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Come a little bit closer…

Come a little bit closer…

Ran across the article below the other day. And, in typical fashion, it took me five days to connect the dots. See, despite everything I’ve seen and experienced, I still react initially much the way everyone else does: “Just one of those things.”

1988 – 1990

This is not just one of those things. This is another puzzle piece regarding what’s really going on and why they used us as guinea pigs at the NJSF back in the late 1980s. As I’ve noted several times and places, I was there in 1989 and 1990. The previous year, one actress had kind of gone crazy and spent a lot of time, money, energy attempting to figure out what was wrong. Both years I was there another actress each year likewise had problems.


Gene Maddaus, “Former ‘ER’ Actress Vanessa Marquez Shot and Killed by Police,” Variety, 31 August 2018:

Last October, Marquez alleged that she was blacklisted from “ER” by co-star George Clooney after complaining of racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

“Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up abt harassment on ER.’women who dont play the game lose career’I did,” she wrote on Twitter.

Clooney issued a statement at the time saying he had nothing to do with casting on the show.

“I had no idea Vanessa was blacklisted,” he said. “I take her at her word. I was not a writer or a producer or a director on that show. I had nothing to do with casting. I was an actor and only an actor. If she was told I was involved in any decision about her career then she was lied to. The fact that I couldn’t affect her career is only surpassed by the fact that I wouldn’t.”

It’s really not difficult, even when you’ve been through what someone like me has, to see that someone who tried to help impoverished Africans at a time when the likes of CIA and Booz Allen Hamilton were ass-deep in stirring up trouble all over the continent for future military misadventures would be a target of smear campaigns run by the likes of CIA, FBI counter-intelligence, and/or the black bag departments of both major political parties {yes, I said both despite his support of Obama and Clinton}.

Anyway, there it is. Who do you contact when there’s a standing agreement between CIA and DoJ to not prosecute? When both major political parties run black ops on each other and the public with such regularity that it’s become normal? When FBI believes it is its job to “protect” America from free thought and anti war protest? * And that all those lines, plus private contractors acting as intelligence agencies for anyone who can pay them, are blurred.

* When it comes to the latter, FBI once had an internal handout flier lumping unions and environmental activist groups and Nazi and white supremacy groups together as similar threats. I don’t think that mentality has changed at all over there, unless it’s that the Nazis are okay.

BBD: RIP Paul Barry, ? – 9/11/14

Paul Barry was the founder of and for a number of years producer, director and actor at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. Folks who have read even portions of Wicked Game would know that this was where a few odd occurrences transpired in 1988-1990, that it was partially funded by former CIA director Richard M. Bissell’s Gerald R. Ford Foundation *, and what I believe was actually happening there. That is, they were using it as some kind of training ground for field operatives for psychological operations not unlike what happened under COINTELPRO.

Paul had begun a promising career with the New York Shakespeare Festival {now often known as Shakespeare in the Park} working with the likes of James Earl Jones, Roy Scheider, Laurence Luckinbill and other later-to-be movie, tv, and Broadway actors. The NYSF kind of began by touring schools and doing other performances of Romeo & Juliet. Paul played Tybalt to Scheider’s Mercutio. Luckinbill wasn’t there for long, but was cast as Romeo.

At some point, Paul split off from Joseph Papp and went his own way one state over.

Before Paul was removed as festival director in 1990, he had completed productions of the entire Shakespeare canon at the festival with King John being the final play to achieve that.

Paul’s IMDB entry. As you can see, it doesn’t list his date of birth, merely date of death. What prompted my search for his entry, and subsequent discovery that he died on September 11th, 2014, was the mention of Iwo Jima. Paul had said one morning in 1990 that he was there for the battle during WWII as a marine. I think he was a few years too young to have been there for that and was perhaps letting his imagination run a little rampant that morning, perhaps to explain his sometimes gruff demeanor. In any case, difficult to determine without a birthdate.

* And with all my talk of Ford Foundation, I see that the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation is a current donor. I think that I got that part wrong. Much editing to do. Damn…

The question remains, I suppose. Did Paul know that government funds were coming into the Festival for these purposes? Hard to say. People working under secret research programs often did not know that the ultimate source of funding was CIA. Some guessed, figured it out. I don’t see any reason why Paul would have had to know. Now, I won’t ever be able to ask him.

But I’m guessing FBI knows. For all the good that ever does anyone:

Bethany Horne, “The Case Against Matt DeHart,” Newsweek, 20 May 2015:

After doing a full run-up, the ER doctors concluded DeHart had suffered an acute psychotic break, “most consistent with drug-induced psychosis such as secondary to amphetamines, cocaine or other stimulants.” But DeHart denied ever willingly taking drugs, and he had been in the custody of law enforcement for 16 hours before his trip to the hospital. No matter. The ER tended to DeHart for four hours and then handed him back to the guards, who shuttled him back to jail.

He thinks he accidentally saw something he wasn’t supposed to see, something that would embarrass the FBI and the CIA, and expose a serious rift between the two law enforcement agencies regarding one of the most sensational and controversial crimes of the post-9/11 war on terror.

Sometimes They Eat Their Own

Just a quick rundown of what seems to be at the heart of the situation when our intelligence community decides it’s time for one of their own number to go to the Great Beyond.

In the case of CIA/DoD chemist Frank Olson of Fort Detrick and Sidney Gottlieb’s Technical Services Division, we don’t know for certain. The official story was that Olson went to NYC to speak to a psychiatrist due to psychological issues and he jumped from the window of his hotel to his death.

Not entirely buying into this official version, Olson’s family pushed the Nixon and Ford administrations for answers. Little by little, the story morphed as more and more of the truth came out.

Eventually it was revealed that Olson and several others all drank from a flask of alcohol laced with LSD. Gottlieb stated that those present were notified of what had been done (intentionally) soon after.

Only Olson and maybe one or two others had difficulty after. Only Olson’s continued to be a debilitating problem. This lead to his going to New York and his subsequent death.

As more information was drawn, it was revealed that Olson was actually given his drink from a duplicate flask. His was either laced with a different substance, a different amount of LSD, or a combination of the two.

The question of course becomes, why? The best guess according to Albarelli’s book is that he grew a conscience. Not that he actually gave away any secrets. Simply that he, in his own head and heart, had lost faith in what it was that they were doing. It is possible that the potential mass drugging of Pont-Saint-Esprit or an interrogation at which Olson was present was the cause for this, or a combination of seeing or realizing that perhaps the true targets of MKULTRA was not dangerous enemy spies but, as is stated rather clearly in the introduction of the CIA’s book on guerilla warfare, the American public or the citizens of allied.nations for special business interests, not for the freedom of all as the propaganda would imply.

The further truth of Olson’s situation remains somewhat hidden, but the rumor seems to be that George Hunter White, who was at the epicenter of the surreptitious drugging of US citizens with LSD under MKULTRA, and another more mysterious operative known as Pierre Lafitte, threw Olson out the window.

Apparently the only rule of Spook Club is not to feel for other human beings.

All of that is to come around to re-mentioning a few others. Richard Kuranda, a fellow intern at the Gerald R. Ford Foundation-funded New Jersey Shakespeare Festival indicated to me that he believed his father was killed, and did not commit suicide as the official determination concluded.

Similarly, I’ve already suggested that Colby’s death was likely not accidental and reminded people that G. Gordon Liddy explained how he gave “them” the chance to hit him rather than allow it to happen near his home and wife. He told someone what corner he’d be on at a particular time. They didn’t take him out, he clammed up, did his time, and was rewarded. Colby, similarly, went canoeing by himself. As I noted, Colby (along with a former KGB officer) consulted on a PC game called Spycraft. Spycraft‘s plot revolved around a multinational private spy corporation called Contractor (using the Russian word). Regardless of what else, it drew attention to things like what we have now: Top Secret America. Despite the growth in 2004 and 2005 in the wake of 9/11, some companies, like the Carlyle Group owned Booz Allen Hamilton has been around a long time. In that example’s case, since 1917. Kind of opens the door to all sorts of interesting possibilities (the identity of the original real world MiBs, for example, from 1947, 1949 who tried to convince their PSYOP targets that rocket/plane/weapon testing was actual space alien activity? Oh, my but that’d be hilarious).

If you don’t think the government and its private partners are concerned over what mass media does, you aren’t paying attention. See MOCKINGBIRD, for exampl e, and TruthOut’s reporting on how the Pentagon strongarms Hollywood into telling stories the way it wants them told.

All of that was to A) save you having to click on links for all of those things because I’ve already more or less covered them here and B) to add another to the pile.

Miles Axe Copeland, Jr., father of The Police drummer Stewart Copeland. I was actually searching for the argument or debate between The Police lead singer Sting and Miles that happened in Rolling Stone the 80s after Miles was interviewed when I ran across these other things I’m about to relate. In the interview, Miles suggested that Sting’s music could be used by CIA to spread propaganda. This enraged Sting who wrote a rebuttal. Then there was, I think Miles’ reply to that and it ended.

Anyway, background on Miles is that he was OSS and one of the first CIA officers as a result. He was heavily involved with Operation Ajax, that resulted in the Shah of Iran being a US bag guy and that lead eventually to his overthrow and the mess we have today. I don’t expect that result was what Miles had in mind.

Which might be the point. He went to Booz Allen Hamilton after leaving CIA (as a NOC). When later the news of Watergate perhaps having been related to a CIA operation and official word stating they had nothing to do with it (They clearly did. Schlesinger found this out mostly the hard way, by opening the safe in his new office. This plus younger officers complaining, Sy Hersh stories in the news, and the lawbreaking discovered lead to the Family Jewels mostly being made public and the Church/Tower hearings), Miles was among a few who spoke out stating that CIA lead the burglars into a trap. (This may become important over the next several months by way of example.)

To put that in context, note that Albarelli’s book contains the anecdote about the entire Nixon entourage being dosed with LSD (source: CIA’s own files) on the way to Moscow to discuss a reduction in nuke stockpiles, the refusal of CIA and/or DoD to destroy some hazardous biological and/or chemical substances as part of Nixon’s paring down of NBC weapon strategies as part of a good faith effort to get the Soviets to do likewise, and of course pulling out of Vietnam against the wishes of the military-industrial-Congressional complex. (I don’t like defending Nixon in part due to the usual secret wars stuff, Cambobia, etc, but I can’t argue with those policies listed). In short, Nixon made some enemies on the far right by giving the smallest resistance to the MICC. The Radford Affair must also be noted, in which the very same Navy admiral who Bob Woodward reported to as an ONI attache mere months before becoming a reporter, ran a spy in the Nixon White House.

The John Birch Society (founded in part by Frank Koch, father of Charles and David “Maybe the Shutdown Wasn’t Such a Good Idea” Koch) mode of thinking was and likely still is rampant among top military brass and in some corners of the US IC. To sum that up: If you aren’t completely in the bag for no taxes on the rich and corporations (who have no loyalty to country and citizens, merely their bottom line per officers’ fiduciary responsibility, that is by design) and yet on the other hand funding the defense industry like there’s no tomorrow, you are a leftwing pinko commie bedwetter (thank Imus for that phrase).

Was Miles disillusioned? This kind of pattern continues.

Robert Baer, twenty years at CIA, decided, I think, that he was serving Exxon more than Lady Liberty and that the interests of one, or at least how those interests are carried out, do not always align. Turned down the opportunity to get involved with what would later become Arms-for-Hostages and/or Iran-Contra.

Valerie Plame-Wilson, per the movie Fair Game, saw her carefully nurtured contacts in Iraq get betrayed when invasion took the place of covert ops (largely historically done so that you don’t have to invade). Not only hurt CIA’s HUMINT efforts in the short term by losing those individuals but also long term because word gets around about not trusting someone who betrays those they swear to help. (This is one reason I think that most of what we hear, take Syria for example, is untrue; the intel is based on intent now, not on finding the truth; we are in full stab and shape making mode, not in probe and view mode. Put another way, very similar to my arguments elsewhere regarding potential behavioral modification efforts, they don’t actually care so much who you are {surveillance, intel gathering and analysis} anymore so much as who they can turn you into {behavioral modification, propaganda, PSYOPs}).

In a very, very similar vein, John Kiriakou blows the whistle on abuse of detainees for what can only be a desire to obtain false confessions. He goes to jail. People who engage in the worst abuse and ordered it remain free (and it gets ignored due to the timing of the Boston marathon bombing coinciding with release of the report implicating top Bush administration officials for the torture program–though I note again our “top cop” Holder suggested we’d all be better off sweeping the whole thing under the rug).

1990 is where Miles’ story gets really interesting:

Wikipedia / Enemy Within, Seumas Milne, :,_Jr.

In the introduction to his book ‘Enemy Within’, Guardian journalist Seumas Milne wrote that in the Spring of 1990, Copeland warned British miners union leaders Arthur Scargill and Peter Heathfield that the CIA and MI5 had been involved in kick starting a media campaign against them and helped to frame corrupt allegations against them.[5]

Copeland died in February 1991.[6][dead link]

Go pro-labor and see what happens?

I’ll add that in Sting’s biography he only devoted one page to The Police. What left him with such a sour taste?

I’ll also add that Sean Connery, it is sometimes reported, really wanted out of the Bond franchise (we’re talking around Goldfinger here, early on) due to Broccoli’s “business ties.”

It’s not what it seems. I don’t call it The Matrix as Jon Rappaport does, but I see why he does. For something closer–in a very nonliteral, figurative sense–of what I mean by “Spookspace” (as opposed to Meatspace and Cyberspace) see the Nightwatch book trilogy or pair of movies. It’s not “magic” in the supernatural sense, merely psychology and trickery.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something casting a shadow on the door of a cottage on the shore…of liberty.

Now, where did I leave the Chalk of Destiny? * 😉

* That joke woulda killed in Spookspace.

Who’s Got the Button

So much to cover, so little time. This one jumps around a bit, as usual, but limited time means limited editing as well. This should probably be three or four separate posts.

First, I was thinking of doing an entire post just on thoughts about the film The Button that I watched for the first time, but I don’t much see the point. Ultimately, it’s another “space aliens did it” piece, but to be fair, there’s some other things on the metaphorical level and I have not read the source material (the short story “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson, best known as the author of I Am Legend, the story of the last human on Earth which has succumbed to a vampiric plague).

At first I was thinking “Oh, look, Langella’s character bit down on a cyanide capsule in his past” and “I wonder if this is at last a piece of fiction incorporating voice-to-skull, subliminal audio messages.”

Of course I was wrong on both counts. The mind control (cleverly given a dramatic idiosyncrasy of nose-bleeding) is psychic and originates from Langella’s character’s have been struck by lightning. The aliens control the lightning, you see.

I suppose that explains to some degree the weather games played in Minneapolis. As I’ve pointed out before, the trick was not so much controlling tornadoes as it was making sure I decided to take a walk when there was one. The attempt to convince me otherwise, well, that’s what they do.

That’s subliminal audio that got me out of the apartment that day or two. It was also hilarious when one of those days followed just after sending an email to Napolitano suggesting that Twain had been correct in saying that the last thing Jesus would be today is a Christian and I found myself after the tornado at a corner flooded with water. (I didn’t even try. The delusions I have held, both pretend- and successfully-induced by the barrage of subliminal audio and other methods in the past were not bent that way, unless you include the pretend Thor thing or whatever…you know, Ragnarok. The email itself was a fed-up/plea for ending the harassment. You can see how that turned out).

But that didn’t keep them from trying. Drugged to the point that all sensory stimuli seems important, weather, like fireworks, seems larger-than-life…the hand of God himself smashing and trying to tell you something.

And of course these methods are what ultimately made Infernis possible.

But back to the film. Clarke’s Third Law makes an appearance as well. The film takes place in 1976 (just a year before the 1977 Senate hearings on MK/Ultra) and in the film, in the wake of the discovery of aliens hiding out on Mars or similar.

All of that said, the first portion of the film presents fairly accurately what it is like to be a TI (targeted individual) in the Organized Stalking world. Weird becomes conmonplace. The differences, no nose bleeds on those who impose on you, make your life difficult.

And they don’t stand there as in a trance either. One of the things I will cover below is how to spot someone being used or prepped to be used via those methods.

One of the interesting metaphors in the film is the main premise. A couple is presented with the option of pressing the button and receiving $1 million. The cost, someone will die.

Metaphorically, I think that fits nicely with war profiteering, or it did based on the conventional wisdom coming out of WWII. As Eisenhower had warned after seeing the fortunes made after the war, we came to accept that it is good for America.

I’m fairly certain recent history has shown that this is not only wrong, but that it is also backwards. While there are some who have made a fortune after 9/11 (see the Thomas Drake tag about that happening with some of his co-workers who knowingly made money off of false threats they created), it is also destroying the middle class and breaking the federal government, especially when coupled with the Bush tax cuts. Reaganomics are wrecking the economy for most Americans, again, and yet we continue on that path.

Back to the film again, the way they wind up using Clarke’s quote is by essentially saying these aliens are angels sent by God to judge mankind. Nothing new. Both The Day the Earth Stood Still and Contact handle that after a fashion.

But that’s where this storyline and reality really part ways. The people behind the realworld mind control program(s), whether we’re talking mostly propaganda like INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP, NKINTRA, or GLADIO C, are using it to increase violence and death. As I’ve stated before, the ultimate goal is population reduction. I have not yet read up on the Georgia Guideposts, whatever that is. It merely it the only way to make sense of what is happening when you understand just how effective the use of subliminals are and how massive the effort to hide it is. Again, V2K, not even classified. The principle was discovered in the 40s, developed in the 60s, and, from what I can tell, used on a much wider scale beginning in the 80s.

Space aliens make nice scapegoats because they aren’t here. Clarke’s third law applies because most people don’t know about this old tech and the developments since. The motives and goals are obscured as well and seem “alien.” Couple that with the living in denial, “man can’t be doing this to man”, and it’s easier to believe for some, it’s wishful thinking at it’s worst.

Same goes for the supernatural explanations.

V2K completely nullifies most historical accounting in terms of motives of the big players from at least that point on. NATO is not struggling with anything that requires the time and energy we’ve been putting into it. They are setting up straw men and knocking them down because it is profitable and works toward the goal of thinning the human herd. They have decided that this is inevitable and therefore is merely a question of who goes, who stays. The targets are those who are “easy sells” in that regard (any minority, whether that’s based on race, creed, religion, sexual preference, politics, etc.), those who would oppose the idea itself (liberals, progressives, some Christians), and those who make a convenient boogeyman (Muslims) while profiting off of the contracts to do so.

One other thing about the film, I had for a few days prior to watching it entertained the idea that “Janus” might be deaf and blind. I doubt that’s the case in the strict interpretative sense.

But of course we are all Helen Keller to some extent. We have allowed a completely commercialized mainstream media that does not question authority except for show or when it falls into the goals of special business interests, to tell us what’s what. We prefer a pretty lie to ugly truth. Head in the sand, that’s us. Just tell us when the nastiness goes away, won’t you?

I am reminded again of not only the shooting scene in The Bourne Legacy but also the coverup scene where they try to create a neat, pretty little false narrative where the survivor of said shooting was the cause of it, and that she, like me, like Dakota Meyer, or the German gent in the Mollath Affair, is herself mentally disturbed and requiring of being snatched up and hidden away somewhere.

Because that’s the other thing I wanted to cover. I mean, me, me!, working at a facility owned by Koch? Yeah, there it is.

And shall I tell you how I wound up there? The person I replaced started behaving strangely. Paranoid, from the sound of it. Also perhaps delusional (he claimed a woman who got shot was his aunt, but no indication that they are actually related has thus far come to light).

Yes, I’ve decided that national security, not as the euphemism for personal profit that many in the federal government have come to think of it, but the actual prevention of terrorism somehow outweighs my need for that job. Silly me, I know. Sounds like I’ve watched too many TV shows or movies. I should just shut up and watch the money trickle in.

Anyway. The Button. You’ve been warned.

Right. How to identify someone under the influence of voice-to-skull or subliminal audio.

First, look in the mirror. You don’t live under a rock, it’s already been used on you. Guarantee it. INFOOP ROADMAP uses satellites. That’s one way subliminal audio is getting sent out whether the carrier is TV, radio, cellphone, etc. Anything that carries sound, according to Igor Smirnov. Don’t even need V2K.

Now, I’ll have to reel back to, I think, 1991. I was having dinner with a couple of New Jersey Shakespeare Festival interns. During the conversation, one of them asked me what I was laughing about. I said I didn’t know.

Truth was, I didn’t. This same thing I’ve seen and felt many, many times since. What was interesting about that dinner, I didn’t even realize that I was doing it really. It seemed normal to me.

Which means whatever I found funny was either happening on the unconscious level or was simply the feeling without any “funny” cause at all.

I saw this in someone else in the Summer of ’10. At that 24-hour film festival, there was a filmmaker who was doing that. Sort of looking down as if having a conversation with himself, and then laughing about it. I found nothing whatsoever threatening or sinister about him. I just noted that I had done that myself and filed it away until I could figure out how it was done.

Now, the layman (or the CIA psychiatrist) would likely say that is some form of schizophrenia. It isn’t. I’ve met people with real schizophrenia and it is very different. Yes, there are voices, and yes, there are often delusions as the result of those voices. But it ends there.

The tech exists. I’ve proved that here on this blog. Pointed you to the US Army’s own definition of it. And as I frequently do, remind that despite what the cover of the Senate report said, the Army was involved in MK/Ultra and the assassination progrmas as well as CIA.

I am going to guess that for your potential shooter, you’re going to see some of the same indicators. Add in the use of voice synthesis devices (also by the Army’s own definition, disseminated via satellite) and you could have a drugged individual believing he is listening to God, the Devil, or his dear old deceased grandma Daisy.

Which brings me to my final point. It saddens me. But it seems fairly clear at this point. I’m in their center, one of their hotbeds, so it must be. Been going on too long to dismiss it at this point.

Department of Homeland Security intends to drive me to violence or suicide. Either, successful or not, means they can snatch me up.

I’m not especially concerned about this except for what it means: they are in coverup mode. Rather than expose this insanely illegal, immoral, un-American, and ultimately self-defeating program in order to put an end to it, they have decided to play clean-up after others and thereby to allow it to continue.

Like I said, sad.

And finally, a bit of news. DHS has, as part of the overall budget cut thingy across the board, given furlough to 60,000 border guards. I don’t really have a reaction to this myself apart from pointing out that we are going in the wrong direction where jobs are concerned. But then that’s the point when you just want a fascist state where only the interests of a few corporations is concerned.

Well, that and noting how it’s always the lowest on the totem pole getting that shaft. Also nothing new, I suppose.

Recent Events Part 3

I mentioned car trouble. Here’s the list (which gets longer by the day):

Black pickup up – needed new engine
White van – new starter
Red pickup – got tuneup before trip, died on trip
Tan auto – engine troubles after changing spark plugs; needed new computer and other parts; now tire problem
Silver auto – leak in radiator (fixed, for now) then tire blow out just this morning

And that’s five vehicles from just two families, all recent.

As previously noted, there was car trouble that lead to the Squidgate bridge event coinciding with the Open Government Directive day (two rental cars leading to the third and a two-day delay), there was car trouble in November 1989 at the NJSF resulting in my loss of the car, and there were tire issues for two rental cars which lead me to rent a third on my trip towards Toronto (stopping off in Kentucky and Michigan on the way) earlier this year. And someone let some of the air out of the tire while it was parked in Tennessee. I must have come back out before they were finished and refilled it.

It’s a favorite harassment technique because, much like making beloved pets ill, it’s expensive to deal with. It also of course can cause problems at work due to being late or not being able to arrive at all without transportation.

It is remarkable that it goes on and on like this. Gotta be because the GOP in Congress let it go on, even encourage it because, like their leader, they want to see America fail.

That party is in for the bitchslap of the century, mark my words.


So, this is a “best guess” post.

It goes back to mid to late 1989. Think I described this elsewhere on this blog, but am going to do it again rather than link back.

After a disagreement with a co-worker (whom they more recently tried to direct my ire toward), I was sitting alone in the student center. I’m guessing this was before school started at Drew University because the place was empty. As I noted before, I “felt” as if a gun were put to the left side of my head and there was a tingly sensation on the right as if someone had sort of pulled the trigger. At the time and for several years after, I just didn’t know what to make of it. Still don’t entirely, but since I don’t believe in voodoo, I’m going with hypnosis.

The question then becomes, when and how was I hypnotized. As I recall, the confrontation and subsequent violent event occurred in the evening during a stage set changeover. The phony voodoo event occurred during daylight, and so I think it was the next day or perhaps two days after. Therefore, the most likely time for planting suggestions would be while sleeping.

Since the Frey effect was demonstrated in 1973 and 1974, and this is sixteen or fifteen years later, I’m going with remote “synthetic telepathy” while sleeping. The suggestion planted, it triggered later in the day while awake.


But that got me thinking. What if some of the other experiences, the shark and mushroom clouds for example, were also done that way. What if that Sony thing is not operational yet, merely the product of a combination of drugs increasing trust (oxytocin levels?) with voice-to-skull suggesting I will “see” it?

I was very sleep-deprived also at that time. I saw, as I said, on two occasions, people walking out of the corner of my eye only to look up seconds later to see no one around at all. I chalked that up to lack of sleep also (wake dreaming, brain trying to catch up on what REM provides) but why not hypnosis instead?

Then there was the period (2010, I think, but cannot recall exactly when, might have been early 2011) when, while typing up some posts like these, I had a great deal of trouble with verb tenses. Let me be more specific… though I was detailing things that happened in the past, I felt forced to use the present tense. It was quite a while after that happened, and I tried partly in vain to rewrite some of those in past tense, that I realized where I had seen that idea before. Hypnosis.

And so the list goes on and on. Some of the thoughts in that deli were not mine, not what I would have been thinking. And, the ridiculous puppet show of the owner telling me to have a seat just before that encounter. Completely staged without most or all of the participants realizing it. But was that “on the spot” suggestion or had someone gone to the trouble of planting it the night before? Don’t know.

EDIT: Of course there’s a hole here. I don’t think you can “talk” a dog into being on the wrong road at the wrong time. Yeah, the Sony thing must work. “Upload” a fake odor electronically and the dog will go wherever you want when you want. Maybe a faux sound, though, or a real one beyond human range. Then make sure your puppet driver is in the vicinity. END EDIT

And, though I’ve alluded to it before, it seems incredibly dumb or brazen for CIA to be using things that they researched, that are so obviously from the old programs:

6. Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness.

I don’t say that means it isn’t, but I do say it would tend to point to someone who has a grudge or is a competitor, whether that’s another agency, a subcontractor who wants more of the work, or one who is not happy about where he wound up.

You can see why someone might think actors would be good subjects for this. It’s like taking direction, doing a performance. Of course when you choose people who like to improvise, who for whatever reason have authority issues, it might not have been a good idea. You know, the actor’s revenge.

The Terror Makers

Continuing along the lines of the US government attempting to turn me into a terrorist or crazed murderer from the previous post (or to try to frame me for same from the one before that)…

Recall again the bizarre brainwashing the began with an odd visit from someone I don’t know. He seemed to be thanking me for attempting to help Peter Watts out of his dilemma (that being the bridge issues that we refer to as Squidgate). Recall also the 1955 draft MK-Ultra memo item 12, to make someone dependent upon someone else.

I think I should pause here for a moment to make clear what I would and would not do back when any of that mattered. I would send emails regarding it. I would post things on Internet pages regarding it. I would buy anyone a beer I thought might have the slightest inkling who the f*** he was.

What I would not do is stand outside anyone’s home in the dark watching the place. Nor even try to find out their address or phone number (no, not even when it was readily available in court documents) when email is available as a communication method.

And believe me, in some ways this brainwashing made the mere thought of this person at times every bit as addictive as cigarettes…as much as, I can only imagine, heroin must be but without the physical withdrawal stuff.

Why, then would I not go to such lengths? Well, first, alienating the friends and acquaintances of someone you thought you were interested in hardly seems a good move. Second, getting arrested doesn’t sound like a good idea (especially when you know that is precisely what the a-holes in the intelligence community who have been harassing you want). Third, the people I thought likely to know the answer I was also rather fond of. Stalking them just didn’t strike me as very friendly.

(I say most of that because I just never had the chance otherwise).

Moving on…

There was, when Peter had his issues at the border, on the bridge, a passenger in the car with him. He never said who it was on his blog so neither will I. He testified at the trial, I met him there.

There was, I was certain, somewhere the mention of the fact that when they handcuffed him, it was to a fence or other such object nearby and that he was left there for hours. Understand that voice-to-skull or whatever it was made sure that I at least strongly considered that that person must have been the same one I saw in the deli, had been brainwashed over.

Rather than accept that as fact, I attempted to find out a few days before the trial by asking a friend of Peter’s an innocuous question like, what was the age of the person in the car with Peter? Some way to know if it was the same person or not without asking that directly or otherwise having them think I was in any way attempting to undermine Peter’s legal defense. Understandably, they did not want to meet with me so close to the start of the trial. In fact, this was a last minute idea once I realized I was passing through Toronto to get to Michigan from New York. However, I did leave NYC early to give myself some “cool down” time between the intense harassment in NY and the start of the trial. Walking in and seeing the store-guy there and knowing he’d been mistreated without preparing myself for that might have had an angry, embarrassing or worse result.

Now recall also that my old friend, T. Ryder Smith, an actor from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, also wound up doing the audio book voice work for Peter’s novel, Blindsight. And that it was only because my friend Stu handed me a copy of it to read that I read it in paper form at all and that that was before knowing that Smith had any connection to Peter at all. That coincidence alone is just flashing “weird” if not “covert ops” in bright neon all by its lonesome.

Recall also that when they harassed Kara Miller, that they had her convinced that Smith was either the Devil or worked for the CIA. She didn’t know what was going on or how it was done, but she knew it had to be supernatural or superscience.

Again, this was to provoke me to assume Smith had somehow planned all of this and to run off and kill him. To make matters worse, there was at least one person on the Internet (probably more) whom they tried to convince me was Smith (at least one probably was, but I have no reason to think he’s any or much more resistant to brainhacking than anyone else).

As if that weren’t enough, I ran across this:

October 12, 2009 staged reading of The Laramie Project at La Jolla Playhouse. The show is about the death of Matthew Shepherd and the aftermath. Smith was in it (see toward end of top paragraph).

Which implicated both Smith as sort of mocking me and the border guards for handcuffing my “brainwashed love” to a railing for several hours. (That is, if you have people using electronics to put ideas like that into your head. Smith was, I am sure, very sincere and happy to be a part of that show).

I was somewhat relieved to find that it was not the same person in the car with Peter as I had seen in the store, the guy that they “affixed” me to using drugs, harassment, psyops, etc., though I was certainly still upset that it happened to anyone at all.

Again, I cannot help but wonder, are these the sorts of things they did to Ivins, Kaczynski, Breivik, Ortega-Hernandez, Koresh, Jim Jones (and, why not? Osama bin Laden, etc) and if so…why is it still happening? Where is the system failing? How can government-sponsored terrorism continue when I know there are people aware of it who would not approve? Why and how is it possible in the United States of America to have a group of people getting away with trying up drive others insane, to push them to commit crimes, etc.? I don’t expect perfection, but this is a real threat, not the phony bulls*** that they make up to scare money out of Congress.

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