The Beginning of the End

It couldn’t really be more perfect. A perusal of right and left outlets and opinion on Facebook shows the “game” has really been stepped up.

Anti-government sentiment will be so high in the coming years that people will be clamoring for multinational control. They pretty much have it now, but I mean direct control. Control of resources, control of masses via control of food, “news”/propaganda, gas, lodging, work, and who goes in the slammer and who gets to watch those in the slammer because, you know, unemployment rate due to outsourcing, automation and over-working the remaining human work force.

Taking a sharp turn, you can get the general idea of where things are gonna go by reading Peter Watts’ Rifters trilogy, or watching SyFy’s Incorporated. You can also watch some of history repeat itself via Taboo, when the East India Company ruled the world.

We’re just too gullible, too willing to accept what the people who are leading us to the cliff say is the problem and who is responsible for it. Let me straighten that out for you. Not that you’ll listen, not that you’ll understand.

It’s power. It’s always power. And today more than ever there’s a very big gap between those who have it and those who don’t. And they have every institution that is supposed to be an impediment to having it absolutely on their side.

C’est fini.


Auf Wiedersehen, Miss American Pie

You might find some solace in the fact that a country with a partial electorate this gullible and people in positions of power this insane and/or manipulative…


…is going to get what it deserves. But the question came up regarding this prediction when I was discussing it the other night:

Travis Getty, “Here’s How the US Empire Will Devolve Into Fascism and Then Collapse — According to Science,” Raw Story, 7 December 2016:

[a Norwegian professor at the University of Hawaii and Transcend Peace University, Johan Galtung] predicted in his 2009 book, “The Fall of the American Empire — and then What?” that the U.S. was plagued by 15 internal contradictions that would end its global power by 2020, and Galtung warned that phase of the decline would usher in a period of reactionary fascism.

American fascism would spring from its capacity for global violence, a vision of exceptionalism, a belief in an inevitable and final war between good and evil, the cult of a strong state leading that battle, and a cult of the “strong leader.”

Galtung said all of those elements presented themselves during the Bush era, but he fears fascist tendencies could sharpen under Trump as those cultists lash out in disbelief at the loss of American power.

The sociologist identified unsustainable economic, social, military and political contradictions that would eventually topple the U.S. as a world power.

“What’s going to take its place?”

What indeed?



While a portion of this is nothing new, the point is I had not carried my thinking quite far enough. The point? There are people in government who don’t just want to cripple the federal government; they want to completely destroy it.

They want to set up Ted Cruz’s Dominionist/Seven Mountains kingdom, reflecting more Saudi Arabia than true Sharia Law, though certainly there are elements of legislating the bedroom that would fit with this nutty element’s intrusion upon what occurs between consenting adults. This while ignoring what occurs in the military between a non-consenting adult and a rapist. Since this works in the favor of multinationals who are waiting their turn to run the world, it continues and the loony tunes march toward inverted fascism and/or fascism seems inevitable. Imagine the Saudis controlling the Taliban and you get the idea with the difference being a Western spin with Jesus instead of Mohamed on the war banners.

This is because only a state–and then only a powerful one–could possibly present an obstacle to direct corporate control of the planet.

And that is largely because the intelligence community is just following orders. Nur nach Befehlen. Can you hear me now?

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BC Plot Foiled

The Globe and Mail – RCMP thwarts plot to bomb B.C. Legislature on Canada Day

Mounties say they have thwarted an alleged plot, inspired by al-Qaeda, to explode pressure cooker bombs at the B.C. Legislature on Canada Day.

How is a pressure cooker bomb inspired by Al Qaeda, I wonder?

These are the same kind of devices used in the bloody Boston Marathon bombing in April.


B.C. Premier Christy Clark, speaking to the media outside the B.C. Legislature on Tuesday, said it was “profoundly shocking” to think that the accused had hoped to harm “thousands of people who were gathered here on Canada Day with their families and their children.”

Ms. Clark said she was relieved to hear from the RCMP that the accused did not have ties to foreign terrorists.

“These individuals were inspired by al-Qaeda ideology. Our investigation demonstrated that this was a domestic threat, without international linkages,” assistant RCMP commissioner James Malizia said.

“It is very important that Canadians remain vigilant. We encourage the active engagement of all of our citizens in protecting Canada’s national security as this is a shared responsibility.”

Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said the July 1 arrests demonstrate that “terrorism continues to be a real threat to Canada.”

Hoo boy. TV is not all we export. Clearly fear mongering and suspicion are taking a new second.

Still, I gotta love how much more mature and less sensational our northern neighbors sound when discussing what is in reality false-flag terrorism along the lines of GLADIO in support of multinational banks who make extra money on war, famine, drugs, panic and death:

“We all agree that crimes of this nature are not acceptable as they work to destroy the very foundation to a safe and peaceful society. While these charges are shocking, they are still rare.”

Precisely. Undermine the foundation of society. Increase the war, famine market shares. That’s not some mullah hiding in a hole. That’s some powerful individual with no devotion to the ideals of nationhood nor humanity.

And I’m telling you, they are using behavioral mod electronics to achieve that. One problem, one source. Determining whether the “head” is in NATO or the banks or is the individuals who control one, the other, or both, well that’s the hard part.

Spring Time for Hefner

A mishmash of items.

So apparently the Brunhilda V2K event was regarding Hefner’s many Aryan loves. They awoke me after 7 am just to have me check CNN and accidentally click the link from the front page while scrolling down to see WTF it was they had awakened me over. Yes, sleep deprivation, it’s the new black. Why they decided to substitute Janus for Hef, I have no idea. Glitch? To get my attention to the trends?

Speaking of which, very silly movie, but the message seems to be, “America, the EU is on the phone and wants to know if you’re feeling okay.” Iron Skies. There’s a half-humorous/half-serious rendition of the National Anthem toward the end, a president that resembles Sarah Palin, and of course Nazis from the Moon.

But I was more curious as to what “could have been worse” meant with regards to this CNN article.

Note how they are careful to point out how much after-tax income these poor souls who make half a million a year will be hit by with a 2% increase. No mention of the fact that we are at war and these same f***s make money off of it, have had our homes stolen by some of these same f***s, and they have multiple ways of hiding income and avoiding paying taxes in the first place. No wonder this place is falling apart. The only function apparently that Congress thinks the federal government should be in is war and corporate welfare.

The 2001 National Intelligence Estimate stating that the gap between rich and poor was to be the biggest security risk for the foreseeable future was spot on clearly. In order to, rather than fix the tax system, deal with that assessment, they created an employer, Top Secret America, a secret police force, thus ensuring that the middle class would be at each other’s throats while handing America’s financial future over to multinationals, and therefore, ultimately, it’s government as well.

With regards to the multinational-backed demagogue (who we obviously haven’t seen yet or everyone would be bowing down and worshipping him or her, right?) I should have included a link to this.

See how that fits together? Subliminals used to make the public fall in love with whoever it will be while the Supreme Court says, “You can either murder free speech or allow foreign/non-state presidential candidates.” Congress, being largely in the pockets of same (those who aren’t get removed by any means, engineered scandal, gerrymandering, intimidation, assassination) won’t ever close the loophole that the ironically named “Citizens United” decision created (united under one demagogue, one corporate conglomerate).

Believe now or weep later. We often only see what we expect to see. We rationalize away each seemingly separate event, not seeing the whole and where it all points. It’s a done deal near as I can tell. The longer we wait, the better the tech gets.

Speaking of which, I’m going back to thinking this is somehow related to Total Information Awareness (TIA – NSA’s complete electronic eavesdropping system designed to pick up on anything and everything) coupled with a response system that utilizes satellites to dispense V2K, voice synthesis, etc. to deal with it. I can’t believe there are this many teams running around in white vans.

Someone asked me how it could possible work with cloud cover, inside buildings, etc. Here’s the answer:

3D-iD – this allows tracking by tagging of people and objects inside buildings and otherwise blocked by cover.

Adaptive Optics Systems – “Optical systems that compensate for the effects of atmosphere and other phase distortion sources.”

Then it’s just a question of aim an fire. Possibly a microwave “shotgun” that allows for movement, turning of the head, etc. Also, don’t forget that subliminal audio suggestions can be sent via any means that transmits sound.

Same principle as Smirnov’s inventions but on a bigger scale.

There Can Be Only…

“Do you really believe I would have a ****** run our family business?”
Charles Koch Mortimer Duke

You can think of him as sort of John Hurt in Contact, or more like Christopher Plummer in Syriana. He’s the Napoleon of crime and war. For something closer to how it must work, see The International. If nothing else, there are a few interesting things to learn, and toward the beginning of the film you get to experience some of McCoyote’s natural habitat from which he was plucked and thrown in various other places more closely at times resembling The Island from the old Prisoner TV show.

So you…well, some of you…can see what I mean:

New York Stock Exchange agrees to be bought by Intercontinental Exchange.

I suppose it could be that a larger government (I still can’t imagine the one-world kind, but mind control plus much, much better computers* make it feasible) would not necessarily be a bad thing. At least being a citizen of the World you might be able to move closer or further from dangerously unhinged religious zealots who are looking forward to throwing you into concentration camps because, you know, “Mr. White” thinks there are too many people and he doesn’t much care who goes, provided it’s not him.

NYSE going international…I know, I know, “How does it affect me?”

Go back to sleep, zombie.

* Been reading Kurzweil’s new book, How to Create a Mind. Much of it is similar to what I’ve already picked up from Watts, Bakker, news, etc. A lot of good, accessible info though. The neocortex, 80% of our brain, operates on pattern-matching principles, hierarchies. It explains why we are good at recognizing things (until we’ve reached optimal redundancy of said object or concept, then we tend to ignore them) why we often see what we expect to see, and really bad at logic. Utilizing logic in our heads is sort of emulated using patterns. It’s kind of like using a Wii to do 3-D computer-aided drawing. The thing wasn’t built for that.

In any case, it backs up what I had been saying about the “being surreptitiously drugged” phase of my harassment. Only being able to hint at what was going on using jokes, poetry, song lyrics, pictures, etc. The neocortex was still doing it’s job but consciousness was not able to translate it into plain English.

(By the way, side note, Kurzweil doesn’t think that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe, but utilizing the model he ascribes to, if it did, because they would likely still be bound by Darwinian principles in a mostly unforgiving Universe, they would likely also be pattern-matchers, or at least have gone through that phase. Whether or not they would be bound by the inadequacies of language to share information is I suppose another question. But that’s all very off-topic, I think. The point is that the pattern-matching skills likely developed as a survival ability in humans. Using aliens in this context is just so we can take a step back and look at the principle like Einstein riding the light wave.)

Only one more investigation day until the third anniversary of the unsolved Brooklyn arson of December 23, 2009.

Fiction and Fact

(Or, “Better Killing Through Neurochemistry”).

I’m going to ignore the FNAQ* regarding the previous post for now and merely mention in passing that HSBC, my bank after they acquired Republic Bank of NY in the 90s, my identity twice stolen while their customer, is settling over the LIBOR scandal, the laundering of drug cartel money through the US, and doing business with Iran. Deutsche Bank, a former client and tenant at 1251 6th Avenue where I worked from 1991 until 2010 for the landlord and many tenants (and never once spied on any of them), is similarly under investigation for tax dodging, though many of the same charges may apply to them as HSBC and like the German bank involved in the Mollath Affair.

Instead, I’m going to focus on how the reason some of what I’ve been blogging about might seem like fiction. Where fiction comes from. At least the good kind that serves to inform while entertaining.

Whether you think the neocon military coup sounds like Doctor Strangelove or not, or some other story from some novel I haven’t even read, does not mean it hasn’t happened. Recall again, this is the progression of the investigation that Seymour Hersh has delved into that began as “Cheney left some stay-behinds in the Obama administration” to “seven or eight radical generals loyal to Cheney have taken over portions of the government.” Not my idea. A decent explanation for why, as Chris Matthews noted some months ago, Obama looks like the “Manchurian candidate.” (Well, that and why not? the use of voice-to-skull subliminals on the President as well. Prove they aren’t).

Recall again that the reason we had a scare on Christmas Day 2009 with the so-called underwear bomber was because a database containing the suspect’s name (maintained by a Top Secret America subcontractor, who I doubt was the actual culprit that caused the name to be missed) somehow did not connect the dots as it was supposed to. The suspect’s father had contacted the American embassy repeatedly in order to make sure that his son did not harm anyone.

Around this same time, late 2009, early 2010, was when the s*** hit the fan in my life. Apart from the personal psychological harassment and things like apparently being framed as a co-conspirator with Wikileaks, there were odd things going on in NY that clearly were not directly aimed at me.

For example, there was what I would refer to as a very angry tea party type shouting at my co-workers and I on Fifth Avenue, I think it was, on the way to the Apple store. There was that odd, still unexplained issuance of information from the Obama administration indicating that INTERPOL agents working in the US had carte blanche for actions taken, but there was no indication as to what they were doing.

At the same time, as has been noted here a few times, the Open Government Directive was issued in early December 2009, the same day as the arrest of Peter Watts, the apparent beginning of what we’ve come to refer to as Squidgate (squid being a slang term for marine biologists, which Watts is).

And then there was the attacks on various fortune 500s allegedly by the Chinese. I question that explanation for a number of reasons, not the least of which is Thomas Drake’s assertion that assholes in NSA created phony threats in order to profit off of it and former head of same Michael Hayden calling for a “digital Blackwater.”

Is that why INTERPOL was called in? A massive defense and intelligence uprising (which appears to have been planned before the ’08 election)? The “testing” of a new president as was suggested by VP Biden early on after the ’08 election? Or a rebellion against any form of actual justice for the many, many crimes of the previous administration?

And again I note that Cheney went wild with trying to re-classify previously de-classified materials. The broad range of subjects this covered makes it difficult to pinpoint one thing in particular that he might have been most concerned about, but I’ve made a few guesses.

First, there’s the waterboarding issue. Despite my many misgivings and, let me be honest, adamant hatred of all things Langley, the facts are that CIA legal asked the Bush White House for legal clarification repeatedly over the request to engage in enhanced interrogation techniques. Of course there are two things to note in addition to that. First, they may have already been engaging in it before the request was even made. This echoes the Nixon administration asking for CIA (and others) to go after Vietnam war protesters, the reply that it would be illegal so no, meanwhile they had previously engaged in it. (This was, by the way, the main thrust of Seymour Hersh’s article in the NY Times). If not so directly, then handing people over to the Poles, Russians, or Egyptians to do these (or worse) techniques amounts to the same thing. So, second, it was more out of self-preservation than any sense of morality, legality, or concern over the fates of captured American and allied troops that they asked for clarification. In any case, there were very old documents regarding waterboarding on the list to be hidden away.

Next, not actually directly part of the re-classification (but possibly connected) there was NSA’s report asserting that the Gulf of Tonkin incident actually occurred. This event was what started the Vietnam war and, the official story had been that Johnson was told three days later that the event was false/did not actually occur as reported, but he had already given the order to enter the country and so was not going to countermand it. The report coming in 2007 sounds to me like an attempt to re-write history, as would hiding it, hence the connection there.

But why?

Again, I think we have to look at what was revealed by CBS in 2003. OPERATION NORTHWOODS. The notes from a planning session were declassified. The notes included plans to shoot down a commercial airliner on which would be several US college students, then pin that attack on Cuba in order to sway public opinion to be able to invade Cuba politically, to have the support of the American people for it. In essence, a false-flag attack that worked as a massive PSYOP. News would pick it up, plaster pictures of the kids that DoD and CIA murdered all over the place, we would become so angry that we would demand they invade the place, depose Castro, etc.

(If I’m accused of being a Cuba sympathizer for pointing out how wrong it is for a so-called representative democracy to engage in that, then there is something very, very wrong. I consider that notion to be insane, and therefore just the kind of thing that would come out of the pathological liars club at CIA or the delusional paranoiacs at the Pentagon. Both groups also greedy enough to kill for a buck).

Instead, of course, we got the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The brainchild of CIA’s Richard M. Bissell, formerly of the Ford Foundation.

Anyway, that, NORTHWOODS, had to be on Cheney’s list. The implication of that, and knowing now that voice-to-skull existed in the 1980s, can really only mean one thing. NORTHWOODS was dusted off, rewritten, and executed as 9/11. Has to be that way.

You have CIA’s Buzzy Krongard’s former trading company shortselling airline stock that day. You have the eery similarities in what followed. The toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue, for example, was a PSYOP designed to show what the Bay of Pigs invasion did not: that the invaded people were happy about the invasion. You have the mad rush to profit off of 9/11 in general, and the resulting wars. All of which with most of Congress’ blessings. Those opposed got deposed (and in one case murdered in an airplane “accident”).

Basically, that’s Die Hard. It’s crooks posing as terrorists. Financially-motivated, and not really politically-motivated, violence. Theft disguised as terrorism.

Then there is Bruce Ivens and the Amerithrax events. That’s roughly Die Hard 4, except Ivens, unlike fictional NSA’s Thomas Gabriel and hacking of infrastructure (or realworld Hayden and Michael Chertoff), did not so far as I know seek financial gain for “helping” us see that Anthrax would be so easy to weaponize. Rather, there were others who capitalized off of Iven’s having gone off the deep end.

Both 9/11 and Ivens could be arranged via the same methods I’ve suggested are responsible for Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, James Eagan Holmes, Jacob Tyler Roberts, etc. Drive someone nearly out of their minds with PSYOPS, frustrate them through social engineering black ops and use of surreptitious untraceable drugs and voice-to-skull, and then direct them when there is a secondary target (as in the case of Jared Lee Loughner) to the target(s) via voice-to-skull subliminals. I mean you notice that this s*** never happens to CEOs of mulinational banks who launder drug and terror money, right? Maybe it should.

Prove me wrong. You can’t. You can’t because voice-to-skull can be in the hands of practically anyone at this point (though clearly military/defense and intelligence/security top the list along with their multinational partners). If there are any laws specifically preventing its use, I am unaware of them. The kind of psychopaths who approve this stuff undoubtedly consider the ability to remotely hypnotize someone into being violent as having been violent to begin with, despite also wrecking their lives through the use of other teams unaware of what the whole operation is up to. Maybe. Or maybe it’s all INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP’s Army PSYOPS teams doing it to protect their commanding officers’ many crimes and the banks who have been partners in the money-laundering business (do I need to remind that heroin production has increased since 2001?). Why not? It must bring a great feeling of power being able to cause destruction on American soil against those pesky citizens, “how dare they think civilians should have control of the military?”

That’s what they tried to do to me except I figured it out before they were able to close the deal. But they have not stopped trying either. That, and having so utterly destroyed my life mean I have no choice but to see this through to the end. They’ve made their positions clear: we are enemies for life, there is no other way it can be. They try to drop in via V2K “let it go” messages, the opportunity to “start over”, and I know full well it’s complete bulls***, a goddam delaying tactic, that if I had not already done damage to their operation they would have stopped long ago.

These people do not have any form of mercy in them, and therefore, when the time comes, deserve none. (But being more “important” than the American people at large–clearly, or at least there would not have been so many shootings this week–they can expect pardons for having murdered so many of their fellow humans anyway). Nor do they as far as I can tell have anything that approaches reason. I’ve tried, they refused, so it’s do or die, to the end.

All of which is coming around to the main point. There are no original ideas. They all derive from somewhere. Die Hard 4 was based on an article, “A Farewell to Arms”, about the uselessness of military action against attacks on infrastructure from hackers. The Ivens situation was based on what he viewed as being a dangerous security hole regarding anthrax.

And so I turn to R. Scott Bakker’s Neuropath and Peter Watts’ Rifters Trilogy:





Spoilers below.

First, Bakker’s book. It contains government operatives who voluntarily give up their conscience in order to be “better” at what they do. They are going to be asked to do horrible things, so they let this be done to them, do this to themselves, so as to not feel guilty about it. Additionally, it shows that by careful toying with the brain, you can induce all sorts of interesting side-effects.

Similarly, in the Rifters trilogy, you have methods such as using engineered virii to instill company loyalty, to contain people chosen for their position due to having been a “born” sociopath. Essentially, Achilles Desjardins is a drone pilot. His drones (that Watts labels botflies) are weaponized. The multinational corporations who have essentially taken over (sounding familiar yet?) use them to contain uprisings and outbreaks of viruses. They use sociopaths to carry out the work of eliminating entire communities of unwanted people and use the drugs, viruses, etc. to control the sociopaths, to prevent them using their what-would-otherwise-be-autonomous power on areas and people that the corporations don’t want destroyed.

Simply put: it’s mind control for financial gain. Does that yet sound familiar?

Like Die Hard 4, all of that, Bakker’s tale and Watts’ trilogy, are based on the work of others. All they did was take the “what if?” and make it into a story. (I say “all” they did with a bit of sarcasm…writing a novel is no easy task and both of these gents are very good at it).

Watts’ approach is as a scientist Bakker’s as a philosopher. And yet they both see the same issues at heart: what might we do to ourselves? What might we do to each other? All because we can, as neuroscience learns more and more about how the human brain works, the more easily we can all be manipulated, controlled.

And that points, especially in Watts’ case, to the interest in him as a target. He showed exactly what might happen. And so it is ironic I suppose that I am working to make the work of my favorite science fiction writer irrelevant.

You will also find in the Rifter’s Trilogy that the world geography has changed. There were unnamed secessions, conflicts, etc. that lead to redrawing the lines between various places.

That is where this is all going. That is the point, I suppose, of having gone after him in the first place.

As I have said repeatedly, I believe that my and likely other former denizens of the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival main function were as red herrings, fall guys, dupes, patsies. If anything went wrong with an op, we were close by to take the blame, to draw suspicions.

That the first book of Watts’ next trilogy had its audio book version narrated by one such person and it was handed to me months later to read is in itself odd. I don’t think he had any more conscious intention of causing any harm to Watts than I did or do. Rather, I think it was as I said and that when exposure got to be imminent, they have tried to cover it up by all sorts of methods, not the least of which is attempting to undermine my credibility via all sorts of means including making me so crazy that it seems I must have always been that way, must have imagined it all.

And yet there is enough in the odd coincidence category to make even the most cynical wonder. The problem, the people who can confirm parts of my story are estranged (another thing they have done, isolated me from my old friends) and tight-lipped, order-following, investigators who likely have already been told to butt-out due to national security concerns.

It is a national (and international) security concern. It’s just that those they are trusting to handle it are bribed, intimidated, or brainwashed into allowing it all to proceed.

Can democracy survive the discovery of biochemical methods of controlling people? Of black ops run rampant in the name of protecting us from our own terrorist proxies? Of “job-supplying,” “economy-building” multinationals who would just as soon have slave labor? A pile of lies so high and large that it could take many, many historians their entire lives just to sort them out?

Can it survive power, the likes of which the world has never seen, handed to a few people to utilize? Imagine being able to get virtually anything you want by making other people want to get/do it for you. Do you think that you could resist that temptation? If so, how?

I don’t know. Maybe just having one’s conscience removed is preferable. Would make shutting up easier. Would make fighting the tide by oneself easier. Would make torture and loss easier. Would make watching our internal enemies in government murder school children while the rest is helpless to stop them easier. Just take and take while pretending to do one goddam useful thing like many other people, like most of our government and their private partnership does. Overall, it would be easier.

But then I’ve always hated following trends.

Up next, my version of The Forgotten. The one that explains what it really means, and why memes like UFOs and aliens always seem to get thrown in.

Hint: unfounded belief that assholes in government agencies like NSA and DIA have your best interests in mind, Clarke’s Third Law and voice-to-skull subliminals and other methods of disseminating disinformation, and, of course, the real reason: unbridled greed and selling us all out to the likes of HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and other non-state terrorist sponsors. Thank the neocons for that. They played us all for suckers and continue to do so.

* Frequently Not Asked Questions. The timing of the NDAA indicates that it was merely a codifying, a post-legal act, to make the “coup” a bit more legal. In other words, “We’ve illegally taken over the Legislative branch. So now let’s make that legal.” It’s the Pentagon’s version of “first we kill all the lawyers.” Get it? Got it? Good. Now what?

You Need More Proof

That DoD has taken over justice. Ok.

First, note that TIME writer/former CIA Robert Baer stated that DoD had taken over CIA. This has been repeated since by others in the form of “it’s turned into a paramilitary organization.” That is apparently changing. DIA seems to be taking over covert ops. 1,600 DIA agents going into the field, largest surge ever.

And DIA, like NSA, is under control of what Seymour Hersh described as seven or eight Cheney loyalists among the Joint Chiefs.


DoJ went after John Edwards. Now, really, is/was he the most corrupt politician we have? Is there not a single Republican to go after to balance things out?

Recall the politicizing of the US Attorneys as well, the “I can’t recalls” out of Alberto Gonzalez. Handing it all over to JSOC is just the next goose-step.

The Koch brothers have been doing business with Iran, just as Dick Cheney’s Halliburton had done with Iraq. No charges.

The Brits went after Rupert Murdoch’s empire over the phone-hacking and other scandals. We did not. Note that his companies’ crimes included targeting 9/11 victims’ families. You would think that would be a priority for both parties here, but no. You would think given that and things like Bill O’Reilly sending FOX security to the home of a man who called into his show would get the attention of DoJ, but no. They prefer to teach mentally retarded people how to plan terror attacks.

You see, the GOP has doubled down on the neocons and the Koch brothers’ tea party. Which now makes them accessories to murder-by-proxy and many other things. When those neocon generals go down in flames, as they surely will (is voice-to-skull really that effective? Verily, verily I say no, or imagine what happens when the opposition gets up to speed on it), they will drag the GOP down with them. It is inevitable.

Of course the Dems are ready and willing to fill Teapublitarian shoes as the labor-hating multinational-loving party of choice. With the GOP having gone around the bend, continuing to march off the fascist cliff like lemmings…well, it’ll leave a vacuum.

There’s more, but gotta go.

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