OPiuM for Political Hacks

Today, John McCain was going batty over China and “cyber.” This is not so much any sign of sincerity, but rather a variant on the old politician trick made famous by Nazis {but only because they used it to perform genocide} and neoconservatives because Michael Ledeen codified it in neocon writings.

The basic idea is to ascribe to your opponents your own worst attributes. Nazis accused Jews of killing children. Neocons accuse everyone else of voter fraud. It’s to get out ahead of any revelations as to the truth of their own involvement in the same. To a weak mind, subsequent reports of those having made those statements actually being the ones doing it may sound like tit-for-tat.

So it likely is with the Office of Personnel Management hack. The amount they scream about China is directly proportional to the amount of time they spend in bed with it.

As noted somewhere in the long tweet thread from the previous post and noted in the post before that, the GOP created their own CIA which was in part the actual CIA. They have the same capabilities and since CIA officers can freely moonlight on Wall Street in their free time what they are up to during that time is anyone’s guess.

But how to make the OPM Hack possible? They had to leave a backdoor, which is what the intelligence community keeps asking for more of. Just as making the American people as ignorant–and therefore pliable–as possible, one must first gut education funding, they prevented funding from going to protecting the identities and personal data of most covert employees of the US government. Blackmail and extortion–that is, threatening someone’s family–are all quite possible once you have this data.

Congress was warned about the possible problem, failed to provide funding to fix it. Here:

IT News AU, “OPM Chief blames hack on decades of infosec underinvestment,” 18 June 2015:


And does anyone really believe that we are at ‘war’ with China? It’s effing preposterous. This is George W. Bush’s “favored status” nation. Crooks always need a boogeyman in order to distract you when they pick your pocket.

The point of the op was several-fold. First, you have the very private dirt on new FBI agents just out of the academy. Should they ever get the silly idea of actually doing their jobs–already apparently soundly beaten out of the older, existing variety–you can threaten or blackmail them into not doing that. Second, you can recruit more agents into your GOP-CIA and DNC-CIA shadow organizations in order to further subvert the law and the American people while shoveling as much NATSEC money into your own pockets as possible.

And China will play the fall-guy for you. Why not? It’s not as though we haven’t been hacking the hell out of them too.

Of course none of this will see the light of day for decades. Instead we have Obama making absurd statements like the one about deeds following words. Does he get the irony? I think he does, I just don’t know how he reconciles his ability to sometimes eloquently state the right thing to do and then do the opposite, knowing that the effects will be catastrophic down the road, playing ye ol’ kick the can, the game that is becoming ever more dangerous to play.

GOP will share, or have already shared, the data with the Democrat spymasters as well, you can be sure. This is part of keeping it quiet, sharing the loot with the other crime family. They will then divvy up the people they find a use for like a football draft. The battle between two shit-eating species of vulture will pick over the bones of their kills, whether that be the middle class, the country or the planet. There will be no suitable-for-the-masses solution to climate change so long as CIA exists and these two parties are dominant.

This was, despite our friendly standing with China, treason. But it’s not treated like treason when you have the right friends and already keep the Department of Justice’s tiny, shriveled gonads in your freezer.

Now, we are only hearing that we need more cyber-police {the old Michael Hayden call for ‘digital Blackwater’}, because politicians are in reality more concerned about what you know, what you think, than protecting a single goddam thing. By not protecting things, they get more kickbacks. It really is that simple.

They won’t use any additional powers that we hand them to fix what’s broke, but rather figure out how to screw the American people further. It’s just what they do.

Guess what kind of people are not in the OPM database.

And So It Came To Pass

When I wrote The Wisp, a story involving privatization of the intelligence community and warfare, I had thought that I was gazing down the road ten years or so. It wasn’t until the WaPo exposé Top Secret America that I realized it had already happened mostly in 2004 and 2005.

Twenty-two months ago or so, I started a “Fauxpocalypse” novel entitled Infernis. The idea behind the fake end times term, self-fulfilling prophecy can be as dangerous as, in my opinion perhaps moreso, than the supernatural. For the unfinished novel, a system that absorbs too much of those beliefs is susceptible to the same delusional thinking. Think HAL 9000 meets War Games.

Then, about 10 and a half months ago, started the sequel, Inthrallis. This one is in part based on experiences with some of those items listed in that old 1955 draft CIA MKULTRA memorandum:

11. Substances which will produce “pure” euphoria with no subsequent let-down.

12. Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.

I may expound on that later, but as I’ve noted below, the scope of the project quickly grew and before 1960 they were looking at what makes us decide to vote, child personality development, mental illness, minorities, criminals, hypnotism, means of control and altering personality, etc.

August of last year was before the MINERVA stuff made it into the news. It’s apparently gotten a nickname now, “FBULTRA,” which I think is appropriate.

The theme of Inthallis is similar in that it still circles around self-fulfilling prophecy but this time it’s a sort of anti-Christ figure. Superstition as crowd-control and flimflam predates even Judaism, so it should not be taken as an attack against religion as a whole.

Superstition and inquistion-lite are making big comebacks.


VICE, “EXORCIST REVIVAL,” Staff, 16 June 2014:


VICE, “Why the Vatican’s Recognition of Exorcism Is Important,” Kayla Ruble, 4 July 2014:


Witch Hunts:

NYTimes OpEd, “The Persecution of Witches, 21st-Century Style,” Motch Horowitz, 5 July 2014:


In some communities, it is chiefly young men who take on the role of witch hunters, suggesting that they may see it as a way to earn prestige by cleansing undesirables and enforcing social mores. That many of the self-appointed witch hunters are men highlights another baleful aspect of the phenomenon: The majority of victims are women. The Rev. Jack Urame of the Melanesian Institute, a Papua New Guinean human rights agency, estimates that witchcraft-related violence there is directed 5 to 1 against women, suggesting that witchcraft accusations are used to cloak gender-based violence.

Another factor, particularly in Central Africa and its diaspora communities, is the advent of revivalist churches, in which self-styled pastor-prophets rail against witchery and demon possession. They often claim to specialize in the casting out of evil spirits, sometimes charging for the service. Many of those congregations have emerged from Western evangelizing efforts.

Globalization means that paranoia over black magic and spirit possession are no longer confined to developing nations. Mass migration has made this a pervasive problem. In January, a Queens, N.Y., man was arrested for beating to death with a hammer his girlfriend, Estrella Castaneda, 56, and her daughter, Lina Castaneda, 25; Carlos Alberto Amarillo told the police that the women were “witches,” who had been “performing voodoo and casting spells” on him.

There’s lots more. Our ally and assistant chief shaper of foreign policy, Saudi Arabia, for example, and the UK.

Persecution of LGBTs:

MotherJones, “Meet the American Pastor Behind Uganda’s Anti-Gay Crackdown: Scott Lively has stirred up hate from Moscow to Kampala. Watch him in action,” Mariah Blake, 10 March 2014:


HuffPo, “Russia’s Anti-Gay Law Is One Of My ‘Proudest Achievements,’ Claims Pastor Scott Lively,” Gay Voices, 24 September 2013:


He also blames the Ukraine situation on gays, but then so does Putin:

The Advocate, “Putin Claims ‘Gay Nazis’ Behind Ukrainian Unrest: The Russian president takes a page out of a notorious antigay American evangelical’s playbook and claims that gay people are the cause of the current conflict in Ukraine,” Sunnivie Brydum, 16 May 2014:


The problem, the Ukraine’s neonazi movement is not Russia’s doing, but rather the US and NATO:

Global Research, “The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine,” Michel Chossudovsky, 2 March 2014:


“The flowering of democracy” in Ukraine –to use the words of the New York Times– is endorsed by Republicans and Democrats. It’s a bipartisan project. Lest we forget, Senator John McCain is a firm supporter and friend of Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok (Image right).


And it comes back around full circle:

DailyMailUK, “Palin under fire over African pastor friend who waged witch-hunt against woman he believed caused car crashes,” Paul Thompson, 18 September 2008:


Lest you think 2016 and beyond will look any different:

Gawker, “You’ll Never Guess Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Book,” Hamilton Nolan, 16 June 2014:


NYTimes, “The Next Act of the Neocons: Are Neocons Getting Ready to Ally With Hillary Clinton?” Jacob Heilbrunn, 5 July 2014:


I really am starting to wonder about that brain injury–attributed to a fall–that Karl Rove has been accusing Hillary of having. I know, consider the source…but have some problems squaring Obama and Clinton on so many issues these days without resorting to the mind affecting tech and/or intimidation hypotheses.

You Heard It Here First

FBI, DoJ, regularly cover for Chinese military intelligence operating on US soil, against US citizens.

Just remember. Here. It’ll come out. It’ll be hilarious also watching those testify before the people who have them do it (Congress, Senate) trying to explain why.

Most likely, supporters of Al Qaeda like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, being among the most guilty, will appear the angriest at this “startling revelation.”

PS: McCain, after backing Al Qaeda in Syria, wants to run for President again. That would be the icing on the s— cake, wouldn’t it? A supporter of terrorists and Commie spies elected President.

Oh, wait…they all do that.

Gulag News

A judge upheld the ban on indefinite detentions as related to the National Defense Authorization Act, where the military can indefinitely detain anyone they or anyone else doesn’t like without access to an attorney or legal recourse. The PDF of the court document shows that Daniel Ellsberg (The Pentagon Papers, who warned of a “Tonkin Gulf scenario”–a nicer way of saying false-flag attack–during the run up to the invasion of Iraq), journalist Christopher Hedges (who referred to Blackwater as the American equivalent of the Roman Praetorian Guard, whose writing–though far more scholarly and better written–sounds a lot like my own in terms of where it is all going), Noam Chomsky (the father of modern linguistics, wearer of many hats including cognitive science, philosophy, history and activism), and others sued individuals within the government to get it there.

And they are all further to the left than I am and yet we agree on a lot with regards to this and other issues relating to civil liberties. That’s how screwy things are.

Also, USA Today had an editorial a few days ago: Indefinite Detention is Un-American

So that you get an inkling of what will happen to you or someone you know, Guantanamo Prisoners Held for Years After Being Cleared for Release.

Both All links courtesy of Sibel Edmond’s Boiling Frogs post from last night.

Who Is Willard Mitt Romney?

“I had already ordered your arrest on other charges. I see now that I was correct!
-F. Murray Abraham as Inquisitor Bernardo Gui, reconfirming loudly for all to hear his preconceived notions affirmed through torture for personal gain (AKA self-dealing) in The Name of the Rose

Reason Magazine

(Previous posts here and here.)

When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he’d support doubling the size of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, he was trying to show voters that he’d be tough on terror. Two of his top fundraisers, however, have long supported using tactics that have been likened to torture for troubled teenagers.

According to the L.A. Times, California investigators said that at Straight teens were “subjected to unusual punishment, infliction of pain, humiliation, intimidation, ridicule, coercion, threats, mental abuse… and interference with daily living functions such as eating, sleeping and toileting.”

Although it has settled several lawsuits out of court, the organization has never publicly admitted wrong-doing. However, the U.S. State Department spurred Samoa to investigate its Paradise Cove program in 1998 after receiving “credible allegations of physical abuse,” including “beatings, isolation, food and water deprivation, choke-holds, kicking, punching, bondage, spraying with chemical agents, forced medication, verbal abuse and threats of further physical abuse.” Paradise Cove closed shortly thereafter. That same year, the Czech Republic forced the closure of WWASP-linked Morava Academy following employees’ allegations that teens were being abused.

In 2005, New York’s Eliot Spitzer forced WWASP to return over $1 million to the parents of Academy at Ivy Ridge students, because the school had fraudulently claimed to provide legitimate New York high school diplomas. He fined Ivy Ridge $250,000, plus $2000 in court costs. A civil suit has been filed for educational fraud in New York as well, by a different law firm.

Then we have the connections with both CIA/Blackwater man Cofer Black and self-dealing CIA/NSA scheister Michael “Let’s set Blackwater loose on the Internet because they did so well in Bagdad” Hayden:

Romney has just announced a phenomenal foreign policy and national security team helping the campaign! Just a quick glance through the names and you will see an impressive list of leaders including people such as the former Director of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and NSA (National Security Agency), Michael Hayden; former Director of CIA Counter-Terrorism Center and State Department Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Cofer Black; former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff; former US and UN policy directors; former Ambassadors; and numerous others.

And of course Chertoff is another self-dealer.

And connecting to Black means a connection to Erik Prince, who is currently avoiding prosecution by hiding in the UAE until John McCain’s “inevitable” Romney takes over. Prince’s father, as you may know, made his fortune on car part manufacturing and founded the Religious Right Movement.

The answer to who he is does not depend on listening to him shifting his policies over and over depending on who he is talking to and what the flavor of the week is. It’s to judge him by who he surrounds himself with.

Depending on whether you are religious or not is then either an antichrist or a psychopath. Either way, you’d think people like Santorum would be worried, would want to distance himself from torture of American teenagers (at least the bondage part!).

As I’ve already noted, CIA may have been overrun by radical Mormons dating back to the 1980s according to the New York Times. This torture more than anything resembles brainwashing. That JSOC is also being dominated by radical Catholics is troubling (and that they have their own, 17th American intelligence apparatus known only as “the Activity” is disconcerting). We have our own American Taliban and they hold the reigns of power, or nearly so. Seymour Hersh is correct (again). And they point the finger at Islam while doing as bad or worse on American soil. They are the Black Soul Choir. It’s “string theory” for the farcical things we’ve been witnessing recently (like Holder’s non-explanatory explanation regarding the assassination of American citizens abroad yesterday).

Also, Mel Sembler (family friend and fundraiser for the Bushes) was the leader of the Scooter Libby Defense fund, so you can add in protecting Dick Cheney for destroying a WMD tracking program. Not to mention, he was US ambassador to Italy, where the Niger forgeries made their way into Italian newspapers bolstering the argument for invading Iraq.

And, of course, torture has long been known to be unreliable for getting at the truth but very effective for eliciting lies just to make the pain stop. The CIA’s torture victims are (in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo) a virtual ATM of phony terror threats to perpetuate the “war on terror” and to attempt to cover up the lies of the past. On Americans, they are an effort to social engineer us into a perpetual war culture, one that abuses women, gays, and of course (MBA and JD Santorum’s favorite) those who attend college (AKA “intellectuals”).

You can try to talk yourself out of the facts, you can try to live in the city of Denialville, but that is not going to make it go away. I’m just the messenger, so feel free to shoot. It’s just human nature…brain chemistry.

Even Even More Links

Added The Rolling Stone article on the Lt. General William Caldwell’s pressuring of the Army’s psy-ops team in Kabul to target visiting dignitaries including Sens. McCain, Franken, Lieberman, Jack Reed, and Levin. Also how the whistleblower in this case was railroaded by US Army investigators. Also, a photograph of the three-star s***head.

These people, these war profiteers, are responsible for more deaths than anyone, yet they try to pin it on Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. Incredible how shameless these people are in sending Americans off to die and kill so that Lockheed-Martin, Halliburton, Exxon-Mobil, Blackwater, their ilk, and the people who love them on Wall Street can make a few bucks. Those pushing for all out war in Iran should be ashamed of themselves, but sociopaths rarely are. How many American lives is that worth? I expect they would say all of them if one could get them to be truthful.

Speaking of Straw Men Crossing the Border

There was a hilarious exchange between O’Reilly and McCain soon after 9/11 on Billo’s show. Basically, O’Reilly had apparently been arguing for closing the Mexican border some time before 9/11 and had even suggested it to McCain or someone he knows at that time.

O’Reilly brought it up again. McCain, rather than explain how the hijackers actually got into the country (or perhaps realizing that arguing with an idiot was pointless) aborted those other sentences and ended it with, “You’re right.”

Bill said, eyes filled with tears and choked up, “I…I am?”

You really can’t make this s*** up.

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