BBD – More On the Crazy ‘Logic’

Lucky for me I made this goofy post way, way back in May of 2010. What does it mean?

Well, it meant I’d rather be strangling whomever was responsible for my torture and ruin. It’s a reference to the climax in a scifi book. In it, two protagonists go after the antagonist. IIRC, when asked if the winner of said deadly contest did it for altruistic reasons, he admits it was pure rage, revenge, satisfaction…”the kill switch.”

At that point, I had come to believe {falsely} that another actor at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival was somehow responsible. This made no sense whatsoever since there would be no way he could have pulled it off.

But for a day or two…well it probably would have been really, really bad for said person and I to have crossed paths.

As I remembered more of those days, I recalled said actor stating that he was afraid that yet another actor at the Festival would one day hunt him down and kill him. He was, as {sorry to pick on you, bud} Barrett Brown once thought he had a date with the Great Beyond, and I when it came to the year 2000 back in the 80s {world didn’t end, did it?}, he had a James Dean thing going on except in place of car would have been bag lady and former co-worker.

At the same time, some jabberwocky from the Shithole {this is CIA’s latest nickname, at least until I tire of it} was filling my head with the idea that a particular tower housed someone I needed to meet. Of course, this person lived in the building’s top floor penthouse.

I don’t recall what it was they argued actually to try to get me to trespass. But somehow I avoided doing so. Though I did look up there and squint–you know, just in case–whenever I walked or jogged by it.

The former tactic, pitting people against each other is what lead to the short story Ground Control. That later became a chapter in my book.

In any case, you might have noticed if you follow on the Twitter, I’m tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Pointing this out has not, to my knowledge, lead to a reduction in the number of mass shootings; has obviously not lead to regulations of so-called mind control {we can’t even get meaningful surveillance reform and general oversight of the IC}; and it has not lead to me not being treated like shit most days.

But there it is anyways. Reiteration without representation, remuneration, and simulated reproduction. *

* Just tired and rambling.

As for why, is he here? I don’t see him. So f*** you.


The Proper Path

“…don’t be alarmed. That indicates only that you are still sane.”

That is if you’ve been following the Twitter and it doesn’t entirely make sense. Not supposed to. Or at least perhaps only to a select few, and I don’t have their email addresses.

“We’re not out of the woods yet.” —Everyone

There are several things I’d rather be doing right now. However, duty calls.

Let me begin by addressing some YouTube video where the following appears to occur. Note, I haven’t watched it, merely had this described to me in five minutes of my life I shall probably never be able to retrieve. It goes, I’m told, like this:

A} In a public park, a stranger, who is in on the ploy, asks a person who apparently is not in on the ploy if they can borrow their cellphone to make a call. Person allows it.

B} Now the “ployers” have the patsy’s phone number. The phone rings. Person answers. They are told not to talk but to get up and go to another place in the park.

Note: This is where I, as I’m sure many others, would have told them to go f*** themselves. Not so the six or so people in the video.

C} Person arrives to find a tablet with a video on it. Video contains kidnappers and a little girl. Video kidnappers state that there is $100,000 elsewhere in the park, tells them where, and they have a choice: Take the money and the girl dies; leave the money and the girl lives.

The video shows five out of six took the money, which was fake and they are stopped by the self-righteous “ployers” who shame them into giving it back so that they can put other people through the same trauma.

There are several ways to run with this. Assuming for a moment that you believe for an instant that there are kidnappers who do this, and then actually kill a little girl {this is the general plot to The Button, by the way, except—SPOILERS—the ployers are spies and space aliens}, if you’re that dumb, let’s take it to the next step.

First, the one person who refuses the money is African American and homeless. This almost makes me want to like the idea despite my many other misgivings.

But let’s also put three other things in mind. First, the 0.1% have made certain that we live in a society where money is really important—because they have most of it—and at the same time ensured that the rest of us have less of it than we used to, or at least less spending power even if the technical numbers are otherwise higher. Second, some people are programmed to be tribal: That is, “not my kid, my kids can now go to college” is not entirely unaltruistic. Third, this is also oddly similar to the Joker’s {played by Heath Ledger} ploy with the two ferries in that Batman movie.

And I could go on about editing. We saw how James O’Keefe III {speaking of JOK3rs} made it appear as if ACORN was condoning child prostitution, while the original told an entirely different story.

It’s all over the place but the bottom line, the “moral” of the story would seem to be that being poor makes you a better person. See again from above: “First, the 0.1% have made certain that we live in a society where money is really important—because they have most of it—and at the same time ensured that the rest of us have less of it than we used to, or at least less spending power even if the technically numbers are otherwise higher.”

Start: Aside to an asshole

Yes. I can still see you, Mr. Dinosaur, Mr. 0.001%, Mr. DeepState. You’re not quite everywhere, but prolific enough to be scary. That is, if I couldn’t see you and what you’re doing. The only thing puzzling me is why you still live.

Not that I want you dead. I’m having way too much fun messing with you and therefore hope you live to a hundred. Which, if descriptions are accurate, shouldn’t be all that far off.

End: Aside to an asshole.

{Again, these two previous paragraphs are related to the Twitter stuff. Ignore it. Clearly I’m schizo. What else could it be? Certainly not walking a similar jagged line as Shakespeare’s Hamlet did, enjoying plausible deniability}.

And so the message is hidden. The Big Move: Black Man has a heart. The smaller move hidden by the Big Move: Being poor is better than being middle class. It is in a way, but the motives of the ultimate author of this ploy aren’t pure but rather selfish. He’s trying to get you to give up on the American dream so he and a few others can have it all. More like Saudi Arabia than a Marxist state, I assure you.

Moving on. I heard today about yet another potential organized stalking victim from an acquaintance who considers, or perhaps used to consider, this guy a friend. I probed for details to try to get a feel for it. Mostly, I would tend to think that the man described it actually paranoid schizophrenic and is imagining all of it. Or almost.

The problem, going back to the basics here, CiA went to a lot of trouble attempting to create fake symptoms for all kinds of maladies, including mental illness. A clear cry for help from a diseased institution aside, it becomes very, very difficult to tell the difference. In fact, as I’ve noted before, this nonsense can actually make you insane even if you weren’t insane when it started. So, chicken and egg, really.

But the acquaintance, who accepted that such things do happen sometimes, noted that he didn’t think his friend was that important. I’ve covered that typical reaction before as well. Sometimes in fact it’s because the person is a nobody that they are selected. There’s some criteria related to psychological makeup, for example, that has nothing to do with fame.

What is the end game, then, the acquaintance asked? I suggested he might have to wait to see whom his friend shoots to discover that. He suggested it would, though he didn’t actually think him capable of murder, wind up being racially motivated.

There you go. I suggested that while we all eat each other, we aren’t banding together and demanded better healthcare for all, or similar. Because it’s not money we’re running out of; it’s power and influence.

I figured it would end there, but then the acquaintance added one more thing. “They try to drag you down.” He meant people who suffer from mental illness.

I reminded him that during the 1980s the public mental health system was gutted to ensure the future of the Reagan tax cuts. Which benefit the 0.1% especially.

And then it clicked: It could be all of those motives at the same time. 3-D Chess, furrealz.

Check and mate, Mr, White.

Notice what you find in both of those stories? That’s what it is. And that’s really all that it is. Madness. And yet there’s method in’t.


New to me CIA chemical program called MK-BURN via investigative journalist Jack Anderson in 1982.

Also note the following quote from the MK-ULTRA prison drug experiment lawsuit:

MK-ULTRA’s purpose was “research and development of chemical, biological and radiological materials [for use] in clandestine operations to control human behavior.” The CIA hoped the “psychoactive chemicals” would work on the victim’s mind and emotions to “release him from the restraint of self-control.”

Jack Anderson, “Lawsuit Forces CIA Confession on MK-ULTRA,” Washington Post, 28 August 1982:

See also Mental Floss on the release of “useful” documentation like UFOs and supernatural under STARGATE.

Kirstin Fawcett, “CIA Publishes Nearly 13 Million Declassified Records Online,” Mental Floss, 18 January 2017.

… There’s even information on alleged UFO sightings and psychic research conducted under the organization’s “Star Gate” program.

For security purposes, many of the documents contain redactions, but aside from that, “none of this is cherry-picked,” CIA spokeswoman Heather Fritz Horniak told CNN.


Covert Hellscape Exposed

For people who are new here, you’ll find much of my bio drafted over here. Short version is some people tried to harass me into doing violence against others or myself. Why is a bit more complicated, that’s why I wrote most of a book about it. Suffice it to say as far as I know there is no other person making such a claim that explains it in such a way as to leave out torture chambers, Satanism, UFOs, and other MONARCH style stuff you may have heard about elsewhere.

Think of this as the behind-the-scenes audio commentary on a DVD or Blue-Ray. You can read the original here, if you like first. The entire thing is quoted below with explanations intermingled.

(Note: though this is largely fiction, it illustrates how the combination of being drugged with something with effects similar to mefloquine in combination with some other things, social engineering that destroys the semblance of one’s life, and synthetic telepathy can be used in combination as I’ve said they are. Therefore I’m posting it here. Also, apologies for borrowing some of the style–and likely mangling it. Grab inspiration where I can. It’s what we mimics do best).

As it turned out, mefloquine aka Lariam, used by the Navy and CIA at GITMO on detainees at five times the normal dosage, may not be the best candidate for whatever drugs are used to create those mass shooters. * Also, I probably should have used the less-off-putting voice-to-skull over “synthetic telepathy” which most people would find silly sounding.


I frequently, in 2011 and 2012 or so, said to myself, “If they ever do whatever that inflict-pain-at-range thing they do is for an extended period of time, I will definitely kill myself.” The typical duration in Minneapolis had been about 35-45 minutes.

{And it is very uncomfortable. Think of Myron May and Aaron Alexis.}

However, on 15 August 2012, they did just that. 24 hours straight. That is why I wrote this Wicked Game chapter the way that I did, or at least one of the reasons. And though I might think it needs re-writing, I’ve left it as a reminder of that horrible day, one of the worst days of my life.

Hence the title of the piece being quoted here. You’ll note that I wrote it two weeks later.

“Most times you can’t hear ’em talk. Other times you can.”
Bob Seger

Imagine you are broken.

It wasn’t always so. Not long ago you were on top of things. You were making advances. You had something to contribute. Your were on your way to making a name for yourself. You were somebody.

You can’t quite recall when it all changed. When you woke up somewhere else. When you woke up one morning and found yourself in Hell.

Though I have not researched it thoroughly by any means, one paper I did find suggests that roughly 10% of the human population is resistant to hypnosis. Especially important to note, because subliminal suggestion and PSYOP designed to alter behavior work quite similarly, is why the author believed this to be the case. These 10%, he wrote, have a short attention span and tend to hold very strong beliefs. In other words, the hypnotists tried to change their minds and failed.

But what if, instead of trying the change their opinions, they instead tried to exploit them, expand them…make them more firmly held to the point the person is radicalized? I submit that this could and probably does work. They are more inclined to listen to beliefs that they already hold. It is merely necessary to alert them to the idea that others disagree and fill their heads with nightmare scenarios as to why those other people are both wrong and dangerous to society.

In other words, this stuff can work on almost anyone. You can figure out which categories a person falls into and how to work them based on what we already know to be true: NSA and other agencies collect every phone call, text, email, web search and multiple other electronic transactions and signals and private companies like Booz Allen Hamilton have access to it. In fact, Snowden made it quite clear, he could access anyone’s data from his desk in Hawaii at BAH.

In the quote above we set the norm and suggest there’s been a change. Let’s try to figure out how this occurred.

You vaguely recall starting to stare at phone numbers. License plates. Graffiti. Somewhere along the line, those things came to hold more meaning than the now nearly incomprehensible texts you have pored over for years.

You bounce between laughing hysterically at what Jung referred to as synchronicity, strange coincidences that now pervade your entire life… Sometimes it’s as if the people on TV are talking directly to you.

The subject suddenly loses interest in things that were once important and finds himself staring at numbers, pictures and letters, seeking meaning in that which the brain is saying is important but in all likelihood is not. This is a very common thing to occur in so-called Targeted Individuals in ‘organized stalking.’ I saw a NJSF intern fill notebook after notebook with graffiti, license plate numbers and other similar things in 1989 and 1990. I wound up doing similar things, but frequently stopped myself accepting there was significance due to having observed her doing it two decades previous.

There was even a moment, in December 2009 or January 2010, where I picked up a book of poetry from the 1930s. I read it and saw that it seemed and felt as if some of those poems held some special significance for me, as if the writer had me in mind. Since I knew that was impossible, I simply laughed and put it down. What else can you do when you have a sprained brain? More on the neuroscience behind this feeling below.

Even though you are an expert in your field, even though you should know better, it just feels right, and you know you can’t fight feelings, not forever. So you indulge them.

Holmes was a neuroscientist with a MS working on his PhD.

Random strangers involved themselves in whatever you are doing.

Sometimes these are covert operatives and sometimes they are not. Sometimes there’s even a mix, where a covert operative or two manages to corral a civilian or two in order to A} provide additional confusion and cover, and B} to arrange a later chance meeting between the target and the civilians in the hopes of a violent and crazed accusation resulting in the target’s arrest and being discredited as paranoid schizophrenic.

I had three such interactions with such groups, once in Manhattan and twice in Minneapolis. I was too cautious to cause a stir when, only in the second instance, did I see one of the group again. The third time was an invitation to a gay hookup place which was also known for being dark and dangerous. In this third case I did send an email, I think, to one of my reps, probably Klobuchar stating something about private contractors looking to off me. Of course the real reason for sending it the hope that they would see it, if they were indeed doing that, and back off. I have very, very low expectations of our elected leaders.

You can’t hear yourself think sometimes, while something deep down in the recesses of your mind keeps telling you, if they’d just shut up for ten minutes, you could catch your breath. You could solve this problem. You could figure out why your life was turned upside down and you could start to correct it.

…to thoughts of death and destruction.

And the noise! The noise coming from the upstairs apartment is preventing you from sleeping, from coming up with those bursts of inspiration you did in undergrad, while getting your masters.

Shock and awe. The people upstairs {Anthony and roommate} at my condo in Brooklyn, at the hotel in Port Huron a few nights before the Squidgate trial, and at my first apartment in Minneapolis frequently seemed to be making noise on purpose to bother me. This came full circle when the guy living in the basement came to my apartment accusing me of doing the same to him. The use of voice-to-skull, silent sound, or hypersonic sound being used to make it seem as though there is more noise than there actually is a real harassment possibility. This is why the latter made it into the Mind-Affecting Technology tab; it doesn’t affect it directly but used to harass, it moves in the direction of sleep deprivation and torture.

Additionally, they can easily start slipping ideas in there for violence. And then there’s the usage the Army FOIA reveals: You can actually make a person angry using microwave non-lethal weapons. See also GITMO detainees Shaker Aamer and ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya as two probable targets of NLWs. I was also told that VA whistleblower Kernan Manion, who was fired for explaining the problem and bad response of military officers to suicidal vets, has been targeted with these or similar.

People you once depended on, though you didn’t realize how much until they stopped talking to you, stopped calling, emailing, texting, stopped inviting you to lunch, the movies, parties, sporting events…they provided some refuge…some semblance of normalcy.

This is where it gets a little sketchy. While, yes, a portion of this wedge-driving is due to the target’s altered behavior, they also target the target’s friends, family and co-workers, no question about it. Everything from guiding conversations and web searches resulting in possibly/possibly not accurate articles about mental health {but not necessarily accurate where the target’s case is concerned — see items 1 and 5 in particular} to somehow masking pheromones.

Backing up a moment. While, yes, human beings rely primarily on vision and the even better Technicolor show that the brain turns our more-limited-than-we-think vision into, there is still an olfactory element to the human psyche that may be even more linked to the unconscious than sight and sound. A smell can bring back a memory.

And PopSci once did a great episode that demonstrated that most people actually wind up making dates with people based on their different pheromones. That is, this is at first how we avoid inbreeding: By smelling unconsciously other people’s pheromones to ensure that they are different from our own. Later, when an intimate relationship matures, we come to recognize each other by scent.

Alter that scent, and you may as well be dead as far as your close friends and partner are concerned. CIA looked into ‘aromatic amines’ at the University of Illinois. It’s no big stretch to think they’ve done more with that, made note of others’ research for the dirty tricks department.

More on destroying relationships below.

But when you were trying to talk reason to them, explain that despite whatever is happening to you, you are still you, that you still care about them, they don’t seem to hear what you’re saying.

That is exactly how it often felt for me. One particular conversation resulted in me saying, “Will you listen to what I’m saying instead of what you want to hear?”

One phone call is especially frustrating because of some fat cow walking by when your are on your cell in the park, slurping a fast-food shake and mocking what you say. You have your first murderous thought.

Which resulted in me cursing at her.

You accept that your friends have abandoned you. You try not to hate them.

At least when you realize this was a covert operation perhaps planned under Bush but executed under Obama. These things do not happen, not on this scale, without approval of some kind, however obscured, from the POTUS’ national security board or whatever they call it this week.

It’s especially difficult when you recall all of the times you were there for them.

Fact: I supported my partner when he was laid off. Twice.

Fact: I once told him that if I hadn’t left Tennessee and gone to NYC I’d have become an alcoholic or blown my head off with a shotgun.

Fact: That’s where I am now as a write this.

Fact: I have not blown my head off.

Fact: He threw me out and tried to get me to go there anyway.

Fact: He got married on 11/11/11, after I helped the OFA and DFL with the midterm elections in 2010, after telling me that he would not be doing so until March of 2012. I discovered this on Facebook while leaving Minneapolis and driving to my parents’ house.



Fact: When we were still in Brooklyn, we both witnessed a man laughing like the Joker. He wrote it off as him being cold. I knew it was a PSYOP because of context and I had a better view of the whole thing. WEDGE-DRIVING.

Fact: Barack Obama is a phony asshole who will let you down every time. **

Also fact: Despite how that looks, my ex is a good person. He worked at Google. They had full access to his head and biochemistry day in and day out. By the way, he had a female friend in grad school who similarly seemed to go crazy. He was not looking forward to going through that again.

You recall when they were there for you and wonder what flipped them from “true” to “fair weather” over night.

Of course. This is a waking nightmare. This can’t be reality. Life isn’t like this. This is not how the world works. Ask anyone. You are a pariah here.

You have your first disappointing review of your work. You wonder what went wrong. It seemed to make sense at the time, but your mentor, supportive, nurturing, encouraging in the past, is suddenly cold. He looks at you as if you are an insect or a frog laid open and pinned to a wax surface.

This must be Hell.

Your ex lies to you repeatedly. You try to connect, try to at least maintain a friendly closing, avoid burning the bridge. Maybe one day things will go back to normal. But her every subtext, her every nonverbal action, just screams, “I hate you. I wish you were dead.” You wonder how that is possible. The thought occurs to you, this could be some government program, some cryptic conspiracy designed to…what? Destroy you? For what purpose? You aren’t that important, that voice inside your head says. You aren’t yet somebody…like your dad. Impossible, no motive.

It becomes easier to believe, those who don’t realize things as simple as CIA’s budget being one-and-one-half times the collect-it-all-globally NSA’s, that it just cannot be a government or quasi-government conspiracy. We are programmed to think paranoid people are wrong, not that there might actually be a valid reason to be paranoid or that their delusions might be related to actual harassment such as was seen under COINTELPRO.

And you recall the legal definition of torture…requires being in custody. What happens when everywhere is your prison? Requires permanent damage. What happens if the damage is temporary but unbearable in the present? Requires intent. What if those doing it don’t know why they are doing it? It’s crazy.

Lawyers are always involved. The question of how best to follow the law doesn’t come up with these people, it’s how best to get around it. Those three points: 1} Detained. Not technically in a cell, the back of a police van when harassed, zapped, drugged, ruined, so legally isn’t torture. 2} Permanent damage. Possibly not permanent damage. Even Holmes may recover eventually. So? You people drove him to kill others even if it was only temporary insanity. But not technically torture because might not be permanent. 3} Must be intentional. Someone surely knows. But if you receive one paper cut from 10,000 different covertards and bleed to death, did they intend to murder you?

No, this must be Hell.

Easier to believe. Simpler.

You wake up one morning and put your hand to your head. Your hair feels odd…different. You go look in the mirror and your skin is pale. Your hair is standing straight up. The pallor of your skin makes your lips seem red…like a clown’s. You laugh.

In my case it was actually my hair falling out or breaking off in clumps, which I suppose was supposed to be a zombie thing. This occurred just a few days before the Squidgate trial sentencing hearing. Later, they went with dosing me with testosterone or similar to simulate becoming a werewolf and to increase aggression. I can conceive of using the dirty tricks book to do similar with the Joker.

You give the library one last go. Somehow, you are going to turn that one thing around. You are going to get that PhD. You are going to make your dad proud. He always had faith in you.

No, he didn’t.

That voice again from somewhere in the back intruding on the front.

He only cared about how you reflected on him.

You start to argue with what you think is part of yourself. It’s then that you see him. Some man who reminds you of your dad. He’s right there in the library. You are relieved that at least he isn’t looking your way. He can’t see you in this state.

Keep in mind that this is a very, very short list of PSYOP and methods. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other little things being done. We are just looking at the signposts, the milestones here.

Probably, the above quote is done using V2K or similar. But the target is so off-balance at this point, it would be very difficult to tell where the mass-shooter-making team ends and someone like Holmes begins.

Prime example I’ve mentioned many times before. While walking to sell some DVDs in order to eat, I passed a shooting range and the thought “Wouldn’t it be fun to learn to shoot?” popped into my head. I declined, but can see why some others might head down that path.

It reminds you of other things, it’s not you that’s the problem. It’s other people. You surpassed your mentor. It was jealousy that you saw, not disappointment. He couldn’t understand what your wrote and he was jealous of your ability.

That’s what is wrong! Thats what’s wrong with everyone. They are just too dumb, too ignorant. For chrissakes, the ancient Egyptians studied nerves and humanity still doesn’t get it, doesn’t understand what it is. What do you have to do to break through the morass?

Teach them a lesson.

The target is at the breaking point now. Only a little more will push them over the edge.

This brings up doppelgangers. The main first use for them was to make foreign intelligence services think that a particular person {usually either the CIA officer posing as a diplomat or the potential CIA agent who is betraying their country for the CIA} is in a place other than they are. There were even mannequins and an inflatable “person” to sit in the back seat of a car when followed by the foreign equivalent of FBI.

But then there are also uses in PSYOP. I saw a lot of them. In most cases, I think the point was to confuse and cause me to discredit myself. Sometimes I don’t think I even understood who the doppelganger was supposed to look like, but it was a machinegun of harassment; some “bullets” missed.

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

You hear the voice and then the recording with Michael Caine’s voice.

See again the poetry book anecdote above. But it sure feels like it was meant for you.

Suddenly, a young, beautiful undergrad is standing near you. Unlike the man who looked like your dad, she is not frowning at you. She is smiling. It is the first person who smiled at you with any genuine in weeks at least. The front of her t-shirt has Heath Ledger’s made up face on it. She sort of winks, you think, and turns. The words on her back sink into your brain and the letters burn themselves into your eyelids:


This bitch almost certainly works for the government. What the hell is she thinking? What did they tell her?


Though it is an interesting topic, let us recall that Jung had been experimenting with several different drugs at the time he started, for lack of a better phrase, being able to see behind the meme curtain. Most likely, this has to do with how memories are formed. When something is perceived as important, eg it appears to enhance survival/fitness, a surge of adrenalin and other neurochems is released making sure that the brain stores the information. What happens, then, when that surge is going on non-stop due to having been drugged, zapped in the head with microwave NLWs to the same effect, or having problems with gut bacteria due to trauma and isolation? Everything seems to be of the utmost importance. This may also explain the so-called Truman Show Syndrome.

You suddenly know what to do. You’ll be famous. You’ll teach the world a lesson. You’ll share the pain, direct it back outwards. You’ll teach Hell and its inhabitants what happens when they hurt a real man. All of that with one act. You are a genius.

By this time, the rage is so strong it is no longer an emotion but rather an ethos. Judgment is gone and so the target is set on the course others set for him or her. All that remains to do is providing talking heads, talking points, and planting statements in the press promoting “lone wolf” shooter narratives.

A bunch of innocent people die because, for example, banksters are robbing the whole planet. What a surprise. The people who did this now move on to the next target.

Further reading: CIA Radicalization tab.


* That is, those who are not motivated by crimes of passion that were not the product of intelligence community covert operations or the rampant financial duress many people experience in this cheap labor / long hours {which we euphemistically refer to as ‘productivity’} loving country. As far as I can tell, manufactured violence cases are a small percentage of the whole. However, that government and industry would do this at all under any circumstances at all is deeply disturbing.

** Okay, maybe that’s opinion, but I have some data to back that up.


Going Post-Postal

Been doing some updates to Wicked Game, as one might note from some of the posts below. I’m up to chapter 11…or was…when I realized that I had borrowed my citation format from some place that was not compliant with the major acceptable formats. I certainly was not going to use APA style. I almost decided on the Vancouver style out of general protest. But the Chicago Manual of Style seems the one I should be using. I’ll have to start over and get them the way I want them.

In looking it over, I happened across this:

Goodstein, Laurie and William Glaberson, “The Well-Marked Roads to Homicidal Rage,” The New York Times, 10 April 2000: *

But the killers do not just snap. An examination by The New York Times of 100 rampage murders found that most of the killers spiraled down a long slow slide, mentally and emotionally. Most of them left a road map of red flags, spending months plotting their attacks and accumulating weapons, talking openly of their plans for bloodshed. Many showed signs of serious mental health problems.

Now, you’re probably thinking that I think that is complete BS. Not really. Lack of mental health care, along with an under-educated society that doesn’t know what to do with the occasional social dominator who is a sociopath and takes pleasure in rallying groups to push such individuals even further over the edge, and a big pharma complex that may not always provide products that do what they say they do or have side-effects such the potential rubberbanding effect that makes the situation on the whole worse. Certainly, this is a factor in rage shootings and other acts of violence.

However, you’ll also find a long list of things these 100 shooters were interested in. Satanism and the occult, video games, etc. A factor? Possibly, but more likely a symptom.

But is mental health the only factor? No. This article reminded me of a book having been mentioned not long ago. A book by Mark Ames, who you may note a few posts below, noticed how a bag lady wound up shooting a CIA drug money man when he was no longer useful.

Ames is, well, gonzo. And I am not in a position to judge him on that {just take a look around}. To see what I mean, just look at the photo at the top of this article:

Ames, Mark, “This Is Why Workers Shoot Their Employers,” The Exiled, 1 September 2009:

We live in Dickensian times again, folks, except that ours is a degraded Dickens: our Dickensian victims don’t evince any of the pathos of Dickens’ 19th century characters, because officially, none of this is even happening. And if it is happening, it’s their own damn fault.

You’ll note from this that Ames does not say that CIA, subcontractors, or other agencies are responsible for every shooting that occurs. Neither do I.

While not everything that bad happens can be laid at the feet of government or the megacorporation, the point is that many of the big problems, the ones that affect many of us, actually can. Economic problems and warfare are by definition the province of these two, large, honking segments of human activity and have far more say and sway on those than the individual.

So Ames isn’t wrong either. Economic factors, I would add with the pressure of trying to comply with the many things government and Wall Street tell us that we should want to be happy, is another big factor in what sets some of us off and propels us into violent action. This is not untrue.

It is when there is a point, a profit, an enemy to squash, a loose end to take care of, a false narrative to create, that I do–and we should–look for more.

Just sitting looking through Twitter today, I ran across two articles regarding Florida. The first I saw that there was yet another shooting at a school. In this case, Florida State University.

The other was on how Southern Florida State has a growing anti-war movement, specifically targeting CENTCOM, aka JSOC, among other things. One of the most secretive and closely guarded secrets the US holds, JSOC runs covert ops utilizing at times any and all of the rest of the intelligence community and, one may rest assured, pretty much any corporate entity it decides that it needs.

Now, was the first story related to the second? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. If they had wanted to send a stronger message, I suppose they’d have arranged it on the same campus. But was the campus itself the target, or the state? Or someone else? Or was the anti-war rhetoric beginning to spill over to FSU…were the protestors looking to get a state-wide movement going? Fear immediately makes many people decline to participate in such action.

They were counter-recruiting.

Further, doing it at the same location would make even more unsuspecting eyebrows go up.

So, while I don’t know the answer…and it doesn’t matter why the shooter thought he or she was doing it…it doesn’t matter what police and the psychologists offer up for why he did it. Given ubiquitous surveillance, a general lack of respect from our defense and intelligence sectors towards humans in general, creating a psychological profile of someone and then setting them off would not be a difficult task for these people. They have been caught lying over and over, proven to have profited personally from the increase in security spending, and have done similar things in the past without a single person being held accountable for it. Which all point to it being possible and that any attempts to find out the truth would be defended with utmost effort.

It’s an asterisk right now. Maybe there will be some more telltale signs and maybe there won’t. **

See? It’s not all about the CIA and similar organizations. Just when I say it is.

* Yeah, no. Gonna use the commaless date format. Extra commas are less clear, so a modified CMOS it is.

** As I wrote this, saw an update. Friends, acquaintances of shooter puzzled, thought he was the sweetest guy.

MKULTRA Documentary and What We Need to Know

Watched this last night.

National Geographic, “CIA Secret Experiments,” 2008:

20 March 2018 updated link:


It includes how we got from Dachau to tests on the NYC transit system, LSD experiments on prisoners and Johns, Ewen Cameron at McGill, lethal Sarin nerve agent testing in the UK as motive for murdering Frank Olson, etc. It also mentions over and over how this may have been an over-reaction to the Red Scare. Finally, it includes discussion of Sirhan Sirhan and the possibility that he was a hypnotized assassin.

Working backwards, as I’ve noted before, I don’t think it works that way. Rather, if Sirhan was in some manner manipulated into being where he was with a gun in hand, they likely exploited his “native” pro-Palestine, anti-Israel opinions and pushed him over the edge. The question as to whether the fatal shot to RFK, behind the ear, was his is left open. In my opinion, if it was a hit, they knew they could not rely on someone so unstable and that shot would have been fired by a professional.

The sheer simplicity of it should help to make it at least a bit more credible. It’s simply pushing, or covert bullying if you prefer, people into actions that they probably would not otherwise perform. PSYOPs, covert harassment, and other techniques {such as surreptitiously dosing them with testosterone as they did to me, by the way this also apparently increases risk of heart attack and stroke in people who already have heart disease at the very least, in order to make them more aggressive} are employed in such a manner that should the target become aware of it, he or she has a very difficult time proving it. Propaganda, in the form of painting the organizations responsible for it as heroes battling against the forces of evil in media makes the likelihood of the claims being true seem less plausible.

In fact, even smart people confuse the scientific method for a means of determining whether or not covert ops are occurring, as opposed to motive, history, and the psychological profile of the planners in and above such organizations.

WaPo, “Gary Webb was no journalism hero, despite what ‘Kill the Messenger’ says,” Jeff Leen, 17 October 2014:

A ridiculous notion that covert ops adhere to the same principles as claims about subatomic particles. There is no method of repeating an experiment. Once an op is complete, it disappears and there is a sizable, concerted effort to prevent its discovery.

Also, the idea of pushing, or even allowing to be pushed, drugs into poor neighborhoods is not one that should be poopoohed. Nor is it “antiquated.”

CIA makes a big deal out of claiming that they have a solemn duty to protect their methods. And yet it seems very likely that their methods have been out of their hands for decades and are now in the hands of political parties, private contractors, large corporations, and even powerful individuals. And they have done absolutely nothing that I can discern to rectify that situation, which makes them accessories after the fact if not acting as subcontractors to these special interests themselves.

The danger posed includes but is not limited to:

The shootings by police primarily of African Americans, though I believe once a more thorough examination is done that we will find many dead homeless among those numbers as well even if guns were not used as weapon. As with so many Deep State strategies, one can see several here. First, it serves to raise tensions and make it appear through the lens of lapdog media that black people are inherently violent. This in turn motivates and mobilizes racist and cryptoracist forces among the public at large. Further, should there be a massive public failure in terms of trust in the police to do their jobs, there are mercenary corporations waiting in the wings and whose fondest dream it to place armed mercs on every street corner. In fact there was one company tried to do that during the 2008 or the 2010 midterm elections in Oregon if memory serves, only to discover and become embarrassed because the state in question does not use physical polling places. Finally, it creates more fear that can be taken advantage of and plays into Limbaugh’s desire to see America fail simply because his favored Deep State puppet wasn’t elected.

And that’s just one. As I’ve noted before, I believe that the hopes set in driving me to violence was to help foster a similar perception that gays are prone to terrorism as they have succeeded in doing with Muslims if you listen to the loud minority among even atheists like Dawkins, Harris, and Maher.


And here I thought the Baptists were just as bloodthirsty as anyone else. Maybe the Methodists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Lutherans, etc. are watering down the numbers.

Next, regarding the NatGeo piece, you need to recall that MKULTRA went operational at least in part under MKSEARCH in the early 60s. None of that is covered, or very little without mention of the program name, in the 1977 Senate hearings on the former. Next, also note that MKSEARCH and the, in my considered opinion, more promising electronic manipulation were not covered at all by the Senate committee who held the hearings and published their report on MKULTRA. While again the Red Scare was likely the persuasive argument here, consider again the next point. The citizens of the United States of America were, among the smarter variety involved, always among the targets intended where manipulation was concerned. This is not only mentioned in the introduction to the CIA’s manual on guerrilla warfare but is also apparent in the Department of Defense’s emotional contagion tests performed on Facebook and other social networking sites.

If information is power, then disinfo is a removal, a denial, a diminishing of power. When it is directed at the public at large, then, it seeks to undermine the power of the people. This is not an “accident” of Islamophobia, not a clever covert op to protect the populace from disease and climate change. These are the intentional acts of people keenly aware that they are leaving the 99% out in the cold. That there may be those among them who believe the hype, the disinfo, the propaganda, is also in the intro of the guerrilla warfare manual.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t again mention that there was also research extending well beyond the early 60s, which is when the Senate stated that it ended.

Statement of Claudia Mullen

Cow Pokes

Before I get to the meat of the post, a quickie. Last evening, due to having been separated from employment, the Squidgate juror was home during a period in which normally she would not. This resulted in a “Wonder what’s on TV at this hour?” urge. That in turn resulted in viewing the guide.

Hilariously, right at the bottom of the screen, beginning in just a few minutes, were the words “CIA Mind Control.”

The channel, the American Heroes Channel, is one I’ve caught bits and pieces of. Typically I’ve found the shows to be very selective in what they say on a given subject. For example, think there was one on James “Whitey” Bulger without a single reference to his participation in CIA LSD experiments early in his career while in prison.

I had no intention of watching. I expected this show to likewise be crap. However, I was curious enough to request a viewing of the blurb text within the guide to see what flavor of feces one would likely be served.

This request resulted in the show being tuned to. I was now bracing myself for a plate of poo.

It centered mostly around Sirhan Sirhan and RFK. I was almost immediately surprised to see fellow Twitterer Lisa Pease (@lisapease) being interviewed. The show wound up being not as bad as expected. I even found myself partially agreeing with a skeptic, only brought in toward the end of the show, who pointed out a few weaknesses in the programmed assassin theory.

First, like the JFK event, this event may involve some magical bullets. Apparently Sirhan had one .22 revolver containing eight bullets. Five people were hit, some more than once, and there may have also been bullet holes in walls. This implies a second or more shooter, which fits better with my view of how this stuff would work today.

Speaking of today, what is perhaps also missing is when and where Sirhan would have been kidnapped and programmed. I am assuming that that would have been necessary even in the late 60s, though it is not today, given advances in PSYOPs, drugs, electronics, and the general body of knowledge surrounding the manipulation of perception, thought, and action. Again, I expect that the “crazy” individual is typically the lightening rod, the scapegoat and that when a specific target and goal is required, they cannot be relied on to achieve success. Rather, there may be professionals who avoid being identified during the confusion and the resulting investigation.

The skeptic–whose name I didn’t jot down–brings up Sirhan–a Palestinian–hated Israel and viewed RFK as an Israel supporter. Indeed, this is exactly the kind of person one would choose for such a job. His only role is to show up, have a gun, shoot the gun, and take the fall. This, rather than undermine a larger conspiracy theory, would seem to support it.

Additionally, he notes that Sirhan was likely lying at several points. This also does not discount other involvement, but neither does it prove it. Just note that I am attempting to be fair to the skeptic. Because I am going to be very unfair to Chuck below.

There is also a few snippets of 20-year veteran Robert Baer being asked about it. He thinks it is impossible that CIA could have such capability and he not be aware of it was the gist. Again, when it comes to, at least in the 60s, a complete programming of human behavior to the point that they could perform an action and later forget having done it, I agree. When it comes to manipulating, altering behavior, however, I don’t. The point of, or one point of, a covert op is to either conceal any involvement/action altogether or, when that is not possible, to place the blame on someone else.

Further, if I were a senior CIA manager and knew there was anything even close to this kind of capability, the last person I would let in on that would be a quasi-disgruntled, high-profile former spook with ties to Hollywood. While someone with so many contacts and reverent power might seem likely to learn about it, there is still compartmentation and need-to-know to consider.

Even further, and I say this from different-but-similar experience, you just about have to go through Hell in order to let go of all the preconceived notions you have had jammed in your head all your life. How much more difficult for someone who has been through whatever it is they do? In fact, it would seem more likely they would use something like whatever the US version of acoustic psycho-correction on someone like that, as they likely do on law enforcement investigators.

John Marks, FOIA champion and author of The Search for the Manchurian Candidate also makes an appearance. Would love to know what he thinks about all the other subprojects unrelated to interrogation, brainwashing, LSD, etc. especially with regards to African attitudes and voting given all the news related to these two subjects today.

I also note that the show was copyright 2006. How things have changed.

All of which was a lot longer than I intended as a teaser.

Now I turn my sights to the so-called Science Channel. I’ll skip over all the ghost stuff for the moment and instead focus on the UFO stuff I saw this morning. Specifically, cattle mutilations on Unexplained Files.

The main “character” on this show is one Chuck Zukowski. Zukowski states that he is a former deputy sheriff, having served as one from 2002-2011.

Now, I’m of two minds about even mentioning this. One look at Chuck and my spider sense went off. He’s got “that look.” It’s not, unfortunately, that anyone with “that look” is necessarily a current or former spook. Nor is it that current or former spooks all have “that look.” But there is enough correlation that I will blame pattern-matching for noticing as opposed to what the real explanation likely is.

I’m going to assume most folks are familiar with the specifics of cattle mutilations with regards to the evidence, etc. This show did include, albeit only briefly, the explanation that strikes me as the most likely one. Again, I missed the dude’s name who presented it. But the reason for it…oh, the reason for it.

Witnesses have on occasion reported seeing black helicopters. While this may tend to reinforce the notion of some kind alien conspiracy, I rather think known, confirmed history can better explain it:

Japan Times, “U.S. Army tested biological weapons in Okinawa,” Kyodo, Staff Report, 12 January 2014:

There’s a lot more on that subject as well. See subproject 146, for example.

In the case of cattle, you may have testing, counter-terror results for the lab, examination or cover-up of mad cow disease, and other possible nosiness.

Anyway, this prompted me to find out what Chuck was doing prior to 2002. Not available on in his LinkedIn profile nor anywhere else I can find.

Things that make you go hmm and…


Things that make you go yeehaw.

Bonus link:

HuffPo, “Ex-Air Force Law Enforcement Agent Says He Hoaxed Major UFO Mythologies,” Alejandro Rojas, 13 May 2014: