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Just not going to be that easy, motherf***ers.


String Theory for Global Madness

…and why the infirm and the criminal run not only the asylums and prisons but governments as well.

While I’m ignoring the current DC tired old variety show in which one party pretends that they cannot stand an appointee who is actually just as snuggly with banks who fund terrorism and launder drug money as they are…

David Sirota, “Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Omitted HSBC Interview From Senate Questionnaire,” International Business Times, 27 January 2015:

The bank was accused of knowingly allowing Mexican drug cartels to launder money and of allowing violations of economic sanctions against countries including Iran, Libya, Sudan and Cuba. Lynch, then the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, allowed the bank to avoid prosecution in 2012 by paying a $1.9 billion fine and submitting to a monitor for five years to oversee compliance. Critics slammed the deal as an example of the Obama administration’s pattern of going easy on the financial industry. In the Dec. 11, 2012, interview she did with CBS News, Lynch endorsed the settlement and dismissed criticism of the deal as “shortsighted.”

Let’s back up a moment and discuss the Barrett Brown case as example and then move on to the sad excuse and the failure of your elected leaders, their bureaucratic henchmen, and the businesses that love them for removing any semblance of accountability, regulatory enforcement, and a legal system that does anything in the way of aid the average citizen.

I think Brown said it–actually didn’t say it–best:

Barrett Brown, “The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: If Anyone Needs Me, I’ll Be in Prison,” D Magazine, 26 January 2015:

2) Tim notes, correctly, that, in addition to improvising a few extra lines in the course of my allocution that were not present in the written version, I didn’t deliver the line “I think your Honor can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.” I took that out because, by the time I delivered the allocution, it had become painfully obvious that he could do no such thing. Frankly, I am not going to lie in court unless I am getting paid whatever these FBI agents are getting paid.

In reference to:

Tim Rogers, “Barrett Brown Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison, Looks Horrible in Mustard Yellow Jail Togs,” D Magazine, 23 January 2015:

Also, I think, having gone through some of the Stratfor emails at WikiLeaks the other morning, that is quite possible that Stratfor was having financial difficulties. This is not something you would ever find in the emails in all likelihood, at least not in my two decades of corporate experience. It would instead be glimpsed in the desperation of those to please the boss with moar cash and I think that is there.

This would make them good as a target for the hacks that FBI directed through Sabu. Through court documents, it was clear that FBI told Stratfor to do nothing when they detected some of the earlier intrusions.

It would make sense, once you understand that you are dealing with criminal organizations all around who are only interested in how to pry a nickel out of your corpse and PR the government into giving them more freshly printed dough, that digital arson–not unlike the actual arson directed at the condo building of my friend Kate Conway on 23 December 2009 which FBI for some reason refuses to arrest anyone for–was employed as a means of saving Stratfor from an embarrassing collapse. In short, FBI and Stratfor engaged in what amounts to some sort of insurance fraud and though Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown have been saddled with millions of dollars in damages, that the American taxpayer paid for it up front to prop Stratfor up like we do torturing despots all over the planet. {And of course your average American imbecile would bitch about that and blame Hammond and Brown without even pausing to consider if there actually was any damage and that the company was already being sucked into a black hole until the people who tried to drive MLK to suicide came to the “rescue”}.

But on we go. Now let us examine the sort of FEMA-scare stuff, the Department of Defense deployed on American soil along side the National Guard and militarized police. What is the plan?

Ralph Lopez, “More Treason: Internment Field Manual Instructs “Identify Political Activists” for “Indoctrination,” DailyKos, 4 May 2012:

3-56. The PSYOP team also supports the military police custodial mission in the I/R facility. The team—
– Develops PSYOP products that are designed to pacify and acclimate detainees or DCs to accept U.S. I/R facility authority and regulations.

– Gains the cooperation of detainees or DCs to reduce the number of guards needed.

– Identifies malcontents, trained agitators, and political leaders within the facility who may try to organize resistance or create disturbances.

– Develops and executes indoctrination programs to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes.

– Identifies political activists.

– Provides loudspeaker support (such as administrative announcements and facility instructions when necessary).

– Helps the military police commander control detainee and DC populations during emergencies.

– Plans and executes a PSYOP program that produces an understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.

Note that this last part is quite possibly what this post is about on a level I’m not fond of. But on we go. Again, it is disturbing that the planet may be on the brink of death and there’s so many behaving like they have a spaceship waiting. I think it more likely they just have your yard, your water, your air, your food, your money in mind after they get things to the point that they can kill you in some amusing way and make room for their bloated selves.

Though those in the know would realize this, I must agree with Barrett Brown that Lindsay’s brain is possibly not capable of understanding all of this and therefore was simply obeying his baser, greedy instincts and winking at the FBI’s falsehoods along the way. All Lindsay could see was police who don’t treat him like they do other African Americans, and really, cowards know no skin color.

But you can also see why no holds were barred in Lindsay’s and Preska’s kangaroo courts and they put away Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, as they have Jason Hammond and others. They are too smart and contain too great a sense of care for their fellow human beings to be allowed to roam free when the shit hits the fan. That’s for the psychotics the US government employs: The Stasi. {Best of luck with that, folks, when it goes down.} And frankly, I do think we’re at six inches to fecal impact:

Svati Kirsten Narula, “tick. tock. We’ve crossed four of the nine boundaries supposedly separating us from planetary destruction,” Qz, 20 January 2015:

It is telling, though isn’t it? Take for example the people aboard Flight 93, who decided to take the plane back once they discovered what was happening on 9/11. Take for example the folks trapped in the DC Metro shutdown recently and how they reacted with class. Take most situations where regular humans are put in dire straits and pull together, help, and save the day.

Then compare that with our leaders. Whether you’re talking Obama, Bush, Cameron and the inbred royals, Hollande, the Saudis… whichever direction you would like to look, take a gander at what these examples of homo sapien have done.

The legalization of torture, assassination, human experimentation, harassment, theft on a massive scale, police brutality, genocide, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few good ones. These are the worst of the worst, and bad situations have brought it out.

Did Michael Hastings cause 9/11?

Did Matt DeHart cause global warming?

Did Shaker Aamer cause the housing bubble to burst? Is he destroying the middle class?

Did Mohammed Toiman Al-Jahmi behead anyone?

No. Al Qaeda, the House of Saud, and the CIA and its contractors via Charlie Wilson’s war vs the USSR and decades of research on how to engineer false-flag operations did.

No. The Department of Defense and multinational corporations did.

No. George W. Bush, Wall Street, and the big banks did.

No. The Saudi government did…and did again just after they got their new king.

This is why climate change is no excuse. This is why the wrong people are being entrapped and put in prison. This is why things will be worse than they had to be when the real problems begin.

This is why they are just so full of shit. This is why they seem to be misdirecting their ire at the wrong people and consistently so.

Why did we have to have shitheads running the world? Because actually doing the right thing takes hard work, and so the only people attracted to power are those who know how to exploit problems and systems for their own amusement, power lust, and greed.

Your Moment of MKULTRA:

Meg Wagner, “Fla. man kills teen while acting out rap song: deputies,” Daily News, 28 January 2015:

He faces charges of manslaughter, tampering with evidence and possession of alprazolam, an anti-anxiety prescription drug.

Tom Dart, “Three cops, a 17-year-old and ‘a cry for help’: why did Kristiana Coignard die?,” The Guardian, 28 January 2015:

Coignard is the third person – and the third young person – shot dead by Longview police in less than a year. No charges were filed by a grand jury against three officers who killed a 15-year-old robbery suspect during a shootout last March. A 23-year-old cook with a history of making threats died in August after a routine traffic stop went awry.

Three-and-a-half hours south, in Houston, the 2012 death of Brian Claunch had exemplified the potential for tragedy when police with limited training encounter a troubled individual in a pressurised situation. Though Houston has a widely praised CIT programme, two officers without that experience were called to a care home one night when Claunch, a schizophrenic, wheelchair-bound double amputee, started behaving erratically.

Police said that he grew violent and cornered an officer while waving a shiny object in their direction. Matthew Marin shot the 45-year-old in the head. The object proved to be a ballpoint pen. In June 2013, a grand jury declined to bring charges against the officer.

Your Leaders

Your Leaders

This is your intelligence community on thugs.

BBD: COINTELPRO Basics – My Enemy v My Enemy

I have learned to anticipate what the Deep State, the US public and private intelligence community plans to do with a particular situation. Believe me, these lessons were learned the hard way. There will never be a compromise–only the appearance of them and a Plan B workaround–until the American people demand it.

This is how they would have it go if they can.

Step one: Something horrible and terrifying happens to Jason Hammond inside the Torturer-In-Chief’s home state prison.

Step two: It’s my fault this happens.

Step three: My son is considering a move to Rahm “Let’s Shut Down Schools And Pocket the Money” Emmanuel’s city.

Step four: Something horrible happens to my son while there.

Step five: Regardless of who is actually to blame, hint: the Chief Executioner, we have all the makings of Romeo & Juliet or the Hatfields and McCoys, except of course the Knall clan is much smaller than the Hammond one.

This is who Barack Obama really is. This is who Clapper, Mueller, Holder, McDonough, Brennan, Comey really are. You are what you do, not how nice your suit is or how well you dissemble in public.

This is also, of course, who Erik Prince, Peter Thiel, Horacio D. Rozanski and John Michael McConnell, and Greg Hoglund and Aaron Barr, and so many other people like Cofer Black and Michael Hayden truly are as well.

This is America: a sham, a lie, a broken promise, a Twilight Zone, upside down, Bizzaro country run by greedy tyrants and infiltrated by multinational traitorous psychopaths who are glorified on TV and in movies like the PTSD sufferer who claims to have shot 30 American citizen looters in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

This is the American dream: Absolute Power, the right to break any law and at the same time to use a phony, flawed and broken legal system to attack anyone who suggests that the mass theft and deprivation of rights should stop, that it is not in the best interests of anyone.


There it is. In that same damned-do/damned-don’t situation I always find myself in. The bearer of incessant bad news.

And now only in deeper trouble.

There is an alternate playbook of course. Someone could take me out–now–before the rest of that occurs.

But that would depend on trusting the word of known thieves, liars, assassins, and torturers.

Welcome to my world. It’s your world, too:

“…and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths…”

And all of this on my end to hide insider trading, market manipulation, associated bribery of Congress, and the means and methods under which they carry out these and other crimes.

That Bully’s Sinday Couldn’t Shut Down

On State Street that great street I just want to say
They do things they don’t do on Broadway

Before I get into that, a couple of notes.

Micah Zenko, “What the Pentagon Wants in a New AUMF: Perpetual Warfare,” Council on Foreign Relations blog, 24 January 2015:

Nevertheless, the White House demands a “right-sized, modernized AUMF,” not because it is in anyway required, but because it believes “it would send a powerful signal to the citizens of this country, the citizens of our allies, and to our enemies.” It is unclear why ISIL would care about the passing of such a transparently pointless resolution in the U.S. Congress. Moreover, the notion that the United States can send signals to friends and enemies, which are then heard and accurately interpreted in the manner that U.S. officials want, is highly dubious.

More at the link. “…a powerful signal to the citizens of this country,” says King John the XXXXIV-I. The signal: You Don’t Matter, Only the Powerful and the Multinationals Matter, So Get on the Nutzi Train, and Sieg Heil, Baby.

Zero Dark Thirty, American Sniper, The Interview: Hollywood is on board. Get with it!

Okay, gripe warmup out of the way, time to move on to more about how the intelligence agencies and subcontractors of the United States government try to create lone wolf shooters.

What Obama did to me:

Drugged with a substance or substances unknown MKULTRA style. Effects: euphoria, impulsiveness, susceptibility to being conned, adrenaline rush resulting in sleep deprivation to further allow breaking down of resistance and personality in order to manipulate into doing things one would not normally do.

Harassed COINTELPRO-style, including the attempted frame-up of the DHS border guard’s family for the Conway fire.

Death of my dog, my grandmother, and the probably attempted frameup over the death of Michael Karbon.

“Brainwashing” regarding my only perceived ally through the hell these people put me through, who was likely a spook/drug expert consultant in disguise. This, coupled with finding out that Watts had a grad student passenger who was handcuffed to a railing for six hours while simultaneously discovering that someone from my past had just done a Matthew Shepherd play…

20091012 The Laramie Project

In my drugged state, it seemed possible if not probable that the grad student and my mysterious visitor, ‘Janus,’ were one and the same. I wasn’t sure, tried not to assume it was, but sometimes you feel trapped into making decisions and when I had to, I leaned that way.

Of course it turned out that the grad student was not my visitor, I met the grad student at the Squidgate trial, and so the mystery remained open until more recently, probably. The arranging of the acquaintance in the play, another instance of trying to play me off against someone not actually involved.

But got that? Not only damsel in distress psyop with the Conway fire, but Dudesel in distress by the same people who beat, pepper-sprayed, etc. Peter Watts.

These items are discussed elsewhere on this blog in more detail and some in Wicked Game.

Now Moving on to Chicago…

Right. 2010 was working for OFA, the Democrats, sometimes the DFL, in order to hopefully get out from under the harassment. Not only didn’t work out that way, they kept me in Minneapolis just long enough to ensure that my longterm relationship had no chance of recovering ever. I found out my ex got married on the way out of Minneapolis on Facebook.

There is no national security reason for any of this. Obama is just a sadistic psychopath. He enjoys blowing little brown children apart with drones. He enjoys torture, too, which is still happening despite the bullshit you heard from him and Panetta, as are extraordinary renditions. In reality, it’s about making more terrorists out of people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time over in the Penny Lane section of GITMO.

And that’s the idea with me. Drug me, harass me, torture me, lead me to think that absolutely no one cares anyway–unfortunately not far from the truth in a country who is constantly lurching thanks to Obama’s CIA and DoD disinformation campaigns and false-flag attacks, and the incessant theft of wages, retirement funds, homes, futures, so that those who already have more than they could ever spend can just scoop it all up, like the end round of Monopoly.

As is typical with the kinds of cretins who are in charge, by 2012, I was working one day a week at a plant owned by the Koch brothers without ever intending to. As if these: psychotic half-breed freak trying to prove to the white side of his family that he, too, can be a wartime president like cousins W and HW, except be bloodier, more ruthless AND two billionaires who make their living spooking people into making decisions not in their own best interests in order to scoop up more money than God, are our only two possible choices.

Shit or shite? Which you want? Warmed over shit, or shit-in-a-blanket? Death by shit, or drown in shit? Which do you want?

This, and the still unable-to-shake-it wondering about ‘Janus,’ though strongly suspecting by then he was another covertard, I was miserable.

Then one day a friend of a friend, for reasons I don’t really understand, decided to show me a story on Facebook about Jeremy Hammond. This lead to more research and discovering that his brother had just gotten out of jail, etc. Here was a chance to help someone else, someone else screwed over by Obama’s thugs, and the possibility of finding out maybe something about what had happened to me. Someone who might at least understand what being harassed by the feds feels like, knows that it happens, and so at least would have something in common to discuss on those grounds.

{And, well, you wouldn’t believe what else they did to ensure that I went. So I won’t.}

Beyond that, well… I think I covered that here.

And so now what?

Now, we have 41 months of a situation where the feds will control, through the state of Illinois, the fate of a person they first made me fond of.

See the pattern here? Matthew Shepherd with not-Janus, then this.

I truly do not know what the hell Harry Reid thought would make Obama better than Hillary. He is a better liar, I suppose, so there’s that. But some portion of this crap, of the bad things that have happened not only to me but also on the national scene, were the result of Bill Clinton’s revenge on Obama for beating Hillary in the primaries.

This is why none of these people should be anywhere near the reins of power. They are, like your typical CIA field officer, that peculiar mix of absolutely appearing normal, sincere, and sane on the outside, and raving, homicidal, lying, sadistic psychopaths on the inside. They don’t belong in the White House–none of them–they belong in asylums.

And so that’s it. Try to heap the guilt of, hold the threat of, whatever may befall Jason Hammond in prison over my head. What are my wonderful options?

-Write this post and be accused of scaring people vs. don’t write this post and take the chance he won’t be prepared to deal with whatever comes his way;

-Become violent or otherwise break the law so that Obama’s thugs can come arrest me–at last–and cover-up the longstanding insider trading surveillance game played by CIA and NSA and their subcontractors like Booz Allen Hamilton who can access any bank CEOs email and phone calls at any time for personal gain and to pass on to oversight so that oversight will do things like demand all copies of the torture report be returned to the CIA. Yes.

-The sidebar portion of the insider-trading surveillance system is the technology, means and methods, of keeping someone like me in place without me even realizing that I was in place. Apply that to reporters, entertainers, judges, legislators, etc. and I think it becomes clear why they want me dead, locked up, or under their thumb so badly as to murder other people for it. This portion, the bastard child offspring of MKULTRA and COINTELPRO, is a bigger story than mass surveillance.

-Suffer in silence without any recourse because Obama has short-circuited any and every avenue of redress including the OIGs, has purposefully shredded and gone around the Constitution, has bought off Congressional oversight, and has assured we get Jeb as President next by his other insane actions.

Really, this is not a pleasant position to be in.

But then I’ve gotten really good at making my unpleasantness someone else’s unpleasantness. Shit can roll uphill, just takes time and energy.

I did warn them.

Not Quite Like Martin Van Buren

Where to begin. Not an easy question to answer.

Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown was sentenced to 63 months:

4 years for transmitting a threat;

1 year for accessory after the fact with illegal access to a computer–that being Stratfor’s;

3 months for obstruction due to hiding his laptops;

And $890,250 restitution, $225 fines;

3 years supervised release.

Xeni Jardin, “Journalist Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months in federal prison, must pay $890K in restitution,” BoingBoing, 22 January 2015: *

There are a ton of things to note regarding this. Brown read a statement before being sentenced:

Barrett Brown, “Barrett Brown statement: ‘This is not the rule of law, it is the rule of law enforcement,'” The Guardian, 22 January 2015:

Note for example that FBI testified that Brown once lived in the Middle East. It becomes difficult to understand how Barack Obama’s bullies came to sound so much like FOX News. Or is it? We’ll get there below.

As if this weren’t enough, this was also a big day for CIA with the trial of…

Jeffrey Sterling

Normon Solomon, “Why the CIA Is So Eager to Demolish Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling,” HuffPo, 20 January 2015:

In the courtroom, during the trial’s first week, I often sat near retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who chaired the National Intelligence Estimates in the 1980s and prepared the CIA’s daily briefs for presidents from John Kennedy to George H.W. Bush. I wondered what McGovern was making of the spectacle; I found out when he wrote that “the real subtext of the Sterling case is how the politicization of the CIA’s analytical division over the past several decades has contributed to multiple intelligence failures, especially efforts to ‘prove’ that targeted regimes in the Middle East were amassing weapons of mass destruction.

Good ol’ Ray.

And then there’s the news you probably haven’t heard about.

Jason Hammond

Jason Hammond Support Network, “Sentencing Statement,” 22 January 2015:

I write this statement after pleading guilty to state charges against me for my participation in an organized direct action taken against a group of white supremacists in May of 2012. I would like to share my thoughts about this action. First, major thanks and love to my friends and family who have supported me, for my amazing partner who kept me sane, my band for letting loose and my lawyer Sara Garber who has been ridiculously helpful in fighting this case with me.

More at the link.

For now, I’m merely going to note a couple of things and leave it. There’s some portion of the game being played obviously at my expense by Big Bro and until I have a better handle on what that is {the obvious, some kind of Sonny Corleone on the causeway replay having failed}, I think I’d best keep some thoughts to myself. However, I will say, now that is hatred. Not that he got sentenced because… but because happened because this sentencing was probably going to happen and how can you rub it in if you don’t first make your quarry care?

But the overall points.

First, one notes the whole Godfather montage feel of the day in general. This may lead one to wonder, how did Obama become the Prince of Darkness? The Michael Corleone of POTUSes?

Well… Only Martin Van Buren apparently missed the psycho gene {well, maybe got it from a different source} given to others descended from King John:

Snejana Fabrerov, “Is ruling in the genes? All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king,” DailyMail, 4 August 2012:

Right. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Reagan–even somehow Jimmy Carter–all descended from a tedious little usurper who was also, by the way, quite probably a pedophile {who had previously married his cousin without the required papal consent allowing him to marry a 12 year old}.


Though, you know, it’s not illegal when a king does it…

Nick Bryant, “Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet,” Gawker, 22 January 2015:

And note that the judge determining the Barrett Brown sentencing was a Clinton appointee. And recall that Bill Clinton is a descendent of King John. Hey, I think we’re on to something here.

But the Cass Sunstein stuff kind of gives it away. The original Squidgate situation, that is the event on the bridge coinciding with the release of the Open Government Directive is kind of belied by Cass Sunstein’s suggestion as an Obama advisor that the intelligence community should infiltrate groups online and wreak havoc. Means it was a psyop, as I had feared but not assumed in order to prove who the crooks are.

Ergo, Obama: Always a sociopath who was looking forward to blowing up weddings, funerals, and coffee shops with flying robots, giving handouts to the banking and insurance sectors while decrying “Republicans” on literally every other single issue he pretended to care about, especially raising taxes on the wealthy which he waited until there was a Republican majority in the Senate to bring up during his most recent SOTU address not to mention a bullshit book…gasp for air


…written about a King John descendent. Like all presidents except Martin Van Buren. **

Who wants to keep all your phone calls in case he gets bored and wants to listen to them.

Additionally, some asshole who funded the 9/11 hijackers… and is a friend of John Kerry and many descendants of King John… died.

Additionally, Yemen, recently touted by our current-descendent-of-King-John-in-charge as the model for the Middle East… is falling apart due to a coup d’etat.

And Stratfor is talking about that on the news.

That’s pretty much full circle.

Who's the foulest of them all?
Who’s the foulest of them all?

* Haven’t BoingBoing and I been through enough?

** Should I mention that I understudied King John at CIA’s domestic psyops camp in 1990? Yeah, really did. Nearly wound up playing him, but ego I think brought a rampaging actor back after I smoked him in the understudy performance.

Nah, better not. Too weird.


Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 5

Preska asked for any of Hammond’s victims to come forward. Two men did. One, David Suker, you can see in this video around 2:20. He was quickly removed after it became clear he was not the victim of Hammond but rather the corrupt system that Barack Obama inherited from the Bush administration but now owns and has made what any psychopathic anarcho-capitalist can tell you are improvements.

The second gent who spoke as a victim of “Anonymous” spoke for considerably longer. He explained that not only was he “pizza bombed” (the prank of ordering pizza from various stores at once and sending them all to the target’s house) but now there is Chinese food bombing as well. He also explained that Hector Monsegur’s girlfriend had seriously hurt his feelings by coming over to his house and having sex with him. He eventually came around to this again and said to Preska, “I…I f—ed her.” He also explained that his laptop got “rooted” (and even got Preska to state that she knew what that was as he had pizza bombing). I am told (couldn’t see for myself) that Jeremy was laughing during this entire exchange.

This is because this person is the guy known on Twitter as @VinceInTheBay. He absolutely did Andy Kaufman proud. I actually helped Vince in the hallway after when, he was still going on and on about how Anonymous had screwed him over and I asked (loudly), “How do you know it wasn’t FBI did all that to you?”. He paused for a second then, “That’s a damn good question.”

His Kaufman impression was so complete that a few of Hammond’s supporters nearly started a fight with him outside. I wish I had a transcript of the whole thing. I’m quite certain Preska had his statements wiped from the record.

We went back to Foley Square and commiserated, listened to various people speak, and made contacts. It was here that I overheard Kevin Gosztola being interviewed for a documentary. He discussed for a very long time the ills of the mainstream media, the fallacy of the journalist without a point of view, and other things that, in an America where lies abound from every direction, really irritate you about the propaganda machine (though he was far kinder and more reasonable in his explanations than I just stated). Kevin is best known for his top-notch, comprehensive coverage of the Bradley/Chelsea Manning case.

Afterwards, I had lunch with several reporters. That was largely fun. However, it also (I’m an amazing study of body language) made me wonder if a certain expert on global affairs whom I like and support isn’t being overly paranoid where I’m concerned. She has a tendency to view anyone who doesn’t share her opinions with skepticism. While I understand that (see previous paragraph), I wonder if it can’t be taken too far. Amy Goodman a knowing asset of the CIA? And you think I’m the one needs my head examined? She understands global political economics but I see no indication whatsoever that she understands covert field ops in the slightest nor their importance in our current situation. Just calling it how I see it. When Larry Johnson started snickering because she seemed to be going off the deep end, I was there to defend her. I suppose that’s “proof” that I’m one of “them.” Thanks a lot, Sibel. You’re as bad as a disaffected 20-year CIA vet who still thinks that Barack Obama and Diane Feinstein are the solutions to all our problems. I wish I could smack you both, but this will have to do. You may not sound the horns and flashing lights, but I suggest that that is part of the reason we are losing. ‘Cause you know, there’s nothing like describing the plight of the Kyrgyzstani goat herder to really sway public opinion of those wondering if they’ll have a roof over their heads, where their next meal is coming from, if they’re going to be murdered by Barack Obama’s drone roll-out. That and convincing everyone that the almighty Democratic Party is here to help people are really turning things around now that we are less than a year from Lame Duckhood.

The house is on fire and we don’t have time for stupidity.

This paranoia is how the bad guys are winning. I’ve explained and explained how it is done. I’ve shown by quoting the Church/Tower report that it was historically done as part of COINTELPRO. And yet unity is completely out our grasp because we don’t all see the whole elephant and the parts we feel in the dark feel different from those of our natural allies. You are comfortable with allowing the divide-and-conquer to continue unabated. With allies like these, who needs the intel community?

Shifting gears…

Which of course brings me to the next point. Hope you’re sitting down, Jason.

There is now considerable pressure (which will only increase in the coming days) to leave Chicago and go back to the “loving arms” of Red state Michigan. Really, there is. After yesterday afternoon’s Twitter session and catching up on email at the library, I was waiting for the bus and a man who I do not know looked at me and said hello.

“I know you from somewhere else,” he said.

“Oh. Where’s that?” I replied.

“Not saying.”

(He meant last Wednesday’s mugging) “I see. Were you one of the ones who called 9-1-1?”

“Nope!” he laughed.

Thanks a lot, pal.

The message is clear: next time it might not be teenagers and my coat might not be the only thing gets cut.

Additionally, the folks back there are asking for my return.

I’m here to try to help. I can’t do that if I don’t know, for example, what the CPD/Chicago DA’s case is. That’s gotta be true of any potential supporters. Is the ability to say, “Can’t discuss that” beyond you? What the f— are you afraid of? I am one of the last people you have anything to fear from with the exception of trying to help without any goddam information, in which case I’m likely to make a mistake.

Do you want to go to prison? I don’t know, maybe you do. Maybe that’s the big political statement these days. If that’s the case, then I’m wasting my time. You and the FBI see eye-to-eye on that and have it well under control. I can go back to Michigan and save up for the move to Dallas in the hopes that Barrett Brown doesn’t likewise actually want to stay in the penal system. You can enjoy your new love affair with the Federal Bureau of Instigation being utterly useless on the inside instead of out here.

But I need to know. It’s not that difficult. Bring ten of your friends with baseball bats if you’re this f—ing paranoid. Just do it please. I’m close to being on the street. Don’t really care so long as there is a reason for being there. If you want to lose in court then there isn’t. Don’t currently have a phone as you might have already surmised.

You have the address. Would be nice to hear from you and not the FBI who has no limits when it comes to carrying out thuggery and trickery for Barack Obama and his corporate puppetmasters.

What they are really afraid of is the guy who plays music and does acrobatics. They can’t touch that. That’s not the arena of combat in which they excel. This is why they push so hard to get you to play the game the way they want: so they can control it like they did with Jeremy. Wake up before it’s too late.


More proof that I am clearly a Fed below:

This is Monday, after five days. Should have seen it when it was fresh.

Obviously I robbed myself using three junior high school drop-outs.

Who needs a phone and tunes anyway? Jacket-schmacket. Clearly I’m here to screw things up.

Seems to me any growing boy facing Armageddon would do well to accept a rogue terminator. Just don’t look gift androids in the mouth.

(That’s a joke. I’d have it translated into Turkish to make it more easily understood but I can’t seem to find an English-Turkish translator that I can trust).

Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 2

Many of us gathered outside the courthouse in Foley Square about an hour before the hearing was to begin. As far as supporters, there were people from all over the country. One of the main organizers is a mom from Ohio. That’s #Amom, not even #Anon.

Of the active online supporters, there were many of those as well. It makes me more than a little sad that I won’t be hanging out with those folks again any time soon (so far as I know).

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy’s mother but not his brother. Jeremy’s brother Jason, it turned out, is not able to leave the Chicago area due to his arrest related to the Tinley Park incident in 2012, and therefore was unable to attend.

I wore a suit, as I had the first day in Port Huron at the Squidgate trial. I borrowed the suit from a church clothing ministry run by an old college/acting buddy. I gave it back to him after the event was over. As I noted in Port Huron, while it isn’t a requirement in NYC to wear a suit to court, it helps if you want to make people wonder who you are sitting over there with the defendant.

There were activist-thinker types as well. Alexa O’Brien and Chris Hedges:


Defense attorney Stanley Cohen also showed up. He has an energy and passion that seems to increase the static electricity in a room exponentially. Really, I don’t have the right words there, but you can’t help notice this guy when he is on about some legal point.

Some others can be seen in the video embedded here:

RT, “Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond sentenced to ten years in jail”, November 15, 2013:

I got a nifty #FreeHammond button from organizer Sue. There were several banners and signs to look at.






Eventually we all went into the courthouse.

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