New Fiction {Update}

Part of the third novel in the Infernis, Inthrallis series which is currently titled now titled Infectis.

Update: Besides the title, a few additions.


New Fiction [Updated]

A truly awful working title, but then have you walked around a bookstore lately? No idea where this is going if anywhere.

Brainjacked – Intro.

Added a sentence about harsh language and education in “worry about” spiel. 🙂

And Another Inthrallis Chapter

Chapter 52

New Inthrallis Chapter

Inthrallis – Chapter 61

Moller awakes. Here.

Moar Inthrallis

Several new rly short draft Inthrallis Chapters.

Linking this way for table of contents so you can read them in order as opposed to the way that they are posted…

…and because chapter 59 contains some disturbing content kind of like the parties opDeathEaters has taken note of.

Some things borrowed. One from Elizabeth Moon in ch 60, her book The Speed of Dark. Poor Dr. B and his wont of a synthesist a la Peter Watts and Blindsight.

And of course world elites, the delusions of grandeur that come with power, their tricks and decadent proclivities, without blind deference to whom, the world would be a safer place for the many.

image Doh-see-doh, and
That’s the Islamophobe shuffle

The Fauxpocalypse is Faux-Nigh…

Ch 31

You see where this is going, don’t you?