That Small Nagging Hope

It seems clear. We are headed toward a global conflict over what there is. It is going to happen, is already happening albeit in the early stages.

This is why, of course, there is no law–that is the even application of it–in the United States. There is only the will of the Deep State and it has decided that some folks are just going to have to leave.

This power structure is further broken down into three or four basic subgroups that all agree on that, may merely disagree on who precisely needs to go and on what methods to employ to achieve those ends.

The first is the power behind the Religious Right portion of the Republican Party. Hate, fear, superstition are employed in order to create out-groups that receive overt or less obvious nods to be extinguished. It is in the rhetoric of so many politicians who say, for example, gays should be killed or put in concentration camps. The obvious Islamophobia that goes along with this is what provides support for, for example, American Sniper. That the real title character also claimed, unconfirmed, that he killed thirty black people after Hurricane Katrina hardly bothers them. This is the Seven Mountains movement of Ted Cruz. This is the Jewish conversion to Christianity movement to bring the Second Coming of George W. Bush. This is the American Jihads of Erik Prince. This is the Spiritual Fitness Test of the radical Catholics among the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Department of Defense and NATO. This is Prop 8 in California secretly backed by the CoJCofLDS and the flood of Mormon missionaries into the CIA under Reagan. It is on the state level, Kansas and Tennessee where it is legal to fire someone from a job for being LGBT. It’s also Palin, though she spans the gap between this one and the next two because she’s really just about her.

But this is also the antitheism of Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher. That their motives may differ doesn’t bring them out of this category, but rather shows them as useful tools for the same. Dupes, if you will, like perhaps the man who murdered three Muslims in North Carolina recently. Was he, too, subject to covert harassment appearing as bad luck over and over again, reminiscent of “persistent adversity” that operates as part of brainwashing? Then pumped up a few notches with microwave NLWs that that Navy tells us can cause thrombosis and hypertension, and the Army compared to the administration of drugs in their respective FOIA documents? Then maybe had his ire directed via the subliminal use of V2K–proven to exist per the Army again, or acoustic psycho-correction that the Russians used to prep their special forces for atrocities against civilians in Afghanistan in the 80s, and CIA acquired soon after?

Why not? It’s a proxy war and they use their proxies.

The second group is closest to this one. It is the so-called fiscal conservatives who don’t share the religious views but tolerate and employ them in order to maintain unity. All that matters to them is cash flow. This is the George F. Will, Richard Scaife, and Karl Rove part of the party. They are just as pleased to murder Muslims and anyone else that they can as long as it serves the overall goal.

The third is also closely related but sometimes in conflict. The Tea Party. The Pauls, the Kochs, and Peter Thiel are the most famous of this group. Thiel reportedly wants to build his own offshore oasis, a country unto itself, to prove Ayn Rand correct I suppose. Yet Thiel’s Palantir is trusted with America’s secrets just like Stratfor and Booz/Carlyle.

The Tea Party–who I at least agree that there’s something very, very wrong going on though not on what nor probably the solutions, wants mob rule. They want the right to shun people based on race, sexual preference, profession such as sex worker, etc. They don’t want anyone telling them how to behave and who to not hate. They view that as a right, a freedom.

Interestingly, I think this group makes up some percentage of Anonymous. Another significant portion is the Anarchists, who also want government out of their lives but in part in order to prevent the government from doing the very things that the TP wants to do, ie, inflict economic injustice on whomever they see fit and to elevate individuals, eg billionaires, above the rest of us. Strange bedfellows.

Then of course we have the Democrats who are not at all as liberal or progressive as these other groups would have us think. They aren’t even moderate, really. They are rightwing. Both their rhetoric and the rhetoric of these other groups would have you think otherwise, but if you just look at what they do, not what they say, they’re just a warring faction attempting to wrest control. Let’s put Bezos, Omidyar, Soros, Gates, Schmidt, etc. in this category along with the Clintons and the Obamas. This group doesn’t really believe in anything, merely the accumulation and extension of power. They are at times pragmatic and have the added charm of not usually pushing the doctrines of these other groups do verbally and yet backing and protecting their actions when it serves their purposes. Clinton’s gutting of welfare and Glass-Steagal. Obama’s continuation of torture and renditions and the increase in hate-generating drone strikes on civilian populations, as well as his war on whistleblowers and surreptitious means of crushing journalism and dissent from antiwar and economic justice groups.

What does this all mean? It means the one thing power can agree on is shit runs downhill. And that means that, eventually, any group that doesn’t have protected status is going on the watch and terror lists. Rightwing will not because that’s a protected group as we saw when Napolitano got grilled by Congress for suggesting that the data supported the idea that it was a problem.

No, it will be women, the poor, African Americans, LGBT, Muslims, atheists, real liberals and progressives, anyone not doing their part to aid these insane factions in their evil plans and of course lots of hapless people ignorant of the whole mess because this is a machine like the former Soviet Union’s and it requires bullshit fuel in order to run. People will be accused of things that they are not guilty of just to create the appearance that Problem X is a real problem. Still others will be, as they tried with me, forced into a corner and pushed and pushed until they crack and go apeshit in order to support the “lone wolf” narrative. Those people will have actually carried out whatever it is that they are accused of, but aren’t technically guilty because they were tortured into doing it.

So, it is bleak.

But that small sliver of hope is to spread the word and, at least, mitigate it a bit. Maybe even prevent one group from becoming the boogeyman that these factions want.

But that would mean some folks have got to catch on. You’ve got to grasp at least the basics and see that this is not space aliens or wild fantasy. This is technology and methods that the government itself admitted exist. It is the employment of dirty tricks that they were caught using in the past. And it is the psychological and philosophical motives that I describe above motivating them.

It’s all there.


BBD: COINTELPRO Basics – My Enemy v My Enemy

I have learned to anticipate what the Deep State, the US public and private intelligence community plans to do with a particular situation. Believe me, these lessons were learned the hard way. There will never be a compromise–only the appearance of them and a Plan B workaround–until the American people demand it.

This is how they would have it go if they can.

Step one: Something horrible and terrifying happens to Jason Hammond inside the Torturer-In-Chief’s home state prison.

Step two: It’s my fault this happens.

Step three: My son is considering a move to Rahm “Let’s Shut Down Schools And Pocket the Money” Emmanuel’s city.

Step four: Something horrible happens to my son while there.

Step five: Regardless of who is actually to blame, hint: the Chief Executioner, we have all the makings of Romeo & Juliet or the Hatfields and McCoys, except of course the Knall clan is much smaller than the Hammond one.

This is who Barack Obama really is. This is who Clapper, Mueller, Holder, McDonough, Brennan, Comey really are. You are what you do, not how nice your suit is or how well you dissemble in public.

This is also, of course, who Erik Prince, Peter Thiel, Horacio D. Rozanski and John Michael McConnell, and Greg Hoglund and Aaron Barr, and so many other people like Cofer Black and Michael Hayden truly are as well.

This is America: a sham, a lie, a broken promise, a Twilight Zone, upside down, Bizzaro country run by greedy tyrants and infiltrated by multinational traitorous psychopaths who are glorified on TV and in movies like the PTSD sufferer who claims to have shot 30 American citizen looters in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

This is the American dream: Absolute Power, the right to break any law and at the same time to use a phony, flawed and broken legal system to attack anyone who suggests that the mass theft and deprivation of rights should stop, that it is not in the best interests of anyone.


There it is. In that same damned-do/damned-don’t situation I always find myself in. The bearer of incessant bad news.

And now only in deeper trouble.

There is an alternate playbook of course. Someone could take me out–now–before the rest of that occurs.

But that would depend on trusting the word of known thieves, liars, assassins, and torturers.

Welcome to my world. It’s your world, too:

“…and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths…”

And all of this on my end to hide insider trading, market manipulation, associated bribery of Congress, and the means and methods under which they carry out these and other crimes.


It’s always good to step back now and again and attempt to explain why this blog is here, why I mention the stuff that I do, and why you should care about any of it.


While on a school trip to Germany in 1988, there were a couple of odd occurrences. This came after I had decided not to pursue any sort of foreign service that I had spent much of my teenage years intending to pursue. I would describe my 1980s self as someone not unlike the psychopathic PTSD murderer depicted in the latest from Dirty Harry. Though the Soviet threat still loomed it was clear from the books available that terrorism was on its way to replacing communism as the next big threat, by which now I mean a means of taking all your stuff and rights under the auspices of protecting you.

The notion of protecting the American people is of course utter bullshit. Like Son of Sam and other devil-told-me-to-do-it psychopaths, the US government and its Siamese twin Wall Street requires the deaths of Americans in order to maintain the cash cow that the global war on terror is. The enemies that the one hand is focused on defeating were nurtured, trained, radicalized, encouraged, cajoled, manipulated, exaggerated, and every other kind of deceptive practice for everything from Charlie Wilson’s war in Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia’s incessant hate-US education system to “Balkanization” which grew out of OPERATION GLADIO after WWII.


Foreign strife is not enough for a system that demands more profit next year than this one. That is of course unsustainable, but they don’t look that far down the road, merely expect the worse things get, the more economic opportunities that will provide. We will not only be divided into the haves and have-nots as this progresses, but also predator and prey.

But why this blog? The balance of nature requires that prey keep just slightly ahead of prey. That is, prey must remain just slightly smarter, faster, more knowledgeable, and whatever else is required for survival. When this does not occur, the predators also suffer because they run out of prey. This kind of balance is what made capitalism work in so far as it did. Now, capitalism is the biggest threat to itself.

Do not let the bullshit of the Republicans and Tea Party favorites mislead you: the Democrats are every bit as vulture in their capitalistic attitudes as these other species. HCR was a handout to the health care sector. The principles of collective bargaining don’t really apply because the reform doesn’t give people, merely the states in so far as their corruption allows, that power.

And there really isn’t anything else to point to. By way of example, watch as the GOP accuses Obama of cut and run in Yemen, whereas they complained that he didn’t in Benghazi.

But that’s just an inside family feud. See again the previous post.

The point then is to alert folks who don’t reject the truth out of hand due to the existence of Mel Gibson, Alex Jones, and their ilk. MKULTRA really existed as did many subproject. CIA really is in it for the bucks, as is FBI, NSA, Booz Allen Hamilton, HB Gary Federal, Stratfor, and Palantir. The Constitution is dead. Pointing to one or two exceptions, as “whistleblower advocate” Brad Moss might do doesn’t make it otherwise. The law must apply to and serve everyone or it is simply a tool of tyranny.

So we have the Primer,  the Mind-Affecting Technology tabs up top. The rest. The book explaining a portion of my “oddysey” through various forms of illegal activities now allowed because of terrorism and fear. Those same means, methods, and organizations are one the one hand causing most of our problems and then turning around and saying let us take the gloves off, give us more money. Some of the money of course wends its way back to politicians who then turn around and request undoing investigations into what made us less safe, ruined our view of reality, and made the US not only less safe, but committers of crimes against humanity.

It is torture, of a sort, that is absolutely occurring on US soil, against US citizens, for these same purposes. I know. They did it to me.

While you might not be locked in a cage when this is done to you, there will be many reasons–engineered by the public and private psycho clown parade–why you won’t want to step outside. While they won’t have guards waking you up every few minutes, you may experience sleep deprivation from a sudden inexplicable rush of adrenalin that won’t go away, incessant phone calls from anyone and everything, neighbors, roommates, city workers who suddenly decide it is time to make a lot of noise.

Most of these tricks revolve around altering your perception of cause and effect and the order of events. See for example again the previous post. They didn’t cajole Jason Hammond into a plea deal because I cared about him; they got me to care about him because they knew that they were going to do that.

All in order to try to turn me into a terrorist or similar. As was the very possible murder of my grandmother. That ploy, of course, an attempt to make me blame Palin and her ilk for it as Palin had said HCR was a “plot to kill grandma.” All of which makes the Democrats the most likely perps.

Similar to this was the 23 December 2009 fire in which parties unknown tried to frame a DHS border guard’s family.

Now, the burning question becomes, why me, why take me on a tour of the dark bloated underbelly of the intelligence community–and then some–if I’m just lost in the noise… Someone not much believed… Dismissed out of hand due to normalcy bias and it-can’t-be-therfore-it-isn’t. Why do that?

The best answer I can give is, this system is schizophrenic. It is certainly broken, and so exhibiting symptoms of mental illness makes some sense. Is it the serial killer who has an impulse to get caught? Is it one agency or subcontractor fighting against the direction things are going, or playing some sort of turf war? Is it some mentally disturbed, legal pretzel compliance with the Open Government Directive combined with a vague mission statement from 1947? Is it an insider, a sort of whistleblower, using me as his or her mouthpiece?

In any case it appears more like a colossal joke from where I sit. The truth is so damn crazy, that I didn’t much believe it, still don’t want to, and I was drugged, harassed, tortured out of my frickin’ mind before I could come to accept it.

Up next: some more memories of Chicago and my lament that it wasn’t in fact the most dangerous neighborhood there, just the third or so.

Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 4

When it came time for the prosecution to take its turn, we heard a whole different story that largely failed to mention Stratfor at all. It is difficult to come up with justifications for breaking the law, especially when the whole point of locking up the accused is to hide previous lawbreaking by the government and to pressure an individual into helping with more of it.

Instead we heard about the online vandalism of some websites, most especially the state of Arizona’s and how, Jeremy Hammond, being the cruel, heartless, monster that he is, revealed the home address of a man who retired from beating the s— out of n—–s and spics for a living. How Jeremy could possibly be so callous to a poor old man who served his community in such a stellar capacity is beyond me. It is not, however, beyond the Obama administration to defend such practices. It was at this point of the proceedings that I had that same thought that’s been occurring to me over and over since moving to the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago: Obama’s problems stem not from being half-black but rather from being half-white.

Interestingly, the prosecution also made little mention of the hacking of foreign websites. This sounded like it was nearly the biggest piece of all. They did make clear reference to it, albeit unintentionally, when they described and characterized Hammond’s behavior as if they were describing precisely what Edward Snowden and others helped to unveil with regards to the practices of the NSA and its cadre of subcontractors and what it was that the FBI was up to with this case. Then they said it twice: “There is nothing altruistic about it,” “This was not altruism.” I was at this point laughing and taking notes. The irony of a criminal government being hung by its own words is a precious and hilarious thing even if, in part due to the fact that they have no limits on lies, funding and underhandedness means not a single one of them will ever be held accountable.

I would do a separate post on Preska’s statements, but it was impossible to tell where the DA’s nose ended and Preska’s rear end began. We again heard the tale of woe of one retired skull-crackin’ protector of the white and affluent and nada about people like myself who have been run over by Washington’s greed and illegal activities.

What I did learn, what I had not realized or remembered, was the they essentially burned Stratfor to the ground. Not in the literal way that the US government burned the Conway’s condo building to the ground on the morning of December 23, 2009 in order to try to turn me into a violent radical, but in the virtual, e-meaning of the word. The FBI, Sabu, and Jeremy didn’t just steal Stratfor’s data; they also deleted it after taking it. The financial loss to Stratfor was in the millions of dollars. The embarrassment must have also taken a toll given that one of the company’s officers is a former high-ranking CIA official. Looking like amateurs must have really upset them.

When Preska declared that Hammond, Sabu and the FBI had taken down a member of Top Secret America, I had a physical problem. My legs suddenly tried to–repeatedly!–force me to stand up. My arms likewise wanted to force my hands to slap palms together repeatedly. It was with a great deal of effort, despite the presence of those US Marshalls already alluded to, to prevent my body from doing that which would have gotten me expelled before the end of the event, before the #lulz really started coming.

For Jeremy Hammond’s allocution and explanation, see here. It makes a great deal more sense out of it all and see, apart from my contention that Booz Allen Hamilton had a hand in all of this, just how close it is to what I’ve been saying. Speaking of which, it’s probably worth repeating/restating.

“Team Themis” is three intelligence contractors: Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting; used to read their stuff back in the 90s), HB Gary Federal (not to be confused with HB Gary) and Palantir. Palantir is especially interesting because it is owned by Ron Paul’s largest donor for his bid for president, Peter Thiel, who wants to abolish the CIA. They also, as a CIA subcontractor, targeted Glenn Greenwald and his family well before Edward Snowden made headlines. Precisely why and how is something I still do not know the details of.

But what does that mean? It means that while Booz Allen Hamilton (96 year old defense/intel contractor; subsidiary of the Carlyle Group) represents our one party Republican-Democrat system, Team Themis is the Tea Party, the libertarians. The FBI specifically targeted a competitor of Booz Allen Hamilton who was also linked to a political opponent of Repubublicans and Democrats alike. This was, among many other things, a political hit job.

That Snowden, a Paul supporter, worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, and that they were embarassed by that, implies to me that his departure was initiated as revenge by Team Themis. They struck back that way. Hammond, Sabu, and Snowden were, to the extent that they did not do what they did purely from free will, purely out of choice, were pawns. (Just as I am of someone by writing all this. Lots of other things I’d prefer to do, but can’t because of the gun to my head).

I hate to interject this here, but it needs to be said. We (that is the 99%) are going to lose unless the COINTELPRO stuff is recognized, pointed out, examined, exposed, etc. Further, the more advanced means of making this stuff happen and getting away with it must also be understood.

I attempted to explain, in the simplest terms, the Stratfor-Booz Allen Hamilton angle in all of this. Simply, carefully, and calmly, to a smart man, a supporter of Hammonds. His eyes almost immediately glazed over. I continued anyway just to see if there was any way at all I could overcome these old Soviet nonlethal weapons in action by talking. Apparently not. Here are the four things requiring reading until you “get it”:

1 – Voice To Skull

2 – Acoustic Psycho-Correction part 1

3 – Acoustic Psycho-Correction part 2

4 – 1991 NATO Paper on Political Uses for Electronic Behavioral Modification Technology

This is the ace in the hole, the reason why there can and will not be any progress beyond the cosmetic designed to make you think you’ve got a fighting chance. This is the reason progress is losing, will always lose. It’s bigger than you think. Take away the toys and level the playing field. Don’t do that, and expect a dystopia that you haven’t even experienced in your worst nightmares yet.

Who gives a s— how it sounds? The truth often sounds ridiculous, especially when there is so much effort put in to distorting and obfuscating it.

Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 1

I’m going to skip around a bit. First, I’m going to present some of the cast in this off-off Broadway farce (which, don’t tell anyone, but I hear may become a musical next!).

As you know, recording devices are prohibited in court rooms unless you happen to be the State. This is so if something happens that embarrasses the State, skeevy bureaucrats can “fix” it, make it as if it never happened. They control the horizontal and the vertical, but it should be noted that there very much is something wrong with your television set. It’s a b.s. machine that eats away your brain like cotton candy does teeth.

As a result of this recording caste system, I had to sneak a few photos using a camera that was in my mouth and the clicking of which sounded suspiciously like the suppression of giggles and guffaws. The results are below:


Judge Preska


kangaroo-court (2)

The Prosecution and FBI


Security provided by the US Marshalls


In addition, there was a West Point journalism class taking up some portion of the first three rows on the prosecution side and already inside the court room when the rest of humanity was allowed to enter:


I have some doubts that many realized they were sent there as a display of power and to try to even out a courtroom where the criminal element, that is the klepto-class, apart from a few MSM reporters, the DA, the Judge, an FBI agent, were too frightened to attend. By the end of the hearing, the entire gallery was filled and a few of the students had to squeeze over as Hammond supporters could no longer fit in the defense side.

In any case, I’m certain that some of the resulting journalism papers at such an old and distinguished institution, coupled with the Conservative American desire to see America’s youth learn, will provide some interesting reading.


With that out of the way, I’ll next step back a bit and talk about what lead up to it.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Based on a PopSci show I watched five or so years ago, I surmised that one of several wedges that were driven between me and my long-term partner had to do with pheremones. In the show, they ran a party and saw who wound up with whom. Largely, people chose each other based on having a different pheromone type from their own (the result of an evolutionary instinct to avoid mating with one’s own kin).

How could that same principle apply to black ops?

If you take two people who are intimately familiar with each other and alter the way one’s pheremones are perceived by the other, especially in combination with other tactics, you can at the very least cause some serious relationship problems. The person who is only unconsciously recognizing that something is wrong, because somehow they no longer recognize their beloved, is not likely to figure out precisely what that is.

From the Church/Tower hearings on COINTELPRO and other illegal operations and violations of civil rights:

Groups and individuals have been harassed and disrupted because of their political views and their lifestyles. Investigations have been based upon vague standards whose breadth made excessive collection inevitable. Unsavory and vicious tactics have been employed–including anonymous attempts to break up marriages, break up meetings, ostracize persons from their professionals, and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths. Intelligence agencies have served the political and personal objectives of presidents and other high officials. While the agencies often committed excesses in response to pressure from high officials in the Executive branch and Congress, they also occasionally intiated improper activities on their own and then concealed them from officials whom they had a duty to inform.

The previous sentences focus on surveillance. As you can see, there’s a reason for the surveillance. By focusing on the surveillance itself, we prevent the average American (and German, Frenchman, etc.) from grasping the full weight of what the NSA spying scandal truly means. It’s not about terrorism and crime prevention; it’s about corruption of power.

I drifted a bit from the relationship destruction to where I think the dialog needs to go. I assume it’s obvious how that quote relates to though.

Further, from the list of CIA MKULTRA:

Subproject 44: MKULTRA: Testing of Aromatic Amines at University of Illinois

There’s a pattern, a trail, and it all leads back to the same people who did it last time, except now there’s some focus on the private sector as well and their already exposed planning of operations such as those described in the quote.

This is a lawless country run by criminals. There is no other way to explain, describe, or interpret our current situation. The IC, including companies like Booz Allen Hamilton and Palantir do political and personal favors for our politicians in at least two branches of government and get a pass for breaking the law. It is now so bad, so corrupt in DC, that FOIA gets subverted, delayed, and thwarted and Inspectors General ignore requests to look into civil rights abuses.

The system is broken. There is no cosmetic tongue-lashing from Feinstein or Boehner that is going to set it straight. Assassination is the sport of the land. Do you think people who engage, approve, and overlook that can be expected to self-police each other? That’s an insane notion.

To summarize: government and corporate America work together largely due to massive privatization and are corrupt, have no intention of fixing it, and hope for armed conflict so they can loot citizens’ dead bodies after already taking their homes, jobs, savings and handed it over to large banks who they then slap on the wrist for a small cosmetic portion back in order to appear to actually care about the 99%. They don’t or we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Meanwhile, the real message they are sending via Alexis and now Ciancia: if you criticize the government, then you are a dangerous crazy person. The criminalitization of dissent, of free speech, of journalism.

That is, in actuality, what smells.

1 Book II: Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, page 5

Stratforgate, PRISMgate

Yet another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

In order to make any sense of this at all and to curb accusations of being this or that, I’m going to have to explain some things about my politics. I’m an issues guy.

I support socialized medicine because it works in the vast majority of countries that call themselves US allies. None of those countries have met with the kind of doom that has preceded the rollout of so-called Obamacare. I say so-called because it is essentially the same legislation that Willard Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts when he was governor. While I don’t know for a fact that as-is it’s going to be a net positive, what we typically do (that is, pre-we-all-lost-our-minds) is to try out laws and see where they can be improved.

Second, I suupport gay marriage. I consider the Obama administration a late comer to that (they only supported civil unions back in ’08), though so did I for different reasons (I figured if we left the word ‘marriage’ out of it but gave the same rights, it might not seem like an attack on religion to those terribly uncomfortable with their own sexuality).

So, score two for the Obama administration and to some extent the Democrats, despite the strange death of my grandmother (done to provoke violence, a “joke” about Sarah Palin’s comments about it being a plot to kill grandma) and finding out that my ex got married on 11/11/11 on Facebook after the most horrendous treatment at the hands of people who work for the President (after working for OFA in ’10!), who also destroyed that relationship in the first place. Principles are principles, even if I will be purposely left out in the cold due to concerns over highly illegal covert operations being made public.

But then there is that. Who seems more apt to fight against surveillance (tip of the covert iceberg really)? Not the Republicans. Not the Democrats either who have defended attacks on civil liberties. Who then?

The Tea Party of all people. Libertarians like Ron Paul. They don’t like it, consider it…well, whatever reasons they give, they still oppose it.

Then why aren’t I a libertarian/tea partier? Because along with the freedom to not be spied upon by the Federal government, they also want the freedom to discriminate (at the very least, think more allow hate crimes) against any group they don’t happen to like. That may include “courtesans” (I get the impression that escorts are moving toward that term), gays, atheists, Muslims, the poor, racial minorities, and immigrants and foreigners. That’s not acceptable. This country was labeled the Great Melting Pot for a reason. An advantage, we can learn important things from other cultures so that we don’t stagnate as a society (which is in part exactly what’s happened).

To my eye, however, it appears as though the Federal government is, rather than protect people from hate crimes, actually engaging in them. This means that it isn’t functioning properly, but removal of the capability to fight radical hatred would leave people at the mercy of some groups that would jump at the chance to get some free hits in against anyone they fear.

Having said that, there’s even one * thing I agree with that dinosaur of a party on, the GOP. We spend too much.

What I don’t agree on, is what. Our defense, intelligence, and security spending is out of control and seeks to devour us from within. Compared with education, which constructively creates a better America, it is towering in size. The GOP constantly complains about it, gets education shrunk, and we get dumber with nothing to show for it except Technicolor™ explosions on CNN.

Because none of these three, two, or single parties (depending on how you define it) is doing a single thing about climate change (apart from tricking damn near everyone into killing each other), the single largest issue the entire human race faces (and believe me, there are some members of the conservative elite who believe it, in fact it scares the s— out of them) plus the cloak-and-dagger nonsense, I voted Green Party in 2012. Thankfully, it was for Jill Stein and not Roseanne Barr (different issue, but she’s been sucked in this week by MONARCH disinformationists and is likely doing more harm than good. But we have the CIA, the Carlyle Group, our elected officials, and, I’m sorry, but the silence of those who know better to blame. Essentially, people like me will now be considered terrorists for whistleblowing on the CIA’s behavioral modification and false flag programs because people would rather attack victims than bullies, generally out of fear).

I say all of that so you know that when I defend Edward Snowden, it’s because he should be defended for what he did for his country regardless who he voted for or supported. Further, it’s easy to see why he was a Ron Paul supporter. Paul speaks my language, uses the right words, it’s just that they don’t mean the same thing to him and his constituency that they do to me. What is freedom but the ability to think that you can do whatever it is you want without being stopped or punished for it? I disagree that discrimination should be a freedom; that’s stepping beyond personal and into affecting others. We have to get along and it’s (supposed to be) Johnny Law’s job to see that peace is kept (as opposed to hoping for war and even false-flagging them into being, which is what many are now doing).

Right. Back to Stratforgate.

9/11 happens. Private spook corporations look for ways to expand, exploit that. Three of them, Stratfor, HB Gary Federal, and Palantir (owned by Ron Paul’s biggest supporter, a billionaire) band together because they are smaller than, for example, the oldest: Booz Allen Hamilton. BAH is owned by the Carlyle Group, which as I’ve said already on the blog, included George H.W. Bush as a board member for a while and subsidiary BAH had former CIA director and neoconservative Jim Woolsey on their board for a while. All in all, we’re talking defense and intelligence being performed and invested in by the same big company. BAH was founded in 1917. Waaaay before 9/11, yes?

Others who have gone over to BAH have included democrats. It’s not just a republican spook group. It’s big.

Team Themis, meanwhile, at least one libertarian among them, Paul’s top donor.

How to swat Team Themis out of the way? Competitor. Opposing political views. Hm, BAH, thinks. Need to embarass them.

What else do we need to do? Here’s an investigative reporter, Barrett Brown. He’s not afraid to point out the lies. Whether they come from the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, FOX News or the New York Times, he will write what’s on his mind. Crap, he even knows his history:


He’s gotta go, they think. We are deep into that same playbook right now, BAH says to itself. But how?

We’re always (the big pieces of the intelligence community and its private partners) looking for talent. Here’s someone who might just be the world’s greatest hacker. He’s got an IQ of 168! He’s also one of those activist types. Would be great to tame him if possible, make him ours, or at least neutralize him for a time.

Bingo! We trick the hacker (using voice-to-skull and probably a phony anon) into taking data from part of Team Themis, and get him to give the data to the reporter. Everyone gets screwed except us because we’re working it covertly.

And so Barrett Brown faces up to 105 years in prison, Jeremy Hamond plead guilty to avoid spending the rest of his life bouncing from state to state prison awaiting what would amount to double, treble, quintuple, etc. jeopardy.

Incidentally, they also charged Barrett Brown’s mother and she’s plead guilty (how they got Brown upset enough so that voice-to-skull would get him to make the angry video). Also, both Jeremy Hammond’s brother and father have been set up. All of this is that power that Ron Paul supporters rightly fear: the ability to get anyone to do whatever you want through coercion, blackmail, (and behavioral modification technology and techniques.) Slavery really.

Having finally realized that they got screwed, Team Themis seeks revenge by getting Edward Snowden to embarass NSA, Booz Allen and the federal government in general using the same sort of behavioral modification stuff used on me, Bradley Manning, Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey, Aaron Scwartz, etc. (Also, suspect Clint Eastwood’s talking to himself at Romney event wasn’t in fact the act of a knowing liberal inftrator, but hey if you guys love this Frey effect/subliminal stuff so much, best of luck next time).

As you can see, there are many uses for voice-to-skull and subliminal audio beyond making people shoot each other (c’mon, Roseanne).

That’s basically it, except for a complete explanation as to how I seem to end up where I do: in the middle of it.

* Okay, two. 2nd amendment even though I don’t own, won’t own a gun myself.