BBD – Free At Last

That’s slightly bad humor. In reality, he’s not as bad as, for example, I suggested when I dumped him a few minutes ago.

However, the goal was mostly achieved. I’ve been saving a little bit over the past two years at my minimum wage, then a bit more job. The purpose was to be able to afford a used car after DeepState destroys the one I currently have.

I had been wondering since the real purpose of my Toronto trip was to get me to spend all my retirement money for naught, since I was unable to get asylum there, despite the partial knowledge about CIA’s torture program. The US hadn’t been downgraded enough despite that and the jailing of Barrett Brown due to his reaction to having been harassed, nor Aaron Swartz’s suicide.

In any case, Mission Partially Accomplished. I tried to help him despite the obvious dark humor as you can read in the original post below.

This is the real dark humor that Sibel recently mentioned. What she and others don’t seem to get is, for example, Reality Winner wouldn’t have to be in on any nefarious plot in which she was used. That’s where we are. I’ve pointed it out time and time again. Of course, neither does it mean Ms. Winner is insincere. Mass surveillance means you can find funny and effective at the same time, given so many to choose from.

Trying to explain to people you care about that they might be being manipulated typically doesn’t work. And so you have to argue on the more mundane level. He used me, whether he intended to or not. I don’t blame him for wanting a better life. I just wish he’d realize he needs to start helping to build that for himself, that I don’t have unlimited resources.

That, and I have a higher calling: Smashing Deep State into little bitty bits.

What’s Jared Got to do With Iraq?

Pretty much nothing. If there’s a lesson to take from the Jared situation, it is probably that power tends to corrupt. People start indulging their worst aspects when they think that they can get away with it. This applies to pretty much anyone with even a modicum of power. But it did remind me of a few things.

Before I get going on a tour of the covert horror show, why is what I’m going to cover important?

1} Barrett Brown would be covering something like this, and in a much better manner, were he not a political prisoner. That is what he is, stop making excuses for a giant machine filled with spooks who know how to manipulate people and the media.

2} We have another Bush running for POTUS. Really, are we not able to get enough after the Saving & Loan Scandal from 41 and the near complete financial meltdown from 43? Oh, right, it actually made a few people even wealthier, so screw the 99%. Banksters rule.

3} It involves indirectly another political prisoner, Matt DeHart.

4} We cannot seem to, in general, grasp that we have a few million spooks in this country alone, many of them in the private sector, and that there just isn’t enough for them to do in the category of things we actually expect them to do. Therefore, they cook up other things and provide illegal services to Wall Street and petty, vengeful, greedy politicians.

But it did remind me of UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. I detailed what happened to two other NJSF interns, and what someone tried to do to me, in Wicked Game chapter 4 as well as what happened to Ritter and how it may relate to MKUTLRA subproject #109, Pharmacological Age. The chapter is long, but the Ritter section is at the end of the chapter, just before the notes.

What is the broader picture here? For that, we may have to look at the context.

First, there was the ‘Downing Plan.’ This was the result of a discussion between US and UK officials on how to garner support–and a legal basis–for invading Iraq. It included discussion of a false-flag-ish operation in which Iraq would be tricked into shooting down a plane upon which ‘UN’ would be painted on the side. While UK representatives opposed this proposal from their American cousins, one thing became clear: the Neoconservatives were very concerned with being prosecuted for war crimes. They wanted a solid legal basis for invading Iraq.

Note also that Ritter rejected the advances of Achmed Chalabi. Chalabi was the Pentagon’s favorite for replacing Saddam Hussein, a noted con artist and criminal, as well as very probably a double or triple agent working for Iran. Another thing that people don’t seem to grasp, many Joint Chiefs love instability because it provides opportunities for future military industrial complex profits down the road. They don’t want peace when they can fill their pockets forever on Permawar.

CIA to the neocons’ rescue. And on more than one occasion in all likelihood. Besides the character assassination against Scott Ritter, who as I noted in the chapter was literally explaining away the Bush administration’s WMD lies on CNN only to be cut off mid-sentence in order to go to Condaleeza Rice stating the exact opposite, there was Amerithrax. Jim Woolsey in particular. Jim Woolsey of later Booz Allen Hamilton, who also makes a couple of appearances in Wicked Game.

It appears that FBI investigated why CIA was attempting to frame Iraq for the Amerithrax attacks. An alleged document indicating the existence of this investigation was what Matt DeHart allegedly received from a member of Anonymous.

This should come as little surprise as FBI was investigating a lot of people who, not shitting you here, they thought were secret Muslims. This issued from politicians having ties to organizations that FBI thought also supported terrorism.

Of course Matt is up on charges completely unrelated to the investigation and instead something closer to what they got Ritter for. This is common tactic, even when the charges have no basis in reality, in order to dissuade support and to scare people about entering jail at all and therefore making them easier to coerce. See that chapter 4 again for field testing on American’s by the US government during and after the Bush 41 administration.

There are so many examples of kiddie porn among government employees, and so very few that resulted in prosecution and in some cases even firing, that one could only look at the Catholic Church or the British Government for a more corrupt system of cover-up. While I don’t want to see a theocracy, the Obama administration keeps making the case for some kind of morality within government. I swear, that man is the Koch’s best friend and a staunch GOPer when it comes to what he actually does as opposed to what he says.

History repeats itself again and again. Maybe it isn’t so much a flat circle as an ashtray.

No Gun Required

Subway Pusher Cites 9/11

Note the talking to herself. Is she “crazy,” or is it V2K?

How are those two things mutually exclusive? The former may actually make the latter easier to implement.

Note also how the victim did not seem to notice his attacker, yet several witnesses certainly did.

Puppet theater. Whether or not it is neocon Jim Woolsey’s Booz Allen’s C4ISR is another question perhaps. Would be good to know, though, wouldn’t it?


Interesting blog post:

#1299 C4ISR Booze Allen and artificial telepathy

Patent Links

Synthetic Telepathy Patent 6587729 “Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect” Flanagan, GP “Nervous System Excitation Device” 7/16/68 Puharich, HK and Lawrence, JL “Hearing Systems” 12/21/71 Malech, RG “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brainwaves” 4/20/76 Stocklin, PL “Hearing Device” 8/22/89 Brunkan, WB “Hearing System” 10/31/89 Mardirossian, A “Communication system and method including brainwave analysis and/or use of brain activity” 1/4/00

In 2002, Booz Allen had more than 1000 former intelligence officers on its staff, and its government contracts rose dramatically after 911, “from $626,000 in 2000 to $1.6 billion in 2006. Most of the latter figure, $932 million, was with the Department of Defense, where Booz Allen’s major customers included the NSA, the Army, the Air Force, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the National Guard. In 2006, it was one of seven firms awarded a ten-year contract to bid on up to $20 billion worth of work in command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaisance — a mouthful of a term usually referred to as C4ISR — for the Army’s Communications and Electronics Command, which is based in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

The term C4ISR is a perfect descriptor for Artificial Telepathy — a powerful fusion of signal processing technologies that allows technicians to remotely gather and collect human intelligence (HUMINT) from the brain signals (SIGINT) of other human beings. As with C4ISR, Artificial Telepathy automates “signals collection” (eavesdropping) and “intelligence analysis” (figuring out what people intend to do) by utilizing satellites and computers, and the overall goal is military command and control. Indeed, one might define Artificial Telepathy as a subset of C4ISR with a special focus on neurology, psychology and mind control. Artificial Telepathy is an exotic form of C4ISR that allows warriors to communicate nonvocally with soldiers in the field, enables spies and intelligence agents to perform reconnaissance and surveillance nonlocally by means of “remote viewing,” and allows military officers to command and control the behavior of human minds at a distance, with the artificial aid of carefully networked satellite and computer technology. Booz Allen Hamilton certainly has close ties to the contractors who worked on the Pentagon’s “Stargate” program for psychic spying in the 1990s, and it took a lead role in development of the NSA’s “Total Information Awareness” projects, mentioned in earlier posts. BAH must certainly be on the short list of firms capable of designing and launching a system of space-based, mind-invasive weaponry. It has all the people, pull and know-how needed to put an “electronic concentration camp system” in place.

BAH is also where neocon and former head of CIA James Woolsey wound up. As I recall, they also contracted with both CIA and FBI, but that is from memory and several years old.

BAH is also the former employer of a D&D player I shared a game with in 2004, 2005 or so, Curt Sawyer. F***ing check it like every other goddam thing I’ve documented here.

Speaking of V2K, I guess it was about February after sending in my check for Ad Astra attendance that I was sent a short message which sounded like a recording that had the first word or words cut out: “…kill Peter Watts.” The tone also suggested it was perhaps part of a question rather than a declarative or a command. In any case, obviously did not have the effect intended.

But see again how that worked? By sending a sound-byte that was incomplete like that is again wiggling within their interpretation of the law. “We didn’t actually TELL him to kill anyone…” etc. This was one of the ways I initially realized this s*** was not coming from my imagination.

What is sad is how I have been up one side and down the other with this government and there have been three major shootings recently that would not have had to happen if people were doing their jobs, if Congress did its job, if journalists could crack it, if there was not such an emphasis for some reason on removing all whistleblowing, etc. People are dead who did not have to die.

That Which Did Not Occur


Right. So. Went to a SciFi convention in the area weekend before last. As previously noted, this followed a four month visit with the parents, three weeks with my son, and a week with friends in Michigan.

Those folks are still being plagued by organized stalking events including the patron Army veteran spending the last year dealing with a co-employee who he only found out after the kid quit had spent most of his time there plotting to get the vet fired. This is that same family of the juror in the Squidgate trial. Their dog went missing just before I left. As far as I know, they still haven’t found him.

I will let you in on something, even though I have not yet parsed all of it and therefore it’s early yet for me to be writing about it. They were targeted before the trial as well. I am not clear on why yet, merely that it’s damn strange that he was stationed in Alaska at the same place as my father.

The key to knowing it started at least as early as 2008 is that their son was run over by an SUV in much the same way as my son was in 2004. Very, very similar stories except my son was on his bike, theirs was on foot. In both cases, another young man was driving and didn’t even realize what happened. That was of course because his head was being mucked with remotely. The driver in my son’s case also hit several dogs. These were either dry runs / tests or an effort to explain the strangeness of the timing as though the kid was simply prone to this sort of thing, or more likely both. When they plan these kinds of things, there are always more than one wrapper, more than one way to explain it off to avoid being hit with charges of illegal activities.

The weirdness, and I’ve already mentioned this on the blog, was that I was engaged in an online debate with some other people over some issue at a military / religious school that had made the news. I would point you to where that was, but that and a lot of other discussions were wiped away in a hacking in 2005. FBI investigated and decided it was a disgruntled former employee. I believe that that and the use of V2K could both be true.

There was the one about Plamegate where I pointed out that Robert Novak’s column came two weeks after his being told. That meant that the several others who broke the law by disclosing Valerie Plame’s status were still in legal jeopardy because it was not at that point public knowledge. Not until publication. But of course, as was pointed out to Bradley Manning, this is not how the world works. How it works is criminality is rewarded, even when it is treasonous. Or maybe that is especially when it’s treasonous.

Then there was that obscure news article that showed that Halliburton was doing business with Iraq during Dick Cheney’s tenure as VP. That would have been, for anyone else, illegal. Just like hanging onto his stock in “blind trust”, claiming Executive privilege while also claiming to be part of the Legislative branch while actually being neither in protecting his energy meeting notes *, etc.

Also how his failure to perform due diligence during an acquisition resulted in Halliburton being stuck with millions in asbestos liability. And how that in itself was a financial motive for getting Halliburton those no-bid contracts in Iraq and elsewhere.

Then there was the one about “one time at President Camp” that W suggested forcing pharmaceuticals for anyone the government deemed “mentally ill.” That is about as close to a smoking gun for the whole damn project that I can think of. This “mistake” was covered by NPR and others. In fact, I think the NPR link is on this blog.

And news articles about that phony end-of-the-world climate change Pentagon report that got “leaked.” Denmark is supposed to be underwater right now. It isn’t. Hence the word phony. It’s purpose? To justify taking everything there is to take from anyone and everyone, abroad and at home.

(I remind you again: the human testing at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival I witnessed was in 1989 and 1990. This was after that. Also, my little authoritarian cowards, there’s the First Amendment.)

But back to the messageboard that is no more, the phony narrative was that “God” was punishing me for questioning the robotic behavior of students at a private school (I no longer remember the details, merely that it was scary Orwellian lying coming from the schoolmasters and at that time that was not as common occurrence everywhere as it is now) by trying to kill my son.

Suddenly there was an emergency. Right in the middle of this online debate about divinity and authority. I had to fly to Indiana because my son was in the hospital having been run over.

He was well taken care of, and in fact this happened at a time when the Indy 500 doctors were around but not busy, so he got some expertise where broken bones are concerned. (If you happen to be one of those, “At least he’s alive” people, ask yourself then why in the first place?).

“God’s punishment…”

Just like the phony narrative I detailed in “Ground Control” pitting me against an old acquaintance.

The lies of which so closely resembles two books I’ve read recently that it is laughable…I mean I even once accused S**** of being NSA, didn’t I? Right out of S**** B*****’s thriller novel. The other being C******’s, though that’s more in terms of the psych profile for the man. It’s wrong. That’s just how it might appear when they pound his head with crap like they have been trying to do to me. He’a got issues (who doesn’t?) but he’s not those characters, N*** and T******.

And then there was that they had half convinced K*** that he was The Devil.

But after the NJSF, especially the weird “voodoo” event, well, I could not explain that one. Still can’t completely (either hypnosis or something electronic that I have yet to identity). So, what did I do? I took the plunge. Became a Christian. Even taught Sunday school for a while.

But it became plain that politics were intruding and that that was going to continue. Additionally, despite being at a “progressive” church, there was still a great deal of hesitance of acceptance of gays. They were there, but there were additional requirements that non-gays were not subject to.

So I left. I forgot all about the NJSF. Time passed. Got into a longterm relationship with my college sweetheart. We worked. We built a life. We bought a condo.

And it wasn’t until all of that came crashing down in the space of three months that I started recalling the NJSF. Recalling what happened to K*** M***** and how she had been so desperate that she contacted the FBI and White House to put an end to what she didn’t even know had a name: organized stalking. This was before the Internet. Where could she have turned?

But since then I have learned a lot. I’ve learned how time and time again the CIA has defied presidents and yet never been held accountable for that. I learned that, perhaps as a result of K***’s letters and maybe other people like her, President Clinton made a public apology to the victims of MK/ULTRA and refused to meet with James Woolsey and instead used a subcontractor, because clearly he knew he could not trust the CIA. That W and Cheney would take that act of using someone he could trust and turn it into a nightmarish secret police industry sucking up any and all tax dollars does not strike me as being Clinton’s fault.

All of that just to get back to explaining the weekend before last…

The phony narrative…I can’t recall exactly when it started…probably February of this year…was that, once again, that nameless person would be there. They included phony sound bites. They tried to pervert the meaning, to cherrypick whatever they could from wherever they could. For example, there was some good advice on what not to do when one is exiting the US for Canada and is planning on marrying a Canadian. The Canadian government can stop you if you so much as tell them that is your plan.

That, plus phony remote viewings of conversations like:

“I think you should come to [the convention] this year.”

“You mean—?”

“Yep. Gotta go. Bye.”

This was of course prepped for many weeks with other similar phony snippets. I’m not even sure what some of them were supposed to mean. It was obvious though, they just wanted really, really badly to make me think that this non-person exists and was just waiting for me to show up and pop the question.

Like I said before, I’m not entirely clear as to who or what I actually saw that day in the store. That someone was there, no doubt. Whether it was a mask (a young man flew on an airline and it was only on arrival that anyone noticed that his face, a mask of him as in his sixties, was fake… They have improved those kinds of things) or it was more electronic chicanery is the only question. He too closely resembled someone I knew and loved years before for it to have been true.

It was what I wanted to believe. I wanted to because it meant there was some kind of hope for a future. Maybe there still is, mind you, but there is no way to make up for what has happened to me. I will never be the same. They have taken years off of my life, those are gone. They have probably also killed the best part of me in the process (I mean did the world really need another a**hole? Seems to me we have plenty of those).

But I knew better. I made the attorney appointment first thing when I got into town. He couldn’t see me until the 19th. I had hoped to have started that conversation before the weekend but it didn’t work out that way.

What they wanted was the same thing they have tried time and time again and failed: some kind of crazy scene, some violent outburst, something that would show they were right all along, that beating on someone until they become violent means that they were violent all along.

But they failed. Again

I trust the reasons why Randy Quaid made his way to Canada are now clearer. The Pentagon and CIA were trying to reign in Hollywood by any means necessary.

(Sidenote: By the way, the weekend was a lot of fun. I’ll just point out one rather strange example of weirdness. At the “Military Structure in Science Fiction Panel” {would you think I would miss that one?}, the last words from one panelist were, “I’m thinking that somehow military structure and zombies are related, but I’m not sure how.” When I had the chance a few days later to ask him what he meant over a beer after he gave me his card at the end of the convention, he said, “I don’t know.” There was a lot of that. Being the only one laughing as such statements probably does not do much to improve one’s image as sane. The suggestion that one panelist gave that werecoyotes should replace werewolves, for example, was another.)

Oh, and just to prove my point further, I took the chance a some time ago: I prayed. No answer means there isn’t anyone listening.

That’s right, these religious zealots, these fascists who more than anything wanted to see me on my knees begging God for mercy, to trick me into some form of submission as they did in 1990…they are the ones who proved it to me: He’s just not there.

* Actually, now I think about it, don’t think I did mention on EZBoard how Cheney tried to be president of the US and president pro tempore of the Senate at the same time for weasel-legal purposes. Should have, but don’t think I did.

Where the Fiction Came From


(Or, the answer for once to the question often posed to writers far superior to me, “Where do you get your ideas from?”).

This one was my response to what I firmly believe to have been the second assassination attempt on Peter. (See Pricks and Prick II for the history and supposition for where the CIA and DOD took their assassination tools since the 1950s). As opposed to what these imbeciles wanted: me to rush off like Sonny Corleone onto the causeway. I even named the main character, Duke, after the dog at the hotel in Port Huron that lived in the office behind the front desk, who I heard do the same exact bark pattern over and over, but never saw until I was leaving, that I had started to doubt the existence of until I finally saw it being walked outside. (Get it? There is a dog! 🙂 ). This being the second attempt, the first being whatever it was would have been arranged in prison. Being shivved, etc.

This one was when I saw the pattern of, as alluded to in the second quote in the previous post, attempting to divide and conquer. They were playing my old friend from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival and I off against each other. (Also, there actually was another intern who worked at the Kuwaiti embassy as a caterer in the early 1990s. The mere idea that he was a spy, knowingly or not, is laughable…I don’t care how much you brainwashed and/or hypnotized that one. Good luck. If there is one constant in the Universe, it must be R****** D*****’s stubbornness). The whole set up with K*** M***** in the middle, me playing the knight in shining armor trying to save her from the man she thought was “The devil”, etc. Hilarious in retrospect but also a sad testimony to the state of CIA’s planning department.

You see, it’s all about controlling the narrative. If you can convince enough people that a witness to illegal activities is insane, you remove the effectiveness of the witness and you can continue destroying the American middle class with your insane little plans to turn the country into a police state in the name of preserving the power structure. That same power structure that is leading us all into oblivion, the bad definition of the word apocalypse. A Truthout email quote from today on that very topic:

Instead of divine intervention accompanied by rivers of blood and fire, perhaps this idea of “lifting of the veil” is better understood as the revelation of a fundamental choice: do we, as a species, embrace our potential for good by realigning our intentions and our actions to come together in solidarity, solve our problems and work to reverse the damage we’ve done to the planet? Or do we choose the path of exploitation, separation and destruction?

Additionally, you’ve got the triple whammy of CIA and DOD defying President Nixon by failing to abide by a presidential order to destroy biological weapon stockpiles (the fish venom), dosing nearly the entire Nixon entourage to the USSR for the SALT talks with LSD (because nukes are profitable to those who make and maintain them), and the Radford spying incident which was, many believe, related to Watergate and Nixon’s downfall. Did they drug Nixon to make him paranoid like they did Lynnae Williams, K*** M*****, myself and countless others?

Bill Clinton used a contractor for CIA’s role while president. He rarely if ever met with neocon DCI James Woolsey. Did he realize that CIA would mislead him? (This came out of one of the books about the Clinton presidency, I think, so there is no link to an article about that on this blog. Just check the index for Woolsey when in the larger bookstores. It’s one of the major book releases.)

The point being, they clearly sometimes at the very least do their own thing, defy the POTUS. That is not how it’s supposed to be. Therefore, they are too powerful, have become corrupt, and are a threat, not our saviors as depicted on TV and often in film.

This one was my response to what I considered to be an over-worry on the part of some people with regards to being overly politically correct especially in the face of extinction (thinking of the acm situation) and how you cannot please everyone, especially those who just require hate.

The funny thing? I had absolutely no idea that the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking was coming on April 15, and actually discovered that a few hours later or the next day. It just seemed the most obvious metaphor for the human race right now and how we get bogged down in the little things while the big ones get ignored like the guy on the basketball court wearing the gorilla suit in that psychology video. We just ignore and rationalize what doesn’t fit our preconceptions about the way things are. Unsinkable. Climate change is just a theory. Those were both from consensus.

And since 74% of Americans believe in angels, if you are part of the 26% who do not, you are clearly delusional. Right? The vast majority do. That’s a consensus.

(Though I have to say that sometimes delusions are good things. If you are being held captive or stuck on a desert island for an extended period of time—or just stuck in Minneapolis for a year and a half at the mercy of Top Secret America, believing that a nonexistent rescue is coming any day can help get you through the day. The problem is, eventually you realize that was all bulls***, no one gives a damn and that is why we’re all f***ed. Well, that and brainhacking. But lying to yourself got you through to that point. I suppose it’s like using the best available theory until the better one comes along).

Additionally, there is part of the draft defunct novelization of the defunct comic book miniseries We Were the Freedom Federation linkable from its Facebook page. There are some interesting things over on Facebook as well. Occasionally, I overlapped here and Twitter, but not always. A few of those chapters must seem familiar as rewritten. Opens with crossing the border from New Jersey to New York City.

Just Sayin’

NYT: Reversing the Terrorist Designation of MEK

It’s at least partially a mistake. Here’s why:

Moreover, the official said, the group is “hated almost universally by the Iranian population,”…

The key to winning there is the hearts and minds of the average Iranian. Of course the neocons love this cult. It ensures decades of war by making the Iranian population (not fond of Ahmadinejad, military, nor even the Mullahs) will recall their hatred for the US and keep the place in turmoil. Not to mention the wonderful speaking engagement fees!

Also, doesn’t this sound a lot like Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden, the Mujahadeen, Taliban, and the Soviet Union, circa 1980s? How did that work out?

I’m wondering if it isn’t the Obama administration and the democrats in general who need a supply of tinfoil helmets. They behave at times like neocon robots. It’s wonderful to talk about humanitarian aid, but that becomes suspect when there’s the potential for foreign-funded Citizen’s United lobbying being the motive.

If you can stop the Iranians (and Iraqis, whom we just “freed” from the dictator ally of these people) that they’ve turned over a new leaf, you might have something. But they sure look like the type who are the exception to the “enemy of my enemy” rule. This is the first step in sucking us right back in after we leave.

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