Gary Webb Redux: The LGBT Community and Meth

They’re animals, so let them lose their souls.

It is my considered opinion that the Central Intelligence Agency targets the LGBT community with crystal meth in much the same way that it targeted poor black communities with crack cocaine. This latter was reported on by Gary Webb. While Mr. Webb did not accuse the US government of institutional racism and bigotry {some of the large papers that, when push comes to shove, tow the line for the Military Industrial Complex like the Washington Post accused him of it, however}, I am. I will explain why below.


First, of course, the crack cocaine epidemic. The CIA used profits from selling it domestically for black bag operations that were off the books. That is, these were operations and programs that they did not believe they had to report to Congress because the funding was not coming from taxes but rather the exploitation of poor neighborhoods, predominantly African American, in California. This worked, CIA was never punished for this, and it continued after Webb’s reporting on the topic and tracing the money and drugs from Central America to the US.

The result domestically was also that politicians got to “take a stand” against drugs and demonize those who sold it and used it as “super predators.” The stigma remains today as does the high incarceration rate resulting from a CIA operation.

And let us not forget the lengths CIA went to experimenting drugs on human beings under MK/Ultra and other programs using initially the former Nazi scientists brought in under PAPERCLIP, BLOODSTONE, etc. Nor how, for example, notorious gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger got 15 years knocked off a prison sentence for agreeing to be one such guinea pig.


In small farming communities in the US it is often made domestically. Chemicals used on some farms can cover for the purchase of materials necessary to make crystal meth.

However, in Maricopa County, Arizona, it is smuggled in from Mexico. More specifically, the state of Sinaloa, which is where El Chapo and his cartel were located. El Chapo who miraculously escaped several times, once reportedly via a long tunnel about which there is a conspiracy theory that the tunnel was not actually completed but rather Guzman’s CIA handlers released him and used the tunnel as a media stunt to cover up the method of release. Why not? In any case, it comes from the Mexican Cartel located there.


I’ve met probably a few hundred people who currently use or were addicted in the past to crystal meth in the year and a quarter living here. Predominantly, probably 65% are gay men. There’s probably another 10-15% that engage in some form of homosexual activity even though their preference may be for females. While it is not reportedly as addictive as crack cocaine, crystal meth is clearly highly addictive. The lengths many of these current addicts will go to to get that fix makes this clear.

Much like the mythical pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps mantra, officials in the US indicate that simply saying no to drugs is the way to get off them. In civilized countries, it is considered an illness to be addicted, and is treated via healthcare. Emphasis on civilized.

As I’ve noted time and again, the point is to keep us distracted, divided, and fighting among ourselves lest we band together and demand universal healthcare and income. The CIA, and whenever I say that now I also mean the counter-intelligence division of the FBI, they are essentially the same thing, Eisenhower’s fear of a domestic secret “police” has been realized, serves the interests not of the People but of the multinational corporations and that means keeping social nets and benefits as low as possible. As the profits continue to break records, so does the multinationals’ power and influence; it is the snowball, growing in size and increasing momentum, until it overwhelms anything and anyone in its way. To distract from this requires “bad guys” to point a finger at and who better than minorities and those suffering from one form of illness or another? People outside the mainstream make easy targets, as we’ve seen with the transgender bathroom nonsense recently.

As a further reminder of the connection between the CIA and the Mexican Cartels, I point the reader again to the story of Mike and Gary, and how it was that former CIA officer Gary came to be in the cartel’s employ.


They Really Are Crusades

Going to assume folks can recall the really long straw scene as well to get some idea about why this happens earlier in There Will Be Blood.

It’s as old as humanity, no doubt. The really tough guy probably acted like the only bull in the pasture. That is until the really smart guy had to explain that the really tough guy died because he displeased the deities when it was in fact something he ate. “In fact,” he would realize as he played it up, “all of you displeased the gods, so they say bring all the virgins to me.” Then he’d giggle to himself that all that testing of plants on the rodents who live around his remote hut really paid off big time. He’d need a new warrior, but this time he would be the one calling the shots. The prehistoric merger between superstition and commerce was a win-win for SmartGuy.

All of that leading up to recommending the War Nerd podcast episode 14. Some great info. I had even studied a few of those topics years ago and there’s a lot I didn’t know. Might have heard that shakers died off, but never told quite so amusingly. Also never realized that the US could have become a Mormon country.

Which in turn takes me to a place that is not the intended destination in the podcast.

Whose job is it to rein in religious zealots in the military and intelligence community? Mine? If so, I think I’m missing more than a few paychecks.

No. It’s the President, his cabinet, the inspectors general, Congress, and if need be the Department of Justice {which is of course one of the places filled with zealots}. Not one of these people are doing the job they are supposed to be. Not one. When religious zealots target other religions, non-whites, and LGBTetc for harassment and smearing, you can see just how shitty a job of protecting anything except his own ass Barack Obama is doing. It’s like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are already secret POTUS. It’s like the Tea Party runs Homeland Security.

Once wrote that last part in an email to a reporter. That was exactly what it was like. Obama is everything except liberal, except progressive, except Left.

Someone once asked me why I should care if radical Christians and radical Muslims kill each other off. While I don’t subscribe to the view that that is exactly what’s happening, the first, obvious answer is because they dragged me into it.

The goddamn law says not to discriminate. If spies and top brass cannot follow the law, kick them out like pharmacists who refuse to sell condoms. Otherwise, stop trying to shift the blame, Mr. O. You own this, your own private Crusade.

The Gay South

“It’s a big enough umbrella…”

This is going to be a departure for the most part. Poltical to an extent, yes, but unrelated to the main thrust of this blog.

First, you might want to read this one. I made it private for some reason. Probably the angry final paragraph, written at a dark time. The rest, the story of “Igor” turned “Elvis”, still stands as one of the crazier Tennessee/Kentucky stories that I can recall.

The thing is, there was lots of homoeroticism in small town Tennessee and Kentucky in the 80s. It wasn’t open, it wasn’t welcome, it wasn’t discussed, but there was plenty of it.

One time my dad walked into the field house and caught me and another football player…I’m not even sure what to call it. Rough-housing? Coaches would have probably (without conscious awareness of the irony) referred to it as “playing grab-ass.” I once later, when drunk, kissed that same guy when we were both about to have sex with our respective girlfriends. He didn’t seem phased by it at all.

Anyway, dad soon wanted me to quit the team because he thought that football was making me gay. I didn’t quit.

When I was a sophomore, I wound up somehow in the same cabin as the senior and junior quarterbacks at spring training camp. They had the “grab-ass” game down to a science let me tell you. The junior, who of course became first-string the following year, didn’t date a whole lot and spoke repeatedly about wanting to join the Navy, be on a submarine. I quizzed him on that once, barely conscious on why, and don’t think I ever got an answer that explained being away from females apart from the obvious, but very much unspoken one at that place at that time.

There were plenty of others. One time at the drive-in, a friend clearly wanted a threesome. Didn’t actually happen. Don’t think the young lady was up for it.

Then there was the time, and this one I kind of regretted, a friend made a very overt pass at me. I was a little freaked out by it and said I’d see him the next day. That didn’t happen either.

Hilariously, I did track him down at a party probably a year later but a friend of his was convinced we were going off to smoke weed and wouldn’t give us a minute alone.

Then there was my long-term relationship. Whereas my family had been politically conservative, his had been religiously so. We met my final year of college. It took me a few more, living in NYC, to decide that, yes, I am definitely gay. Reprogramming myself and getting the negative stereotypes out of my head took a while. I missed out on a lot that, at least in some places, young lesbian and gay people take for granted now (I hope).

Once I made that decision, I went and found him. Hunted him down. Could have been characterized as stalking if he hadn’t been as happy to see me again as I was him. Nearly fifteen years together after an extended long distance courtship.

So, one man’s love can be another’s perceived obsession, I suppose. I was lucky that time. What happened to those days?

Oh. Right.