Might As Well Be the One

Excerpt from the August 6, 1984 Congressional report on Subliminal Communication Technology:

…that the person was vulnerable to could become exacerbated under these circumstances.

If you go back to the study that I told you about earlier where if you flash on the message “I have been bad” or “I have lost mommy,” this did not lead the people in the experiment to say that they had been bad or that they were concerned with loss. What it lead them to do is to become more depressed.

Of course that was 1984 and previous. Not difficult to imagine where they have gotten to since in an effort to control the narrative, to eliminate people like Aaron Swartz to intimidate Hollywood into complying with the march to war, torture and lies.

(UPDATE: Or attempting to turn me into a killer by using it to murder several young gay men in a row and then throwing on a V2K guilt-trip.)

And in order to do what all of you should be doing every day, that is washing out the crap in your brain every day, they are not doing any of this for your best interests. This is about personal greed and handing over a representative democracy to those who can and will dictate every aspect of your life one day soon, including and especially what you get for working for them. That’s just how fascists and cheap laborists roll.

And let’s not forget the forward to the CIA Guerilla Warfare Manual:

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.


Spring Time for Hefner

A mishmash of items.

So apparently the Brunhilda V2K event was regarding Hefner’s many Aryan loves. They awoke me after 7 am just to have me check CNN and accidentally click the link from the front page while scrolling down to see WTF it was they had awakened me over. Yes, sleep deprivation, it’s the new black. Why they decided to substitute Janus for Hef, I have no idea. Glitch? To get my attention to the trends?

Speaking of which, very silly movie, but the message seems to be, “America, the EU is on the phone and wants to know if you’re feeling okay.” Iron Skies. There’s a half-humorous/half-serious rendition of the National Anthem toward the end, a president that resembles Sarah Palin, and of course Nazis from the Moon.

But I was more curious as to what “could have been worse” meant with regards to this CNN article.

Note how they are careful to point out how much after-tax income these poor souls who make half a million a year will be hit by with a 2% increase. No mention of the fact that we are at war and these same f***s make money off of it, have had our homes stolen by some of these same f***s, and they have multiple ways of hiding income and avoiding paying taxes in the first place. No wonder this place is falling apart. The only function apparently that Congress thinks the federal government should be in is war and corporate welfare.

The 2001 National Intelligence Estimate stating that the gap between rich and poor was to be the biggest security risk for the foreseeable future was spot on clearly. In order to, rather than fix the tax system, deal with that assessment, they created an employer, Top Secret America, a secret police force, thus ensuring that the middle class would be at each other’s throats while handing America’s financial future over to multinationals, and therefore, ultimately, it’s government as well.

With regards to the multinational-backed demagogue (who we obviously haven’t seen yet or everyone would be bowing down and worshipping him or her, right?) I should have included a link to this.

See how that fits together? Subliminals used to make the public fall in love with whoever it will be while the Supreme Court says, “You can either murder free speech or allow foreign/non-state presidential candidates.” Congress, being largely in the pockets of same (those who aren’t get removed by any means, engineered scandal, gerrymandering, intimidation, assassination) won’t ever close the loophole that the ironically named “Citizens United” decision created (united under one demagogue, one corporate conglomerate).

Believe now or weep later. We often only see what we expect to see. We rationalize away each seemingly separate event, not seeing the whole and where it all points. It’s a done deal near as I can tell. The longer we wait, the better the tech gets.

Speaking of which, I’m going back to thinking this is somehow related to Total Information Awareness (TIA – NSA’s complete electronic eavesdropping system designed to pick up on anything and everything) coupled with a response system that utilizes satellites to dispense V2K, voice synthesis, etc. to deal with it. I can’t believe there are this many teams running around in white vans.

Someone asked me how it could possible work with cloud cover, inside buildings, etc. Here’s the answer:

3D-iD – this allows tracking by tagging of people and objects inside buildings and otherwise blocked by cover.

Adaptive Optics Systems – “Optical systems that compensate for the effects of atmosphere and other phase distortion sources.”

Then it’s just a question of aim an fire. Possibly a microwave “shotgun” that allows for movement, turning of the head, etc. Also, don’t forget that subliminal audio suggestions can be sent via any means that transmits sound.

Same principle as Smirnov’s inventions but on a bigger scale.

Where There’s Smoke


Earlier this morning, I walked in on what led to what you see above. I was not in the house all morning, having spent the night elsewhere.

The Squidgate juror’s home. A fire. She was sleeping mere feet away from the fire on a couch. So was the dog she’s watching this week. There’s more damage than the photo shows. A log rolled or fell out and rolled/broke up across the floor, and there are far more burns like those. The place was filling up with smoke as the carpet was about to catch fire.

Note that days ago she also burned her leg on the same wood stove. It will likely leave a scar.

This is what you call being mocked. The fire at the Conway’s condo resulted in Kate’s legs being burnt.

Voice-to-skull subliminals likely led to the stove door being left open, the log in a precarious position, and the previous accident causing the leg welt as well.

Note that she has no idea about these blog posts. I don’t discuss it.

You f***ers couldn’t find your dicks with a kilo of heroin duct-taped to it, could you? Either that, or it’s you doing it.

Yeah, it’s obvious that FDNY was also called to Kate’s to avoid arson becoming murder. So goddam what? Why is this government behaving like the KGB is running the show?

Only 17 More Investigation Days until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson of December 23, 2009.

Safe to assume this will be the same at the fourth since we are dealing with a system so corrupt it defies imagining. Criminals run the show, folks, clearly all three f***ing branches of government.

Igor Smirnov’s Audiopsychocorrection

[The description below is from Igor Smirnov’s Psychotechnology Research Institute site.]

The potential for abuses, including harassment and attempts at the covert direction of nonconsensual subjects, is obvious.

Technologically it is not all that surprising, but of course the details are not published as a study in an open scientific journal.

If Smirnov’s encoding methods don’t work (and I very strongly suspect they do) some similar methods would work. It then breaks down to what proportion of the population perceives what effects, e.g., no effect, pure subliminal effect, voice noticed but not the source, voice and source noticed. Various volume factors and algorithmic parameter settings would be important variables to consider in a real study. Levels of influencing are also something to consider (and would require careful experimental design).

It is certain that studies like this *have* been carried out in secret, but of course we are not allowed to access such data or to obtain it in discovery motions. It’s officially denied, and so applications of the technology even against nonconsensual domestic citizens are deniable, too.

Note that this is basically a method for hiding audio signals in/as other, innocuous-sounding audio signals. So such signals could be delivered by *any* audio-delivery technology. For example, you could send such encoded audio via an HSS or Audio Spotlight type of device (perhaps in an attempt to keep the influencing subliminal rather than having it perceived as voice-to-skull harassment).]




Acoustic psychological correction, or audiopsychocorrection, is a method whereby coded words and whole phrases are put into an audio stream to be heard by the patient. Research in the field of unconscious psychocorrection began as far back as the 1980s. The results of that research led to developing means for encoding acoustic information. This was the origin of what is now known as
psychocorrection. Years passed before it really started working. For a long time our scientists tried to camouflage a verbal message in such a way that it could be perceived but not recognized. Many methods were tried, such as music, voice compression and others, but the results were still far from optimum.

Eventually, an algorithm was developed, realised as a program for IBM PC, which made it possible to input unrecognizable acoustic information with maximum efficiency. This algorithm, as a matter of fact, was the culmination of an entire phase of scientific studies. The technology of verbal message encoding and decoding was finally developed.

We had acquired a verbal message encoding tool, which, using certain mathematical operations, turned an original verbal signal into a noise-like signal which, when listened to, not only cannot be recognized in terms of meaning but also, the very fact of its presence cannot be established. On the other hand, this is accomplished by “noise” decoding, using specially developed software. There were no other ways of extracting the message.

In addition, during experimental tests, it was discovered that the human brain is also capable of decoding this information – and, while perceiving the information, does not recognize the source. To be truthful, several exceptions to this rule were observed: a number of the people who had undergone the test, while sleeping, dreamed they saw and heard a person, whose encoded verbal message was recorded on the audio cassette used in their research procedure, speak words whose meaning was the same as the encoded suggestion.

When recorded on a high-quality audio media, the encoded suggestions excelled, in terms of efficiency, all methods studied before. Persons being tested listened to a cassette (or a CD) for several hours a day. The program material could easily have been
background music or sound normal to his routine work environment, causing no serious disturbance, distraction or irritation, while the effect was far higher than expected.

Suggestion administered is this way achieves results within a short time. One test subject started forming his behaviour on the basis of the encoded suggestion, thinking that he was making decisions on his own. Such an effect was only possible when the psychocorrecting plot was properly selected (for further information on this subject click here).

By now, we have considerable experience in administering psychocorrection. Our research has shown that against the background
of using unconscious psychocorrection there have been no negative effects encountered. The most noticeable negative effect could be the absence of any reaction to the procedure undergone.

We have noticed that approximately 10-15% of those who have undergone the test do not perceive the information, i.e. their brain is incapable of decoding voice processed using the above described algorithm. However, even in these cases the encoding module can be tuned to “get through” the immunity. This only requires more time to
adjust the mode.