Saucy Jack

There have been several people dismissed recently from the APA with regards to aiding, abetting, and protecting the CIA’s and Department of Defense’s torture program. As I’ve noted recently, there are almost certainly other items the APA has worked with the intelligence community to try to achieve. As the Red Scare was the excuse for abuses that lead to the Church/Tower and other hearings, so it the global war on terror the excuse today. We’ve already seen proof that so many other programs have been reinstated, sometimes even “legalized” by Congress, that we were told in the 1970s were illegal and were assured would never happen again. Opening mail, mass surveillance, spying on and harassing journalists and others, assassination by drone, torture/interrogation/brainwashing, and human experimentation have all been shown to have been occurring since 9/11 {and some of it even before}. How likely is it then that MKULTRA and COINTELPRO have been overlooked?

I’ve written about this before, so this is more of a refresher. The idea of using psychopaths in the service of “government” or multinational corporations is not new. Nor did it begin with the work of Peter Watts:

Rifters II: Maelstrom

Rifters III: Behemoth

But he is good at making the motives and possibilities clear in fiction, taking the ideas of experts and other science fiction writers and running with it. In these two books, a character named Achilles Desjardins is used as a drone pilot. Typical assignments include containing outbreaks of diseases and rebellion via deadly flying robots. He is controlled largely with drugs, until that all goes horribly wrong.

Now, let us recall that the Secretary of Defense was unable to say with any certainty when asked by Congress that the domestic drone rollout which transpired last year would not be used against the American people. Let’s also recall the much-ado about why/should various commercial airlines have been shot down on 9/11. Then, if you really want to dig deep, recall that the original OPERATION NORTHWOODS called for shooting down a plane full of American college students in order to build support for an invasion of Cuba; after being criticized, the modified plan called for shooting down a plane full of dead bodies.

If there’s one meme that must be dispensed with, it is that anyone in power wakes up wondering how they can help the average citizen. That is not what power does, it is not what it thinks about. Rather, how to exploit them is foremost in Power’s mind.

Enter Dick Cheney’s “Walk on the Dark Side.” The speech in which he used the phrase was rather vague in terms of details. But consider this:

Ted “Unabomber” Kaczynski was a CIA test subject. Notorious mobster “Whitey” Bulger was a test subject. Though I have in the past considered him more of an after-the-fact subject of study, Aquarius {though not very accurate historically} has reminded me just how deeply Charles Manson was in the LSD subculture–LSD having been invented on behalf of and extensively tested by the CIA. I may have to rethink that. Lois Lang, shooter of a CIA bag man, was also involved in behavioral modification studies. Multiple MKULTRA subprojects were dedicated to mental illness, and psychopathy in particular.

How then, can one ignore the possibility–probability!–that some thinktank wrote that there should be some manner of harnessing the many serial killers roaming free inside the United States and using them in the war on terror? In an era of mass surveillance? It seems only logical when you want to build a spook army to look for talent who is already good at getting away with murder.

Is there any other basis, apart from the psychological profile of the parties involved and historical precedent, for this idea? Of course there is. The stats on serial killers by the national expert:

Christopher Beam, “The Decline of the Serial Killer,” Slate, 5 January 2011:

Statistics on serial murder are hard to come by—the FBI doesn’t keep numbers, according to a spokeswoman—but the data we do have suggests serial murders peaked in the 1980s and have been declining ever since. James Alan Fox, a criminology professor at Northeastern University and co-author of Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder, keeps a database of confirmed serial murderers starting in 1900. According to his count, based on newspaper clippings, books, and Web sources, there were only a dozen or so serial killers before 1960 in the United States. Then serial killings took off: There were 19 in the 1960s, 119 in the ’70s, and 200 in the ’80s. In the ’90s, the number of cases dropped to 141. And the 2000s saw only 61 serial murderers. (Definitions of serial murder” vary, but Fox defines it as “a string of four or more homicides committed by one or a few perpetrators that spans a period of days, weeks, months, or even years.” To avoid double-counting, he assigns killers to the decade in which they reached the midpoint of their careers.)

There are plenty of structural explanations for the rise of reported serial murders through the 1980s. Data collection and record-keeping improved, making it easier to find cases of serial murder. Law enforcement developed more sophisticated methods of investigation, enabling police to identify linkages between cases—especially across states—that they would have otherwise ignored. The media’s growing obsession with serial killers in the 1970s and ’80s may have created a minor snowball effect, offering a short path to celebrity.

And any indication of APA involvement? Yes:

Spencer Ackerman, “Psychologist accused of enabling US torture backed by former FBI chief: Louis Freeh calls report that preceded Stephen Behnke’s ousting from the American Psychological Association leadership a ‘gross mischaracterization’,” Guardian, 12 July 2015:

Behnke has longstanding connections to the FBI. His CV cites his work since 2001 on an FBI child-abduction and serial murder research advisory panel. A John D Behnke, who appears to be his brother, served as a long-time and distinguished FBI agent before joining Freeh’s risk-management firm as a managing director.

Certainly, FBI being retooled to being more Jack Bauer and less Will Graham {and “coincidentally” less interested in fraud committed by banks, for example} could have had something to do with the decline. Assume for a moment, for the sake of argument, that the 2000s should have +/-120 serial killers. Let’s say 20 were found suitable and recruited by the intelligence community for training and special ops. What about the other 40?

USA Today, “Series Of Missing Ohio Women Stirs Fears Of Serial Killer,” WFMY News, 25 June 2015:

That town in Ohio is just one of several places with similar issues. Who is the most likely target of serial killers?

It’s a stereotype for a reason.

The idea then? Local police get sex workers “removed.” They also {with or without the help of the killer} can frame any local criminal they please with the crimes and get them put away as well. It becomes a win-win for a misguided, holier-than-thou, superstitious, fear-mongering and -infested system that also “just happens” to love money and power more than anything else.

That Bully’s Sinday Couldn’t Shut Down

On State Street that great street I just want to say
They do things they don’t do on Broadway

Before I get into that, a couple of notes.

Micah Zenko, “What the Pentagon Wants in a New AUMF: Perpetual Warfare,” Council on Foreign Relations blog, 24 January 2015:

Nevertheless, the White House demands a “right-sized, modernized AUMF,” not because it is in anyway required, but because it believes “it would send a powerful signal to the citizens of this country, the citizens of our allies, and to our enemies.” It is unclear why ISIL would care about the passing of such a transparently pointless resolution in the U.S. Congress. Moreover, the notion that the United States can send signals to friends and enemies, which are then heard and accurately interpreted in the manner that U.S. officials want, is highly dubious.

More at the link. “…a powerful signal to the citizens of this country,” says King John the XXXXIV-I. The signal: You Don’t Matter, Only the Powerful and the Multinationals Matter, So Get on the Nutzi Train, and Sieg Heil, Baby.

Zero Dark Thirty, American Sniper, The Interview: Hollywood is on board. Get with it!

Okay, gripe warmup out of the way, time to move on to more about how the intelligence agencies and subcontractors of the United States government try to create lone wolf shooters.

What Obama did to me:

Drugged with a substance or substances unknown MKULTRA style. Effects: euphoria, impulsiveness, susceptibility to being conned, adrenaline rush resulting in sleep deprivation to further allow breaking down of resistance and personality in order to manipulate into doing things one would not normally do.

Harassed COINTELPRO-style, including the attempted frame-up of the DHS border guard’s family for the Conway fire.

Death of my dog, my grandmother, and the probably attempted frameup over the death of Michael Karbon.

“Brainwashing” regarding my only perceived ally through the hell these people put me through, who was likely a spook/drug expert consultant in disguise. This, coupled with finding out that Watts had a grad student passenger who was handcuffed to a railing for six hours while simultaneously discovering that someone from my past had just done a Matthew Shepherd play…

20091012 The Laramie Project

In my drugged state, it seemed possible if not probable that the grad student and my mysterious visitor, ‘Janus,’ were one and the same. I wasn’t sure, tried not to assume it was, but sometimes you feel trapped into making decisions and when I had to, I leaned that way.

Of course it turned out that the grad student was not my visitor, I met the grad student at the Squidgate trial, and so the mystery remained open until more recently, probably. The arranging of the acquaintance in the play, another instance of trying to play me off against someone not actually involved.

But got that? Not only damsel in distress psyop with the Conway fire, but Dudesel in distress by the same people who beat, pepper-sprayed, etc. Peter Watts.

These items are discussed elsewhere on this blog in more detail and some in Wicked Game.

Now Moving on to Chicago…

Right. 2010 was working for OFA, the Democrats, sometimes the DFL, in order to hopefully get out from under the harassment. Not only didn’t work out that way, they kept me in Minneapolis just long enough to ensure that my longterm relationship had no chance of recovering ever. I found out my ex got married on the way out of Minneapolis on Facebook.

There is no national security reason for any of this. Obama is just a sadistic psychopath. He enjoys blowing little brown children apart with drones. He enjoys torture, too, which is still happening despite the bullshit you heard from him and Panetta, as are extraordinary renditions. In reality, it’s about making more terrorists out of people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time over in the Penny Lane section of GITMO.

And that’s the idea with me. Drug me, harass me, torture me, lead me to think that absolutely no one cares anyway–unfortunately not far from the truth in a country who is constantly lurching thanks to Obama’s CIA and DoD disinformation campaigns and false-flag attacks, and the incessant theft of wages, retirement funds, homes, futures, so that those who already have more than they could ever spend can just scoop it all up, like the end round of Monopoly.

As is typical with the kinds of cretins who are in charge, by 2012, I was working one day a week at a plant owned by the Koch brothers without ever intending to. As if these: psychotic half-breed freak trying to prove to the white side of his family that he, too, can be a wartime president like cousins W and HW, except be bloodier, more ruthless AND two billionaires who make their living spooking people into making decisions not in their own best interests in order to scoop up more money than God, are our only two possible choices.

Shit or shite? Which you want? Warmed over shit, or shit-in-a-blanket? Death by shit, or drown in shit? Which do you want?

This, and the still unable-to-shake-it wondering about ‘Janus,’ though strongly suspecting by then he was another covertard, I was miserable.

Then one day a friend of a friend, for reasons I don’t really understand, decided to show me a story on Facebook about Jeremy Hammond. This lead to more research and discovering that his brother had just gotten out of jail, etc. Here was a chance to help someone else, someone else screwed over by Obama’s thugs, and the possibility of finding out maybe something about what had happened to me. Someone who might at least understand what being harassed by the feds feels like, knows that it happens, and so at least would have something in common to discuss on those grounds.

{And, well, you wouldn’t believe what else they did to ensure that I went. So I won’t.}

Beyond that, well… I think I covered that here.

And so now what?

Now, we have 41 months of a situation where the feds will control, through the state of Illinois, the fate of a person they first made me fond of.

See the pattern here? Matthew Shepherd with not-Janus, then this.

I truly do not know what the hell Harry Reid thought would make Obama better than Hillary. He is a better liar, I suppose, so there’s that. But some portion of this crap, of the bad things that have happened not only to me but also on the national scene, were the result of Bill Clinton’s revenge on Obama for beating Hillary in the primaries.

This is why none of these people should be anywhere near the reins of power. They are, like your typical CIA field officer, that peculiar mix of absolutely appearing normal, sincere, and sane on the outside, and raving, homicidal, lying, sadistic psychopaths on the inside. They don’t belong in the White House–none of them–they belong in asylums.

And so that’s it. Try to heap the guilt of, hold the threat of, whatever may befall Jason Hammond in prison over my head. What are my wonderful options?

-Write this post and be accused of scaring people vs. don’t write this post and take the chance he won’t be prepared to deal with whatever comes his way;

-Become violent or otherwise break the law so that Obama’s thugs can come arrest me–at last–and cover-up the longstanding insider trading surveillance game played by CIA and NSA and their subcontractors like Booz Allen Hamilton who can access any bank CEOs email and phone calls at any time for personal gain and to pass on to oversight so that oversight will do things like demand all copies of the torture report be returned to the CIA. Yes.

-The sidebar portion of the insider-trading surveillance system is the technology, means and methods, of keeping someone like me in place without me even realizing that I was in place. Apply that to reporters, entertainers, judges, legislators, etc. and I think it becomes clear why they want me dead, locked up, or under their thumb so badly as to murder other people for it. This portion, the bastard child offspring of MKULTRA and COINTELPRO, is a bigger story than mass surveillance.

-Suffer in silence without any recourse because Obama has short-circuited any and every avenue of redress including the OIGs, has purposefully shredded and gone around the Constitution, has bought off Congressional oversight, and has assured we get Jeb as President next by his other insane actions.

Really, this is not a pleasant position to be in.

But then I’ve gotten really good at making my unpleasantness someone else’s unpleasantness. Shit can roll uphill, just takes time and energy.

I did warn them.


It’s always good to step back now and again and attempt to explain why this blog is here, why I mention the stuff that I do, and why you should care about any of it.


While on a school trip to Germany in 1988, there were a couple of odd occurrences. This came after I had decided not to pursue any sort of foreign service that I had spent much of my teenage years intending to pursue. I would describe my 1980s self as someone not unlike the psychopathic PTSD murderer depicted in the latest from Dirty Harry. Though the Soviet threat still loomed it was clear from the books available that terrorism was on its way to replacing communism as the next big threat, by which now I mean a means of taking all your stuff and rights under the auspices of protecting you.

The notion of protecting the American people is of course utter bullshit. Like Son of Sam and other devil-told-me-to-do-it psychopaths, the US government and its Siamese twin Wall Street requires the deaths of Americans in order to maintain the cash cow that the global war on terror is. The enemies that the one hand is focused on defeating were nurtured, trained, radicalized, encouraged, cajoled, manipulated, exaggerated, and every other kind of deceptive practice for everything from Charlie Wilson’s war in Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia’s incessant hate-US education system to “Balkanization” which grew out of OPERATION GLADIO after WWII.


Foreign strife is not enough for a system that demands more profit next year than this one. That is of course unsustainable, but they don’t look that far down the road, merely expect the worse things get, the more economic opportunities that will provide. We will not only be divided into the haves and have-nots as this progresses, but also predator and prey.

But why this blog? The balance of nature requires that prey keep just slightly ahead of prey. That is, prey must remain just slightly smarter, faster, more knowledgeable, and whatever else is required for survival. When this does not occur, the predators also suffer because they run out of prey. This kind of balance is what made capitalism work in so far as it did. Now, capitalism is the biggest threat to itself.

Do not let the bullshit of the Republicans and Tea Party favorites mislead you: the Democrats are every bit as vulture in their capitalistic attitudes as these other species. HCR was a handout to the health care sector. The principles of collective bargaining don’t really apply because the reform doesn’t give people, merely the states in so far as their corruption allows, that power.

And there really isn’t anything else to point to. By way of example, watch as the GOP accuses Obama of cut and run in Yemen, whereas they complained that he didn’t in Benghazi.

But that’s just an inside family feud. See again the previous post.

The point then is to alert folks who don’t reject the truth out of hand due to the existence of Mel Gibson, Alex Jones, and their ilk. MKULTRA really existed as did many subproject. CIA really is in it for the bucks, as is FBI, NSA, Booz Allen Hamilton, HB Gary Federal, Stratfor, and Palantir. The Constitution is dead. Pointing to one or two exceptions, as “whistleblower advocate” Brad Moss might do doesn’t make it otherwise. The law must apply to and serve everyone or it is simply a tool of tyranny.

So we have the Primer,  the Mind-Affecting Technology tabs up top. The rest. The book explaining a portion of my “oddysey” through various forms of illegal activities now allowed because of terrorism and fear. Those same means, methods, and organizations are one the one hand causing most of our problems and then turning around and saying let us take the gloves off, give us more money. Some of the money of course wends its way back to politicians who then turn around and request undoing investigations into what made us less safe, ruined our view of reality, and made the US not only less safe, but committers of crimes against humanity.

It is torture, of a sort, that is absolutely occurring on US soil, against US citizens, for these same purposes. I know. They did it to me.

While you might not be locked in a cage when this is done to you, there will be many reasons–engineered by the public and private psycho clown parade–why you won’t want to step outside. While they won’t have guards waking you up every few minutes, you may experience sleep deprivation from a sudden inexplicable rush of adrenalin that won’t go away, incessant phone calls from anyone and everything, neighbors, roommates, city workers who suddenly decide it is time to make a lot of noise.

Most of these tricks revolve around altering your perception of cause and effect and the order of events. See for example again the previous post. They didn’t cajole Jason Hammond into a plea deal because I cared about him; they got me to care about him because they knew that they were going to do that.

All in order to try to turn me into a terrorist or similar. As was the very possible murder of my grandmother. That ploy, of course, an attempt to make me blame Palin and her ilk for it as Palin had said HCR was a “plot to kill grandma.” All of which makes the Democrats the most likely perps.

Similar to this was the 23 December 2009 fire in which parties unknown tried to frame a DHS border guard’s family.

Now, the burning question becomes, why me, why take me on a tour of the dark bloated underbelly of the intelligence community–and then some–if I’m just lost in the noise… Someone not much believed… Dismissed out of hand due to normalcy bias and it-can’t-be-therfore-it-isn’t. Why do that?

The best answer I can give is, this system is schizophrenic. It is certainly broken, and so exhibiting symptoms of mental illness makes some sense. Is it the serial killer who has an impulse to get caught? Is it one agency or subcontractor fighting against the direction things are going, or playing some sort of turf war? Is it some mentally disturbed, legal pretzel compliance with the Open Government Directive combined with a vague mission statement from 1947? Is it an insider, a sort of whistleblower, using me as his or her mouthpiece?

In any case it appears more like a colossal joke from where I sit. The truth is so damn crazy, that I didn’t much believe it, still don’t want to, and I was drugged, harassed, tortured out of my frickin’ mind before I could come to accept it.

Up next: some more memories of Chicago and my lament that it wasn’t in fact the most dangerous neighborhood there, just the third or so.

BBD – Same Abuse, Different Day

Michigander Ron is in the hospital. I don’t actually expect this to be fatal, but then I never expected the US government would burn down homes on US soil, murder American citizens to achieve political goals either, most of them for personal financial gain via creating and capitalizing on an atmosphere of distrust, stifling free speech that it claims to protect, and attempting to radicalize and weaponize people like myself through drugging and harassment.

Why is he in the hospital? Because he helped a lady in a wheelchair up a flight of steps.

Was that V2K made him do that? Possibly not. He is that kind of person. Despite his own physical disability, he would at least want to help someone marginally worse off than himself. This is why he’s worth a thousand of people like the one portrayed in Zero Dark Thirty who says “I’m here to break you.”

But that he was put in that position? That his path crossed this woman’s? Decidedly so. It’s what I call the “but for” argument. But for the influence of the intel community, 911, 311, various shootings, etc. would likely not have happened.

I don’t like the term mind control because it sounds like we’re talking about robots. It doesn’t work that way. There is a logic however twisted it might be due to what’s done to the people pushed out in front of the cowards who run these programs, use these methods.

Especially interesting because these devices are illegal in Michigan.

A thousand of you.

Tank, Heart, and Iraq WMD

Three items plus. Got word last week that Mike “Tank” Karbon’s toxicology report showed that he had a heart attack though the M.E. found no reason for one. No other suspicious drugs found to explain it. Sounds like electronics.

Two, the rapid heartbeat problem I had for, I lost track, a week or nine days or so, ended a few days ago. Chest felt like someone had been beating on it with a sledge hammer. Additionally, an employee at that place I sometimes work has had the same problem chronically and her doctor can’t find the cause.

Finally, as should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention, fresh evidence that both CIA and MI6 had good reason to know Iraq had no active WMDs (mobile version) much less a program prior to the invasion. They are both neckdeep in GLADIO C (or it might be D, who can keep track really?) of determining the policies of as many countries as possible (including their own) through black ops.

They are also likely responsible for most Organized Stalking activities. CIA may not have its own satellites, but their private partners certainly do.

Speaking of GLADIO and satellites, Sibel Edmonds has this page that also includes the world’s and US’ largest defense contracts (first two links under notes). You will likely find some of those names familiar if you’ve read this blog. L-3 most recently, then there’s CACI, SAIC, and BAE Systems (the one who with the help of people in the Pentagon discredited a purple heart medal of honor recipient, Dakota Meyer).

And a story about how prosecutors went after Aaron Swartz but hypocritically ignored drone software theft.

Long live the Kleptocracy.

The Black Boot Diaries – Got Cryptic? (Updated)

(Added #6).

Apologies to the casual reader. This is going to be one of those that in order to get the full picture you’d have to know some things that you likely don’t. This is in reference to the cryptic text down a few posts about being well into the impossible. I cannot go into details about where and who because I’d likely be fired (and though that is likely on someone’s agenda, I’m betting not just yet).

Jumping right in, let’s skip the part where this is just another ridiculous, elaborate prank (that is, me being assigned to the location in question) or yet another fruitless attempt to get me to do something really naughty. This is what I referred to as impossible one of the places I’ve been assigned for work, But of course it isn’t impossible unless you think I’ve imagined everything you have read on this blog. I haven’t. The “coincidence” in this case is well beyond that possibility.

As stated before, if I had worked on a Carlyle Group project in NYC, I’d have given them the same service as any other client. I leave my status as a member of the Green party at the door as I did as a Democrat back then. Someone is paying for a service and whether or not I like them, agree with their goals and business practices, like their politics, is in the work context, irrelevant. (Except when it isn’t, but that’s just conversation with people I work with, not plots of armed insurrection.) This client has and will continue to receive my best.

But let’s just skip the part about me for a moment. That comes into play indirectly, but to the matter at hand.

The possibilities:

1) Just “one of those things.” That is, the corpse in question came into contact with something that just happened to kill her at work while presenting a report. I find this unlikely because the timing would seem to be sending a message of some kind, as well as the matter of death (something like an aneurism in one lung).

2) She was exposed to something at work. Possible, but like my old job in asbestos abatement in the 90s (and the night I thought I was coughing up blood in early 2010, the “me” part, my discovery of last year’s event designed to panic?), this woman dealt with data and was not required in areas where such exposure might occur.

Also, we don’t see other employees coughing up blood and dying. However, it is not impossible that she was careless given the possibility that she thought herself safe from exposure to what one instructor i had liked to refer to generically as ethyl-methyl-death or what-have-you.

But I also find this unlikely. Again, this had all the earmarks of sending a message. But to whom? And what is the message?

3) The owner had it done in order to send a message about how his data is presented, what it says, etc. Without knowing what the report said, what it meant, any potential violations of regulations (it’s not as if we actually have some sort of Environmental Protection Agency anyway, is it?) it’s impossible to know if that could have been a motive. There’s always the possibility that she was talking to the EPA on the sly, but then this seems a bit like overkill, so to speak. Surely there are easier ways to deal with a leak that wouldn’t insight the unwanted attention of some kind of bureau of investigation on the federal level, if the US had one. I have it on good authority that we don’t.

And how in the hell, if they are paying that close attention, did I manage to get assigned there?

But still not entirely out of the question.

4) The enemy of the owner did it, either to send a message or to frame the owner.

I’d have to say this is also perhaps not out of the question given other recent factors. Or if not the enemy of the owner, people of similar (and more radical) philosophy.

But then why her? Only motive would be to frame, to make #3 seem likely.

But, I’m leaning towards:

5) Still our friends at NATO. They spend their time making life difficult for pretty much everyone. They divide and conquer. And this would serve to increase the paranoia on both sides of this conflict.

But of course there’s no way for me to know. This happened last year and I’ve only been assigned there for less than a month. Perhaps I should wait to post my thoughts about it at all. But then I can’t help noticing how the discovery of this event, this death, came right on the heels of those other three situations all involving young women (car accident, potential missing person, and sudden seizure at the grocery store).

And I suppose there is something in me that still doesn’t want to believe that it’s as simple as #3. It might fit the profile. I have to recognize my own biases where wanting to see better in people is concerned.

And then there’s the combination of #3 and #5. No way of knowing what connections there are there for certain. No way of separating truth from fiction where the owner’s bad press is concerned or what the alliances might be. Mere hints and rumors at this point.

Or for that matter, the combination of #4 and #5. If NATO is running pretty much everything from Anonymous to Al Qaeda, then why not some radical inexplicably capable ecoterrorist group as well? (That is, blame ELF or whoever and make it appear that way). Lines up with the BP spill analysis I did quite a while back that would seem something the radical phony version of Obama that FOX likes to paint for us would want. Same with the Japanese reactor meltdown. Appears as though some radical group wants to change the world the hard way. But that kind of power lay with those who don’t really have things like the Kyoto treaty as priority at all. Which points to false-flaggery.

UPDATE: 6) Or a perverse reverse psychology version of #3 where the point was to make it look like #4 disguised as #3. Can’t rule that out either.

Or am I being naive? Are #3 and #4 how they all operate? I just can’t quite believe that even the powerful in this country quite get away with murder like this.

The defense and intelligence sectors, on the other hand…

That’s where it is. I should wait for more data but…

Personally, I find The Case of the Epileptic Girl Scout far more intriguing as far as distractions go.

It was done with lasers or flashing lights, wasn’t it? Ye olde Pokemon effect. Get the parents to spend all that time and effort looking for the cause, paying all those deductibles and co-pays, searching for answers when it was just you. Or is she bulimic or anorexic and you slipped her something to push her over into cranial malfunction? Gotta be one of those.


Swimming with Snarks


(Note: I’m posting this here instead of my blog because I want the Carl Clark article to stay towards the top for a while.)

Yesterday (June 19, 2012) a group of young men who are visiting the house decided to abandon swimming in the backyard pool and go to the river. There, one of them lost his ability to swim about twenty or thirty feet from the wall where there is a ladder to climb out. Most of his companions were on shore at the time and did not even notice or hear his partially drowned shouts for help.

One of them, his closest friend, decided to see what progress he had made after his recent jump in the water. He saw him foundering and jumped in. The current was such that it seemed for a moment that both might be sucked under, but the second one did eventually make it to the wall to grab some of the extended bricks (many were covered with algae and were therefore slippery) and pull them both to the ladder. Once they reached the ladder, the one who was having difficulty swimming regained control of his muscles and climbed out. There were a few young boys watching the whole thing who didn’t shout for help nor alert the drowning man’s friends.

See this post again from the 17th, two days before this incident and the even older posts linked there:

ADDED PARAGRAPH: They wound up attributing yesterday’s event to cold water shutting down muscles.

They followed up this morning with more electronic harassment. More mind-mucking just to prove how ineffective the law-keeping portions of our system are (or how uninterested they have become in keeping the peace).

This is how brazen these people are. This is how certain they are or pretend to be that they can do anything to anyone with their electronic toys and have employees who follow their orders blindly like good little nazis. As you can see from the Clark interview, this is about handing complete control of the government to corporations. Corporations whose only loyalty is, by design, by corporate officer fiduciary and legal responsibility, is to their shareholders, not the government, not their customers, and certainly not the American people.

I say it again: CIA, DIA, NSA, DARPA, something else within the Department of Defense, possibly DHS and some of the contractors of any or all: these are the only entities capable of doing this without repercussions. As long as they continue to do favors, bribe, intimidate, assassinate and/or ‘mind control’ Congress, it will continue. As long as the other portions of the Executive branch continue to tolerate it and “go along to get along” it will continue. As long as the court system continues to protect criminals in the name of perpetual war and national security, it will continue. And as long as any of those things are true, as TIs know, United States Government torture of its own citizens means that the rule of law is gone and that any positive accomplishments are continually tarnished by this illegal, un-Constitutional, program NK-Intra.

That’s just how the world works.

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