BBD – Blather On The Disorient Express {Updated}

With reference to the incredible French train averted ‘terrorist’ attack.

Doug Bolton, “France train gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani ‘dumbfounded’ at terror allegations and claims he found AK-47 ‘by chance’ in a park,” Independent, 23 August 2015:

Speaking to BFM-TV, David said: “He is dumbfounded that his act is being linked to terrorism,” adding that El-Khazzani describes himself as a homeless man.

“He says that by chance he found a suitcase with a weapon, with a telephone, hidden away,” she said.

“He said he found it in the park which is just next to the Midi Station in Brussels, where he often sleeps with other homeless people.”

Explaining what El-Khazzani claims he planned to do with the rifle, David said: “He planned to hold up the train, then shoot out a window and jump out to escape.”

While this could be a bunch of defense lawyer rubbish, something should be said about the assumption of terrorism simply because a Muslim is holding a gun. They do commit crimes related to money now and again just like the rest of the world.

It also reminded me of the beginning of the attempt to turn me into a terrorist by Obama’s thugs. In Brooklyn in early 2010, there were several keys left laying around, usually right out in front of our condo but also at a spot I frequented to work out in Prospect Park.

Aha. Knew I captured at least one.

One of the keys I recall was to some VIP area at an airport. Another seemed to be a locker. Whether airport also or a train or bus station, I either don’t recall or it wasn’t clear. There were also what appeared to be apartment and car keys.

This is the kind of thing that, out of context, I would tend to leave to chance, to coincidence. But combined with having been drugged and harassed so intensely and persistently around that time, I would have to say no.

This is a traceless way to entrap someone. The focus of any arising case becomes on the shooter, not on where the shooter got the gun, which would remain a mystery. {The answer, of course, DHS, FBI, CIA, DIA, INSCOM, JSOC, etc., or the usual Top Secret America private contractor suspects}.

But once you are in the legal system and the Department of Justice is on the case, you can abandon all hope of a fair trial, unless you are an elite, in which case they will move Heaven and Earth to protect you.

What was in those lockers? No idea. But it aligned well with the little “game” that ‘Balding’ and I played, where he presented my doctor’s appointment as some sort of loony check-up for being drafted and I pretended to go along with it at times in order to find out why I was being harassed.

It turned out, of course, they wanted a violent reaction when a court case I attended came back with a guilty verdict. I was quite pleased to have foiled that outcome.

But you might be saying to yourself that it would still be breaking the law, that maybe there is some value in attempting to entrap random people by the method of leaving weapons in their path.

I would then remind you that your free will is in question even under normal circumstances as neuroscientists and psychologists still aren’t settled on what free will is to begin with. How much more so, then, when there is a team of Federal thugs harassing, drugging, tricking, ruining you financially and socially, and otherwise brainhacking you to the point of madness? Merely in order, in my case, to A} roll-up/limited hangout a program so goddam illegal that it technically could be called surreptitious slavery, and B} as noted many times, create the fear of LGBT that the United States government and Wall Street have succeeded in doing with Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans, and some other minorities they don’t deem worthy of protection nor see as having any intrinsic value. This, of course, leads to C} providing justifications for contracts to watch and further harass these groups in order to support the bloated intelligence industry as excuses for war do for the related defense industry. They are all about the fear, and while fear works to an extent as a market force, in the long run it kills consumer confidence. Say hello to our permanent shitty economy.

While calling these practices false-flag may not be 100% accurate, after all it still requires some sort of cooperation on the part of the patsy, it is neither 100% the patsy’s doing. What to call it? Gray-flag?

Guess I’ll stick with MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, and NKINTRA for now.

Update 1: Added photo of one set of keys.


Op, Sussanah

I had a dream the other night, when everything was still; 
I thought I saw Susanna dear, a coming down the hill.

Ran across this piece over at a site I found recently, Anti-Media.

Sebastian Swift, “5 Confirmed False Flag Operations and How to Spot Them in the Future,” Anti-Media, 14 July 2015:

Of the five, four I am somewhat familiar with. GLADIO was the brainchild of the brother of James Bond creator and WWII military intelligence agent Ian Fleming. The idea was to embed covert operatives in order to repel and sabotage some future Soviet invasion in Europe. Much like the US’ Top Secret America today, it’s purpose never came and so they repurposed it. The Soviets didn’t come, so they undermined unions instead by connecting them in the public mind with communist terrorist organizations, which they ran. One historian claims that even the IRA was infiltrated and turned radical by NATO’s GLADIO at just the time that Ireland was gaining its independence peacefully. The crackdown on the IRA delayed that for decades.

Got that? IRA violence was false flag, even if some of those carrying it out had no idea that was the case.

Next is CIA’s/MI6’s AJAX. In an unbelievably frank admission, CIA lays claim to having tilted the Middle East away from freedom. See the link.

The article also covers FBI’s COINTELPRO. It is essentially talking about the quote from the Church/Tower report I have at top. That is, they paid informants to cause problems between civil rights groups to the point people might have murdered each other.

Then the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which caused the Police Action War in Vietnam. There apparently weren’t even any North Vietnamese vessels in the area at the time.

The one I don’t recall hearing of is Mossad’s Operation SUSSANAH. It sounds a lot like the NORTHWOODS plan in that Mossad agents planted bombs in Egyptian, British, and American owned businesses and quasi-government facilities in the hopes to frame 8 Egyptians for it. The broader point, though, is again how these events alter politics:

However, the more far-reaching consequences of the Lavon Affair demonstrate once again how governments use false flags to achieve certain objectives that might not have been possible otherwise. In this case, according to a Stanford published paper, the operation triggered a chain reaction of game-changing events:

“A retaliatory military incursion by Israel into Gaza that killed 39 Egyptians; a subsequent Egyptian–Soviet arms deal that angered American and British leaders, who then withdrew previously pledged support for the building of the Aswan Dam; the announced nationalization of the Suez Canal by Nasser in retaliation for the withdrawn support; and the subsequent failed invasion of Egypt by Israel, France, and Britain in an attempt to topple Nasser. In the wake of that failed invasion, France expanded and accelerated its ongoing nuclear cooperation with Israel, which eventually enabled the Jewish state to build nuclear weapons.”

This is why the inclusion of PSYOPs on the American public within the past several NDAAs is disconcerting. This is why I believe those possible interpretations of events in the previous post are not only possible, they are likely.

There is an immense power grab going on, coming from several directions. That the government focuses its attention almost solely on the proxies and not the puppetmasters–many of whom are clearly inside it–is worrying. It implies that the big overthrow of the government that the government has been accusing so many people of, has already occurred.

Assassination and False-Flag Attacks


First, a note regarding the news that CIA and Mossad assassinated Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyah:

Adam Goldman and Ellen Nakashima, “CIA and Mossad killed senior Hezbollah figure in car bombing,” Washington Post, 30 January 2015:

The United States helped build the bomb, the former official said, and tested it repeatedly at a CIA facility in North Carolina to ensure the potential blast area was contained and would not result in collateral damage.

“We probably blew up 25 bombs to make sure we got it right,” the former official said.

While not so similar in type of bomb, note what happened to American journalist Michael Hastings:

Carl Gibson, “Exclusive: Who Killed Michael Hastings?,” Occupy, 24 October 2014:

According to an eye-witness, the car accelerated rapidly, bounced several times then fishtailed out of control before it slammed into a palm tree and burst into flames, ejecting its engine some 200 feet away.

A witness, Jose Rubalcalva, whose house stood adjacent to the crash, told Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks news network that no one could approach the burning car because it kept exploding. In a simulated full-frontal crash of a 2013 C250 coupe, the car doesn’t explode on impact nor does it launch its engine 200 feet.

In an era of unsanctioned drone warfare—where a man operating a joystick in New Mexico can carry out the remote-controlled assassination of any person worldwide who shows up on the President’s “kill list”—it may not be far-fetched to imagine that similar capabilities, and techniques, are being employed closer to home.

If you still think this improbable, let us look deeper into the shambles that is the rule of law in the United States of America:

Washington’s Blog, “U.S. Relies On Law from Governments Which Don’t Even HAVE a Constitution to Justify Assassination of U.S. Citizens By Drone,” 30 June 2014:

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says:

No person shall … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law ….

So how did the legal memorandum “justifying” assassination of U.S. citizens by drone try to sidestep the Fifth Amendment?

It relied on reasoning from two countries that don’t have any constitution.

The New York Times reports:

One might have expected a thoughtful memo that carefully weighed the pros and cons and discussed how such a strike accords with international and Constitutional law.

Instead, the memo turns out to be a slapdash pastiche of legal theories — some based on obscure interpretations of British and Israeli law — that was clearly tailored to the desired result. Perhaps the administration held out so long to avoid exposing the thin foundation on which it based such a momentous decision.

Neither England nor Israel have a constitution.

This is quite possibly how it was justified. Note that as in Wicked Game, I would make the point that what I’m about to talk about next amounts to slavery, therefore a violation of the 14th Amendment. Inflicting pain wirelessly, surreptitiously, becomes the whip forcing a person to act. I assume whoever reads this is already clear on the continual damage to the 1st and 4th.


Moving on, there is some news regarding Myron May, the attorney-turned-shooter at Florida State University last year.

The Tallahassee Police Department incident report:

Next, there is a recording that he left:

‘Real Politik’ with Dr. James Tracey, 25 January 2015:

Now let me reiterate a few things.

CIA’s behavioral modification program, MKULTRA, and related programs, sometimes involved the testing of substances, typically drugs, on unwitting people. Among the goals of the overall program is item #1 from the 1955 draft memorandum in the 1977 Senate report appendix:

1. Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.

And, in my opinion, this idea, this concept, also sort of known as the Martha Mitchell effect–though that often applies to someone accused of mental illness rather than exhibiting symptoms, may explain some of what Myron May suggests in the audio and in the attachments in the police report.

Additionally, as I noted in The Entrapment of Barrett Brown post, there are other methods of making people behave erratically besides drugs. The Army via FOIA made clear that microwaves, when used in a particular fashion, can cause effects similar to pharma:

Some investigators are even beginning to describe similarities between microwave irradiation and drugs regarding their effects on biological systems. For example, some suggest that power density and specific absorption rate of microwave radiation may be thought of as analogous to the concentration of the injection solution and the dosage of drug administration, respectively.

The only things between us and ending these practices that combine the worst of the Cold War excesses–this time largely for profit, power, and an end to self-determination as people in favor of multinationals as demigods on high, are the lack of a whistleblower and accepting that, despite the crap you see on TV and in movies, the spooks just don’t care who gets hurt in the course of their duties.

You have been abandoned. Demand better.

From the You Have Got to Be…

…you-know-the rest file. If you thought you’d seen crazy before, buckle up me hearties, it’s gonna be a rough sea ahead.

I had thought that the part in the Carl Clark interview (see here) about collecting DNA had been a lark, disinformation…some anomaly I could not guess at, figure out how it fit into the big picture. In essence, I ignored it because it didn’t make sense.

Alas, woe is me, I have figured it out. Or however it is that I understand more and more of the big picture.

Sometimes it is one’s own preconceptions, biases, and mnemonic remnants of a world that never truly existed, merely seemed so that get in the way. These things, much like believing what you see and hear on CNN, serve as an impediment to seeing the world as it truly is. They serve up a version of reality that we are quick to latch onto because there’s a consensus and you know, despite the might-be sinister beard, that Wolf Blitzer seems like such a trusty (it’s like truthy–feels but isn’t) kind of fellow.

Basically, I have a tendency to ignore the possibility that the social dominators who loudly foist their hate-filled and self-glorifying religious beliefs may actually be so self-deluded as to believe the s— they shovel up to try to manipulate the rest of us. For example, George W. Bush is–really! truly!–spending money to try to convert Jews to Christianity in order to expedite the Apocalypse. I read that, laughed, and filed it away. Ignored the possibility that, despite also being a hatemongering greedy sociopath with delusions of grandeur, he might also actually believe it. Now my thought is, should he be successful, I don’t know whether one should hope Cthulhu eats him first, or last.

The point is, these dumbasses are looking for the Second Coming. That’s the reason for stealing blood samples. They are trying to trace lineage. The hardest part to understand about the wanton cruelty of MKULTRA and these more recent ops is how and why the people carrying them out are so damn cruel to the people they do this to when the targets are not connected to the intelligence community and/or media. They are trying to provoke God into finishing up His Plan by being absolute bastards.

My sub-reaction to what we all know deep down is true: the world is run by people who only get to call themselves eccentric due to the possession of wealth and power (ie, they are insane), is that whoever convinced them of this BS… Well, that person must be the best con artist in the history of the world. Seriously. He or she has my respect. In the vicinity of gallows humor, that’s the funniest s— I’ve ever heard.


It’s Never What You Think

Limited time, so I’m keeping this short. These beginning notes have already been mentioned here and/or on Twitter (@kanyslupin), so I’m not relinking them. See BoilingFrogsPost and the Corbett Report for GLADIO and NATO’s role as shadow government in most of the world at this point. See VeteransToday for some of the chemical attack information.

We have reports that the sarin nerve gas attack was the work of the UK, Israel, and top Pentagon officials. What’s the common denominator there? NATO.

What has NATO been called out for? Operation Gladio. The running of all terrorist organizations and radical and even non-radical groups (if they don’t found them, they infiltrate, take over, and turn them militant) including Britain’s IRA and Italy’s Red Brigade.

Meanwhile, NATO officials are saying that they don’t want to attack Syria. This is of course how I know that they do. In the same way they use those groups as proxies, they are using the US, UK, Israeli, French, and Canadian proxies to push for it. They can sit back and let them all take the blame when it unsurprisingly turns bad.

My larger point in this post, though, relates to one of the Barrett Brown quotes in the previous post, and how I’ve said time and time again (examples, Heath Ledger, Dem nephew who fell asleep in Afghanistan and committed suicide, see “16-Knockout Pill” tag, and more) we ask the wrong questions.

Voice-to-skull and related technologies are the game changer. Now, the real culprits can sit back and do whatever they damn well please while someone else (usually an enemy) takes the fall for it.

For example, the video allegedly given to Wikileaks by Chelsea Manning. Even Stephen Colbert called Julian Assange out on the fact that some of those killed were carrying rocket launchers.

What’s missing? Why they were carrying rocket launchers and further why the Department of Defense lied through it’s teeth (see Brown’s True/Slant discussion on this, especially here starting with “Update: The Weekly Standard Makes a Hilarious Mistake”) when their official report said that this occurred in the middle of a fire fight.

There was no fire fight. The pilots can be heard going out on a search and destroy mission.

What about the reporters? First, were they interviewing some people who had rocket launchers? Does that make them fair game for being murdered? Second, maybe the items were part of a story. Maybe they were moving them (finding them left behind) away from an area where there were children. Maybe V2K was used on them first so that better judgement would not be applied, just has it was in my case many, many times, that of Barrett Brown and the YouTube video, Peter Watts and Officer Beaudry at the Port Huron-Sarnia border, and countless others I’ve suggested that this might be the case.

This is the holy grail of fascists, this technology. They can plant ideas in your head without you even realizing that they did so. Shouldn’t that be considered the most serious threat to civilization imaginable? Isn’t it? Truly?

Here again is Defense Electronics, “DoD, Intel Agencies Look at Russian Mind Control”, Mark Tapscott, July 1993:

In a series of closed meetings…FBI officials were briefed on the decade-long research on a computerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person’s mind without that person being aware of the thought.

The similar Defense News article is at top.

It is impossible to prove me wrong. It is very, very likely that what I am suggesting is correct. Microwaves and radiowaves don’t leave a trace. Perfect assassination tool. Perfect political fix-it tool. Perfect revenge tool.

It’s a threat to everything. I don’t care what your philosophy is (unless of course it’s fascism, in which case you’re getting what you want) this is a threat to it.

I got nothing else.

I Tell You One Time, You’re to Blame

“Because if we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we’ll avenge it!”

The PSYOP I describe below is useful because it is an easier example to understand and, really, it’s more humorous than most (at least on the surface, until I dig a bit deeper). It is also just the kind of thing that happens to people who in the organized stalking world (who refer to themselves as targeted individuals). It sounds so crazy and pointless that they are thought to merely be delusional. I am, of course, relating it anyway.

Been introducing Michigander Ron to Buffy and Angel. Been some years since I’ve watched them. Didn’t recall that so much of it focused on behavior modification.

Anyway, was watching Angel season one’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” At some point during the early portion of the episode, the possessed kid at Angel’s, there was a loud crash in the kitchen. One of neighbor’s kids, by the sound of things, had run into the wall. It knocked a picture off the wall which in turn fell and knocked the end piece off of the radiator. Underneath this piece was a blue marble sitting in the gap between the flooring and the wall. I picked it up and put everything back as it was, listened to the kid crying. As this occurred during one of the demonic hellchild’s mind games played on the characters, I immediately recognized this as a rather silly black op.

A few minutes later, in the show, there was a moment borrowed from The Exorcist where, instead of Linda Blair’s stomach spelling out “Help Me”, a bunch of marbles spell out “Save Me.”

I thought it was interesting that Ron didn’t seem to make any connection whatsoever between the marble I had just handed him and the scene a few minutes later.

In any case, this is likely how it was done.

1) They already know I am going to watch the episode. The videos are coming from the library and I had already established a pattern * (we’re on seasons 4 and 1 respectively, as the shows originally aired back-to-back). Therefore, they know the contents of the shows before I do (I sometimes recall vaguely the plots when I see them, sometimes do not. Note that the Initiative/Adam plot is current in Buffy, which amounts to references to behavior modification and gene-splicing by the US military).

2) They likely entered the apartment and set the picture on the edge of the nail so it would fall, loosened the radiator piece so it would come loose, and put the marble there.

3) They used V2K or other electronics to set the neighbor kid on the path of slamming the wall at the generally right time during the viewing of the show and to make sure I didn’t miss the marble.


Nothing wrong with the nail, hook. Identical one next to it did not fall.

The radiator and hole.

Seems small, blue, round, doesn’t it? I expect Mikey thinks he’s got it in his hands.

What one might find confusing is why and doesn’t it seem like a huge expense for little pay off? It does, but then it’s from taxpayers’, foreign loans, drug money, etc. As to the why, I hope I’ve made clear: witness to illegal program that, should it be exposed and stopped it stands to change quite a bit since it would mean a reduction in power for some very powerful people and really embarrass some people who have been engaging in what amounts to a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, that is, slavery.

Now, back to digging deeper. Bad luck for Whedon productions, is the point. As I’ve already pointed out, Watts, Clooney, Milch, and others have already experienced some bad luck that, like my own, runs off the charts where calculating the odds are concerned.

So, what was the significance of that particular episode? The possessed kid used the voice of a deceased character, Doyle, to get to the main characters. What happened in real life? The actor playing Doyle died of a drug overdose. So did the actor playing Lorne. And then Alexis Denisof (actor playing Wesley) was stricken with a disease that left at least one side of his face paralyzed, something that for an actor must have been both horrifying and career-dampening.

This is how NATO, both some members of the military leaderships of the US and UK, as well as some within their intelligence apparatuses, deal with free speech when it comes to protecting their illegal programs and operations. I think I already pointed out what happens when you merely mention ECHELON on TV, for example.

It is no wonder, as I watch these old episodes, that Whedon eventually found himself at Dollhouse. Like Bakker’s Neuropath, the tech depicted in that show relies on a human being physically connected to a machine. The idea of doing it wirelessly, what I’m talking about via V2K, etc., seems like something too unbelievable to have been contemplated at the time, I suppose.

(And I haven’t even started on Wolf, Ram & Hart, which reminds me of that law firm in Michael Clayton…what was the name of it again?).

And certainly it’s not quite as extreme as creating a whole new personality complete with all new memories, nor even completely, instantly removing someone’s conscience, their empathy.

But it is a bit like being possessed. Having the a**holes’ voices, ideas, memes, etc. in your head is like having a demon suggesting bad courses of action. It takes significant psychological and emotional effort (that of course bleeds into the physical in the form of headaches and other symptoms of stress) to counter it, especially over time and when the accompanying harassment and black ops keep you off balance and there is no help to be had.

It is shameful that this has continued for so long. Further, it is shameful that those in the intelligence community and the military haven’t demanded that it stop despite the complete bulls*** going on where whistleblowers are concerned.

There is no sound excuse for these programs. It was always about eventual fascism. Opposing fascism does not mean supporting communism. That lie, that unspoken idea, must at least in part be what is responsible for what appears to be an utter lack of action on the parts of those who take their oath to uphold the Constitution seriously.

So that’s it. Easy to see why Hollywood is so intimidated. Speak of it as the conspiracy that it is, and you risk sounding delusional. You get smeared like Oliver Stone. I tell you, whether or not the man has the details right on all he’s suggested, he seems to me to have a better idea how things really work than most.

Seems like it’s all on you, Mikey Ledeen. You’re GLADIO boy. And it’s pretty clear to me, neoconservatism is just naziism using euphuisms. Sure you want to continue?

20130302-161023.jpgActual size

I mean, sure, they say they support Israel. But I think the neocon grandmama protests too much there, has trouble controlling his arm not unlike Doctor Strangelove. After all, if NATO is essentially running all or nearly all of the world’s terror organizations, then they’re also ultimately responsible for all of those club, market, and bus bombings in Jerusalem, those rockets fired into Jewish neighborhoods along the Strip.

(I can’t believe we’re losing to these guys.)

That said, I’ve no doubt that the extermination of as many Muslims as is possible is part of the plan. Still a holocaust, but one that will eventually provide a second significant victim’s group.

And, hey, if the hardliners in Mossad think it’s in their country’s best interests to martyr those they consider opponents or enemies, who am I to suggest that that course of action is actually not in their best interests?

That’s all for now. Still parsing the latest WTF discovery on the local level. Will try to figure out how to discuss it once I figure out better what it’s supposed to do, hopefully without getting s***canned in the process. For now, I’ll just say that we’re are well out of astronomical odds and well in to impossible.

(Hulk smash!)

* I was actually surprised it took them this long. Good to know it wasn’t a wasted effort.

Still Here

Been spending some time discussing various issues with other TIs over on the Yahoo mailing list MCActivism. Unfortunately, it’s a closed group, so i can’t link to the emails. You can, of course, join the group if you have the stomach for it. Been comparing notes, making the sound argument that it is completely impossible that there is a giant conspiracy or even a small one that the American (and for the overseas folks, British, Canadian, Israeli and even Italian SISMI, etc.) intelligence community would not know about and if they knew the threat to the social order they would have handed this other entity its ass by now. Therefore, the logic is inescapable: they are the ones responsible (most likely through loose coordination with subcontractors, front companies, corporate conglomerate cooperation, and some part of DoD that just doesn’t ask questions even when they are attacking their own citizens).

That they have sold out to entities like international banks making money off of wars, laundering drug money, etc. and the US Chamber of Commerce is irrelevant. Take away the toys, Top Secret America contractors, agency favors, and ops and these multinationals would find themselves with only their PR and legal departments to depend on.

For example, there is one BC person who either has Morgellons or they have some other method of creating wounds remotely. Static electricity can cause scratchlike wounds…working in a carpeted hirise commercial office building for almost two decades played havoc with my ankles in that regard when the conditions were right.

I remember the first time I saw those “scratches” and for a second wondered if rats hadn’t been chewing my ankles. Then I realized it was just working for corporate rat clientele in their natural habitat.

Remote stigmata…think this one earns the Fauxpocalypse tag.

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