gain access and control of any phone, any time. This includes the iPhone, of course, but I knew that back in 2010 when they did that to mine a few times.

First I’d like to thank the US government for inspiring this post. You know, “without whom…” etc.

Actor and rapper Mos Def is not allowed to enter the country due to some immigration issues:

Guardian, “Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def, cancels US tour amid ‘legal’ wrangles,” Ben Beaumont-Thomas, 22 May 2014:

I’ll remind folks that this is likewise the status of Canadian scifi writer Peter Watts due to that which we refer to as Squidgate.

Good advice on Guide

The connection? The key to winning wars this century is controlling the narrative. From the old CIA manual on guerilla warfare:

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.

This is MOCKINGBIRD expanded to contain all forms of art and creativity as well as MSM, or as I prefer to refer to it, Wolf Blitzer’s Beard. It also goes to setups, covert ops, dirty tricks, intimidation, coercion, as opposed to simply hiring parrots like ONI Bob Woodward and potentially CIA Anderson Cooper.

Why is this such an important issue? As I’ve been reminding lately, Stratfor-, and therefore CIA-, connected disinformationist Alex Jones has been stirring up trouble. Interesting to note that on one hand, Jones slammed the Koran for anti-gay language {while failing to mention the same sort of language in the Old and New Testaments} and on the other called gay rights part of the New World Order conspiracy to control population. Curious, since loving couples who do not procreate but instead adopt strikes me as being more akin to something that would resemble God’s plan.

Mos is a supporter of 9/11 Truthers, which seems to me we should all support the truth regardless of our preconceived notions about what that is. He also opposed the continuance of Gitmo, torture, perpetual war, etc.

In a similar, dangerous, and of course nigh-to-unbelievable vein, Carlyle Group, umbrella under which Booz Allen and Booz Allen Hamilton subsist, two other defense/intel contractors, notable for having been invested in by the Bin Laden family and more recently the UAE, has invested $500 million in Dr. Dre’s headphones:

WaPo, “Carlyle Group jumps into music scene with $500 million investment in Dr. Dre headsets,” Thomas Heath, 27 September 2013:

The plunge into headphones is not the norm for Carlyle, most well-known for hiring ex-prime ministers and ex-presidents and buying and selling aerospace and defense firms.

But Carlyle has recently ventured into the consumer space, including buying Dunkin’ Donuts, Hertz, Mrs. Fields’ Cookies and NBTY vitamins.

For my notes on Congress’ 1984-themed surface-scratching regarding subliminal communications technology, start with part 1 here or click the tag at bottom of post.

See also various links at top especially MKULTRA subproject 119/Project Bizarre and FBI consulting with Russians on acoustic psycho-correction. This stuff more or less works, I’ve seen it work on other people, it’s worked on me to an extent, and I think it can and will work to an extent on anyone. That I am still here and not in prison means it isn’t perfect. But if you are completely unaware of it and foolish enough to think your corporate-controlled government and private contractors wouldn’t do it out of some kind of sense of decency, you are setting yourself up for big trouble.

Note that this does not mean that Dre knows what they are doing. This is highly technical stuff, not an issue with the headphones themselves but rather whatever signals they may be capable of carrying. Understand that any device capable of connecting to a network or the Internet has a unique MAC address. This means the intelligence community, Department of Defense, and/or some contractors can access a particular person’s device and piggyback subliminal data on it, essentially providing near-hypnotic suggestion without the listener ever being aware of it. Anger can be the result, as I’ve suggested may have happened with Barrett Brown, Ibrahim Todashev * , and myself in a Minneapolis grocery store during an encounter with a strange-behaving MPD officer.

Race war? Possible. At what point does danger potential trump looking silly asking such questions? What will it take to get us to the point that we take what our government and their private partners are doing with technology serious enough to be seriously concerned as well? There’s history. There’s some evidence in science journals and buried ledes in news we already have. What’s missing: a Snowden in this area of either usage or research.

Final comedic note, this was what I left a note under Dr. James Lin’s door about while I was in Chicago. Didn’t expect a reply. Lin worked on the Frey effect, microwave hearing effect extensively, though in recent years he’s stuck more to rounding up regular microwave and EMF research work from what I saw on his bookshelf.

Speaking of EMFs…

Would they? Yes. Can they? Apparently.

* Boston Globe, “Ibragim Todashev shooter had stormy record as officer: Boston agent who killed Tsarnaev friend was target of brutality suits with Oakland police,” Maria Sacchetti and Globe Staff, 14 May 2014:

McFarlane’s full name and birth date on records in Massachusetts and New Hampshire match that of the Oakland police officer who was involved in several controversies during his four years with that police force. He retired with a pension of more than $52,000 annually for the rest of his life.

In California, lawyers who had sued McFarlane in Oakland were stunned that the FBI later hired him.

“I would be shocked to learn that the Aaron McFarlane we sued a decade ago could have gone on to have a career with the FBI,” said Ian Kelley, a San Francisco lawyer who sued McFarlane on behalf of a man, Michael Cole, who accused McFarlane and another officer of beating him.

MONARCH (Updated)

This is my opinion, based on my experience. I could be wrong, but I really don’t think so. The point of this post is to try to separate fact from fiction, and to help the layman better understand how it actually works. The reasons for that are to alleviate fear (the real danger we face, the erosion of civilization through paranoia) and to help people understand how they can stop it if they have the opportunity.

MONARCH, whether it was an actual program or not (I have my doubts that it was serious and effective if it was real) was the so-called programmed assassin program. While I kind of do wonder about Sirhan Sirhan (somehow the sight of a green dress may have served as a psychological trigger for him), I also point out again that there may have been–in my opinion likely were–additional shooters. A truly insane, delusional and paranoid schizophrenic is not likely to be a good shot nor are they likely to even clearly perceive their surroundings properly to go after whomever it was they were “programmed” to attack. They are, my opinion, the scapegoat, the camouflage, cover, and get-out-of-jail free card for the real, professional assassins and for those who ordered the covert operation.

Instead, the disinformation out there (try googling Project Monarch) makes it sound like there are robots out there sleeping, waiting to pounce at any given moment. While it may be possible, there are a thousand things that could go wrong and such a person would likely have to perform their task soon after being released from weeks of torture and brainwashing. The ability to hide that that had been done to them would also be problematic, in my opinion. They would likely exhibit signs of mental illness, fear of noises and lights, etc. (Which is not to say that everyone with extreme phobias is a programmed assassin).

(Dr. Alfred McCoy–no relation–seems to think it was all phony, but I think he’s referring to MONARCH, not the tricks that I am which he may never have considered).

Rather, what is important in the way these ops really work, in my opinion, is to lay the groundwork for being able to paint the patsy as mentally ill and to ensure that they are at the right place at the right time. Like a Hollywood film using stunt doubles and special effects, a team of field agents can handle the rest followed by a tidal wave of lies from those helping to cover up the truth (again, careerism, choosing the right people for the job–aka “casting”–and a very well-founded fear of refusal will tend to keep discipline in those ranks).

Whether the target is drugged or had some form of microwave hearing used on them in order to behave erratically is unknown to me. Easier to drug them and cover it up or use electronics that don’t leave any such trace? Don’t know. To my knowledge, no such op has ever been truly exposed to the point we can know step-by-step what occurred.

Without the advantage of actual custody, that is complete control of the patsy by having them holed up, they have to rely on PSYOPs and electronics, covert harassment, to get the target agitated enough to exhibit violent behavior in order to make the frame-up convincing. This usually takes the form of isolation.

By first altering the mood, thinking, personality of the target, they convince those closest to them that the target has gone insane. The target knows, despite actually now having some brain malfunction due to what has been done to them, that their harassment is very real, though even those few events witnessed by others seem tame to someone who isn’t having them done to them several times a day and has not been drugged perhaps with something like mefloquine or another alkaloid that can cause schizoohreniclike symptoms. Those close to the target are not seeing what’s happening as harassment, but rather a new, suddenly strange and frightening sensitivity to everything around them. Most of us, not being at all schooled in how to deal with that in a friend or family member, immediately want psychological help for the target. The target, knowing–correctly and without a doubt that something sinister is afoot–becomes angry at the suggestion that it is all in their head. The truth is of course it’s a mix of both. They’ve been altered (usually temporarily) but also there is a real group behind what’s happening.

Once they are isolated due to the rift caused by the misunderstanding, the PSYOPs team is free to go to town on the target. From that point forward, anyone that the target meets will assume that the target has always been a little strange and view literally everything they say through a filter of doubt due to some of the more incredible things they’ve already heard from them.

The stage is being set for what happens later. Now you’ve got “witnesses.”

Note: I haven’t even mentioned the use of voice-to-skull and subliminal audio messages on both the target and the witnesses yet. That makes it even more effective. You can literally start arguments with that by pushing the right buttons. It’s not just the patsy who is targeted, it’s also some of the people that they have come into contact with.

Now most people (me included until it happened so much that I had to accept it as possible and the only logical explanation) don’t really think that they can be hypnotized, that subliminals would be effective on them. We are an arrogant species. I include myself in that.

The reason for this is that we are truly delusionally ignorant about how our brains work in the first place. We don’t, as individuals, understand much at all about what’s happening in our unconscious recesses of our heads. We only know what consciousness says, believes, and it is clear from neurobiological research that consciousness is a pathological liar.

(This may not actually be a bad thing. Is being positive about the day ahead when you wake up delusional? You don’t actually know the answer to that until evening rolls around. If the day was bad, then you were delusional about it, weren’t you? But it might have been worse if consciousness had said “Today’s gonna suck” and you didn’t make the best of a bad situation.)

To quickly sum up the rest, they trick the target into being where they want them however they can. As stated over in Wicked Game, I visited the state capitol in Minnesota one day in order to try to deliver a letter. That it happened to coincide with a war of words between an author I like and a state Tea Party rep who insulted him publicly struck me as a funny coincidence at the time, perhaps a little disturbing in retrospect. I could have been set up if they had decided to do so.

But, there you go. I had what I thought were my reasons for being there (a few people had also suggested seeing it, so it was also part tourism).

The point, these targets think they have reasons for what they do. There is a logic even if that logic did not actually originate with them and if it can be twisted by the people who set them up.

This is very, very different than pressing a button and remote controlling a human being (though that day is surely coming, especially if we don’t look into this topic in a very serious and effective way and before it is too late).

What could stop it? As corny as it may sound, love. Unconditional love might have prevented the isolation. It might also divert the course from where the patsy is supposed to be, completely ruining those sinister plans to destroy the middle class (the real goal here) in order to more easily reduce population without a resisting force to speak of. * You’d be surprised just how far a little act of kindness will go with a person in that desperate state of mind. They are looking for a way out of the trap, the Hell, that someone else created for them. You can help.

These principles and techniques do not just apply to violence. For example, a large, old corporation could easily trick a hacker into targeting a few newer, smaller competitors who think they can muscle their way in and take some of those contracts that the older, bigger company believes it will take, thankyouverymuch, while ensuring that there is financial data in the hoard in order to remove a “PITA” truth-telling gadfly and coerce the world’s greatest hacker into slavery.

And that’s what I meant about Miles Copeland, Jr. pointing out that the Watergate burglars had been tricked by CIA into the break-in. Same pattern, different targets, parties, goals, and methods

And the larger point, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. That subliminal stuff may actually work better on somebody who is smart because they have a broader world view and therefore a wider range of behaviors they would consider normal. Such people tend to be more open-minded. That might make it easier to persuade them to do what is desired. It’s once you get outside the range of internally acceptable behaviors that hypnosis starts to fall apart.

Awareness that this is actually done and that, pinch yourself, it may really be happening to you or someone you know, is also part of stopping disgusting, un-American, destructive, illegal, immoral, unethical, operations like these.

Of course these subliminals can also be used to make “PITA” truth-telling gadflies smoke like chimneys. I don’t actually have a solution for that. Yet. (But “dead at 30 anyway,” BB? You fell for that old trick?).

Further reading:

“Bioeffects of Microwave Radiation”



And of course the note I left under Dr. Lin’s door about the Carlyle Group investment in Dr. Dre’s headphones. Oh, wait. You can’t read that one.


* Mr. Casey was wrong. Someone did figure it out.

V2K (Updated)

Have had a chance to review the document at Here’s some of my reaction and getting some additional things on the record.

Voice to Skull

Joseph Sharp’s voice to skull success, performed with Dr. James C. Lin’s pulsed microwave transmitter, and publicly announced in 1974 at the University of Utah, at a seminar presented to the faculties of engineering and psychology.

That seminar, and the operating principle of Sharp’s successful experiment, were described in the March 1975 “American Psychologist” journal. The operating principle, which has been improved upon in the more than three decades since Sharp’s success, is based on the fact that one microwave radar pulse of medium to high power can produce an audible click in the hearing sense of a person in line with the signal. That effect has been called “radar hearing” since World War II.

Dr. Joseph Sharp used a computer to cause one microwave radar-like pulse to be transmitted every time a speaker’s voice wave form swung from high to low, as illustrated below:


The result was that when Joseph Sharp sat in line with a microwave transmitter transmitting pulses as shown above, he could hear a “robotic” voice speaking the numerals 0 to 9. He did not carry the experiment further, at least according to available records. Sharp’s experiment took place in 1973, and although the potential for microwave radiation to cause cancer wasn’t as widely known, it may be that radiation danger is the reason this technology has not, at least publicly, been developed further.

Research into radar hearing by Dr. Allen Frey in the 1960s established that roughly threetenths of a watt per square centimeter of skull surface is required to generate the clicks from which the voice is synthesized. Synthesis of voice from clicks is a primitive form of “digital audio.”

For some years in the 1990s and early 2000s, the United States Army recognized “voice to skull” technology, which they abbreviated as “V2K,” in their on line thesaurus. For reasons unknown, the Army removed that thesaurus entry circa 2007.

Some references to developing more advanced types of voice to skull can be found among patents, and rare United States Air Force references to the technology in the late 1990s forward.

Voice to skull (V2S/V2K), a commercial version dubbed MEDUSA – “Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio”, was proposed for commercial development for military and police use, per ABC news in summer 2008.

Targets report invasive sound transmissions of good fidelity at various times of day. Voices saying profane and disparaging things are common. False sounds of telephones ringing, pagers beeping, alarm clocks going off, knocking on the target’s door, and other sounds have been reported. The fidelity of these transmissions indicates improvement over the method demonstrated by Dr. Joseph Sharp.

So, there’s one tool that has been used to direct various people to do what they have done. Here’s a list of my suspected targets both from the news and personal experience:

• Drug dealer / pimp who started following me home toward the end of December 2009 and into January 2010.

My first encounter with him and a friend was at E&H Deli on Sixth Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. What first concerned me about him was that he entered the store while I was there, said hello and smiled to everyone (even other patons whom he clearly did not know), but avoided looking at me at all. This is a common intimidation tactic. This continued outside where both he and his friend started snickering as we all stood there together. They both failed to make eye contact.

(I once had a similar and hilarious (to me) encounter with some mobster’s bodyguard on Park Avenue in Manhattan. I was drawn to gaze at the colorful character having a conversation with two rather normal looking New Yorkers. The bodyguard noticed me looking, took some steps toward me, but rather than look at me, looked everywhere else. I swear, both of them look like they stepped right out of The Godfather.)

This continued for several days. I also heard that a friend of Mayur’s and mine (not Kate, another one) had been followed home by some creep the night before we got together in late December.

Eventually, I started heading right for the guy. He was white, late 20s, has a tattoo on his hand. His friends no longer seemed interested, so he was by himself when he followed me home two or three times and once more.

About the 4th or 5th of January, I passed him again. This time I forced him to look me in the eye with, “Happy New Year.” I mustered up my best happy. He laughed and returned it and never bothered me again.

My belief is that the black ops team used V2K to convince him that I was an undercover cop interested in whatever he was up to. For whatever reason, he decided “his” earlier thoughts were mistaken.

• Pyromaniac who burned down Kate and Michael Conway’s condo building utilizing a homemade laser. This occurred on December 23, 2009.

It has to be easy for the intel community, given its size and budget, to find (and even develop–see the DOJ report on weird goings on at St. Elizabeth’s Mental Hospital in DC–that’s one center of NKINTRA IMO) a pyromaniac. Directing him to Kate would have been simple as well. Without digging too deeply into such a diseased mind, one imagines there’s a sexual element to the fire thrill-seeker and Kate is an attractive lady.

I also point out that she lobbied for an alternative Democrat for mayor, Reverend Billy. This is what I refer to as 3-D chess. When the DOD and CIA make a big move, it’s for multiple reasons typically. This helped to provide cover (though burning the legs and lungs of a liberal must have been a bonus for them).

(Note: As I am writing this, multiple interruptions.)

I should also point out, that historically, FBI counter-intelligence is who was supposed, per the system, to deal with CIA’s domestic problems. In essence, FBI counter-intelligence is the CIA’s domestic arm. Or was. It’s getting harder to tell. DHS may have picked up some of those duties now. In any case, there was reportedly an agreement with DOJ dating back to 1954 that prevents prosecution of crimes like these. I fail to see how sewing the seeds of insurrection and assassination and terror by proxy could possibly keep it that way today.

In any case, part of the reason CIA claimed they started mucking about in domestic issues was because Hoover refused to do everything they asked or performed what they asked badly (it is inferred, on purpose). It’s no wonder, given they experimented upon US citizens. Even a hardass like Hoover had to draw the line somewhere). Some of the other (lame) excuses I’ve already covered (Huston plan, pressure from the Nixon White House to connect protestors with the USSR and China).

Additionally, one can view the fact that the articles on the fire disappeared two ways: part of an investigation or part of a cover-up. It is my (apparently undying) optimism in part that has allowed me some patience.

• Ted Kaczynski – the Unabomber. This was covered in the media (some articles and even on the History channel) but evidence of that has largely disappeared. I posted a comparison of the language on the History channel’s CourtTV/TruTV website before and after on this blog. Kacynski was, apparently, part of the CIA LSD experiments at Berkeley before deciding to go live in the woods and make bombs that targetted mostly scientists who work on technology.

• Bruce Ivins – worked for USARMIID and probably was the source of the anthrax attacks in the wake of 9-11. However, his behavior is so similar to Kaczynski’s, that one cannot help but draw similar conclusions. Additionally, I note that the White House neocons cornered and browbeat new FBI head Robert Mueller for NOT immediately saying that Al Qaeda and/or Iraq were responsible for the anthrax letters. What does that tell you about the neonconservative movement? Exactly what Michael Ledeen (whom I call the Neocon Grandmama) has said publicly: truth in politics is unnecessary and unwanted to them.

• Laughner – Already covered this a bit. Targetted a democratic congresswoman and several others. His iconic photo has that same idiotic smile I’ve seen on multiple faces (including: some kid wearing an LDS t-shirt leaving my building just before I discovered a blue powder in my freezer on some fruit pops, the aforementioned drug dealer/pimp when I said “Happy New Year”, and sadly in the mirror). I don’t know whether that’s a drug or some sort of “brain teasing” done electronically. I do know it’s part of an attempt to condition, the “reward” for doing something or thinking about it.

• Ortega-Hernandez – Thought he was on a mission from God he says. Wonder what “God” said to him via V2K? This is evidence that Obama himself is the victim of organized stalking. If it were just some group of people doing this, they’d be arrested by now. Instead, it’s pushed aside. The money and effort involved points back to CIA and DOD. It’s bulls*** to suggest otherwise.

• Three former military men who all planned terror attacks within the past couple of years. One was going to attack a MLK parade, the other two military facilities. There are probably others (like the Muslim who shot those people in Texas), but those are harder for me to discern given the news coverage.

• Private Bradley Manning – Again, it’s absurd to think he wasn’t set up. He’s in military intelligence, has been recommended for psychiatric evaluation, and they weren’t keeping an eye on him? Preposterous. Again, if you read the NY Times (think that’s where it was) story about his outspokenness, you can see he was chosen based on his strict belief in the rule of law and the US Constitution. Drug and harass him and you push him over the edge as has been done to several other military officers.

• Julian Assange’s pair of accusers. I believe this to be the case, that things were consentual but later they “changed their minds” due to V2K interfering with their thought processes. I know it’s possible because I had a similar incident, already covered here somewhere.

• Two cops at different grocery stores. First was the one who seemed to think I was an abuser of animals (evidence of having been poison-penned) but saw the dogs were well taken care of. That was in Brooklyn, again at E&H Deli. The second was the one I mentioned on the blog had grabbed his gun and tugged on it with a crazy look on his face in Minneapolis.

• Various people mentioning things that they could not have possibly known. Again, assuming the use of the Navy’s ETX drug (that makes small things seem larger and therefore more traumatic, making it valuable for interrogation and making people seem erratic) made those little mentions seem bigger. Some of them (but not that many) I now believe were just random memes, my brain having been sensitized to it happening from repeated events and the drug exaggerating the scope of it. However some of these events were clearly V2K. An example: I was working a door-to-door field job. At the first three houses I went to, they all mentioned Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck. The work I was doing (attempting to get people to weatherize their homes on the cheap to save on the energy bill) had been derided by these people recently. I come to expect that. (One or the other, by the way, stated that the CFL light bulbs were part of a conspiracy for NBC/GE to raise money for Obama). But that wasn’t it. I expect to run into those people. No. It was a few nights later when my inebriated what-have-you said, “Rush Limbaugh’s outside. He wants to have dinner later.” This was a complete non-sequitor. He passed out and I left. It was later that night or soon after that…

• A drug deal went wrong directly in front of my boyfriend’s house. Not close to, not nearby, directly in front. Two people were shot, one died. The result of this was he moved in with me resulting in me being assaulted three or four times and having to call 9-11. Additionally (this is the hilarious part and proof that some field agents are about as dumb as they come), I had avoided having sharp knives in the apartment. Intentionally. Not so much worried about what I would do with it, but more like concern over someone faking a suicide.

What do I find stuck in the back of a kitchen drawer one evening? A sharp knife. Apparently left there by the previous occupant. I tell you, if there was just one other object left behind in that completely renovated apartment, I never found it.

I hid the knife above a cupboard, unsure what to do with it. One night, the roommate/boyfiend gets particularly angry for no reason and took a swing at me. I pushed back and that stopped him for a moment. I handed him the knife and said, “Go ahead. You’re drunk, you’ll get off.” This was very heated.

His face turned white. He stuttered. He threw the knife away. He eased off for the next six weeks and I thought I had taken care of that particular avenue of attack.

(Note: while in the parking lot enjoying a cigarretee and laughing at the idiots who tried to create a murder scene, I “heard”:

“Jesus Christ… He knows…”

“Shut up.”

“Jesus Christ, he knows. He’s baiting us.”

I’m not sure what to make of that, but it the result was laughter. I suppose it was an attempt to again convince me I have ESP. I don’t. I guess when one thing fails, they resort to another. In any case, I hope it’s clear just what kind of sick people are in charge of domestic “security.” “Who watches the watchers?” and “Fox watching the henhouse” don’t really seem to cut it. We have put the monsters in charge.


Switching gears for a moment, I hope people can see the catch-22 here. Do nothing, and they continue to destroy your life completely. Do something and you risk making it worse or (what they wanted but didn’t get) losing it and performing an act of violence.


Moving on to the reasons and cause. I don’t agree that it’s a “one-world-government” thing. That’s ludicrous IMO. On the other hand, if American fascists succeed, certainly WWIII could occur and they might win. But that’s not the same as the stupid UN conspiracy stuff. Same with the Illuminati. Who needs them when you have a military, intelligence and security apparatus this corrupt, greedy, and really I have no choice but to point out, insane?

Nor do I think–in my case anyway–that it’s some vigilante group of teabagger types. It’s preposterous. Certainly the pair at the New Years Eve celebration could fall into that category, but that they acted alone is ridiculous. There have been far too many things in too many places to think it’s a pair of “rogues.”

The satellite thing. Well, she says it’s not been demonstrated and I will accept that. (EDIT: Though that’s for the belief that EEGs are scanned from space, not sending out microwave or other signals down). It’s just that seeing it in so many places makes one think, “Why not?” That kooky gypsy woman in Toronto who stared at me like I was a werewolf or the undead is one example. And other victims (one of whom went to grad school with my ex) have run to other countries only to find it follows them. It just strikes me as working on the economy of scale, though I don’t rule out travelling black ops teams.

Additionally, I noted that the “beatings” (that is, the brainwashing via airwaves) for a while in Minneapolis seemed to come at a set time of day. That changed from time to time. Then there was the noise complaint from below my apartment that I know was false at the time. The guy living down there was the target then and I recalled perfectly that the timeframe he mentioned (10-11pm) was a quiet one watching a movie. He said he heard stomping, etc. Didn’t happen. He was mucked with.

So, while I agree that the document is on to something (and more that I expected to find in one place), I cannot agree with all of the conclusions. I note again that CIA and its ilk spend a lot of time creating false leads. They and DOD are suspects number one and two because of the historical record. It’s also ridiculous to think that this much harassment could go on for so many people and it not be what it appears to be: FBI and/or DHS carrying out CIA, DIA, INSCOM, ONI, etc. requests. Because of the 1954 agreement not to prosecute CIA (and that must cover the rest of the community) for crimes committed as part of their work, it has continued to the ridiculous point that we see today.

Also, in terms of false leads, let me tell you that they did throw many, many at me. While UFOs and tarot cards weren’t part of it, but some silly similar things were. I’m going to try to cover a couple of those next with some long-needed apologies.

Thanks for reading. Goddam, this has been tough.

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