BBD – A Spookwork Orange

…because nothing rhymes with orange.

And worth repeating:

“That stained glass curtain that you’re hiding behind never let’s in the Sun.”

This is going to be another mash-up. I will provide some insight into the psychology of the covert field agent based on my experience as a target and explain how this is bad for America. In the same post here, I will also add some new information with regards to Wicked Game, in this case what I have in Chapter 13 regarding my work as a real estate consultant in New York City.

In early 2010, Brooklyn had to my eye turned into a spook free-for-all. While it is impossible to be 100% accurate as to what/who was, and wasn’t, there were a few that I think were very apparent. As I noted there, there was a man whom I nicknamed ‘Balding’ who I saw on a few occasions, all but once in Brooklyn, the exception being the doctor’s appointment where my then-partner wanted to get me on some anti-psychotic drug or similar. ‘Balding’ seemed to me to be the boss or supervisor of a few others, primarily Anthony and his roommate who rented the condo above the one my partner owned. Anthony and the other guy made a lot of noise. There was the time I saw them moving in and they broke the door that served as the primary means of egress in case of fire–apart from jumping from the balcony or getting stuck in the parking garage–for our half of the building. The condo board was oddly in no hurry to fix this and became angry with me for requesting the they do so after days of the door being inoperable. This was all in a time of fire in a borough that was reeling from several arsons–including the one that claimed the home of my friend Kate Conway and her father.

Aside from Anthony and ‘Balding’ there quite a few others. A few doppelgangers which I’ve noted elsewhere, most of whom were not very exact in their resemblance with one exception, a younger double for Larry Johnson sitting in a car one evening wearing sunglasses.

But the real pains-in-the-ass were, for some reason, mostly young women. I’m going to take a guess that they over-did things in order to seek approval of the man’s world in which they found themselves working. They were really extremely impolite and overzealous in their harassment, and as I’ve noted a few posts below, almost certainly aware that I had been drugged and therefore even more frazzled at what a person under normal circumstances would consider one odd event if they had witnessed only that one.

The most blatant was a woman–not young, don’t know what her excuse was–mocking me, what I was saying on the phone to my ex-partner, while I was on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. She did it repeatedly and loudly. I finally said, “Ain’t that the f—ing truth?!?” loudly. She jumped, shut up, and fully failed to make eye contact with me.

This was when I realized that spooks are at heart cowards. They hate the light being shined on their dirty deeds and the methods they use to achieve them. Since they are as a whole in the service of multinational corporations, banks, and oligarchs and have declared war on the rest of us, it is imperative that both occur. Really, it is a matter of survival.

But any rational person undergoing the psychological harassment that I endured in New York and in Minneapolis after moving there would call it torture, torture-lite at best. The legal definition, you see, requires captivity. In this case, there was only the captivity that being drugged surreptitiously out of your mind, psychological herding, covert ops designed to get you fired and ruin your relationships provides. So while not technically torture in the legal sense, it is torture in the layman definition sense. It has the same purpose: To get the target to do something they would not normally do.

What is the motivation for the field agent overall, though? What are they thinking when they do this, not to members of Al Qaeda, but to their own fellow citizens?

Once again I present a Derren Brown experiment. Absolutely no hypnotism involved, merely human psychology. I suggest beginning at the 07:30 mark:

Derren Brown The Experiments – Remote Control. Link removed.

New link {2019 April 26}.

Anonymity and group-think or mob-mentality lead to some seriously cruel results. Spooks enjoy anonymity, comes with the territory. They also have the implicit approval of their superiors to increase domestic terrorism in order to further secure more funding. Funding which goes partially to private firms and then gets kicked back to politicians who vehemently defend the organizations. Organizations which, by the way, do not have to disclose to whom and how much they contribute to political campaigns.

It really was a bit like what you see in the video except on occasion something positive would seem to happen. It was as if someone were trying to intentionally put me on an emotional roller coaster, perhaps with the intent of making me as socio- or psychopathic as possible; emotionally disturbed. Then with the further intent of driving me to violence, which would then be used to a} further justify more contracts, trampling of rights in general and b} to add LGBT to the list of people the Deep State can use bigotry to distract from their theft of wealth from and destruction of the middle class.

Except of course for me this was not just one hellish night followed by an apology and replacement of what was destroyed. This went on for over a year and Barack Obama, whom I assume to be stone-cold psychopath, has prevented anything being done about it at every turn with his war on whistleblowers. Separate what the man says from what he does, because they are rarely kin, and I think you see more of the same as we got from Bush and will get from the next POTUS.

Shifting gears, it has also came to my attention that there was a lot more to the so-called Ground Zero Mosque story than I would have guessed:

Matthew Phelan, “The Ground Zero Mosque Was an Inside Job,” Gawker/Black Bag, 11 September 2014:

You’ll note the involvement of the son of a man shot by a bag lady, allegedly a CIA drug smuggling money man. You’ll note the involvement of a FBI consultant. I was entirely unaware of any of this when I was doing work on the project in late 2009.

You’ll also see, if you click on the tax form, the Aspen address. Aspen is home to the Aspen Institute and it’s Aspen Strategy Group and is another of those spy-world-magnet places, where there are annual meetings of spies and muckity-mucks.

You may also recall I. ‘Scooter’ Libby’s “poem” to Judy Miller of the New York Times:

You went into jail in the summer. It is fall now. You will have stories to cover — Iraqi elections and suicide bombers, biological threats and the Iranian nuclear program. Out west, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them. Come back to work — to life.

Tim Grieve, “Scooter Libby, Judy Miller and those turning aspens: What did Libby mean in his cryptic letter to Miller? She provides some clues,” Salon, 31 January 2007:

Between MKULTRA killers/targets, Aspen, Plamegate, the Cordoba House, and connections to not one but two agencies in the intelligence community, this is a meme hurricane. I don’t much know what to make of it except it does fit with some of those other clients I mention in the chapter linked at top of this post.

The only other things I’ll add is that this might not only serve the Republicans but the Democrats as well. Not that the Democrats really want peace, but that many who vote for them believe that they do, and that’s all that matters. The Ground Zero Mosque may have been an op to mobilize the bases of both main parties, and not just the Republicans.

But one should also note that this heavily implies the involvement of the intelligence community in elections. I would say that that is the biggest no-no for them, but there are so many no-nos to choose from, many of which we already know to have been violated, eg, CIA not only spying domestically but on the US Senate, torture, DoD spying on protestors, FBI’s parallel construction and entrapment ops, etc.

Just gets weirder and weirder and yet somehow clearer and clearer.

BBD – The Missing Link? {Updated}

And it’s the wrong words that make you prick up your ears
When later alone

Several hours after making the previous post live, a possible piece of the Wicked Game puzzle just sort of popped into my head. The problem is it actually makes sense, could explain a great deal. But then…well, you’ll see. While I should not be punishing those very few times I may have been told the truth {you should see the ridiculous crap I don’t even bother posting about}, there’s just something so neat and convenient.

First, let me back up a little.

2004 and on: Plamegate online warrior in which I really did put forth some good counter-arguments to those coming out of the Cheney administration. It related to the invasion of Iraq, which I have always opposed. Even when Bill Maher reversed himself once {“only Bush could imagine a Middle East so different from the one we know” or words to that effect} or when he had the King of Pentagon Stenographers on himself, Bob Woodward, dancing around how the Vice President’s office was illegally going around Congress to give the opposition money and weapons in order to reduce the number of American casualties temporarily in an election year. Always opposed it.

Then there was the Wexler impeachment event. All of this likely due to CIA engaging its unwitting asset to get back at Cheney and the Pentagon for Plamegate and backing Achmed Chalabi as Iraq’s replacement for Saddam Hussein. Would provide plausible deniability and appear as a grassroots kind of movement in which I was just one of many.

Then, let’s say, Cheney’s sycophants inside CIA alert his people to who I am. What is the response? For…

DIA or CIA in 2007-2008 to use me to remind George Clooney of his year from hell during the shooting of Syriana. Yeah, might have been either agency and one imagines DIA has the same non-prosecution agreement with DoJ that CIA has. DIA actually makes some sense, since there’s a chance the movie had CIA backing to begin with. Not sure, but the point was to remind him that he didn’t want to do another piece criticizing the War on Terror and how the US backs torture regimes. At this point, I’m on the radar. So…

{Here’s where the new piece comes in.}

Erik Prince bribes ‘Balding’ to use his capacity as a Department of Homeland Security operative to target me at some point in late 2008. The problem, he needs to hang the op internally on something. He uses the Manning leaks and DoD obliges by setting the date of the initial dealings of Private Manning back to October 2009. The problem? The party-crasher at the Halloween Party in October and the garbage was stolen in November 2008. The timeline shoots that tenuous connection right out of the water.

The purpose, as I’ve noted before, to turn me into the Lois Lang to Jeremy Scahill’s Nick Deak. The Squidgate op is initiated once they are ready to partially cloud the real issue and to hit two or three birds with one stone.

Now, who is missing from this scenario? Who comes out smelling like a rose when it’s all about “Blame the Republicans”? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a political party. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the Democrats want to be friends again. And with an election coming up.

I have several responses to that.

Remember my drive out of Minneapolis a few days after 11/11/11? Because I sure as hell do.

The rest of what I’m thinking is far less polite.

Of course nothing will ever come of any of those things I listed above. Cheney is untouchable. So is Prince, obviously…he’s back in the States and there’s no peep about any of the many charges that lead to him fleeing for some time to the UAE.

As for Balding, I expect to see Obama giving him medal any day now. At worst, he’ll be pushed out of DHS and wind up working as a contractor perhaps with a cushier training, sales, or desk job. Rewarded, as people always are in the US, for doing horrible things.

Sometimes They Eat Their Own

Just a quick rundown of what seems to be at the heart of the situation when our intelligence community decides it’s time for one of their own number to go to the Great Beyond.

In the case of CIA/DoD chemist Frank Olson of Fort Detrick and Sidney Gottlieb’s Technical Services Division, we don’t know for certain. The official story was that Olson went to NYC to speak to a psychiatrist due to psychological issues and he jumped from the window of his hotel to his death.

Not entirely buying into this official version, Olson’s family pushed the Nixon and Ford administrations for answers. Little by little, the story morphed as more and more of the truth came out.

Eventually it was revealed that Olson and several others all drank from a flask of alcohol laced with LSD. Gottlieb stated that those present were notified of what had been done (intentionally) soon after.

Only Olson and maybe one or two others had difficulty after. Only Olson’s continued to be a debilitating problem. This lead to his going to New York and his subsequent death.

As more information was drawn, it was revealed that Olson was actually given his drink from a duplicate flask. His was either laced with a different substance, a different amount of LSD, or a combination of the two.

The question of course becomes, why? The best guess according to Albarelli’s book is that he grew a conscience. Not that he actually gave away any secrets. Simply that he, in his own head and heart, had lost faith in what it was that they were doing. It is possible that the potential mass drugging of Pont-Saint-Esprit or an interrogation at which Olson was present was the cause for this, or a combination of seeing or realizing that perhaps the true targets of MKULTRA was not dangerous enemy spies but, as is stated rather clearly in the introduction of the CIA’s book on guerilla warfare, the American public or the citizens of allied.nations for special business interests, not for the freedom of all as the propaganda would imply.

The further truth of Olson’s situation remains somewhat hidden, but the rumor seems to be that George Hunter White, who was at the epicenter of the surreptitious drugging of US citizens with LSD under MKULTRA, and another more mysterious operative known as Pierre Lafitte, threw Olson out the window.

Apparently the only rule of Spook Club is not to feel for other human beings.

All of that is to come around to re-mentioning a few others. Richard Kuranda, a fellow intern at the Gerald R. Ford Foundation-funded New Jersey Shakespeare Festival indicated to me that he believed his father was killed, and did not commit suicide as the official determination concluded.

Similarly, I’ve already suggested that Colby’s death was likely not accidental and reminded people that G. Gordon Liddy explained how he gave “them” the chance to hit him rather than allow it to happen near his home and wife. He told someone what corner he’d be on at a particular time. They didn’t take him out, he clammed up, did his time, and was rewarded. Colby, similarly, went canoeing by himself. As I noted, Colby (along with a former KGB officer) consulted on a PC game called Spycraft. Spycraft‘s plot revolved around a multinational private spy corporation called Contractor (using the Russian word). Regardless of what else, it drew attention to things like what we have now: Top Secret America. Despite the growth in 2004 and 2005 in the wake of 9/11, some companies, like the Carlyle Group owned Booz Allen Hamilton has been around a long time. In that example’s case, since 1917. Kind of opens the door to all sorts of interesting possibilities (the identity of the original real world MiBs, for example, from 1947, 1949 who tried to convince their PSYOP targets that rocket/plane/weapon testing was actual space alien activity? Oh, my but that’d be hilarious).

If you don’t think the government and its private partners are concerned over what mass media does, you aren’t paying attention. See MOCKINGBIRD, for exampl e, and TruthOut’s reporting on how the Pentagon strongarms Hollywood into telling stories the way it wants them told.

All of that was to A) save you having to click on links for all of those things because I’ve already more or less covered them here and B) to add another to the pile.

Miles Axe Copeland, Jr., father of The Police drummer Stewart Copeland. I was actually searching for the argument or debate between The Police lead singer Sting and Miles that happened in Rolling Stone the 80s after Miles was interviewed when I ran across these other things I’m about to relate. In the interview, Miles suggested that Sting’s music could be used by CIA to spread propaganda. This enraged Sting who wrote a rebuttal. Then there was, I think Miles’ reply to that and it ended.

Anyway, background on Miles is that he was OSS and one of the first CIA officers as a result. He was heavily involved with Operation Ajax, that resulted in the Shah of Iran being a US bag guy and that lead eventually to his overthrow and the mess we have today. I don’t expect that result was what Miles had in mind.

Which might be the point. He went to Booz Allen Hamilton after leaving CIA (as a NOC). When later the news of Watergate perhaps having been related to a CIA operation and official word stating they had nothing to do with it (They clearly did. Schlesinger found this out mostly the hard way, by opening the safe in his new office. This plus younger officers complaining, Sy Hersh stories in the news, and the lawbreaking discovered lead to the Family Jewels mostly being made public and the Church/Tower hearings), Miles was among a few who spoke out stating that CIA lead the burglars into a trap. (This may become important over the next several months by way of example.)

To put that in context, note that Albarelli’s book contains the anecdote about the entire Nixon entourage being dosed with LSD (source: CIA’s own files) on the way to Moscow to discuss a reduction in nuke stockpiles, the refusal of CIA and/or DoD to destroy some hazardous biological and/or chemical substances as part of Nixon’s paring down of NBC weapon strategies as part of a good faith effort to get the Soviets to do likewise, and of course pulling out of Vietnam against the wishes of the military-industrial-Congressional complex. (I don’t like defending Nixon in part due to the usual secret wars stuff, Cambobia, etc, but I can’t argue with those policies listed). In short, Nixon made some enemies on the far right by giving the smallest resistance to the MICC. The Radford Affair must also be noted, in which the very same Navy admiral who Bob Woodward reported to as an ONI attache mere months before becoming a reporter, ran a spy in the Nixon White House.

The John Birch Society (founded in part by Frank Koch, father of Charles and David “Maybe the Shutdown Wasn’t Such a Good Idea” Koch) mode of thinking was and likely still is rampant among top military brass and in some corners of the US IC. To sum that up: If you aren’t completely in the bag for no taxes on the rich and corporations (who have no loyalty to country and citizens, merely their bottom line per officers’ fiduciary responsibility, that is by design) and yet on the other hand funding the defense industry like there’s no tomorrow, you are a leftwing pinko commie bedwetter (thank Imus for that phrase).

Was Miles disillusioned? This kind of pattern continues.

Robert Baer, twenty years at CIA, decided, I think, that he was serving Exxon more than Lady Liberty and that the interests of one, or at least how those interests are carried out, do not always align. Turned down the opportunity to get involved with what would later become Arms-for-Hostages and/or Iran-Contra.

Valerie Plame-Wilson, per the movie Fair Game, saw her carefully nurtured contacts in Iraq get betrayed when invasion took the place of covert ops (largely historically done so that you don’t have to invade). Not only hurt CIA’s HUMINT efforts in the short term by losing those individuals but also long term because word gets around about not trusting someone who betrays those they swear to help. (This is one reason I think that most of what we hear, take Syria for example, is untrue; the intel is based on intent now, not on finding the truth; we are in full stab and shape making mode, not in probe and view mode. Put another way, very similar to my arguments elsewhere regarding potential behavioral modification efforts, they don’t actually care so much who you are {surveillance, intel gathering and analysis} anymore so much as who they can turn you into {behavioral modification, propaganda, PSYOPs}).

In a very, very similar vein, John Kiriakou blows the whistle on abuse of detainees for what can only be a desire to obtain false confessions. He goes to jail. People who engage in the worst abuse and ordered it remain free (and it gets ignored due to the timing of the Boston marathon bombing coinciding with release of the report implicating top Bush administration officials for the torture program–though I note again our “top cop” Holder suggested we’d all be better off sweeping the whole thing under the rug).

1990 is where Miles’ story gets really interesting:

Wikipedia / Enemy Within, Seumas Milne, :,_Jr.

In the introduction to his book ‘Enemy Within’, Guardian journalist Seumas Milne wrote that in the Spring of 1990, Copeland warned British miners union leaders Arthur Scargill and Peter Heathfield that the CIA and MI5 had been involved in kick starting a media campaign against them and helped to frame corrupt allegations against them.[5]

Copeland died in February 1991.[6][dead link]

Go pro-labor and see what happens?

I’ll add that in Sting’s biography he only devoted one page to The Police. What left him with such a sour taste?

I’ll also add that Sean Connery, it is sometimes reported, really wanted out of the Bond franchise (we’re talking around Goldfinger here, early on) due to Broccoli’s “business ties.”

It’s not what it seems. I don’t call it The Matrix as Jon Rappaport does, but I see why he does. For something closer–in a very nonliteral, figurative sense–of what I mean by “Spookspace” (as opposed to Meatspace and Cyberspace) see the Nightwatch book trilogy or pair of movies. It’s not “magic” in the supernatural sense, merely psychology and trickery.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something casting a shadow on the door of a cottage on the shore…of liberty.

Now, where did I leave the Chalk of Destiny? * 😉

* That joke woulda killed in Spookspace.


Regarding Mike “Tank”, previous post, autopsy shows he should be alive. Still awaiting toxicology report (and in any case, one can assume that the cover-up machine is at work by now). He goes in the ground tomorrow.

Car trouble, a familiar psychological harassment theme, has risen its financially-consuming head once again. I assume that there is some limit on how much money I’m actually allowed to accumulate here in Das Mutterland.

You can hear whistleblower and former FBI translator Sibel Edmond’s initial interview regarding GLADIO here. It’s quite enlightening. The Turkey (doorway between drugs and the West) and Belgium (home of NATO) connections to this whole international mess is mentioned. Sounds as though there may be a follow-up.

You should check out BoilingFrogsPost in general, actually. All sorts of interesting stuff there, including the Canadian version of, I guess, the US Chamber of Commerce and a video on GLADIO.

Additional note, neocon grandmama Michael Ledeen (AKA Rove’s brain, at the center of the Iran-Contra scandal–hilariously the reason I stopped being a Republican in the 80s, and number one suspect in the creation and dissemination of the Niger forgery which got us into Iraq under false pretenses) has connections to P2, a GLADIO hotbed.

Too Damn Close

“So, you aren’t so much fighting me as you are human nature.”
–Moriarity, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

“Vaal hungers. Vaal calls to us.”
–“The Apple” episode of ST:TOS (roughly)

“This is a rich man’s war and I don’t want any part of it.”
—Some poor sod unfortunate enough to be alive when the War Between the States broke out, but smart enough to at least see part of the big picture, when writing to a friend

WARNING: Contains religion and science. Contents may be explosive in combination.

A 12/24/12 letter printed in the Sunday 1/6/13 Times Herald:

Nation must restore its devotion to God

A nation and I mourn the murders of 26 people—20 of them children. The public cries out for gun reform and protection of the innocent children.

I look to God Almighty, who is a great and glorious God, and ask for mercy upon this nation.

On June 25, 1962, we, as a nation declared that there will be no more state-sanctioned or mandatory prayer in public schools and on June 17, 1963, that there would be no more Bible readings in public schools.

On Jan. 22, 1973, abortion was made legal in this country. God loves children. In fact God wants us to defend the fatherless and the weak.

Call it sowing and reaping. Call it karma. Call it spiritual law. For nearly 50 years, we, as a nation have told God we don’t want you or your Bible in our schools. For nearly 40 years, we as a nation, put the pursuit of happiness, convenience, money and reputation before the lives of unborn babies.

I love God. I love people, and I love this country. I can’t fix it, but I declare this: God, I want you, your words and your laws back in my nation and schools. Lord God, please forgive this nation for trampling you under our feet.

We, as a nation, should teach our children that our Creator made them and loves them. God requires we love Him and each other.

God, I love and need you. If we, as a nation separate ourselves from the God who made us great, how long will our greatness last?

So close and yet worlds apart. The fact is that it was men who engineered this, men who even carried it out, men who approved it, and men who profit from it would seem to be missing the point, but then things like MKULTRA aren’t taught in high school history classes.

While on the one hand I am glad for any influence that makes a human being utilize their better selves for dealing with the world, how far are we from tyranny when superstition is the result of witnessing the seemingly senseless? How long before a sociopathic social dominator comes along and fools people like this by stating on the one hand, yes, religion should be mandatory in public schools and on the other that sinners (as defined by the sociopath via biblical cherry-picking) should be stoned? Should be burned at the stake? Should be placed in military-controlled concentration camps? Should be tortured for the “good” of their souls, to appease an angry God?

I say thanks to subliminals, the lack of legislation regulating their use, loss of civilian control of the military, rampant domestic cloak-and-dagger, and the general cowardice and greed of elected officials and current and former bureaucrats as well as their corporate counterparts, not far at all. Too damn close as a matter of fact.

The Bible teaches to “test the spirits,” by which I think it means, simplifying it, “is this borne of love and faith or hate and fear?” And yet, so many will, out of the latter, look the other way when the round-ups begin, and some portion of that will gleefully join in on what they are told is God’s little torture-fest against sin. These events are not far off.

One thing I agree with the author on, gun control is not the solution. There are always ways to kill lots of people without guns. And yet our progressive media continues to toot that horn, refuses to accept that there is a massive effort behind this, because they fear looking foolish, being accused of being conspiracy theorists. What will it take? The first mass deaths via those unmanned drones being rolled out? The collection of people into NDAA concentration camps? I’m certain they will manage to rationalize those away as well (while simultaneously at least complaining about them).

Though the author of the letter at least gives lip-service (once) to money, it is only in the context of abortion (and at a time when over-population is the real, largest problem we face) and not the rampant greed that has lead to indefinite wars (and soon indefinite detainment) and the robbery from on high of personal property. That greed in high places has lead to most of the world’s ills that we see today, including the shootings.

By leaving those other forms of “sin” out, the author shows just how well the arguments of the social dominators have worked. If it is liberal to want religion out of schools (in order to protect the liberties of those who wish to raise their children the way they please) and that is a bad thing, then by extension, anything a liberal wants must also be bad because they “defy” God. And therefore, anything a conservative wants must be good because they are the “opposite”. That’s the lie, that’s why we are where we are.

Which group wants support for the hungry, elderly and sick and which wants to leave it up to the individual to decide if a starving person “deserves” to eat, to have shelter, to have access to health care, to make the power structure even more incredibly, dangerously, lopsided? Which wants to spend on nothing but warfare and a hideously bloated security industry? Which wants to kill education altogether, to replace it with whatever will make people more willing to go along with more grand robberies, to create an atmosphere in which we all thank the robbers for taking away all that we possess? Which has sat back while crime after crime, nearly all of them harmful to the country that the author of this letter claims to love, goes unpunished? (Though I grant the others in government have done that last part as well).

They are well aware of what the Bible says and yet reject such things as the “eye of the needle” and “giving until it hurts.” So I don’t think lack of Bible education is the problem. Nor is the Almighty Sky Killer Robot that requires constant re-affirmation or he’ll command someone to shoot your kids.

That’s the meaning of the letter, isn’t it? God loves to murder kids because we don’t kiss his ass enough. That’s quite an inferiority complex the Creator of the Universe has according to these people.

Instead we see the same old arguments we have heard from one of the most corrupt institutions in world history. One so debauched that it thinks nothing of laundering drug cartel money because it enriches them. How many birth defects, stillborns, result from drug exposure during pregnancy? How many children die as a result of drug-related violence daily? Yet they only harp on abortion because they make money off of the other and they want more warm bodies to increase their influence, their reach.

And then, speaking of God loving children, there are the many, many coverups, the shuffling of pedophile priests. The largest scandal in history was recent in a developed European country, not from the Middle Ages in the middle of a largely unexplored continent. They turn around and blame “gays” for joining their ranks, attempt to deflect blame for their coverups, their ignoring of the crimes committed and engage in incessant foot-dragging when it comes to making financial amends to those who they harmed. Of course, it’s only mammon they actually worship. Going after abortion just means more future members to them, and it is not out of any concern over children or they wouldn’t be laundering drug money, would they? Hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy in places of power must be addressed first. If God gave us brains, he must have intended for us to use them, right?

By the way, in case you aren’t yet scared s***less, here’s an article on scopolamine, and how it frighteningly resembles both MKULTRA ’55 memo item 6, “Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness”— and is a possible candidate for the “zombie apocalypse” drug of unknown origin.

[Bogata drug dealer Demencia Black] told Vice that scopolamine can be blown in the face of a passer-by in the street, and within minutes, that person is under the drug’s effect—scopolamine is odorless and tasteless.

“You can guide them wherever you want,” he explained. “It’s like they’re a child.”

Prevents memories from being formed during its effects also. Better than rufies in that regard and has been responsible for many rapes in Colombia the article says.

It sounds so crazy that people thought it an urban legend. Just keep ignoring it.

Switching subjects a bit. Back to the rash of thefts at work.

The message there is clear enough. My supervisor publicly blamed the Squidgate juror’s son for it all without the slightest bit of anything resembling evidence.

This is supposed to undermine my confidence in what I’ve been doing here, you see. One or more of these terminally corrupt organizations is hoping that I draw a parallel between that and, for example, pointing the finger at CIA for re-engaging in that which the public record already shows that they have (including the recent use of mefloquine on detainees, which DoD also engaged in), or NSA being involved since it’s the top dog in Top Secret America, is part of DoD, and had a promoter of military control of the Internet at its helm (who was also CIA director for a time).

Also, anyone who has bothered to do their research on my situation or has been following this for more than these three years knows good and damn well that I did not at first suspect CIA, FBI or any other US organization of wrongdoing. CIA and FBI were, for example, the “good guys” in The Wisp, the “bad guys” being those who knowingly sought to profit off of 9/11. Additionally, my initial instinct back when I emailed some of them back in December ’09/January ’10 was that this had to be foreign interference, had to be a foreign power doing these things, or failing that, Cheney’s stay-behinds seeking to undermine the Obama administration. The subsequent discovery of the link to the Open Government Directive would seem to have supported that latter notion.

And yet it continued unabated no matter what I did, no matter who I contacted, no matter how much support I attempted to show for the current administration *, I just got screwed harder and it still hasn’t stopped.

So let me say it again as though I’m talking to sixth-graders (because it certainly seems that way most of the time when I manage kid myself into thinking eleven year olds are actually this f***ing dense):

1) Whether it is you directly, you using your many corporate surrogates to avoid responsibility, or you using a loose association of spooks who get paid through business fronts indirectly to avoid responsibility, is irrelevant because it’s still you at the heart of it;

2) Even if, by some unthinkably odd turn of events and circumstances it is not you, not those surrogates, it is your f***ing job to prevent these kinds of things, terror-by-proxy, surreptitious drugging, etc. from occurring. It is your job to uphold the Constitution as it is all of those who have taken such oaths and yet break them daily over manufactured excuses and the most contorted re-interpretations of the law imaginable.

3) I have been left no choice at all but to make best guesses as to who, what and why. That’s all I am given. The only other option, apart from those I’ve outlined time and again, generally being driven to violence, is to sit back and wait until this problem somehow miraculously fixes itself. Been going on in close to its current form since the early 80s. That means there are other people who have waited for this miraculous revelation that has not come, will not come until someone puts their foot down, for a lot longer than I have.

Am I to engage in random FOIA requests, hoping to finally land upon the correct culprit, the correct choice of words? I had my scant savings taken from me along with my job. How can a poor person ever hope to get information from paranoid parts of the US government? Who is there to help? Not a single goddam person or entity I can see. Besides, I’ve hit some of those who should as well, to no avail. There are currently also multiple FOIA denials and dodges going on by this government as has been reported on extensively by Truth Out. If they can’t get to the truth, how can I be expected to?

Then you have the strong possibility, a very strong likelihood in my opinion, that there are–in addition to the seventeen major intelligence organizations known to exist in the US government–one or more additional ones we don’t even know exist. NSA itself was created in the 1950s, was denied as existing I think even after the hearings in the 1970s as far as most people were concerned, as far as the mainstream media reported on it. Precious little has been known about it at all until fairly recently, largely due to the investigative reporting of James Bamford.

If so, am I supposed to guess at the name of the agency involved, guess which department it is under (knowing that it may even be its own department) without a website, without instructions as to how to contact its Inspector General, assuming such an entity even has one? Why would it? People don’t know it exists. How can they therefore complain when it runs them over for no good reason other than the greed and maliciousness of people in power?

The system is broken. There is no question about it. Someone is playing God, deciding who gets to be used for domestic black ops training purposes, who gets to be experimented on, who gets to live and who gets to die and who gets to profit off of all of that.

No choice.

To put it simply for you sixth-graders, my response to your suggestion of waiting while I am being tortured almost daily as are multiple other people I don’t even know, while people I do know are harassed, threatened, and the subjects of things like arranged car accidents, etc. is: kiss my ass.

Again, simple: even if it isn’t (directly) you, it is you.

You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Where is the slightest goddam indication of progress of ending this madness after over thirty years of the most recent behavioral modification programs? Not even research any more so much as training and actual operations designed to undo, to utterly destroy what this country was founded on: the right to disagree civilly on any damn subject imaginable.

With a proxy civil war looming (in which only the puppets will pay the price while the powerful hide behind them), massive surveillance by criminals who only seek to enrich themselves by offering to fix the problems they themselves created, mass murder at any time, any place, and you suggest waiting until evidence that I cannot hope to ever acquire due to assholes hiding behind those words “national security”? You expect me to wait?

You’e not just psychopathic sixth-graders, you are delusional ones as well.

My supervisor went about assuming guilt because he doesn’t like someone, tried to fit the truth around who he dislikes, wanted it to be that way. He didn’t care about the truth at all.

Conversely, I dislike these organizations because of what they have done and continue to do. I initially assumed their innocence, assumed this could never happen in the United States, that there were checks and balances, something resembling oversight and legal restraints. I sought the truth and this is where it has lead.

There is no comparison really, merely the stark contrast. Even if innocent of direct involvement there is guilt by criminal negligence. It’s a done deal, not debatable in any significant way.

Kiss. My. Ass.

* Which seems to more and more resemble a Cheney administration every day. See the signing statement of the 2013 NDAA regarding disliking the additional protections for whistleblowers. See how John Kiriakou is facing prison time and not the at-least-five Bush White House officials who revealed the identity of Valerie Plame-Wilson to the press before the Novak article was published. (A fine legal point hardly ever discussed because they instead tried to lay it all on Richard Armitage in order to protect themselves and the lame MSM just repeated what they are told and what talking heads were paid to come out and say). This, despite the fact that Kiriakou was indeed whistleblowing and the neocons were both engaging in revenge and political silencing of the truth, the exact opposite of whistleblowing. This, despite the fact that it undermines the whole point of the Open Government Directive in the first place, spits in the face of democracy and embraces the tenets of neoconservatism which state that the truth in government is not only unnecessary, it is a bad thing. About as close to Goebbels in terms of thinking as it gets, isn’t it?

What do these kinds of reversals mean? Obama gave up? Obama has been blackmailed, bought, intimidated? Obama has been brainwashed? That he has been convinced that this is the will of the American people for the president to be a murderous maniac who engages in torture, human experimentation, and assassination of US citizens, inhumane treatment of anyone he damn well pleases for any reason at all as long as the US is “at war” (which will of course be forever)? Red kryptonite?

Human nature is a complicated thing. When most people are pointed out as behaving like the “bad guys”, they tend to want to prove otherwise. It’s not as one-sided as some would make it out to be.

Amendments Defiled Continued

This is going to be the usual stream of consciousness, covering various topics, filling in holes from the previous post and introducing and re-introducing new ones. So deal with it. It’s focused more on attacking free speech and journalism, as opposed to the technically-it’s-slavery focus of the previous post.

First, let me make very certain I have made the main point clear: voice-to-skull subliminals work on anyone. It’s sad to me how well they work. You wake up one morning and people you’ve known for a very long time suddenly behave as if they hate your guts. If you can’t see, can’t connect, how that applies to the national and international scenes, then you are not paying attention. How’s this for starters? Secret Muslim, socialist, etc. Here it is again in black and white:

Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports.

First, the previous post regarding former clients. As I said, some of those companies I listed I had contact with through friends or as part of projects I worked on where access to their spaces was necessary for other work. Many were tenants in the commercial hirise building in which I worked for the landlord. PBoC was one such, as I said.

The list you’ll find here is very out of date. You’ll still find my professional blurb on that page as well. Note, for example, Piper Rudnick, one of the law firms we worked for. It is, last I heard, now known as DLA Piper and went through one or more name changes before that change. I’m thinking there was a Wolf in there after a previous merger.

DLA was one of our biggest tenant clients. This was where A. B. “Buzzy” Krongard (whose former trading company shortsold airline stock on 9/11 and whose brother was Inspector General who looked into it) wound up after leaving CIA. As I’ve said before, I’ve no idea if he worked out of the 1251 office.

By the way, don’t think I ever worked on a DLA project. If so, it was likely office work only, some CAD, maybe, or a spreadsheet.

How I found out that Buzzy worked there was a tweet by Jeremy Scahill, I’m thinking in early January of ’10.

This is where the jumping around often loses people and I get accused of “loose associations”. Well, that’s all you get when dealing with cloak and dagger. You won’t get it all spelled out for you, not likely ever. Coverups, lies, disinformation, destruction of documents and failure to provide information as determined by law are all in the way, as we’ve seen with unresponsive FOIA requests recently.

Right. Scahill. I’ll back up a bit and remind folks that investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald and his family, it has already been reported, was targeted by CIA subcontractor Palantir. It should come as no surprise whatever that Scahill is likely a target as well.

A few of the darkly humorous or ironic things where Jeremy is concerned…

Have to back up a bit again. There was the “test”, as I think of it, in Indianapolis, of the “happy” drug, the euphoric causing one, that either does or with some other method or substance, also increases libido or the feeling of love. This was 2006.

In the fall of 2007, some of the seeds of what later became The Wisp already planted, I, with two of my co-workers during lunch one November day, met Jonathan Rhys-Meyers at Arriba, Arriba on Ninth Avenue. That was the day that the euphoria returned.

It was also mere days before Rhys-Meyers would have an altercation at the airport with security and then his mother would pass away. It might appear to some that I had something to do with his change in behavior.

As I said in the previous post, unwitting dupe, red herring, fallguy, not spy nor operative. This is undoubtedly how the “star killer” stuff works as well. CIA and/or DoD psyops and assassins actually carry out the work while making sure that people like myself or Mr. Smith are or were in the vicinity of the target(s) soon before in order to deflect attention from their role in it. The goal, of course, to “tame”, discipline, and control Hollywood. Undoubtedly the same in the MSM. Thinking of Plamegate witness Tim Russert.

What finally pushed me over, convinced me that my “slavehood” to CIA was real, was a post I did not make public. I mentioned in it that I have never been to the Farm, never had any sort of military, paramilitary nor espionage training whatsoever. The reply via V2K was to look here in my own blog (UPDATE – FORGOT TO LINK TO THE POST IN QUESTION).

Whether or not that actually works, I suspect, depends on what is being “taught.” Something complex like taking apart an M-16 I doubt could be done except over a long period of time, one step being taught at a time.

However, something simple like forgetting to lock a door so that the real operative(s) can come in later, no question.

So while I acknowledge that I served almost exclusively as a target or distraction, to have actually done anything else, actually spied on a client, actually drugged another human being (much less one of my longtime favorites like Jonny) no f***ing way. They do want me to believe that the whole hypnotized selectively-forgetful superspy crap is real, but again this is to deflect from their own culpability and to blame and incriminate myself. It’s horses***. Yes, they have made me forget some minor things from time to time, but those memories always return. It’s subliminal suggestion and not (yet) full-blown remote brain editing. (That is possible and therefore in the works. Once that is done, bye, bye Miss American Pie. It’s over. This is one reason why this is so crucial in terms of getting some serious “a person’s brain is sacrosanct” legislation with some harsh penalties and some goddam oversight).

All of that to get here…

After, almost immediately after, meeting Jonny, The Wisp storyline started coming together and I thought about a screenplay and a graphic novel. Then recalling Syriana, I thought of Clooney in the lead role. I knew nothing of course of his injury and traumatic experience on the set at that time and only discovered those more recently when he decided to discuss them in interviews.

So, it was quite a shock when later I learned that one of my realworld sources of material for the story, Jeremy Scahill, had moved in less than a block away from me in Brooklyn. Further, I discovered this by talking to one of the owners of my local deli. The same deli where that person showed up on January 3, 2010 and wanted me to think he had some connection to Watts. The same deli where the owner suddenly starter giving me grief for carrying a camera (which would be one reason I didn’t get on film, for example, the same pickup truck doing the smoke trick the second time I saw it). But I did photograph the Fish & Wildlife sticker still visible on a van… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thanksgiving week ’09 it’s after midnight and was walking the dogs. I bumped into a distinctly military looking fellow milling about with a dog in front of Scahill’s. Jeremy was out of town as I recall. When I asked him about the dog, he paused long enough that I knew it wasn’t his dog.

Later, I mentioned this to Jeremy. That conversation was also interesting because we touched on the Real Time (as yet unaired I think) interview of Oliver Stone.

“Well, I think there probably was something to the JFK assassination,” I said.

“Yeah, but we’ll probably never know who did it,” Jeremy said.

I threw out the military-industrial-complex and he, as a good investigative reporter should do, pushed back on the lack of evidence.

The hilarious part? The question of the identify of the person on the grassy knoll was put forth in an OpEd on Truthout at some point later in 2010 or 2011. It has since been taken down, I assume over legal threats or Leopold deciding it was too conspiracy theory oriented for them. I’ll just say that the answer suggested by the intel veteran who wrote it makes a lot of sense. Like father, like son. I also note that there are still a few missing pages in the Family Jewels. Sure seem to relate to JFK.

But the real point there is the “irony” of the conversation. I’m telling you, that neighborhood during the ’08/’09 holidays was a ghost town, but in ’09/’10 was crawling with spooks, many tripping over each other and racing cars down the street. It was a free for all.

Next, and he’s quite forgiven, I was out on the balcony when Jeremy passed by and said something about the lap of luxury.

Note again, what happened? I lost all of that. The purpose? To try to misdirect my ire from the real perpetrators in the Obama administration against people like Scahill, Watts, Clooney, Baer, even Bill Krisol (by the way, there is a current hilarious attempt to get me to point the finger at Lord Conrad Black {Mr. White?} and Richard Branson {Virgin’s logo is red, opposite of Green they point out}). Apparently these imbeciles didn’t realized the whole Black thing (happening elsewhere, a Yahoo group) was a right-feint for the left hook delivered elsewhere. Like a friend of mine used to say, Nazis were overall more vicious than smart. While not entirely so, it does on occasion apply to American fascists as well. Overconfidence in their toys makes them subject to the occasional psyop as well.

Then, as I said already, the news that our top client was the new home of Buzzy came from Scahill. Being locked out of the building where I worked for twenty years followed. Fighting to get my unemployment followed that.

Would it have been surprising if I had, being surreptitiously drugged and otherwise harassed consistently, blamed Jeremy for that?

Would it likewise have been unexpected if, after having been brainwashed to think that little twerp that appeared and seemed to “save my life” was related to Watts, to have blamed Watts for his consistent no-show?

Would it likewise have been unexpected if I had blamed Clooney and Baer for things after what seemed like a prank at the movie theater in December of ’09 and other things?

This is how they do it. If it had been as simple as delivering an instruction and their obedient “robot” carrying it out, I’d be dead or in prison by now. Doesn’t work that way nor that well. Requires other factors, is not easy to produce. Sure, they can arrange to have people in the same place at the same time, but violating your personal code, internalized morality, whatever, not so easy.

And that, as the wizard said, is an encouraging thought.

But you’d better hurry.

Also: Only 24 More Investigation Days until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson of December 23, 2009.

Only 33 More Investigation Days

…until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson on December 23, 2009.

Did you know?

FBI denies file exposing nuclear secrets theft

THE FBI has been accused of covering up a key case file detailing evidence against corrupt government officials and their dealings with a network stealing nuclear secrets.

She says the FBI was investigating a Turkish and Israeli-run network that paid high-ranking American officials to steal nuclear weapons secrets. These were then sold on the international black market to countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

One of the documents relating to the case was marked 203A-WF-210023. Last week, however, the FBI responded to a freedom of information request for a file of exactly the same number by claiming that it did not exist. But The Sunday Times has obtained a document signed by an FBI official showing the existence of the file.

It claims the government official warned a Turkish member of the network that they should not deal with a company called Brewster Jennings because it was a CIA front company investigating the nuclear black market. The official’s warning came two years before Brewster Jennings was publicly outed when one of its staff, Valerie Plame, was revealed to be a CIA agent in a case that became a cause celebre in the US.

But then…

Firedoglake – DOJ Confirms Previously Denied File

Considering that “203A” means it’s an FBI Counterintelligence Division, Turkish Unit file, in 2008 the FBI was probably using the FOIA (c)(3) exclusion, which permits the FBI to not only withhold records “pertaining to foreign intelligence or counterintelligence, or international terrorism,” but to, “as long as the existence of the records remains classified information, treat the records as not subject to the requirements of [the FOIA].” According to still in effect 1986 guidance from Attorney General Ed Meese, when using any of the three subsection (c) exclusions, the proper agency response is to advise requesters that, “there exist no records responsive to your FOIA request.”

Which when you’ve been framed as being connected to the Wikileaks event(s)–hilariously after contacting said bureau regarding Squidgate and the arson in question, after INSCOM visited your website, after so much other harassment at the hands of ‘Balding’ and his proteges–it’s still anything goes.

Such as mucking with your social life like it’s 1969. Tuesday, September 18, 2012. If tall, dark, and not-too-bright wasn’t yours, someone sure wanted it to seem that way with their attempt at re-enacting an unfortunate college era party. Didn’t work out that way, did it?

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