Anthrax and Matt DeHart

Matt DeHart has agreed to seven and a half years in prison…

Adrian Humphreys, “Matt DeHart, the hacktivist who was refused asylum in Canada, sentenced in U.S. on child porn charges,” National Post, 22 February 2016:

…rather than face the prospect of 40 years for that which many government employees don’t ever even have charges brought up against them. Not even when they use work computers to do it and those in the photos are much younger.

Bryan Bender, “Pentagon lagged on pursuing porn cases,”, 5 January 2011:

{Note: There are several more articles along these lines. May dig them up and add them later}.

This is because it’s not about that, of course. It’s about the Amerithrax terror attacks. Yes, the subsequent to 9/11 terror attacks that occurred while George W. Bush was in office but which none or few Republican candidates for President seem to be able to recall. And sometimes the memories of their allies are even worse, even when those allies couldn’t stop saying 9/11 over and over again for personal gain.

The question any rational person would ask is, “Well, Chris, if CIA is responsible for the anthrax attacks, how does that fit with the narrative that Bruce Ivins did it?”

I’m glad you asked. Because this is the kind of thing I’ve explained over and over and I just don’t ever get tired of talking about it. And I never, ever will.


FBI pays its informants up to $100,000 for each “assignment” completed.

Trevor Aaronson, “Inside the Terror Factory,” Mother Jones, 11 January 2013:

The tactics involved range from first selecting people who are either mentally ill or challenged, and sometimes even physically unable to perform that which they are brought up on charges for. Next, they are separated from whatever form of support network they may have. Fired from their jobs, estranged from loved ones, now the informant has their complete attention and the target can more easily be incited and has lots more free time to buy parts from other FBI informants and listen to the plans that the informants have come up with. Psychologically, this is similar to how cults work. This all works best after many months of surveillance to find the target’s weak points, psychological triggers, and other details so as to make their lives so artificially hellish that blowing themselves up is preferable to listening to one more word that the informant has to say. *

But how did CIA pull off something similar with a career biologist who worked at Fort Detrick?


First, if you have not already done so, you may want to familiarize yourself with another Fort Detrick scientist, Frank Olson. The work there was joint US Army and CIA, mostly on biological and chemical weapons and their applications on the battle field and in covert operations.

In the early 1950s, Olson witnessed MI6 killing some UK soldiers while testing a nerve agent. He did what was expected of him and reported his misgivings to a government psychiatrist. The CIA boss of the operation, Sidney Gottlieb, called an isolated weekend meetup where Olson and others were drugged. They were told it was LSD mixed with liquor, but Olson alone may have been given something else or something in addition to that from a duplicate flask.

Olson’s emotional and psychological state deteriorated, resulting in his death by flying through the window of his hotel.


Replace the FBI informants with a PSYOPs team, so that a target like Ivins doesn’t realize he has anyone intentionally trying to alter his behavior at all. Replace being mentally ill or challenged with being drugged, more like Olson. Replace the meetings with informants explaining the targets and methods to be used with either voice-to-skull or something like acoustic psycho-correction.

Same psychological tricks, different methods, similar results. Except of course instead of adding to FBI’s yearly quota…

Jenna McLaughlin, “FBI Won’t Explain Its Bizarre New Way of Measuring Its Success Fighting Terror, Intercept, 18 February 2016:

…you add to the public’s outrage and support for wars such as the invasion of Iraq.

Pretty simple once you realize that human beings are a lot easier to hack, especially when they don’t know that they are being hacked, than we prefer to think. The drugs and surreptitious frustrations make it easier to accomplish. The tech exists and has for decades, check the citations.

* This is possibly enhanced by watching Chuck Todd and Wolf Blitzer, though I know of no studies done to confirm this as yet.

A Brief Domestic and Global Terror Timeline {Updated}

“My love is vengeance. That’s never free.”

1950s: Fort Detrick CIA and US Army chemist Frank Olson takes part in a experiments conducted in the UK by British military intelligence. The experiments involve a deadly nerve gas and are used on a handful of British soldiers. There are a few deaths.

Olson, clearly disturbed by how the tests were conducted, reports his doubts to a psychiatrist. Upon his return to the US, Sidney Gottlieb calls a private meeting in a cabin including Olson and several others involved in MKULTRA research. There, most everyone present drinks liquor from a flask. Immediately after drinking it, Gottlieb tells everyone that the liquor is laced with LSD. Years later during a court hearing, it is revealed that Olson may have been given a separate flask from someone else.

The result is that Olson thinks he is losing his mind. He goes to NYC to see a CIA psychiatrist. There, he either jumped from his hotel room window or was more likely pushed. Within the pushed theory, it is believed that OSS/CIA/FBI/FBN officer/agent George Hunter White and French-born OSS/CIA ‘Pierre Lafitte’ were responsible.

Still the 1950s: Primarily as a result of Olson’s death, an agreement between the Department of Justice and the CIA is created assuring CIA that there will be no prosecutions for breaking the law, including murder and drug smuggling, when the operations include classified methods or sources. Virtually all of CIA’s covert operations include classified methods and sources, so it is essentially carte blanche and largely nullifies the restraints set forth in CIA’s charter regarding domestic covert operations.

1950-1960s: Ted Kaczynski–a domestic terrorist who will be later known as the Unabomber, “Whitey” Bulger who is one of the most notorious gangsters in US history, and Lois Lang–a ‘bad lady’ who wound up shooting a CIA money man named Nick Deak, among many others, took part in drug and hypnosis experiments conducted by the CIA.

1960s: The Joint Chiefs of Staff draft an operation they call NORTHWOODS. In it, they suggest blowing up a plane full of American college students and framing Cuba in order to drum up support for an invasion of the country. The plan also included other operations intended to be carried out by “others” {this is a euphemism for CIA} such as blowing up ships. Both of these events are eerily similar to the USS Cole bombing and 9/11 itself.

1970s-1980s: The Soviet Union controls a significant portion of the world’s heroin trade by occupying Afghanistan.

1979: Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Carter administration’s National Security Advisor, starts supplying Afghanistan and Pakistan with text books for children through USAID and the CIA. The annual budget is around $35million.

1984: The Reagan administration increases the budget for radicalizing children in Afghanistan and Pakistan to around $350million. The CIA also has men like Graham Fuller training and radicalizing people in Afghanistan in order to fight the USSR.

Mid- to Late-1990s until 2004: Graham Fuller’s daughter, Samantha, is married to Ruslan “Uncle Ruslan” Tsarnaev who lived with Graham for a year in Maryland.

4 September 2001: Robert J. Mueller takes over as director of FBI from Louis Freeh.

11 September 2001: The 9/11 attacks occur.

12 October 2001: The latest in a string of anthrax-laced letters winds up at NBC studios in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. I discovered this because at lunch my co-workers and I were dining al fresco and saw Tom Brokaw with a few interns. This was at a place I think was then called Piatti Pronti, in the below-street-level area east of the Societe Generale building {formerly known as the McGraw Hill building}. I heard Brokaw trying to calm the interns and looked up the news on my mobile.

Eventually the FBI, despite the urging of several people in the White House and apparently the CIA to blame Al Qaeda or Iraq for the letters, fingers Fort Detrick CIA and US Army biological weapon expert Bruce Ivins for the letters. Ivins had apparently, prior to 9/11, tried to warn people about the possibility of such attacks by terrorists and not found the response from the government to be adequate. The letters depict Ivins as mimicking a serial killer, using codes. Alternative theories suggest that even Ivins was framed, probably by CIA itself.

15 April 2013: The Boston Marathon bombings occur. The suspects are Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, nephews of Ruslan.

October 2014: While awaiting the Canadian Immigration and Review Board’s decision on allowing Matt DeHart to stay in Canada, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the 32-year old son of Susan Bibeau, a deputy chair person on that very board, was killed after allegedly shooting a Canadian soldier. The DeHart’s request for sanctuary in Canada due to concern over Matt having seen documents showing FBI investigated CIA regarding the anthrax attacks, despite all the evidence and claims by Matt of having been drugged and tortured by FBI, is denied. He currently faces charges was forced into a plea deal due to facing up to 40 years and a $1/2 million fine related to sexting with a minor in Tennessee.


COIN-Cidence #5,067 – Pictured, early 1980s: A future FBI agent stationed in Tennesssee, me, and a bunch of other ‘Patriots.’


Colin Freeze and Les Perreaux, “Suspected killer in Ottowa shootings had religious awakening,” Globe and Mail, 22 October 2014:

F. William Engdahl, “Graham Fuller, Uncle Raslan, the CIA and the Boston Bombings,” Veterans Today, 20 May 2013:

H.P. Albarelli, A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments, 2010.

Jeff Kaye and H.P. Albarelli, “Cries From the Past: Torture’s Ugly Echoes,” TruthOut, 23 May 2010:

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Robbie Martin, “Alleged CIA Involvement in 2001 Anthrax Attacks,” Media Roots, 26 October 2015:

Name unrecalled, a documentary on Olson and the UK nerve gas experiments.

More at the CIA Radicalization tab.

And a fun and ironic quote from CIA’s World Factbook at the bottom of the Afghanistan entry:

world’s largest producer of opium; poppy cultivation increased 7 percent, to a record 211,000 hectares in 2014 from 198,000 hectares in 2013 while eradication dropped sharply; relatively low opium yields due to poor weather kept potential opium production—6,300 metric tons—below the record set in 2007; the Taliban and other antigovernment groups participate in and profit from the opiate trade, which is a key source of revenue for the Taliban inside Afghanistan; widespread corruption and instability impede counterdrug efforts; most of the heroin consumed in Europe and Eurasia is derived from Afghan opium; Afghanistan is also struggling to respond to a burgeoning domestic opiate addiction problem; vulnerable to drug money laundering through informal financial networks; illicit cultivation of cannabis and regional source of hashish

BBD: COIN-Cidence {Updated}

“This is a rich man’s war and I don’t want any part of it.”
—Some poor sod, unfortunate enough to be alive when the War Between the States broke out, but smart enough to at least see part of the big picture, when writing to a friend


Just a list of the bizarre places/times I’ve sometimes found myself. Need to remind people again, I had nothing to do with any of these things beyond what is stated here, was merely used as scapegoat where applicable.

Context is everything. This is why when something else happens it becomes very difficult to determine what is normal life and what is covert action. That is at least in part the idea, to turn a target like myself against myself psychologically.

In the interests of brevity and simplicity, I’m not linking up any of this or including backup, evidence, etc. It’s all here in other posts, in Wicked Game, or in my possession.

1989/1990: Worked as a temp. Wound up working at Philip Morris on the shareholders meeting multimedia preparation team not long before tobacco hearings wound up causing a large shift in the board of directors.

1997/1998: The company I worked for, Professional Service Industries, Inc. {PSI} was bought by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital. Our office was closed soon after as the main project wound down.

Late September/Early October 2001: Saw suspicious characters walking about near Gracie Mansion. Reported it and saw the response to my call.

12 October 2001: Saw Tom Brokaw at lunch at midtown restaurant with some interns. Saw he was trying to reassure them. Checked the web, saw that the Amerithrax attack on NBC had just occurred. An attempt to blame these attacks on Al Qaeda and/or Iraq will ensue. FBI director Mueller, who only took over a week before 9/11, resisted the pressure to rush to judgement by CIA and various neocons in the Bush White House. It will be determined later that it was most likely the work of Bruce Ivins, who in some ways has several uncanny similarities to Frank Olson. Olson, who worked for the US Army and CIA was allegedly murdered in the 1950s because he felt guilty about being involved as an observer in a deadly nerve gas test conducted by MI6. Olson became unstable and either jumped or was thrown out of a hotel window. Ivins, like Olson, worked at Fort Detrick and became unstable. The motive for the attacks is alleged to have been Ivins paranoia that terrorists would conduct anthrax attacks and the US was unprepared for it.

Matt Dehart claims he had evidence in the form of electronic documents from an unknown member of the hacker collective Anonymous that FBI was investigating CIA for attempting to place responsibility for the Amerithrax attacks on others. Matt’s trial is scheduled to begin on 8 December, though the Department of Justice is doing so via other charges. Matt also says he was drugged and tortured while in Canada seeking asylum. Note that just before the board determining his status made their decision, the son of one board member “went postal.”

2003/2004: A man who worked for a private defense and intelligence firm founded in 1917, Booz Allen Hamilton, was in my social circle for a time. His wife worked at the UN.

2003: Worked on a project in Helmsley Building for owner/landlord where one partner of owner company, Adam Hockfelder, wound up going to prison for fraud. My work was exclusively for the other partner, Richard N. Kalikow. Wound up getting myself removed from that project when it was clear there was shifting of money around between projects that had different investors. However, the amounts were less than 7 figures from what I could tell. Knew nothing of Hockfelder’s doings until it made the news.

2007-2008: Worked on a very fictional graphic novel script based partially on investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill’s work on Blackwater and more generally privatization including the fire department. Didn’t discover until much later that Scahill and my partner and I were neighbors. Also later discovered that yet another Booz Allen Hamilton employee lived in my condo building.

13 November 2008: One of my firm’s clients, John Paulson {not to be confused with Hank} of Paulson & Co., testified before Congress regarding the hedge fund hearings and bailouts.

September to November 2009: Worked on the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, or Cordoba House. More recently discovered that it had FBI/CIA backing and was likely staged as a wedge issue for the 2008 and 2010 elections.

October 2009: After writing and publishing what was to be the first of very fictional a mini-series comic in which the antagonist was an Ayn Rand follower type, my local comic book store was robbed. On top of the trashed mess the robbers left on the counter was a copy of my book. The owners wondered if I weren’t therefore somehow involved.

14 January 2010: My boss’ PC was hit with a worm and various trojans originating from Ford Motor Co. in Deerborn, Michigan. It is so bad that the hard drive is unusable. This follows closely on the heels of the alleged Chinese hacks of Fortune 500 companies including Google where my then partner worked. Note that before moving to operations, I was the IT manager so the attack, even though my boss thinks he clicked on a phony Classmates link, reflects badly on me.

15 January 2010?: My firm was asked by building management to expedite certain areas of the building for a building wide project. In one of these spaces the People’s Bank of China was the tenant. My co-worker and I were ushered out by several BoC employees who were moving us out in tandem.

29 January 2010: Completely fed up with the incessant and ever increasing psychological harassment–and after asking the government to put an end to it–I donated money to Wikileaks in protest. This was before Private Manning’s arrest but after the point where the government claims she began shopping documents around. I was of course completely oblivious to all of that until it made the news.

8 January 2011: When in Minneapolis doing a Google search to see if there were any movies a friend and I could go to, Google incorrectly listed my location as Arizona. This is the day Jared Lee Loughner shot 19 people.

Fall 2012: Went to a party and hit it off with a 26 year old young man whose name turned out to be James {Something other than Eagan} Holmes. Next time I saw him, he was “busy” with a looks-like-Eff-Bee-Eye guy who left the party soon after. This is eerily similar to events that lead to my one and only suicide attempt back in the 80s. The same day, a 62 year old man fell in love with me.

February-September 2013: Worked as a security guard one day a week at a plant owned by Koch Industries. This was surprising because I had, in the hopes of escaping the harassment I had endured for months at that point, run a PSYOP against Koch lobbyists in 2010 pretending that I had something to do with Hockfelder’s prosecution {again, I did not and the harassment continued}. Soon after putting in my notice, a problem at the plant lead me to think it was sabotage. More recently when I learned more about it, it seemed likely that STUXNET was used. This was during one of the allegedly Koch-engineered government shutdowns.

May 2014: When meeting with a woman who is to appear in court for a sanity/competency hearing to determine if she is to become a ward for the state {think of it as a permanent private prison sentence without the cell but all the subcontractors taking her disability income}, the man who is driving her, me, and one other man explains that he was present at the Bundy Ranch standoff. Senator Reid referred to them as domestic terrorists.

As you can see, there’s a pattern of scapegoating there. This has grown, via the destruction of my life and other events and forms of harassment, to an attempt to drive me to violence of some kind. Just as the government and private think tanks try to label all sorts of minorities as terrorists, they hoped to add LGBT to the list. Our system is that mercenary. What you see here, in Wicked Game, and  on Twitter, etc. is me fighting back. Simple as that.


To The Matts


First, Matthew Keys. Most of the interesting stuff you need to know about his case can be found here:

Sarah Jeong, “Why the Government Went After Matthew Keys,” VICE/Motherboard, 9 October 2015:

Kim Zetter, “Matthew Keys’ Hacking Conviction May Not Survive An Appeal,” WIRED, 9 October 2015″

The only additions are how the quit/fired/laid off routine from his previous job sounds familiar. In January of 2010, I was inexplicably and unexpectedly locked out of my place of work. My security pass had been revoked.

An exchange of emails revealed that one of my bosses was under the impression that I had quit. We had had a heated exchange about 10 days prior and partly due to his health condition, which could have lead to his hospitalization or even death, and partly due to my fear that I would say something I would regret, I left the building and took a week’s vacation. I sent an email stating so.

Like so many of my other dying relationships, I had assumed it was a temporary situation. I had known many of these people for a decade, some nearly two. This didn’t fit the familiar pattern. Though I had finally come to believe that the US intelligence community was interfering in my life, I had yet to figure out that they knew exactly what they were doing and what their endgame was. I was sure it had to be some mistake and that, once that was sorted out, things would return to normal.

That didn’t happen. When I moved to Minneapolis and the money I had ran out, I applied for unemployment and received two letters on the same day, one stating that I had quit, the other that I had been let go for cause. I wound up having to return to NYC for a hearing with a labor judge. There, I presented email evidence that I had not quit and was given a the judgment that I had been laid off in February.

All of this occurred along side sometimes ridiculous, sometimes horrifying psychological harassment beyond what I could have then imagined. Clearly illegal, and yet very much occurring under a Democrat in the White House whose speeches would generally imply well beyond anything he would resort to.

Despite having gotten the big brush off from both the partners at my firm in email, one day in 2012 or so, they needed my notes on some project or other. Since then, I did a couple of projects for one partner and helped the other work up a proposal for another job. If only some of my other bridges hadn’t been so thoroughly burnt, you might not be reading this right now.

So, I have to say that some of what I read there seems similar. As does what eventually happened with Mr. Keys and some unwatched page at the Los Angeles Times website. The words ‘deny’ and ‘disrupt’ come to mind where the intelligence community is concerned. Mr. Keys’ important work has been disrupted and we may be denied his help in the fight against corruption while he, like Barrett Brown, is serving a sentence. And, also like Barrett Brown, it appears similar to the ‘digital arson’ that FBI/Sabu/Hammond engaged with Stratfor over, which I suspected was to prevent Stratfor’s financial collapse {based on FBI advising Stratfor that they do nothing while knowing that their Sabu hack would wipe their servers and the emails at Wikileaks regarding their concerns over subscriptions and new clients}. Government loves its corporate welfare.

I don’t think it can be any other way. There is a Cold War going on in the US. It is not so much between good and evil, or right and wrong but two equally corrupt groups of elites who use the rest of us like chess pieces. The interests of multinationals are paramount and life has become cheap. That’s the real Barack Obama’s opinion once you look at what he does instead of what he says. At least Republicans admit much of the time that they don’t really care about people.


Matt DeHart I’ve blogged about before. There are the occasional high-profile articles written about him and I’ll link them up below.

However, that won’t much help him because–and there was a similar pattern with the Barrett Brown sentencing hearing–what he is charged with has nothing to do with having seen documentation about FBI investigating CIA’s attempt to frame Al Qaeda and/or Iraq for the anthrax letters that happened just after 9/11. Phonies like Brad Moss, esq.–who definitely know what the government is capable of–will say that and shrug as if breaking the rules by the government is something that cannot and should not be pointed out. To people like him, you have to be an expert lawyer AND a counter-intelligence expert at all times even though you are outspent, outlawyered, and outspooked by an immense machine more interested in squeezing more of the middle class’ wealth into already burgeoning pockets. He is the champion of the status quo, the legal equivalent of access stenography journalism, and he damn well knows it. It’s not just a question of what any of the three deeply corrupt branches of government can make legal within their circles of power no matter how foul, but the maintenance of the system that destroys people and families for no other reason than it can that he and his ilk support. Sometimes I think he knows this, other times I think he lies to himself and considers ‘success’ to mean simply keeping a person out of prison, to hell with the public interest with what the whistleblower has to say. Nixon’s ghost wishes he had these people around in his day.

Matt’s trial is scheduled for now on 8 December 2015 in Nashville. While I don’t consider these things from any superstitious standpoint, there is the practice that terrorist organizations like to engage in of commemorating anniversaries, and CIA, FBI, DHS, etc. are no exceptions. Let’s see what else occurred on 8 December, shall we?


Most from here:

1927: The Brookings Institution, one of the US’ oldest think tanks, founded via the merger of three think tanks.

1941: Roosevelt asks Congress to declare war on Japan, Germany. Can you imagine this today? Congress is told we’re at war after the bombing starts. But they don’t mind; gets the kickbacks to them that much faster.

1972: Wife of Watergate plumber E. Howard Hunt dies in mysterious plane crash. Payoffs involved before the crash, more at link.

1979: Soviet forces, lured in by the CIA, invade Afghanistan, covert ops and funding of mujaheddin in Afghanistan may date back to ’77 or even ’73.

1980: Former Beatle and peacenik John Lennon murdered by Mark David Chapman.

1984: Neo-Nazi leader of ‘The Order’ dies in standoff with FBI.

1985: US Officials Meet with Iranian Arms Merchant, Israeli Officials; Arms Deals Are Ending, US Officials Say. Outgoing National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane and National Security Council staffer Oliver North fly to London to meet with Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms merchant. Also present at the meeting are David Kimche, of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, and Israeli arms dealer Yaacov Nimrodi. McFarlane tells Ghorbanifar that the US wants to end arms sales to Iran, though the US wants to continue pursuing diplomatic relations. [New York Times, 11/19/1987] The US will in actuality continue selling arms to Iran (see January 7, 1986 and January 17, 1986).

1987: The First Intifada sparked.

1991: USSR is dissolved.

1992: UN and senior western military officials claims Bosnian Muslims engaging in false-flag attacks on their own people to garner international sympathy.

1995: Unocal obtains Turkmenistan deal to run two pipelines to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Kissinger hired to announce the deal. There are problems.

1995: Clinton National Security Advisor Anthony Lake meets with Abdulrahman Alamoudi who supports Hamas, which the Clinton administration deemed a terrorist financier the previous January.

1999: CIA concludes that Bin Laden plans attacks, many inside US.

2000: 9/11 Hijacker Hani Hanjour re-enters US on student visa.

2000: Florida legislature meets to debate GOP plan to appoint slate of electors to vote for George W. Bush for president to resolve the ‘tie’ with Al Gore.

2001: Secretary of State Powell states that US oil companies are likely to invest $200 billion in Kazakhstan.

2002: Richard Perle again attempts to confirm the Al Qaeda-Iraq connection perpetuated by Dick Cheney.

2002: A 22-year old Afghan farmer and part-time cab driver named Dilawar is beaten during his fourth interrogation. The warlord who turned him in will himself be detained by US officials for attacks on US targets and then turning over innocent Afghanis for reward. Two days later, Dilawar will be found dead in his cell.

2003: Sources claim that Israeli military specialists train US forces on counter-insurgency tactics.

2004: The Pentagon reports that four people from Task Force 6-26 involved in severe abuse of detainees and ‘imprisonment’ of 2 DIA officers who objected at Abu Ghraib, have been disciplined and reassigned.

2004: Pentagon, White House planning to escalate public pressure on Iran.

2005: US and Israel are the only countries to vote against an arms race in space at UN.

2006: EPA sells off public assets for less than a penny on the dollar.

2007: The unidentified gunmen storm Benazir Bhutto’s party’s offices.

2008: Conservative pundits claim financial meltdown is over-stated, political.

2009: Fitch cuts Greece’s rating to BBB+, first time Greece has dropped below an A.

And more pertinent to this blog:

2009: The Open Government Directive is released.

2009: The Squidgate event occurs on the bridge between Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan on the US side and marks a new era of COINTELPRO 2.0 and MKULTRA 2.0 in a blender that captures my full attention very quickly. I call it NKINTRA.

2010: +1 – A juror who wrote the judge for leniency in the Squidgate trial is accused of robbing a check-cashing store that occured on this date {9 December}. The actual perpetrator had glued coyote fur to his face in order to obscure it from cameras.

2015: Pending: The Matt DeHart trial as scheduled to begin.


Marcy Wheeler, “Is Matt DeHart Being Prosecuted Because FBI Investigated CIA for the Anthrax Leak?”, emptywheel, 20 March 2015:

David Kushner, “‘I might have some sensitive files,'” BuzzFeed, 19 March 2015:

And related:

Scott Shane, “Former F.B.I. Agent Sues, Claiming Retaliation Over Misgivings in Anthrax Case,” New York Times, 9 April 2015:

But perhaps the most disturbing thing about the Matt DeHart saga isn’t the investigation into CIA framing another country for the anthrax letters, not even the drugging and torture by FBI, being framed for child porn charges. Perhaps it is this: One of the board members deciding his asylum request to Canada found that her own son went postal and shot some people.

Matt never had a chance.


What’s Jared Got to do With Iraq?

Pretty much nothing. If there’s a lesson to take from the Jared situation, it is probably that power tends to corrupt. People start indulging their worst aspects when they think that they can get away with it. This applies to pretty much anyone with even a modicum of power. But it did remind me of a few things.

Before I get going on a tour of the covert horror show, why is what I’m going to cover important?

1} Barrett Brown would be covering something like this, and in a much better manner, were he not a political prisoner. That is what he is, stop making excuses for a giant machine filled with spooks who know how to manipulate people and the media.

2} We have another Bush running for POTUS. Really, are we not able to get enough after the Saving & Loan Scandal from 41 and the near complete financial meltdown from 43? Oh, right, it actually made a few people even wealthier, so screw the 99%. Banksters rule.

3} It involves indirectly another political prisoner, Matt DeHart.

4} We cannot seem to, in general, grasp that we have a few million spooks in this country alone, many of them in the private sector, and that there just isn’t enough for them to do in the category of things we actually expect them to do. Therefore, they cook up other things and provide illegal services to Wall Street and petty, vengeful, greedy politicians.

But it did remind me of UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. I detailed what happened to two other NJSF interns, and what someone tried to do to me, in Wicked Game chapter 4 as well as what happened to Ritter and how it may relate to MKUTLRA subproject #109, Pharmacological Age. The chapter is long, but the Ritter section is at the end of the chapter, just before the notes.

What is the broader picture here? For that, we may have to look at the context.

First, there was the ‘Downing Plan.’ This was the result of a discussion between US and UK officials on how to garner support–and a legal basis–for invading Iraq. It included discussion of a false-flag-ish operation in which Iraq would be tricked into shooting down a plane upon which ‘UN’ would be painted on the side. While UK representatives opposed this proposal from their American cousins, one thing became clear: the Neoconservatives were very concerned with being prosecuted for war crimes. They wanted a solid legal basis for invading Iraq.

Note also that Ritter rejected the advances of Achmed Chalabi. Chalabi was the Pentagon’s favorite for replacing Saddam Hussein, a noted con artist and criminal, as well as very probably a double or triple agent working for Iran. Another thing that people don’t seem to grasp, many Joint Chiefs love instability because it provides opportunities for future military industrial complex profits down the road. They don’t want peace when they can fill their pockets forever on Permawar.

CIA to the neocons’ rescue. And on more than one occasion in all likelihood. Besides the character assassination against Scott Ritter, who as I noted in the chapter was literally explaining away the Bush administration’s WMD lies on CNN only to be cut off mid-sentence in order to go to Condaleeza Rice stating the exact opposite, there was Amerithrax. Jim Woolsey in particular. Jim Woolsey of later Booz Allen Hamilton, who also makes a couple of appearances in Wicked Game.

It appears that FBI investigated why CIA was attempting to frame Iraq for the Amerithrax attacks. An alleged document indicating the existence of this investigation was what Matt DeHart allegedly received from a member of Anonymous.

This should come as little surprise as FBI was investigating a lot of people who, not shitting you here, they thought were secret Muslims. This issued from politicians having ties to organizations that FBI thought also supported terrorism.

Of course Matt is up on charges completely unrelated to the investigation and instead something closer to what they got Ritter for. This is common tactic, even when the charges have no basis in reality, in order to dissuade support and to scare people about entering jail at all and therefore making them easier to coerce. See that chapter 4 again for field testing on American’s by the US government during and after the Bush 41 administration.

There are so many examples of kiddie porn among government employees, and so very few that resulted in prosecution and in some cases even firing, that one could only look at the Catholic Church or the British Government for a more corrupt system of cover-up. While I don’t want to see a theocracy, the Obama administration keeps making the case for some kind of morality within government. I swear, that man is the Koch’s best friend and a staunch GOPer when it comes to what he actually does as opposed to what he says.

History repeats itself again and again. Maybe it isn’t so much a flat circle as an ashtray.

BBD: RIP Paul Barry, ? – 9/11/14

Paul Barry was the founder of and for a number of years producer, director and actor at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. Folks who have read even portions of Wicked Game would know that this was where a few odd occurrences transpired in 1988-1990, that it was partially funded by former CIA director Richard M. Bissell’s Gerald R. Ford Foundation *, and what I believe was actually happening there. That is, they were using it as some kind of training ground for field operatives for psychological operations not unlike what happened under COINTELPRO.

Paul had begun a promising career with the New York Shakespeare Festival {now often known as Shakespeare in the Park} working with the likes of James Earl Jones, Roy Scheider, Laurence Luckinbill and other later-to-be movie, tv, and Broadway actors. The NYSF kind of began by touring schools and doing other performances of Romeo & Juliet. Paul played Tybalt to Scheider’s Mercutio. Luckinbill wasn’t there for long, but was cast as Romeo.

At some point, Paul split off from Joseph Papp and went his own way one state over.

Before Paul was removed as festival director in 1990, he had completed productions of the entire Shakespeare canon at the festival with King John being the final play to achieve that.

Paul’s IMDB entry. As you can see, it doesn’t list his date of birth, merely date of death. What prompted my search for his entry, and subsequent discovery that he died on September 11th, 2014, was the mention of Iwo Jima. Paul had said one morning in 1990 that he was there for the battle during WWII as a marine. I think he was a few years too young to have been there for that and was perhaps letting his imagination run a little rampant that morning, perhaps to explain his sometimes gruff demeanor. In any case, difficult to determine without a birthdate.

* And with all my talk of Ford Foundation, I see that the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation is a current donor. I think that I got that part wrong. Much editing to do. Damn…

The question remains, I suppose. Did Paul know that government funds were coming into the Festival for these purposes? Hard to say. People working under secret research programs often did not know that the ultimate source of funding was CIA. Some guessed, figured it out. I don’t see any reason why Paul would have had to know. Now, I won’t ever be able to ask him.

But I’m guessing FBI knows. For all the good that ever does anyone:

Bethany Horne, “The Case Against Matt DeHart,” Newsweek, 20 May 2015:

After doing a full run-up, the ER doctors concluded DeHart had suffered an acute psychotic break, “most consistent with drug-induced psychosis such as secondary to amphetamines, cocaine or other stimulants.” But DeHart denied ever willingly taking drugs, and he had been in the custody of law enforcement for 16 hours before his trip to the hospital. No matter. The ER tended to DeHart for four hours and then handed him back to the guards, who shuttled him back to jail.

He thinks he accidentally saw something he wasn’t supposed to see, something that would embarrass the FBI and the CIA, and expose a serious rift between the two law enforcement agencies regarding one of the most sensational and controversial crimes of the post-9/11 war on terror.

More Surreptitious Intimidation?

I apologize for this. I know it will both upset some people and tend to undermine my credibility. Faced with lying or ignoring something so obvious {to me…I know this is possible}, I don’t see a choice.

First, see the result of Matt DeHart’s immigration hearing. He has a second one coming and therefore has not yet been ordered back to the US with finality:

National Post, “Alleged Anonymous hacker Matt DeHart ordered deported from Canada,” Tristin Hopper and Adrian Humphreys, 21 October 2014:

An early member of the hacker group Anonymous, Mr. DeHart said that six years ago he came across sensitive government documents uploaded to one of his servers detailing an FBI investigation into select practices by the CIA.

He deleted the file, but several months later the DeHart family’s Newburgh, Indiana, home was stripped of all its electronic equipment in a police raid searching for child pornography.

Important to recall the stakes. Believe that both organizations are very much desirable to keep a wrap on whatever the document said. Matt’s torture allegations would seem to support this hypothesis.

Now read about the big news out of Ottawa yesterday:

Globe and Mail, “Suspected killer in Ottawa shootings had a disturbing side,” Colin Freeze and Les Perreaux, 22 October 2014:

And the interesting part:

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the slain 32-year-old suspected killer of a Canadian Forces soldier near Parliament Hill, was a labourer and small-time criminal – a man who had had a religious awakening and seemed to have become mentally unstable.

Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau was born in 1982 and was the son of Bulgasem Zehaf, a Quebec businessman who appears to have fought in 2011 in Libya, and Susan Bibeau, the deputy chairperson of a division of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board. The two were divorced in 1999.

When, in December 2009, I was watching the developments on the Squidgate situation, I noted–but thought it too ridiculous at the time–that the same week that Watts’ attorney tried to get the trial moved to Detroit was the same week {Christmas} that a flight to Detroit had a potential terrorist on board who was thwarted by a Dutch citizen after the man was not stopped due to, we were told, a database error by a CIA subcontractor. Given all else that happened, I am not sure now that that was so far-fetched.

Likely, the main difference between you and me is that you don’t know that it is possible to make a human do something like this, and/or you cannot imagine people who would do it without remorse, have so little care for the safety and health of others. This is the Deep State, folks, or as it has also recently been referred to, the Double Government:

Boston Globe, “Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change: The people we elect aren’t the ones calling the shots, says Tufts University’s Michael Glennon,” Jordan Michael Smith, 19 October 2014:

What’s intriguing about that is the longstanding, largely unexplored practice of privateers funding covert operations. William Pawley was one such notable individual. In other words, millionaires and billionaires {and corporations?} sometimes fund CIA covert action. How often this occurs is not known.

Given the enormous growth of the private NATSEC sector, we can safely assume this occurs with private contractors as well. This was the heart of what Barrett Brown was working on before he got incarcerated.

Re: the nuke situation mentioned in the article, also see Nixon, Kissinger, etc. aboard Air Force One drugged with LSD on the way to Moscow which derailed talks with the then Soviet Union as detailed in A Terrible Mistake.

I look for inspiration wherever I can find it. I realize, in contrast, it may seem childish or a bit crazy. Though I’m sure there’s a better quote, probably something out of Moby Dick, maybe a good song, this was the best I could do on short notice.

Zehaf-Bibeau added to Shooters tab at top.

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