It’s Kind of Circular

Before I launch into the point of yet another “Oh yes it is” post, please take note of the following. First, a news article about a man who shot at drivers in Michigan because he believed that they were out to get him.

Crimesider Staff, “Mich. highway shooter sentenced gets 6-to-10 years in prison,” CBS/AP, 4 February 2014:

Casteel’s attorney, Doug Mullkoff, did say before Langford-Morris announced her judgment that Casteel was “very troubled” at the time of the shootings and didn’t wish his actions “upon himself or the victims.”

“Raulie Casteel did not choose mental illness. It chose him,” Mullkoff said. “He had no history of mental illness before this period in his life. He never was diagnosed until after his arrest.”

During the Livingston County trial, Casteel testified that he shot at the other motorists near the busy Interstate 96 corridor between Lansing and Detroit over a three-day period in October 2012. He said he did so impulsively and because of wild, uncontrolled delusions and paranoia, believing the other drivers were part of a government conspiracy against him.

The shootings terrified the region for weeks, leading commuters to change their driving habits and forcing schools to keep children inside at recess.

While the terrorism charge brought by the state attorney general’s office covered all the shootings in Livingston, Shiawassee, Ingham and Oakland counties, Tuesday’s sentencing came in a case brought by prosecutors in the latter county for shootings that happened there.

Casteel had faced 60 charges, including attempted murder, in Oakland County for shootings in Commerce Township and Wixom.

His lawyers and family members favored the plea deal, because it allows him to receive the ongoing mental health counseling he wants. Defense attorney Doug Mullkoff has said his client was diagnosed with delusional disorder, a condition associated with maintaining false, persistent beliefs despite evidence to the contrary.

I agree with Doug. Of course I’ve also met Doug. He was the Squidgate defense attorney.

Next, before I reiterate all the various methods the unscrupulous could employ to get results like this in a human being, the undisputed history of having researched it during the Cold War, and the probable motives for doing so, yet another method recently came to my attention, this time via a second Naval Research document. What I write here is by no means an exhaustive analysis, merely another method that jumped out at me and fits well with some of the older ones described in past posts.

John D’Andrea, C.K. Chou, Sheila A. Johnston, Eleanor A. Adair, “Microwave Effects on the Nervous System,” Naval Health Research Center Detachment, January 2003:

Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB)
Permeability The blood–brain barrier (BBB) prevents high molecular weight substances in the blood from getting into the brain. This barrier protects the brain from foreign toxic substances but allows passage of the molecules that are necessary for metabolism. A number of causes, such as edema, anoxia, hypertension, and ionizing radiation, have been shown to induce BBB changes, often increasing permeability of substances to the brain. The radio tracer method of Oldendorf [1970] is often used to allow for a quantitative measurement of test substance penetration. The RF induced BBB permeability increase was controversial for many years. Now most researchers believe that the permeability change is associated with an increase in temperature induced blood flow.

–page S127, 22 in the PDF.

Simply put, the BBB prevents many bad things from getting into the brain. Increase the permeability–that is the amount and kinds of substances and/or pathogens that can pass through this barrier–and you can give a person any number of diseases and conditions, many affecting cognition, mood, and perception, and some of which can result in death. This is yet another traceless method of killing someone or at least ruining their life, turning it into a living hell.

You’ll note the inclusion of hypertension alone as a possible cause of increasing the permeability of the BBB. This actually may explain why isolation and trauma–as noted in the CIA’s brainwashing document–can result in schizophreniclike symptoms including hallucinations. Read if for yourself.

Apart from this, you also have the myriad substances CIA tested on some witting, some unwitting subjects, most notably LSD-25, but including probably 80 substances altogether.

Then there is the Frey effect, also known as the radiowave hearing effect or the microwave auditory effect. It was first demonstrated in the mid-1970s. More recently, the US Army’s CALL {Center for Army Lessons Learned} had “voice-to-skull devices” defined on their website but at some point they took it down. The Federation of American Scientists kept a copy. {You can also note again the two DoD info memos released on the same day: one to circumvent the OIG, the other to define damage from non-lethal weapons as having to be permanent and physical in the eyes of the Pentagon}.

This effect can make a person think that they are crazy because they either hear voices or experience strange involuntary thoughts that seem to come from someone or somewhere else. This is where tinfoil hat comes from.

Moving on, a short list of infamous people who were also subjects of CIA mind control programs or operations: Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski, “Whitey” Bulger, Lois Lang. What else do these three have in common? They all killed people.

Now for a list of people I’ve met. As I noted some time ago, I found myself working six hours a week at a plant owned by the Koch brothers. I found this, once I discovered who owned it, strange and a little alarming. Strange, because I couldn’t imagine how they missed me. A little alarming because I ran a PSYOP on some of the Kochs’ top lobbyists while living in Minneapolis. Though I was not told specifically that if I did that that my life would be returned to me, that the harassment and hellishness would stop, I was desperate enough to try almost anything to find some semblance of normal. Of course, things only got worse because the Democrats don’t care about human beings any more than Republicans do.

But how did I wind up working at Koch {as an outside contractor}? A young man whom I went through orientation and drug screening with suddenly seemed to go crazy in February of 2013. He called in to work claiming that “they” were after him, had given him a flat, and had murdered his aunt on the Interstate. His supervisors told me that they did find a story about a woman shot but that it was not his aunt.

He became increasingly disturbed, stopped answering his phone, and became a no-show at work. I was called in to cover part of his shift.

Then there are the many, many so-called TIs {targeted individuals} I’ve met and/or interacted with on the Internet and telephone. They, on the one hand, typically make some claims that I don’t believe to be true about how and why bad things happen to them, but on the other have some experiences that I and other people have also had without knowing about those experiences.

It’s a process that practically covers itself up. You are harassed to the point of madness and then madness takes over and pushes mere perception to the breaking point. Whether you were actually drugged, are experiencing the side-effects of sleep deprivation, emotional exhaustion, and the changes that occur in the brain via the BBB and the stomach via stress changed in the bacteria there, which wind up sending too much dopamine and/or serotonin, you can no longer trust your own judgment, so why would the police, your friends, family and co-workers, or reporters? It’s murdering a person without actually killing them. It is the science behind “driving someone crazy.”

The first question, or hurdle, is why isn’t there more evidence that this is happening now? Where is the Edward Snowden of dirty tricks and covert ops by proxy dupes?

The first thing you should know about covert field operatives is that they have almost certainly broken the law. They are, by virtue of their occupation, open to blackmail. They don’t tell on their employers because their employers have the dirt on them. This was what made the OPM hack so disturbing; it contained the dirt on many intelligence professionals. Side note: If it is truly in the hands of the Chinese, then you can bet that the two main political parties in the US also have a copy, and vice versa. Things often play out very differently than rhetoric might make it seem, and China is still a maker of cheap stuff for the US.

So, there’s our first problem: Whistleblowers aren’t likely because they will be smeared by the corporate media. These smears might drown out the message.

Next, they of course are brainwashed; subjected to the same kinds of propaganda that many of the rest of us are, but with much, much, tighter control. For example, we know that the ODNI forbids all intelligence employees from reading The Intercept. They are more likely to follow orders in the first place because that’s what their training did; combine that with “anything that didn’t come from the Director is a Russian|ISIS|Anarchist|Girl Scouts of America plot” and you can just keep on turning a blind eye, assuming that you are in the know despite being subject to surveillance, compartmentation, and the daily force-feeding of bullshit that only smells a little like apple pie.

Then there’s internal security and the FBI to contend with. While little is known about the former currently, there was one chief of CIA security known to wear swastikas. And, of course, the FBI has no compunction about destroying people for their bosses and Wall Street. You’ll find no decency, no sense of right and wrong, no thirst for justice in the Department of Justice of the United States. This is one of the reasons why this is place is so absurd, so comically Orwellian to the point it paradies parody on an almost daily basis.

Now, on to the probable motives. This is an important discussion because people cannot believe something is true unless they can see why someone would do it. Tell them that it already happened during the Cold War and they’ll shrug it off as overzealousness fighting the “Soviet threat.” It is insufficient to say that something outside most of our experiences is happening without also presenting some reason why it is happening.

It is ridiculous to think that CIA HQ did not know that torture didn’t work. It just is. The Agency studied it and frequently noted that it fails to provide valuable intelligence because the subject will say whatever they think that the torturer wants to hear. To ascribe patriotism or ignorance to doing something that made finding the truth more difficult is preposterous. It simply is, there is no other explanation that fits all the facts except that they were looking for any and all excuses to continue expanding the War on Terror. There just isn’t, sorry. It’s not bureaucratic overreach. Someone knew exactly what they were doing: Manufacturing intelligence.

This is an example of what I mean about motive. You can discern them by looking at history, cause and effect, and what has been said about a situation in order to divine it.

The targeting of some Americans by the US intelligence community is pretty much the same. It serves to curb rights because it increases fear of “them” and forces people to trust the “us.” This, in turn, makes even more of these kinds of operations possible.

At the same time, it keeps security contract money flowing. It is estimated that 70% of the intelligence community is private. This means that, for example, of the over $1 trillion spent on homeland security {$1.4T at time of WaPo Top Secret America expose}–the task, not the Department of alone–over $700 billion is going to private spy firms. Some of these firms also do business for Wall Street, Fortune 500 companies, and have various connections to the political elite of the GOP, DNC, and TP movement.

If you want some cold comfort, the idea is to create an atmosphere in which Americans are ready for World War 3. No, really. Water, oil, climate change I’m sure all get bandied about as excuses. Of course, it’s really about distracting us from who is robbing us and who is making some people crazy enough to go out and shoot people because they can’t take it anymore. It’s kind of circular like that.

One of the things that clued me in about all this occurred in Minneapolis, in the early Summer of 2010. During a very unpleasant walk to go sell some DVDs at a pawn shop in order to eat, I happened across an intersection. Across the way was a very large shooting range. I had one of those involuntary thoughts. “Wouldn’t it be fun to go learn to shoot?” Of course, I immediately decided that it would not. But I filed that away and it wasn’t until much, much later that I learned some of the possible ways an intelligence apparatus could make that happen. I also wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t been so damn reasonable, had an inkling already that something was hinky.

On occasion I like to bait a hook to see if I get a nibble. Two days ago, I ended a Twitter tirade {related to the Navy document above} thusly, with a quote from Longfellow:

While out and about yesterday evening, I had this involuntary thought. Keep in mind, though I have followed the man on Twitter for some time, I follow 2,000 people, so I rarely see his tweets unless someone else RTs them. It wasn’t until after this thought that I bothered to see what this John Rain fellow is all about. {And, by the way, there’s a TV series starring Keanu Reeves on the way next year}.

“I want you to favorite Barry Eisler on Twitter. He has the solution.”

Favoriting someone means that every time they tweet, the app on the phone makes it show up as a notification. Currently the app only shows the most recent.

But I was cautious of this bizarre advice that came seemingly out of nowhere. I had already had a swift kick in the groin earlier in the day after viewing my Facebook feed, seeing something I did not need to see all the way at the very top. Sorry, but it’s personal, so I’m not sharing that. I will, however, remind you of MINERVA, the DoD/CIA project to see what happens when you control what people see on social media.

From Wikipedia:

John Rain is a fictional character created by Barry Eisler. He appears in eight of Eisler’s espionage novels as an assassin for hire who specializes in making his victims appear to have died of natural causes.

And that is how the intelligence community of the United States attempts to radicalize its own citizens. Imagine if I thought that advice came from God, the Devil, a dead relative, or a UFO. That’s how they roll. This is what’s happening. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but I hate being the target of this kind of crap even more.

Circular, dude.

Bonus links:

Similar to the story of the “Socrates of SIGINT” here:

Peter Maass, “The Philosopher of Surveillance: What Happens When a Failed Writer Becomes a Loyal Spy?,” The Intercept, 11 August 2015:

You have a couple, a scifi writer and his wife a fantasy writer, who work for the Pentagon on, you guessed it, non-lethal weapons. Meet Chris and Janet Morris:

He is a defense policy and strategy analyst and a principal in M2 Technologies, Inc.

…best known for her fantasy and science fiction and her authorship of a non-lethal weapons concept for the U.S. military.

Janet is not new to this blog.


Back to the DoD

It seems clear to me now, given the recent articles I posted from Microwave News and the underlying articles from other sources, as well as the additional information from elsewhere, that the recent instructions I talked about here are indeed because DoD expects these issues to become public. The civil rights memo, again, is to direct the office of the Inspector General (actually there are several), an office that is supposed to be independent in order to avoid conflicts of interest and cover-up, to inform the chain of command on the details of the cases being investigated. The purpose(s), I believe, for this are the following:

1) Cover-up – this consists of intimidation, bribery, disinformation, and perhaps even assassinations (as I noted elsewhere, several DoD whistleblowers wound up dying of fake suicides and in one case an unsolved murder that seemed to possibly stem from the female soldier’s sexuality).

2) Damage control – brainstorm alternate narratives (blaming some other entity or a small part, such as a “rogue” group of lowranking soldiers or one subcontractor instead of the likely many involved), limited hangouts (this is when they expose a small portion of a larger program which leaves the larger one intact and unexposed while the limited hangout gets a lot of media exposure which drowns out any lingering questions about the larger one. It is controlling the narrative).

3) Assigning blame – they have appointed scapegoats and spread it around in order to protect the higher-ranking criminals involved (I haven’t mentioned it for some time, but Seymour Hersh in 2009 and after made reference to seven or eight Joint Chiefs who take their direction illegally from Dick Cheney and not from the duly elected Commander-In-Chief)

And the other memo on nonlethal weapons in particular is a preemptive attempt to define what injury is. This must be for a potential legal defense, such as might arise from a class action lawsuit of organized stalking victims. By stating that only physical damage that permanently results in an inability to work for life, they are attempting to protect themselves from systematically giving so many people brain damage that often results in an inability to hold down a full-time job. They have literally driven thousand of American (and untold foreigners) to the brink of madness without breaking legs, making them cripples, etc.

It’s an admission of guilt. They justified these programs undoubtedly the same way some department stores justified using subliminal sound to reduce theft and corporations get away with spying on their own employees: it’s only about protecting the money and property of people and companies who don’t pay taxes or get away with paying very little. The military brass and intel community assume everyone is a potential terrorist, point to things like the phony economic downturn (fake because so many corporations are indeed making record profits and hoarding the cash and because it was an intentional redistribution of wealth upwards), self-made nightmare reports on food and water scarcity, etc. Basically they frighten then bribe Congress into going along with whatever they ask for; it’s a psyop. CISPA which allows Internet censorship and the NDAA allowing indefinite detainment or anyone without due process are two examples. And as Jason Leopold stated on Twitter earlier today, Democrat Diane Feinstein is every bit as on board with these kinds of draconian measures as any Republican. It is not a question of party but rather a question of a new class war that reduces the poor and middle class to something akin to slaves or illegal immigrants. It is as though neither the country nor its government belong to the people any longer despite them being saddled with paying for it.

There is no other explanation regarding the memos. The kinds of minds that thought any of this appropriate to begin with are the same ones that will stop at nothing to protect the bloated, corrupt system that is bleeding the Treasury dry and causing far more harm than it protects from. These are people who are profiting off of this personally either directly through ownership of the corporations holding the contracts or through the “good ol’ boys” network of favors and graft.

It is not only the victims of these programs that are being hurt, it’s also the country being eaten up until there is nothing left but the war and security sectors for the economy (not “making” anything, just destroying things abroad and protecting the stuff at home that is falling apart from neglect and funding cuts), and the rest of the world through the resulting military and covert actions.

Microwave Conference in 1993

MICROWAVE NEWS, November/December 1993, pp. 9, 10 (PDF):

Military on Nonlethal Weapons: ‘A Very Attractive Option’

Most research into nonlethal weapons takes place under a veil of secrecy, but now and then some clues about it do emerge—if only in the program notes for a research conference.

About 400 scientists who are developing nonlethal technologies—such as radiofrequency (RF) radiation, electromagnetic pulse (EMPj, extremely low frequency (ELF) fields, lasers and chemicals—exchanged ideas at a classified meeting hosted by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD, November 16-17. Presentations ranged from discussions of high-power microwaves (HPM) to a report on “sticky foams,” which are proposed as a way of stopping enemy troops.

Dr. Clay Easterly of Oak Ridge National Lab in Oak Ridge, TN, led a session on the use of ELF EMFs. “My major point was that there seem to be some biological sensitivities or responses [to ELF fields] that could in the future be useful for nonlethal technology,” Easterly told Microwave News. Noting that the conference was closed to anyone without a security clearance, he said he could not discuss the specific effects he referred to in his talk. But he emphasized that information in the open literature can be applicable: “There seem to be some phenomena not associated with thermal effects that could be useful.”

Easterly said that, while the military is primarily interested in the use of nonionizing radiation to disable enemy electronics, his presentation dealt with the possibility of developing measures that would affect people.

Dr. George Baker of the Defense Nuclear Agency in Washington titled his paper “RF Weapons: A Very Attractive Nonlethal Option.” But it is difficult to know, based on unclassified information, whether or not this “option” has ever been used.

Reports have circulated that the U.S. military has EMP and HPM weapons in its arsenal and that these may have been used during the Gulf War (see MWN, M/J92 and S/092). There were also allegations that non-ionizing radiation was used against the women’s peace activist encampment at Greenham Common in the U.K. in the mid-1980s (see MWN, S/086).

The conference, sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, focused on both military and law enforcement applications for nonlethal technologies. Dr. Edward Teller and Attorney General Janet Reno were scheduled as keynote speakers, though Reno was unable to attend and had David Boyd of the National Institute of Justice deliver her talk.

Noting the strong turnout. Los Alamos spokesman Jim Danneskiold said that there will likely be a follow-up conference. (For a report on a 1986 conference on HPM, see MWN, J/F87; see also. MWN, N/D86.)

Danneskiold also pointed out that Dr. John Alexander, Los Alamos’ program manager for nonlethai defense and chairman of the conference, recently presented his ideas lo the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City. The group was receptive, he said, and will soon issue a report favoring the development of these technologies.

Recent DoD Instructions

Only a few things to note. I suppose I could take the assumption that these things are improvements, but as I have yet to see heads rolling and have learned the hard way that these people hate freedom so much, I’m not going to.

Note: though I have linked to these at Cryptome, they are freely available at and the purpose is to release them to the public.

First, this one on Civil Liberties. Again, this is mostly assigning responsibilities for dealing with privacy and civil liberty issues (some of it for soldiers). I note, however, one obvious point on page 8:

5. IG, DOD. The IG, DOD, shall inform the DoD Civil Liberties Officer or the Deputy Civil Liberties Officer of its privacy and civil liberties activities in order to avoid duplication of effort…

Call me suspicious, but since when did the Department of Defense concern itself with duplicating effort? This is to know what cases the IG is working on and to report them up the chain of command. What happens after that, history tells us, is coverup at best. They not only stick their noses into what they admit is supposed to be an independent entity, the Inspector General, but have the option of saying, “We’re dealing with that, leave it alone.”

Also, we don’t have the references they mention as part of the PDF. Is it within the military’s power to “amend” the Inspector General Act of 1978?

See the previous section 4 also for how they will roadblock any and all legal actions and swaying of public opinion with regards to their highly illegal activities. This is about protecting themselves from the public, not protecting the public from illegalities. Outrageous.

The second one on, NLW, nonlethal weapons and human effects. I note that it says that the effects on operators of these weapons is handled elsewhere. We are talking about a wide range of things here. Devices that disrupt machinery, for example, would fall under this category. It isn’t clear to me if they even consider any of the stuff mentioned in the previous post a weapon at all, nonlethal or otherwise, under their definition. I’m assuming they are. (Of course I’m also considering them lethal given that people have died as a result of their use).

Most glaring thing, permanent injury is defined as “physical damage to a person that permanently impairs physiological function and restricts the employment or other activities of that person for the rest of his or her life.” Emphasis McCoyote.

So a weapon the permanently drives someone insane (or, like mefloquine and similar drugs, for untold years after dosage), would not be considered permanent injury and, therefore, might be defined as a nonlethal weapon even though it would clearly prevent employment and the incapacitation is so long as to be considered permanent since such a condition is bound to shorten a lifespan without some sort of legal recourse. A person so disturbed that they cannot work will starve, especially given the policies of cutting back on mental health care and food support. (And, of course, in the case of Gitmo prisoners, they have no recourse but to remain in custody anyway). The free sanitarium is pretty much a thing of the past in the US (and if they crop up again, until proven otherwise, I will assume they are run by the CIA).

Then there are cancer risks. Does getting brain cancer ten years down the road make it lethal? Does dying as a result of the use of these things in general quality as “permanent injury” if death is not immediate?

Attention toward the issues and assigning responsibilities are good things as are attempting to sort out the relative lethality of devices in testing and being used. You can’t throw it all out.

But gearing up for a battle to prevent fallout from what never should have happened in the first place is not. Without serious effects, the cause will always be free to repeat itself. Someone is in need of a serious ass-kicking in order to restore the rule of law and democracy against the internal threats to both.

(And one last note about assigning responsibilities in general. General Karpinski was assigned responsibility over Abu Ghraib but not given authority to visit the entire place nor informed of what was going on. It can be a scapegoat tactic. Additionally, sometimes the IG’s don’t find what they are looking for. Buyer beware).