The CIA Assault on the First Amendment {Updated}

The Central Intelligence Agency is the herpes of information. The highly contagious kind.


Not that this should be needed, but see MOCKINGBIRD where CIA ran several reporters and got them to plant stories, MUDHEN where they sought to discredit investigative reporter Jack Anderson, and a recent discovery: Not only did G. Gordon Liddy talk about, for example, putting LSD on Anderson’s steering wheel or a deadly knife attack to be blamed on the DC locals, but he and former CIA officer E. Howard Hunt actually scouted out Anderson’s home.

Karl Frisch, “New book: Liddy’s talk of killing journalist went well beyond talk,” MediaMatters, 14 September 2010:

It should also be noted that screwing up bureacracy is really old hat around CIA. In fact, it predates it by a bit since it’s actually OSS, the Office of Strategic Services:

Richard Feloni, “The 16 best ways to sabotage your organization’s productivity, from a CIA manual published in 1944,” Business Insider, 5 November 2015:


This really needs little introduction, doesn’t it?

First, we noticed some time back that Google, among others, were downgrading sites considered “leftist,” such as anything with the word socialist involved and outlets like The Intercept, Democracy Now!, Common Dreams,, and even the ACLU as well as Wikileaks. {Note, Facebook may have done similar to some rightwing sites, citing “fake news” as the reason.}

Niles Niemuth, “Google’s Eric Schmidt admits political censorship of search results,” World Socialist Web Site, 22 November 2017:

Now I’m going to cross the streams again, but we have no time for squabbles. See also Yasha Levine’s new book, Surveillance Valley, about the origins of the Internet and its connection to being used as a tool to put down insurgencies. Yasha has also reported extensively on the makeup of Google and other SilVal companies, detailing many former miliary and intelligence officers among the ranks of the companies’ managers.

More recently, we have the Redscare nonsense about the Russians controlling Facebook, Twitter, etc. While I have little doubt that such things sometimes occur, we must recall that much earlier than this, like we found out about it before the Snowden releases, the Department of Defense had developed “sockpuppet” software in order for one operative to seem like several distinct people online. They can then pretend that something is more or less popular than it actually is, team up and bully some person or group, or bury something they don’t want seen by spamming a site with bulls*** comments, pushing the one they don’t want to get any traffic off the page. To name just a few things possible.

In other words, we were already developing these offensive abilities in, at the latest, 2011. Well before even 2013, or 2014, when we destabilized Russia’s neighbor Ukraine.

Seumas Milne, “It’s not Russia that’s pushed Ukraine to brink of war,” The Guardian, 30 April 2014:

Certainly before 2016 and the campaign. But I noted an attempt to pull things back to 2013 in a subtle attempt to make it seem as if Russia interference–whatever that actually consisted of, whatever effects it may or not have had–was unprovoked. Note that the plan to destabilize Ukraine had to have been planned years prior. The Magnitsky Act, imposing sanctions against Russia, was 2009; and if it was in reality about the death of a tax expert in a Moscow prison, was guilty torture-dog barking.

And of course all the scaremongering is resulting in steps–steps, I say!–being taken!

Chip Gibbons, “The FBI Is Setting Up a Task Force to Monitor Social Media: But is the worst possible candidate for the job,” The Nation, 1 February 2018:

Well, I don’t know about the worst, Chip.

Second worst.

Sad/humorous side tangent re clickbait, which enters our story later.


By the way, there is little worse this side of FOX News than Facebook’s incessant stream of fake news clickbait advertisements. Every hot celebrity is either leaving a show that they aren’t, retiring from showbiz or sports or whatever when they are not, or did something that the fake article will only hint at, prompting you to click and score some change for some kind of crap they’re selling. Truly, even the dullest, most dry, half-baked-didn’t-ever-read-Marx-kinda-made-it-all-up “Commie” manifesto points would not be as abusive. But your time is Wall Street’s money and FB wants a cut.

He isn’t.

No, he’s not.

“I wonder what it could be. Maybe I should just click and find ou–”

“Stop that, stop it, stop it!

Well, maybe. But that’s because he’s 673 years old.



Now, you might have noticed that NBC just hired the man who spied on the United States Senate in order to suppress the release of their report on torture.

Jon Levine, “Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Signs as MSNBC/NBC Contributor,” The Wrap, 2 February 2018:

Meet the Press and Morning Joe? Herpes.

You might have noticed that the man who lied to the Senate about NSA spying has also been making his appearances and has joined CNN along with the Bob Hope of the intelligence community, Michael Hayden.

Caitlin Johnstone, “‘Deep State’ Veterans Find New Homes in Mainstream Media,” Consortium News, 5 February 2018:

I like this Johnstone lady. And I like Consortium News now and again.

She also explains what the Deep State is, that it is real and a reasonable thing to believe in even if most of the RW nutty news outlets have latched onto it as an explanation as to why Trump is so goddam awful at optics with anyone but his loyalists.

But the irony…

Graham Fuller, “Who is Containing Whom?,” Consortium News, 7 February 2018:

Folks, the author of this is Graham Fuller. This is a man who worked for CIA in Afghanistan in the 1980s. During the Reagan administration. He was almost certainly involved one way or another with radicalizing Afghanis, as noted towards the bottom over here.

Additionally, he is the former {?} CIA officer who married for a time into the Tsarnaev family. Yes, the Boston Marathon Bomber family. While there is ample evidence of FBI malfeasance in the investigation, as ACLU has noted, there is also the likelihood of some portions of the op–assuming there was one and I kind of do–performed by CIA.

Re-read part above/at link about radicalizing Afghan youth. Re-read part about Liddy/Hunt “eyes on” scouting mission. Connect operational modus dots. Win a cyber cookie.

But it doesn’t stop here. Remember this old tldr post, “In Which David Sirota Saves the Planet?” Of course, you don’t, but don’tclick ityet, just take my word for it.

Well, guess who’s leaving the International Business Times along with various other investigative reporters and support personnel from there and sister outlet Newsweek. Now, guess why.

Re-read part about OSS manual on destroying organizations. Re-read part about Facebook clickbait.

It’s like an octopus. Much scarier than the Kochtopus, but the two are connected somewhere as well no doubt, perhaps via detachable penis.

With herpes.


BBD – Not Quite He Said, He Said {Updated}

Langley is a bigger shithole than Norway edition.

(Cuz Nobody’s talkin’ ’bout you.)

Met him a year ago or so. Thought he was full of crap then. Maybe a hustler. Clearly someone in need of a corrective vision apparatus if one were to take his verbal romantic interest seriously.

Then he disappeared for a chunk of last year. Did mention moving to Texas. {People do that?}.

Turns out he instead moved to New Mexico. However, on the way back from a day trip from Mexico a border guard stopped them and verbally harassed repeatedly the lady he was with. There were drug-sniffing dogs. They found nothing because there was nothing to be found.

But, one assumes because as we know the Border Patrol and local police down there are completely bought by the cartels, the CIA, and various untouchable members of the Legislative Branch, just had to keep playing the bully, maybe to convince himself when he lets the drug smugglers across that he’s still somehow a “good guy.”

My new boyfriend, let’s call him Kevin {you already see where this is going, don’t you?} told the guard to leave his friend alone. The guard pushed his head. In what was of course a normal reaction, Kevin pushed his hand away.

He, because he insisted on a trial and held out for a while, plead down from assault on a federal officer to a misdemeanor and spent some five months and change in a Texas prison. That’s why I didn’t see him until earlier this week.

Did I mention he’s from Chicago? I know, too much right after saying to some friends I didn’t have the “take home” type in my life. But then he’s, in his own words, half African, quarter Irish, quarter Eastern Indian. And pretty from head to toe in my words.

Did I mention his mother’s name was Hope? She died in 2012 or 2013. Know when you are being played, ladies and non-ladies. Really I suppose I’m insulted that they’d think I’d be stupid enough to think what they wanted me to think.

Did I mention he had a rose tattoo? That may not mean as much to most of you. Does to me. He bought a faux black rose to go with the faux red one I had in my car for months now. Now as to why that is…

It took a day after our first date to figure out what CIA’s real endgame is. Really only a couple of hours of quiet did the trick. I can’t quite show my homework on this one. Part of the idea is to of course forget the problem and let the unconscious figure it out. There was a lot of “loud” stuff that would take more attention, but then they laid groundwork for the other thing, quietly, like a small, thin thread among a bundle of ropes.

I figured it out about 37 seconds before this tweet. Yes, always have your Twitter gun loaded in case of emergency.

I am again wondering why CIA consistently insists on doing the sort of opposite of what it should if it really wanted me to clam up. But then I remember it’s run by psychotic Nazi clowns and it all becomes clearer.

Don’t think I’ll be elaborating just yet as to what that end game is. I just couldn’t resist letting them know I already know. 😀

BBD – Veterans Affairs

Just learned that, as part of some initiative, the VA is asking veterans, like my dad, questions like the following:

“Do you want to kill someone?”

“Have you ever wanted to kill someone?”

“Do you think that the CIA is out to get you?”

And more.

Of course my father, whom CIA did not dose with LSD and probably a few to several other substances, ruin his long term relationship, ruin his career and finances, destroy his reputation and at least for a time his mind, make his dog so ill it had to be put to sleep and then try to convince him that they killed his grandmother the same way, and, since I haven’t mentioned it lately, burn down a friend’s apartment building with her and her father in it {see here in chapter 24 again, this time note 7} and then run a PSYOP on him utilizing olive oil in a truck tailpipe hours later, unsurprisingly answered in the negative to all those questions.

Let me save whoever some time and confirm that my mother, likewise, would answer negative to all those questions. Hell, I was two years or so into the harassment before I believed it.

Post-9/11 US intelligence community is as bad or worse than Cold War US intelligence community and not a single person went to prison for the excesses then. Why, then, is it so surprising that excesses and abuse continue?


BBD – Pre-Wormwood [Updated]

I haven’t actually gotten through the first episode of Netflix‘s/Errol Morris’ miniseries about MKULTRA yet. I will watch it. Saw the opening and realized it was at least partially about Frank Olson who was murdered by CIA for, most likely, having a conscious when MI6 tested a deadly nerve gas on a few of their own airmen, [UPDATE] or perhaps due to there being truth to the US employing biological warfare during the Korean War [/UPDATE]. But not before they drugged him and made him crazy.

However, it does explain why they threw Hamilton Morris, Errol’s son, in my path back in November or December of 2014. Besides fitting the very basic description of ‘Janus,’ he had traveled in the footsteps, from what I can tell, of one or more of the MKULTRA toxicologists who were checking on legends and exotic plants south of the US border. He also lived in Brooklyn, as did I and that is where I saw Janus those few times.

As I noted at the time, I didn’t actually believe that Hamilton was Janus, merely that fascist forces within the US government wanted me to think so.

In any case, I originally contacted Hamilton in an attempt to identify one or more substances that, most likely the CIA, surreptitiously doped me with. Since then, I have at least tentatively identified LSD–no surprise–as one likely candidate due to the bright colors seeming to come off the wall at a diner on Lexington Avenue in January of 2010. I have updated Wicked Game with that information.

In addition, as I’ve noted before, there was–at a minimum–also something that either was testosterone or enhanced testosterone production while I was in Minneapolis, to increase aggression it would seem. What precisely that was, I don’t know.

In any case, now it makes some sense. Note that Eric Olson, son of Frank Olson is also a consultant on the show. Looking forward to it when I find the time.

BBD – What Dreams Are Made Of

Preambling One

Let me begin with what may have prompted this ill-advised act, though to be honest most of you aren’t likely to believe it anyway, so it’s a pretty safe thing to have done.

Yesterday included a tirade on the Twitter and the Macebook regarding the high likelihood that DoD is more likely running psychologically operations–made legal via the NDAA which Obama signed originally and gets renewed enthusiastically by Democrats and Teapublitarians alike every year–on the populace with regards to “UFO parts” than actually being in possession of parts of some advanced civilization’s technology. More likely, it’s an effort to convince us that there’s something to it, and therefore allow Congress to weaponize space and they can all get even more kickbacks than 9/11 cash cow provided.

Goodbye every one of your rights.

Or, maybe it was the side note where I suggested that perhaps New Atheist darling Sam Harris, when he works on his neuroscience and religion research projects, is likely working for CIA/DoD. He doesn’t seem to get that it was brainhacking that got us into this mess in the first place and that he is Johnny Come Lately to the let’s-fix-it-by-mucking-with-the-gray-matter party.

See especiallyWashington Post, “From U.S., the ABCs of Jihad.”

Preambling Two

The substance of this post is with regards to, possibly and probably, ultrasound non-lethal weapon technology. In order to get any of that, you should first see this SONY patent, which I rather rudely foisted on Barrett Brown earlier today, who is simply trying to play virtual video games without being ambushed by Trump’s non-virtual assassins.

I exaggerate. I joke. But only a little.

Ultrasound, assuming it wasn’t some rather effective hypnotic or subliminal suggestion designed to appear otherwise. Maybe they’re just trying to cajole the Chinese into solving some technical problem they’ve encountered that would make what I’m suggesting below impossible {such as through-the-wall ultrasound…don’t know how/if that’s doable}.

SONY Patent

For those who need some terminology, the cerebral cortex is the sensory and thinking part of your brain. Yes. “Data,” e.g., sight, sound, smell, etc., and perhaps even thoughts and ideas beamed right into your head.

The point: We are running out of time. We are already to the point that they can find someone to do whatever it is they want done. That’s bad enough. Waiting until they can get anyone to anything seems like suicide to me, but then all of this is hard to grasp for a layperson.

The Meat

Right. Sleeping. Having a nightmare. Don’t recall exactly what it was except I was, as in real life, in bed. Something was in the bed with me. I could not move nor open my eyes. Just about the time something wrapped around my neck and came closer behind me, I managed to move a leg, my upper body still frozen, and opened my eyes.

Then I saw what looked like a window, and there was a real window as well, but this one was much closer and was covered with frost. It was dark, of course. I asked myself where TF was I? It took some seconds before the fake window faded and I saw the real one.

The old nightmare within a nightmare trope. Fun times.

The “frost” kind of looked like ghosting when you stare at a bright light, but it covered most of my visual field in a squarish pattern. Possibly not ultrasound but lasers or something.

Who knows? In any case, I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s a small, perverse part of me that doesn’t want people to believe it. The misery-loves-company portion wants the worst to happen if only so I can say “Told you so.”

But then I also try to rise above that.

In any case, this would have been quite the unpleasant experience had I not already been through so many other unpleasant experiences previously. I can imagine it working nicely to convince someone else that there is no point in resisting. You might even convince them that resistance is futile. *

PS: Don’t try this at home. 😉

* See what I did there?


BBD – Miss Me?

Author’s Note: There might be a few editorials in the account below. As always in the rare instances when I am forced to do this, there are reasons for doing so and they don’t affect the point being made.

At work this past Sunday, I was starting my shift and in the middle of relieving a co-worker when a customer came up to the counter and asked if we had called Phoenix PD. We had not. I inquired as to why he asked.

It was because there were at least three patrol SUV’s blocking the parking lot, at least six officers in the parking lot and at the entrance, and some were armed with “rifles” {which I think were actually combat shotguns}.

My co-worker went out to inquire what was happening and was told to go back inside and to keep the customers in there as well. This continued for some 25-35 minutes at which point my co-worker called the non-emergency number and asked what was going on. Some customers were desirous to leave and we asked them not to.

The reply was that there was a report of someone with a rifle. It turned out that this was not the case, and I assume the person on the other end of the phone got the calls mixed up, but I’m not sure.

What had happened was there was a stolen car in the parking lot. The alleged car thief was in the store, though police apparently did not know that when they arrived.

And yet they behaved very much as if they did. Probably this is standard procedure. But there was something about how sure they seemed that he was that makes me wonder.

We eventually came out and asked them what was up. They questioned another man first, then the one who it seems was the one who stole the car. They wound up letting him go. He hung around the store for a while and then left.

Mere moments before the witness, the car salesman arrived, the thief walked away. Because at the time of questioning police could not confirm he was the one who stole the car, they had let him go.

The salesman identified him via a picture. A tow truck was arranged and everyone left.

Some hours later, now manning the store solo, I received a call from the salesman. He explained the method that the thief had used.

The thief had come to the lot with a car fob of the make that the lot sold. Pretending to be interested in buying a car, he got the fob for a match from the salesman, and when he started it up, backed it out a few feet and then pulled back into the spot, he switched the fobs.

He handed the bad fob to the salesman and then inquired about another vehicle, stating that he might go for lunch and then come back.

As soon as the salesman stepped toward the other vehicle, the thief hopped in the car and drove off.

What is not clear to me, much like the armed response, was how PPD knew where the car was, that is in our lot.

Then it occurred to me…while the method of theft was not on the genius level, it was somewhat sophisticated. It took some thought and guile.

And yet the thief just went to our store and parked it? Something was missing.

Some time after the call from the salesman, who had been concerned about the thief returning because they still had not found the key fob, a customer brought me the jacket that the thief had been wearing when I arrived to work but–and I had noticed–was not wearing when he departed.

In it, he said, was a .38. It turned out, I think, that it was actually a 380. When police finally came to get it, the officer removed the magazine and found one loaded in the chamber. He showed me the cartridge. It was similar to a hollow point but had some material filled in where the hollow portion was. I have forgotten what these are called,but I believe they were Hydra-Shok bullets; the purpose is that the rounds do similar damage to hollow points but stay in the body instead of passing through. Depending on how they are used, I am told that they can actually cause worse health complications than hollow points.

So there were the clues. Why steal a car, have a gun, and then just sit at my store?

I spoke to the manager this afternoon. The first time the manager had seen this guy, about a year ago, he had been talking to someone else in the parking lot about robbing the owner, who had stopped by to deliver what he thought was big money. It had actually just been a bunch of $1 bills, but he hadn’t noticed the denomination.

That was when it all fell together. He planned to rob the store and use the car for his getaway.

And yet, before I could really even start my shift, police were there blockading the building.

Now, lest you think PPD likes me or something, I really don’t think that’s it, just the day prior, Saturday, I had a retired NYPD officer, who said he had a brother or brother-in-law or similar in PPD, who on 24 November had placed a special order with a co-worker, play some silly PSYOP or mind games with me. He had promised me and my co-workers some PBA cards, which he stated–too jovially for someone in my position to take seriously–were “get out of jail free” cards.

I had heard of various stickers, decals, “deputy” badges, etc., that could reduce one’s odds of getting a speeding ticket. But a get out jail free card? I thought you had to be elected, have the last name Corp or Inc, or be a member of the terminally corrupt US intelligence community to carry one of those.

Anyway, he looked at his order, stated it was wrong, stated that one of the items was not something enough–even though it was the something-est thing on the market–and told me he’d be right back after grabbing a picture in his car of what he actually wanted.

He immediately started his vehicle and drove away. Precisely what the message of this nonsensical PSYOP–which began at the time he placed his order well before I gave that small donation to The Intercept last week–I just don’t know. It was very, very muddled.

Maybe it would have made more sense if they had, as they did in NYC, dope me with LSD first. Don’t know.

In any case, I’m laughing. But only so hard. There’s always a price to pay for that. And making a blog post like this one.

Still. “Curses! Foiled again!” is somehow on my brain. #lulz

And lastly, the fact that in this case, and several others, some of which I’ve blogged, some I have not, involved a POC was not lost on me. The post-WWII social program that lifted white families out of poverty but entrenched minority families in it, is something every American should be aware of.

Of course, even armed with that knowledge, one is not bulletproof. And that’s the rub.


Donald: Right for the Wrong Reasons

Like a broken clock twice a day…

Because somebody needs to sort this shit out. Also, I feel the need to clarify my reasons and separate them from Donald for disliking the US intelligence community.

First, Trump’s bashing of the CIA is disingenuous. One of his supporters is Peter Thiel, founder of Palantir, a private intelligence contractor, who wants to privatize the intelligence community. Second, of course, is Trump’s ties to Putin and Russia.

But this is in a very real sense a sad joke. The United States of America is nothing of the sort. It is a boundary inside which public-funded mercenaries with labels like the Department of Defense and Triple Canopy go about doing the dirty work for multinational corporations. That is all that it is. Notions of patriotism only appeal to a criminally ignorant public and brainwashed jarheads who think they serve a country instead of the corporate interests that they actually serve. This includes running and coordinating the world’s drug trade for foreign investors, such as can be seen in Honduras where Chinese, Japanese, EU and UK investors watch as US military bases support drug trafficking and surrogates {when it’s not direct military strikes and CIA doing it} murder the indigenous population who has been given the bad choices of becoming drug mule slaves or dying as frequent delivery planes take off from the property of a Honduran millionaire.

To say nothing of Afghanistan, where 2014 was the biggest poppy year in the history of the country and the trend continues. Off-the-books black bag ops have no shortage of funding sources today for CIA. Just imagine every intelligence community scandal in the past fifty years on steroids, and you’ll get the idea about what is happening behind the scenes.

Of recent note, Muckrock’s efforts have resulted in many new releases from CIA under FOIA. Of interest, COINTELPRO is now {more officially} known to have been a joint operation between CIA and FBI. This is important so that one can understand that while both agencies supported millionaires and then later billionaires in the past, they are now fully in the multinational corporation camp and consider the American people–and really people in general–to be the enemy.

A quick reference here again to a handful of people who, like myself, claim that behavioral modification means and methods were responsible for their “radicalization.” Of course, the only ones whose names get thrown about in the news are those who shoot people or blow something up. Not only as per the previous post’s Ft. Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago but there was both Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis and lesser known Myron May {both African-American} who made similar claims. Here’s a reminder what MKULTRA’s true purpose was according to the CIA itself:

MK-ULTRA’s purpose was “research and development of chemical, biological and radiological materials [for use] in clandestine operations to control human behavior.” The CIA hoped the “psychoactive chemicals” would work on the victim’s mind and emotions to “release him from the restraint of self-control.”

That was the 1950’s.

Our current dilemma’s stem from the 2001 National Intelligence Estimate. In it, the intelligence community cited the growing gap between the rich and poor as the US’ biggest 21st Century security threat. Naturally, this meant CIA and FBI would get to take the gloves off and enjoy near complete freedom via twisted legal memos allowing practically anything to be done as long as they follow spirit-of-the-law-illegal-but-letter-of-the-slimy-lawyer-memo-legal protocols. {See The Intercept‘s recent work on FBI’s loosening rules.}

9/11, which was almost certainly engineered the same or similar way as the Santiago, Alexis and May shootings, opened the door for this and the mass privatization which Trump is attempting to increase by destroying public education and privatizing national parks. Both things CIA in its heart of hearts would love to help accomplish. Whether or not there are individuals within any agency that oppose is irrelevant. They follow orders or simply choose to work on a different assignment. It still gets done, just by someone else.

Anyway, this nonsense about the intelligence community going after Trump is about getting the GOP party elites back in charge. It will make nearly no difference to anyone at all except for GOP party elites. They will still continue to use covert operations to attempt to turn public opinion against minorities, as they did with 9/11, the Gary Webb crack cocaine epidemic resulting in the creation of the term “Superpredator,” etc.

All of this underlines another point: Doesn’t seem to matter where you turn. There isn’t anyone in your corner when you’re the little guy. This is bad guys against bad guys. They will resolve it soon and be one big happy evil family.

Note also that CIA was silent when Nixon conspired to wreck US peace talks for election purposes and Americans actually died as a result–not one of those silly Internet scare-tactics, actually happened–so that Humphrey {backed by LBJ} wouldn’t be able to claim peace as a reason to vote for him and the Democrats.

Nor did CIA speak up when Reagan’s people cut a deal with the Iranians to hold American hostages longer for similar reasons against Carter. Another indicator that CIA is as full of shit as it always is and doesn’t care about the average American at all, even when they are in the military or foreign service in embassies. They just have a good narrative this time with the Russians cuz Cold War.

and Red Dawn.

…and Red Dawn.