The Beginning of the End

It couldn’t really be more perfect. A perusal of right and left outlets and opinion on Facebook shows the “game” has really been stepped up.

Anti-government sentiment will be so high in the coming years that people will be clamoring for multinational control. They pretty much have it now, but I mean direct control. Control of resources, control of masses via control of food, “news”/propaganda, gas, lodging, work, and who goes in the slammer and who gets to watch those in the slammer because, you know, unemployment rate due to outsourcing, automation and over-working the remaining human work force.

Taking a sharp turn, you can get the general idea of where things are gonna go by reading Peter Watts’ Rifters trilogy, or watching SyFy’s Incorporated. You can also watch some of history repeat itself via Taboo, when the East India Company ruled the world.

We’re just too gullible, too willing to accept what the people who are leading us to the cliff say is the problem and who is responsible for it. Let me straighten that out for you. Not that you’ll listen, not that you’ll understand.

It’s power. It’s always power. And today more than ever there’s a very big gap between those who have it and those who don’t. And they have every institution that is supposed to be an impediment to having it absolutely on their side.

C’est fini.



Private Dicks

Is there a rise in the number of deaths at the hands of police, especially of unarmed “suspects”? I’m using this last term loosely since in a few cases there doesn’t even seem to be have been probable cause for stop and search. We don’t know the answer because reporting has historically been so bad that there is no way to confirm it one way or the other. It is quite possible that this is what has been going on forever and we just didn’t know because of a horrible mainstream media and the assumption on the parts of many that a cop’s word is better than an alleged criminal’s.

But it does at least seem, feel, appear as though there is a rise? Yes. Why? It’s now getting a lot of press coverage.

Jeb Bush, when ambushed by Black Lives Matter protestors yesterday, said that “People don’t trust some institutions that they ought to be able to.” He was, at least in part, referring to police.

What then, is the neoconservative and neoliberal answer to this problem? It’s the one I’ve been suggesting–even though originally I only did so as thought experiment, back when drafting The Wisp–for years. Privatization.

Blackwater’s original plan was to begin by providing police departments with shooting ranges. There, they hoped to expand to providing other services and to essentially infiltrate police departments on the march toward stealing even more tax dollars. Erik Prince’s partner and co-founder left the company because he said Prince was more concerned with profits than service.

Another mercenary corporation offered to provide armed guards at polling places for the state of Oregon during the 2010 midterms, which grew out of the FOX News and radical RW propaganda regarding people voting repeatedly. * What they didn’t know and were embarrassed by, Oregon does all of it’s voting without polling places online and with absentee ballots.

The privatization of NASA and the Post Office is old news. Approximately 70% of the intelligence community is private. Our communications, which wind up on NSA’s servers anyway, all privately owned and controlled.

What is the through-line here? Like the war in Vietnam, this has become a huge cash cow for Congress, people in the Executive branch, people at CIA via In-Q-Tel, etc. They are constantly looking for new “markets” and are determined to create them even if they don’t already exist. ** Controlling the narrative is how you get groups to react, to move in one direction or another, in order to serve your needs. We think something is true so we fight to fix it.

But we don’t actually control the fix. Congress does. The White House does. Wall Street and lobbyists do. Generals and spies, attorneys and top cops do.

And that is why, even though we clearly need more accountability and better training–most likely a lot of this can be traced back to cheap labor, ie, cops don’t make enough so we get bad actors instead of professionals–we will instead wind up with the “charter school” solution to law enforcement. Corporate control of the government is fascism. Start calling it what it is. We pretend the low pay is because of austerity when clearly, when CEOs make 3,000 times what their employees do, there’s something else wrong.

If you want to know just one of many reasons why this would be a bad thing, may I suggest reading as much as you can about the Nisour Square Massacre? Then remember that we got all airports ready for drones and that some presidential candidates are leaving the door open for more torture.

This privatization is what is going to happen no matter who gets elected in all likelihood. Hillary’s biggest donors so far are private prison companies. Clinton supporter Wesley Clark has called for prison camps to detain Americans indefinitely. These things are not coincidence.

You’ll read that some union bosses have thrown in behind Clinton as well. This should come as no surprise. FBI’s primary purpose has been and continues to be to disrupt organized labor and hand the reins over to powerful people, such as Senators, all the while appearing to be “cleaning up” crime.

You can also read her public opposition to the TPP, which Obama has been trying to ramrod through Congress. Then you can read her private emails as they become available, where, as Secretary of State, she tried to sell it.

This place is a cesspool that Scarface could only have dreamed of. Just look at Holder, and I think it all becomes clear.

The Republicans consistently come to the Democrats’ rescue and vice versa. The attacks on reproductive rights, which are safe no matter who gets elected, will drive people to HRC even though on damn near every other issue these two parties agree. It’s one that they can play, push our buttons, in order to pretend there is some significant difference. There isn’t if you look at what they actually do as opposed to what they say and how they say it. These two parties define themselves in two ways. First, not being the other party. Secondly, handing anything and everything over to oligarchs and multinationals.

1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008, I fell for it too. I voted for Democrats because, “What if the Republicans get in?”

Things will never change if we don’t stop voting for these competing criminal cabals whose only real difference is which organization gets the most loot. We have to start somewhere, some time. 2016 is as good as any {I started in 2012}.

In so far as voting matters at all, that is.

* Even though the actual evidence is that there have been multiple cases of voter fraud performed electronically by the corporations hired by the states, especially swing state Ohio.

** This is a large part of the back story to my autobiographical Wicked Game draft book. They wanted to remove a witness to illegal domestic black op programs, yes, but they wanted to do so in a way that would provide them with additional opportunities for government contracts, ie, painting LGBTQetc as more prone to violence, terrorism, crime. Since I know this to be true–I lived through it–there is no reason to think they aren’t doing similar with other minority groups, other situations.

Stink Tank

You wouldn’t necessarily realize it from reading the article, and the man has dug up some amazing stories in the past, but this may be Jason Leopold’s biggest story to date.

Jason Leopold, “The DHS Planned to ‘Plug’ Federal Officers Into the Ferguson Protests, Documents Show,” VICE News, 21 July 2015:

The documents reveal that DHS received “intelligence” — largely based on a Fox News report — and subsequently investigated claims that Muslims had “co-opted” the protests in Ferguson.

Let’s back up a moment. What happened here? Who are the players?

Steven Edwards, “Muslim groups seek to co-opt Ferguson protests, says watchdog group,” FOX News, 18 November 2014:

FOX News, I presume, needs no introduction, no explanation. Murdoch’s media empire seeks to distract and inflame the 99% against itself at all times. That they would aid and abet the attempt to tie black free speech {specifically the Ferguson protests} to terrorism should come as no surprise. We’re talking about a tentacle of the beast who hacked phone systems of 9/11 victims’ family members and others, and faced no criminal charges in this country for it.

CSP, on the other hand, the DC think tank that FOX used to propagate this idea, may require some discussion.

Think tanks in general are basically brainstorm sessions where the ideas are later written up into white papers, and become policy for whatever group benefits most from the ideas. Yes, it’s where real world James Bond villains would get their crazy plans for world domination, if they existed. Naturally, FOX would call Evil, Inc.’s braintrust a “watchdog group.”

CSP’s founder on Iraq on an appearance on Chris Matthews’s Hardball:

Steve Benan, “It never ends,” Washington Monthly, 13 March 2009:

There is also circumstantial evidence, not proven by any means, but nonetheless some pretty compelling circumstantial evidence of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq being involved with the people who perpetrated both the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and even the Oklahoma City bombing.

So this guy is a warhawk. So far, so good on pointing out also a liar with motives possibly ranging from supporting that whacky radical doomsday cult that seems to mostly exist in Texas whether you’re talking W or Ted Cruz, who want to preserve Israel so Jesus can come back and destroy it; the military, intelligence, security industrial complex; and big energy, pharma, etc. who benefit via future CVS and BP stations in the Middle East.

Gaffney is a proven liar.

Moving on to the meat of their argument. They, FOX, claim that it is the connection between Brown and a Muslim shot at at least 21 times, hit 20, that makes it a-okay to suggest black outrage in Ferguson is really radical Muslim terrorism.

Who is this guy?


The FBI has said that agents shot him after the 53-year-old mosque leader opened fire on them as they tried to arrest him and 10 others during a raid on a warehouse in Dearborn, Michigan, on charges that included conspiracy to sell stolen goods and illegal possession of firearms. They say that Abdullah, who had an extensive criminal record, shot dead an FBI dog.

What’s missing?

Steven Gray, “Why Was a Controversial Imam Shot 20 Times?,” TIME, 1 February 2010:,8599,1958229,00.html

The autopsy, released by Wayne County medical examiner Carl Schmidt, showed that Abdullah was shot a total of 20 times, incurring 21 wounds. He had died during a raid by federal law-enforcement agents on a warehouse in Dearborn, a 20-minute drive southwest of downtown Detroit. And while federal authorities had claimed after the raid that Abdullah opened fire after refusing to surrender his weapon, Schmidt said Monday that when medical-examiner-office investigators found Abdullah’s body inside a semitrailer, the imam’s hands were cuffed behind his back. “I don’t recall police being involved in a case that’s had as many gunshot wounds,” he said.

While he might really have been a bad guy, it really gets called into question when you not only have to shoot him that many times but then either have to do it while he is handcuffed or have to handcuff him after you shoot him 20 times. Also possible, I suppose, someone else put the cuffs on him after he was shot but before his body was taken possession of. But really, why believe people who lie to us on a daily basis? That’s the problem with deception, it ruins your reputation, undermines credibility.

But then that’s kind of getting off topic. The point is that FBI and Department of Homeland Security based their operational plans on a FOX News report based on a liar and Iraq war hawks’ think tank. That is RUMINT–rumor intelligence. That is considered just about the worst thing you can do in the intelligence gathering business this side of torture and mass surveillance. It is basically lowering the bar so low that you can justify anything. You could cherrypick whatever you want for political and/or financial gain when you operate this way.

Of course, I already knew this. I’m a victim of the poison pen in addition to PSYOPs designed to make me react in such a way as to appear, or even drive me to do something that would make me, guilty of something after being harassed for an extended period of time. But you, you people, need proof that it happens.

A further point? Barack Obama is continually his own worst enemy. Homeland Security is tied into every state and local police organization in the country. Is it any wonder then that some police think that they can shoot or hang unarmed African Americans with relative ease and expect no real repercussions for it? The approval comes from the top.

Even more incredible is how Obama on the one hand criticizes Iraq war hawks for lambasting his deal with Iran on the one hand but allows them to set policy for his Departments of Justice and Homeland Security on the other.

More on Jason, whom our government has labeled a Freedom of Information Act {FOIA} “terrorist.”

Ravi Somaiya, “A Wizard at Prying Government Secrets From the Government,” New York Times, 19 July 2015: