Small Update

First, I added the now MIA at their website US News & World Report article about CIA’s child kidnapping ring known as The Finders. As it turns out, they were taking toddlers to Saudi Arabia to be diddled by members of the House of Saud who were so inclined. The article is here and the FOIA can be found over here in PDF.

Second is what is perhaps my favorite interview of all time. Jeremy Scahill interviews historian Alfred McCoy * about the fall of the US Empire, the CIA trafficking drugs and how mainstream media lied to help cover it up {and CIA continues to even though the missing paragraphs proving Gary Webb correct are available elsewhere}, among other goodies. Perhaps most timely, a rundown on how many foreign elections the United States meddled in during the last half of the 20th century. I think the number will surprise you.

Jeremy Scahill, “Donald Trump and the Coming Fall of the American Empire,” The Intercept, 22 July 2017:

Third, if you follow the Twitter and are wondering where a new piece is, I’m still collating data. Also, I prefer to know what two, three or four outcomes the enemy is hoping for before taking action so as to avoid falling into one of their traps. Suffice it to say that there’s been a LOT of crazy around these parts recently.

* Via tag you will find a vague reference to a quote by Dr. McCoy posted during my brief tenure at the University of Illinois at Chicago stay in Chicago in late 2013, early 2014 which includes photos from my visit to Dr. James C. Lin, who had the good sense to not be in his office when I came a’knockin’ to ask about his microwave and audio work with CIA and DoD and why Carlyle Group was investing in headphones to be marketed to African-Americans.

I believe the McCoy quote was, when repeated to me years ago, taken out of context. For one, there was a difference of opinion in CIA when some were hoping there was some sort of Soviet or Chinese “magic” with regards to mind control. There was not. However, despite CIA’s spotlighting the bad science portions they spent money on during MK Ultra, even finding out that, and that, for example, schizophreniclike symptoms can be induced in people with isolation and trauma alone, is useful information for a corrupt institution like CIA.

In any case, Dr. McCoy understands keenly the cyberspace and outer space issues, as you’ll read or hear in the interview. It’s just a small step to get to behavioral modification, and we’re already seeing some MSM news on “improving soldiers.”


BBD – The Missing Link? {Updated}

And it’s the wrong words that make you prick up your ears
When later alone

Several hours after making the previous post live, a possible piece of the Wicked Game puzzle just sort of popped into my head. The problem is it actually makes sense, could explain a great deal. But then…well, you’ll see. While I should not be punishing those very few times I may have been told the truth {you should see the ridiculous crap I don’t even bother posting about}, there’s just something so neat and convenient.

First, let me back up a little.

2004 and on: Plamegate online warrior in which I really did put forth some good counter-arguments to those coming out of the Cheney administration. It related to the invasion of Iraq, which I have always opposed. Even when Bill Maher reversed himself once {“only Bush could imagine a Middle East so different from the one we know” or words to that effect} or when he had the King of Pentagon Stenographers on himself, Bob Woodward, dancing around how the Vice President’s office was illegally going around Congress to give the opposition money and weapons in order to reduce the number of American casualties temporarily in an election year. Always opposed it.

Then there was the Wexler impeachment event. All of this likely due to CIA engaging its unwitting asset to get back at Cheney and the Pentagon for Plamegate and backing Achmed Chalabi as Iraq’s replacement for Saddam Hussein. Would provide plausible deniability and appear as a grassroots kind of movement in which I was just one of many.

Then, let’s say, Cheney’s sycophants inside CIA alert his people to who I am. What is the response? For…

DIA or CIA in 2007-2008 to use me to remind George Clooney of his year from hell during the shooting of Syriana. Yeah, might have been either agency and one imagines DIA has the same non-prosecution agreement with DoJ that CIA has. DIA actually makes some sense, since there’s a chance the movie had CIA backing to begin with. Not sure, but the point was to remind him that he didn’t want to do another piece criticizing the War on Terror and how the US backs torture regimes. At this point, I’m on the radar. So…

{Here’s where the new piece comes in.}

Erik Prince bribes ‘Balding’ to use his capacity as a Department of Homeland Security operative to target me at some point in late 2008. The problem, he needs to hang the op internally on something. He uses the Manning leaks and DoD obliges by setting the date of the initial dealings of Private Manning back to October 2009. The problem? The party-crasher at the Halloween Party in October and the garbage was stolen in November 2008. The timeline shoots that tenuous connection right out of the water.

The purpose, as I’ve noted before, to turn me into the Lois Lang to Jeremy Scahill’s Nick Deak. The Squidgate op is initiated once they are ready to partially cloud the real issue and to hit two or three birds with one stone.

Now, who is missing from this scenario? Who comes out smelling like a rose when it’s all about “Blame the Republicans”? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a political party. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the Democrats want to be friends again. And with an election coming up.

I have several responses to that.

Remember my drive out of Minneapolis a few days after 11/11/11? Because I sure as hell do.

The rest of what I’m thinking is far less polite.

Of course nothing will ever come of any of those things I listed above. Cheney is untouchable. So is Prince, obviously…he’s back in the States and there’s no peep about any of the many charges that lead to him fleeing for some time to the UAE.

As for Balding, I expect to see Obama giving him medal any day now. At worst, he’ll be pushed out of DHS and wind up working as a contractor perhaps with a cushier training, sales, or desk job. Rewarded, as people always are in the US, for doing horrible things.

Thrown for a Loop

7 FireDogLake, “Bradley Manning Sent Jeremy Scahill Scoop on Blackwater’s Erik Prince Going to United Arab Emirates”, Kevin Gosztola, April 24, 2013:

I update Wicked Game pretty much every day. Ran across that while searching for Erik Prince’s defection to the UAE (notice how there’s no demand for his return to.face various charges).

What’s strange, of course, is that the math just got exponentially more complex regarding the coincidences I’m detailing in the book. The Wisp ended with the arrest of a fictional owner of a mercenary corporation. That Manning put Scahill in touch with the person who told him gets piled on top of Manning’s erratic behavior before the government’s timeline of attempted leaks begins (just after putting Cleo to sleep and before Squidgate  began), my January 2010 donation to Wikileaks, the questions surrounding why Manning was allowed to continue what the government said he did for so many months after both the counseling and contact with outside parties (neither of which could have occurred unnoticed), their subsequent brainwashing of him using sleep deprivation and harassment at Quantico prison, Scahill and I winding up in the same neighborhood, and the fact that it was a gay hacker who had informed FBI.

All points to deep weird. Best explanation is mind control of some kind. Seen it demonstrated many times.

Will show evidence of Wikileaks donation in Wicked Game when I get to January 2010.

PSYOPS, Inc. (Updated)

Here’s WaPo’s list of US corporations engaging in psychological operations (more details on each at the link such as estimated billings and size, other services, and clients, most of whom are foreign commands):

21st Century Systems, Inc. Omaha, Nebraska

Advanced C4 Solutions, Inc. Tampa, Florida

AllSource Global Management, LLC Sierra Vista, Arizona

Archimedes Global Tampa, Florida

BAE Systems, Inc. Rockville, Maryland (British-owned, the ones who, with the help of people inside the Pentagon, tanked Purple Heart awardee Dakota Meyer while selling the Pakistani’s better rifle scopes than USMC gets)

Blackbird Technologies Herndon, Virginia

Calhoun International Tampa, Florida

Celestar Corporation Tampa, Florida

Convergent Technologies, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland

Cubic Corporation San Diego, California

Cybrix Group, Inc., The Tampa, Florida

Diligent Consulting San Antonio, Texas

Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville, Alabama

Espial Services, Inc. Pinellas Park, Florida

Fulcra Worldwide Arlington, Virginia

GAITS Alexandria, Virginia

General Dynamics Falls Church, Virginia

iBASEt Foothill Ranch, California

Innove LLC San Antonio, Texas

IO Centric Solutions, Inc. San Antonio, Texas

ITT Corporation McLean, Virginia

JB Management, Inc. Alexandria, Virginia

L-3 Communications New York, New York (1997) (Had some limited dealings with L-3, which I knew as an ISP or ISP server/backup company at the time) (UPDATE: L-3 Services, now known as Engility Holdings, along with CACI International, have been settling in Iraq for torture engaged in at Abu Ghraib; and yet we only saw Lyndie England’s photos in the paper, apart from one or two of unidentified men in black uniforms. MSM fail.)

Leonie Industries Pacific Palisades, California

ManTech International Corporation Fairfax, Virginia

McNeil Technologies Springfield, Virginia

MeriTec Services, Inc. San Antonio, Texas

Northrop Grumman Los Angeles, California (Close to Hollywood)

Omega Systems Phoenix, Arizona

S4, Inc. Burlington, Massachusetts

Silverback 7, Inc. Woodbridge, Virginia

Software Engineering Services Bellevue, Nebraska

SOS International, Ltd. Reston, Virginia

SRC, Inc. North Syracuse, New York

Synteras LLC Herndon, Virginia

The Analysis Group, LLC Falls Church, Virginia

Vykin Corporation Tampa, Florida

It’s a safe bet, in fact it is practically already public knowledge that the neocons targeted US citizens for all kinds of things. Warrantless wiretaps, for example. INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP undoubtedly has a sister operation. One that is aimed domestically. That is how you wind up with Zero Dark Thirty, for example.

We also know that Palantir, a CIA subcontractor, targeted investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald. And I know they targeted Jeremy Scahill. Was a witness to it, in fact. And then of course they tried to set me on a violent path with J being one of many they tried to aim me at.

We also know that there were PSYOPS aimed at Senators of both major parties targeted when visiting Iraq and Afghanistan. This was reported in Rolling Stone (links at right).

Both CIA and INSCOM (US Army intelligence) are on the list of clients. As previously noted, soon after the Squidgate events began, I had a visit from INSCOM (USA ISC, the initials instead of the acronym) at a new website that hadn’t even been rolled out yet. Only other visits during that period were the developers.

Seems evident.

Amendments Defiled Continued

This is going to be the usual stream of consciousness, covering various topics, filling in holes from the previous post and introducing and re-introducing new ones. So deal with it. It’s focused more on attacking free speech and journalism, as opposed to the technically-it’s-slavery focus of the previous post.

First, let me make very certain I have made the main point clear: voice-to-skull subliminals work on anyone. It’s sad to me how well they work. You wake up one morning and people you’ve known for a very long time suddenly behave as if they hate your guts. If you can’t see, can’t connect, how that applies to the national and international scenes, then you are not paying attention. How’s this for starters? Secret Muslim, socialist, etc. Here it is again in black and white:

Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports.

First, the previous post regarding former clients. As I said, some of those companies I listed I had contact with through friends or as part of projects I worked on where access to their spaces was necessary for other work. Many were tenants in the commercial hirise building in which I worked for the landlord. PBoC was one such, as I said.

The list you’ll find here is very out of date. You’ll still find my professional blurb on that page as well. Note, for example, Piper Rudnick, one of the law firms we worked for. It is, last I heard, now known as DLA Piper and went through one or more name changes before that change. I’m thinking there was a Wolf in there after a previous merger.

DLA was one of our biggest tenant clients. This was where A. B. “Buzzy” Krongard (whose former trading company shortsold airline stock on 9/11 and whose brother was Inspector General who looked into it) wound up after leaving CIA. As I’ve said before, I’ve no idea if he worked out of the 1251 office.

By the way, don’t think I ever worked on a DLA project. If so, it was likely office work only, some CAD, maybe, or a spreadsheet.

How I found out that Buzzy worked there was a tweet by Jeremy Scahill, I’m thinking in early January of ’10.

This is where the jumping around often loses people and I get accused of “loose associations”. Well, that’s all you get when dealing with cloak and dagger. You won’t get it all spelled out for you, not likely ever. Coverups, lies, disinformation, destruction of documents and failure to provide information as determined by law are all in the way, as we’ve seen with unresponsive FOIA requests recently.

Right. Scahill. I’ll back up a bit and remind folks that investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald and his family, it has already been reported, was targeted by CIA subcontractor Palantir. It should come as no surprise whatever that Scahill is likely a target as well.

A few of the darkly humorous or ironic things where Jeremy is concerned…

Have to back up a bit again. There was the “test”, as I think of it, in Indianapolis, of the “happy” drug, the euphoric causing one, that either does or with some other method or substance, also increases libido or the feeling of love. This was 2006.

In the fall of 2007, some of the seeds of what later became The Wisp already planted, I, with two of my co-workers during lunch one November day, met Jonathan Rhys-Meyers at Arriba, Arriba on Ninth Avenue. That was the day that the euphoria returned.

It was also mere days before Rhys-Meyers would have an altercation at the airport with security and then his mother would pass away. It might appear to some that I had something to do with his change in behavior.

As I said in the previous post, unwitting dupe, red herring, fallguy, not spy nor operative. This is undoubtedly how the “star killer” stuff works as well. CIA and/or DoD psyops and assassins actually carry out the work while making sure that people like myself or Mr. Smith are or were in the vicinity of the target(s) soon before in order to deflect attention from their role in it. The goal, of course, to “tame”, discipline, and control Hollywood. Undoubtedly the same in the MSM. Thinking of Plamegate witness Tim Russert.

What finally pushed me over, convinced me that my “slavehood” to CIA was real, was a post I did not make public. I mentioned in it that I have never been to the Farm, never had any sort of military, paramilitary nor espionage training whatsoever. The reply via V2K was to look here in my own blog (UPDATE – FORGOT TO LINK TO THE POST IN QUESTION).

Whether or not that actually works, I suspect, depends on what is being “taught.” Something complex like taking apart an M-16 I doubt could be done except over a long period of time, one step being taught at a time.

However, something simple like forgetting to lock a door so that the real operative(s) can come in later, no question.

So while I acknowledge that I served almost exclusively as a target or distraction, to have actually done anything else, actually spied on a client, actually drugged another human being (much less one of my longtime favorites like Jonny) no f***ing way. They do want me to believe that the whole hypnotized selectively-forgetful superspy crap is real, but again this is to deflect from their own culpability and to blame and incriminate myself. It’s horses***. Yes, they have made me forget some minor things from time to time, but those memories always return. It’s subliminal suggestion and not (yet) full-blown remote brain editing. (That is possible and therefore in the works. Once that is done, bye, bye Miss American Pie. It’s over. This is one reason why this is so crucial in terms of getting some serious “a person’s brain is sacrosanct” legislation with some harsh penalties and some goddam oversight).

All of that to get here…

After, almost immediately after, meeting Jonny, The Wisp storyline started coming together and I thought about a screenplay and a graphic novel. Then recalling Syriana, I thought of Clooney in the lead role. I knew nothing of course of his injury and traumatic experience on the set at that time and only discovered those more recently when he decided to discuss them in interviews.

So, it was quite a shock when later I learned that one of my realworld sources of material for the story, Jeremy Scahill, had moved in less than a block away from me in Brooklyn. Further, I discovered this by talking to one of the owners of my local deli. The same deli where that person showed up on January 3, 2010 and wanted me to think he had some connection to Watts. The same deli where the owner suddenly starter giving me grief for carrying a camera (which would be one reason I didn’t get on film, for example, the same pickup truck doing the smoke trick the second time I saw it). But I did photograph the Fish & Wildlife sticker still visible on a van… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thanksgiving week ’09 it’s after midnight and was walking the dogs. I bumped into a distinctly military looking fellow milling about with a dog in front of Scahill’s. Jeremy was out of town as I recall. When I asked him about the dog, he paused long enough that I knew it wasn’t his dog.

Later, I mentioned this to Jeremy. That conversation was also interesting because we touched on the Real Time (as yet unaired I think) interview of Oliver Stone.

“Well, I think there probably was something to the JFK assassination,” I said.

“Yeah, but we’ll probably never know who did it,” Jeremy said.

I threw out the military-industrial-complex and he, as a good investigative reporter should do, pushed back on the lack of evidence.

The hilarious part? The question of the identify of the person on the grassy knoll was put forth in an OpEd on Truthout at some point later in 2010 or 2011. It has since been taken down, I assume over legal threats or Leopold deciding it was too conspiracy theory oriented for them. I’ll just say that the answer suggested by the intel veteran who wrote it makes a lot of sense. Like father, like son. I also note that there are still a few missing pages in the Family Jewels. Sure seem to relate to JFK.

But the real point there is the “irony” of the conversation. I’m telling you, that neighborhood during the ’08/’09 holidays was a ghost town, but in ’09/’10 was crawling with spooks, many tripping over each other and racing cars down the street. It was a free for all.

Next, and he’s quite forgiven, I was out on the balcony when Jeremy passed by and said something about the lap of luxury.

Note again, what happened? I lost all of that. The purpose? To try to misdirect my ire from the real perpetrators in the Obama administration against people like Scahill, Watts, Clooney, Baer, even Bill Krisol (by the way, there is a current hilarious attempt to get me to point the finger at Lord Conrad Black {Mr. White?} and Richard Branson {Virgin’s logo is red, opposite of Green they point out}). Apparently these imbeciles didn’t realized the whole Black thing (happening elsewhere, a Yahoo group) was a right-feint for the left hook delivered elsewhere. Like a friend of mine used to say, Nazis were overall more vicious than smart. While not entirely so, it does on occasion apply to American fascists as well. Overconfidence in their toys makes them subject to the occasional psyop as well.

Then, as I said already, the news that our top client was the new home of Buzzy came from Scahill. Being locked out of the building where I worked for twenty years followed. Fighting to get my unemployment followed that.

Would it have been surprising if I had, being surreptitiously drugged and otherwise harassed consistently, blamed Jeremy for that?

Would it likewise have been unexpected if, after having been brainwashed to think that little twerp that appeared and seemed to “save my life” was related to Watts, to have blamed Watts for his consistent no-show?

Would it likewise have been unexpected if I had blamed Clooney and Baer for things after what seemed like a prank at the movie theater in December of ’09 and other things?

This is how they do it. If it had been as simple as delivering an instruction and their obedient “robot” carrying it out, I’d be dead or in prison by now. Doesn’t work that way nor that well. Requires other factors, is not easy to produce. Sure, they can arrange to have people in the same place at the same time, but violating your personal code, internalized morality, whatever, not so easy.

And that, as the wizard said, is an encouraging thought.

But you’d better hurry.

Also: Only 24 More Investigation Days until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson of December 23, 2009.

BLACK BOOT DIARIES – Squidgate Trial Part 3

“I look to you and I see nothing. I look to you to see the truth.”
–Mazzy Star



Let me back up just a little bit. On December 22, 2009, in the morning, I faxed a letter to the judge in the preliminary hearing requesting that there be no trial. In preliminary examinations (similar to a grand jury hearing but where the judge makes the decision as to whether or not to proceed), the judge is permitted to hear opinions and other things that he would not normally allow at trial. (The next morning was the Conway fire around 3 or 4am and the strange smoke incident nearly in front of Jeremy Scahill’s place around 9am).

The letter explained how I had heard of Peter Watts, a little about my background (many soldier relatives, a few cops, and at the time I did not consider myself a pacifist nor particularly progressive–more moderate–where security was concerned), and several reasons why I thought the case should not proceed. I mentioned tourism and the economy (it’s self-defeating). I mentioned the behavior of ICE with regards to immigrants and cited a Nation article about them (is this the country we want to live in?). I also pointed out that the notion that the 9/11 hijackers came across the Canadian border was incorrect. (This lie likely originated on FOX, and yet Republicans in the legislature criticized and asked DHS Sec. Napolitano to step down when she repeated this falsehood).

I didn’t have the chance to sign it because I sent it over the Internet. It occurred to me as I got on the subway that it might be rejected as a result. I would learn from Caitlyn later that the letter did not get read during the preliminary examination. I also learned that many, many friends and/or relatives of Andrew Beaudry attended that event, applying pressure to the judge. Also, the p.e. was supposed to be earlier that this, but the judge, Monaghan, had “heart issues” just two people in line before he got to Watts. Note the repeated references to electronic means to accomplish this cited on this blog, not to mention plain ol’ drug slipped into food or drink, absorbed through the skin.

There are so many obvious and possible Cold War era ploys throughout all of these events that I marvel that anyone could think it anything other than what it is.

I also would like to note something else here that should have been mentioned in Part 2. Beaudry’s voice. Deep, rough. The kind of thing action film commercial voice-overs are made of. The kind of thing that winds you up in Westerns and any other macho-required genre.

Once Adair turned the case over to the jury on Thursday morning, we waited patiently. And then there was no word.

We took a break for lunch. After I returned, I overheard Beaudry talking to the ADA. These were the first words I heard him say apart from on the stand testifying.

“I thought this would take ten minutes! I don’t get it.”

By now, he and some other people were starting to wonder who I was, why I was there.

We spent some time waiting. Soon, the frustration of not knowing was annoying the border guards as much as it was Peter, Caitlyn and myself. What was taking so long?

We even wound up having a few conversations in the hallway. Peter discussed running with the ADA and Dupuis. He said he did seven miles every day. I noted that I was more of sprinter than a long distance runner.

Dupuis mentioned that the guards have to pay for their own gym memberships. I said I’d write my reps about that (especially in light of a recent article stating they were going to be issued shotguns on Uncle Sam’s dime). Think I probably sent one of those to the White House as well as Schumer, Gillibrand and Velazquez.

I suggested rather cannily that there was always the fire department. (That which I did not say aloud, “Perhaps Beaudry missed his calling…charging like that through a burning building could earn someone a medal.”)

Doug threw in, “Yeah, if you don’t wind up getting burnt and in the hospital.”

“Yeah, there’s that.”

This reference to the Conway fire, which I had mentioned on Peter’s blog was completely lost on Dupuis. No visible reaction at all. Further evidence to my mind at the time that it wasn’t likely them in any way, keeping in mind that I had not yet seen Beaudry’s dad and brothers and had no ideas about who might have been in the truck doing the smoke trick on the morning of December 23.

The jury requested to see the video again and asked for clarification on some legal point. First, because of the technical requirements for the former, Adair took care of the second. He very, very carefully read the statute again and provided no guidance whatsoever apart from it being up to them. The jury was in essence in an argument and was looking to the judge to settle it. He refused and wisely so.

I think the video was scheduled for first thing Friday morning. We adjourned.

I started to walk out. Now, Dupuis and Beaudry were curious about who I was. We wound up walking out together. The front doors being locked, we had to seek a way out the back of the building. They followed me. Oddly excited about who I was.

When we finally emerged, my eye was caught by a cherry red Mustang convertible. It was without a doubt the only car I’d seen in Port Huron that I might have wished to have been driving instead of the Eclipse.

“That’s the judge’s car,” Beaudry said to Dupuis and the other guard (not Behrendt, who had decided to work instead of attending the rest of the trial).

“This is Adair’s?!?” I asked.

“Yep,” he replied.

“Holy s***!”

They laughed. We had a human moment. Another one beyond being frustrated with the jury and political policy.

I waited for Peter, Doug, Caitlyn and Caitlyn’s parents. They did not emerge. Instead, Adair did and caught me redhanded salivating over his set of wheels.

“You the young man I’ve seen sitting in my courtroom?”

“Yes, sir.”

I followed up with questions about the car. We discussed a vacation he and Mrs. Adair had taken in his previous Mustang, an older model. Then he took his leave to go pick up or meet with the missus some place.

Then the defense, defendant and family emerged. I walked over, but they had seen me talking to Adair. Frightened over the prospect of what this nut might have said to him, they avoided eye contact. I found that humorous for some reason.

Back to the hotel, dinner, and actually I don’t remember where I wound up. Think that might have been the night I found a seafood place.

To be continued…

Recursing Reviews

The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community.

–Carl Jung

CIA Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf

As with any large organization, one expects a little or a lot of indoctrination, of demonizing perceived opponents. I note, however, the danger in doing so: it is often the gung ho who are the first to turn on an authority when another one comes along or to find disappointment a life-changing event, as discovering Ronald Reagan did indeed “deal with terrorists” did to me in the 80s.

I am a little surprised, I suppose, at the openness of CIA’s criticism of, for example, the Washington Post’s expose on Top Secret America. First, they imply that it is only in a “free country” in which such a story could be compiled and printed, and that is not entirely wrong…not yet. However, with a looming CISPA vote in the Senate, it appears that the same kinds of people who wrote the defensive review of Priest and Arkin’s book will “repair” that little oversight.

Speaking of oversight, I think the point (which CIA does not seem to grasp) is that something this large doesn’t have much to speak of. Sure, you have Congress schilling for you (and I can’t wait to know exactly what it is they get in return for doing so), but there is the wink-wink-nudge-nudge going on—it cannot be otherwise—where Congress doesn’t ask the hard questions because they don’t want to know. (And yet it is impossible he cannot know just by picking up a paper or reading the letters of consituents). The abuse coming out of the intelligence community today and in recent years dwarfs that which lead to the Church/Tower hearings, the MK/ULTRA hearings in the Senate, and the disclosure of assassination programs. (Speaking of the latter, here is the story of Rajiv Dixit – asserted that 9-11 was a false-flag attack and died unexpectedly of a heart attack just before a speech he was to give at the age of 43 on November 30, 2010).

Further, there is evidence that CIA’s contractor, Blackwater, not only had some involvement with the death of Bhutto (it cannot be disputed that this made for less peace in the region) but also attempted to false-flag that assassination by laying it on one of their “Al Qaeda affiliates.”

Therefore it is also not surprising that the CIA sees no need for a “paradigm shift” in intelligence work in their criticism of Lahneman’s book calling for an intelligence revolution. CIA claims the case for one remains unproven. This is deceitful or wholly self-deluding.

There is also Glenn Carle’s book, The Interrogator, where they do a drive-by ridiculing the notion that CIA engages in excessive redaction, despite this complaint coming from various people including Valerie-Plame Wilson (whose exposure did do damage, did expose several other agents, despite neocon statements to the contrary in down-playing her and her group’s role in containing Iranian WMDs and CIA being tight-lipped about that one way or the other) and twenty-year CIA veteran Robert Baer, attributed with being the first Westerner to get a source inside Hezbollah. They also criticize the media for making hay out of redactions.

But the main point Carle made: innocence of people locked up by CIA and DoD for alleged terror connections was not something CIA HQ wanted to hear. They wanted tortured confessions. Can there be any other motive for that but profit and attempting to keep the cash cow protected? That CIA, who essentially wrote the book on how to do intelligence right would be wholly determined to only hear what it wants to hear, forget the truth, is a clear message that there is something horribly, horribly wrong.

Further and back to Top Secret America as topic, Mr. Baer wrote an article in TIME stating that the intelligence community was too large, unwieldy, and falling all over each other in the course of doing their jobs. (That describes fairly accurately, by the way, my experience in Brooklyn from December 2009 to March 2010. There was so much activity that I cannot believe it was only one agency, only one or two contractors running around doing the harassment).

“…tax dollars blowing around Washington like confetti…” Why doesn’t that resound with self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives? I guess the wind is blowing in the “right” direction.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the two-pronged attack on the book about the FBI. They attack the author while simultaneously agreeing with her. There has long been rivalry, cooperation, and non-cooperation between the Agency and the Bureau. Some of the criticism of the latter is of course correct. (Mine would be that if they spent one-half the effort fighting corporate crime that they did targeting labor-related organized crime, we might be in better economic shape today). In any case, I still laud their resistance to being involved with Abu Ghraib torture. (I know they aren’t perfect and preventing crime is a Criminal Justice 101 call for breaking the intent if not the letter of the law once it goes beyond deterrents, mere presence. It probably needs to be examined as does the Congress-rejected-practice of entrapment when it was aimed at them in the 70s, but they seem to have no problem when it’s aimed at physically or mentally challenged or ill Muslims because it makes headlines).

But of course the elephant in the room is CIA pretending it had a much smaller role in 9-11. Regardless how you slice it, there is a preponderance of evidence that CIA at a minimum knew the date, the intentions, and that the hijackers were in the US. Knowing that much, I am not willing to give the benefit of the doubt on why there was such a lack of cooperation with FBI when they started piecing it together based on the simplest of things: a report by a concerned citizen that people were learning to fly but had little interest in learning to land.

Then you have intense interest and presence in the 1980s and 1990s in Afghanistan. This is all, if not smoking gun, at least the smell of gunpowder.

From there you can see the recent things I linked to at History Commons, who pulls it’s information from news sources and books. Trained terrorists. Presence of university professors and experts for energy exploration and feasibility purposes in the 90s. Increase in heroin production right now. Increase in violence and extremism since CIA showed up.

I think it’s clear that there is a need for a new paradigm and CIA proved it.

As for what that might be, the inducement of hostility is not the only use for brainhacking. Peace, calm, serenity, euphoria, can also clearly be induced.

Funny that Pete King recently said that he wished we could live in a happy, handholding world. We actually could if somehow it were half as profitable for CIA and NSA officers seeking to become millionaires by exploiting violence and fear that they cause. It seems that love of democracy, freedom, and one’s fellow humans is no match for love of money.

(Note: I still find something troubling about turning hostile people into friendlies using drugs and electronics in terms of a violation of personhood, but it’s clearly morally and ethically superior to turning normal people into hostiles because it doesn’t force us to then turn around and kill them. It would also be a whole lot less expensive—but that also means less profitable for a few).

Looking back over a lifetime, you see love was the answer to everything.

–Ray Bradbury