How I Know That They Are Full Of It

My travels and travails have provided many insights.

This is about just one of them. Probably the most important one, at least for the moment.

Currently, there is a debate regarding the Koran between those atheists, secularists, and agnostics who think the words in the book are sufficient reason to torture and murder people–and though they might use different words, that is what it means–and those who don’t coupled with some Muslims who seem to be trying to say that murdering and torturing people upsets people. Who knew? In addition, there are many similar passages and events in the other books that comprise the Abrahamic religions. In this case, it is that Maher and others seem to be trying to say that there is something different, that it is a lack of enlightenment on the part of the world’s Muslims that is the problem.

I question our enlightenment.

What did I learn from my interaction and subsequent brainwashing where ‘Janus’ is concerned? What, when coupled with over half a century of research and tests on disseminating substances conducted by the CIA and Department of Defense, means, that–ridiculous as it sounds–we could have near world peace in a month or six? And what does it say that those who are familiar with these means and methods steadfastly refuse to use them?

Working backwards, it means, of course, that they don’t want anything like world peace. There is too much money to be made, too many political {and religious, see below} goals to be achieved, too many opportunities to spread Mickey Mouse and Starbucks to the nonbeliever, now with Richard Dawkins as John the Baptist to help spread the Gospel of coffee and cartoon rodents.

Right. The many tests, whether you’re talking potentially Pont St.-Esprit, the Hawaiian and other places crops tests, or those subway tests in NYC that the Mayor never bothered to tell people were happening because fear is good for power grabs.

Then there’s MKULTRA, MKSEARCH, and the myriad other projects designed to see how we can manipulate human behavior for the real purpose to be achieved, as mentioned in the intro to the CIA Guerrilla Warfare Manual:

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.

It is only natural that people like Dawkins, Maher, Harris, etc. would be targeted as well.

If, on the other hand, Dawkins would say, “Climate change is real and the only solution that the scientific community has come up with is population reduction. Sadly, this means some portion of the world population must go. It is simpler, from a pragmatic standpoint, that we use the radicals within our own power structure: the radical Catholics among the Joint Chiefs of Staff whom investigative reporter Seymour Hersh described as thinking themselves the Knights of Malta; the sizable Mormon contingent who joined the CIA in the 1980’s when it was determined that foreign missionaries who were already in place and spoke foreign languages would make useful additions, as reported in the New York Times when this occurred; and the wealthy evangelical Christians in the Religious Right movement–started in part thanks to the father of mercenary Erik Prince–without the approval of whom, no politician can be elected or remain in office. Because these groups are untouchable, we, the world’s top atheists and scientists have no choice but to hitch our wagon to theirs until such time as the population is more manageable. What could possibly go wrong?”

At least that would be honest.

Even George Lucas and Robot Chicken know the result.

For something more serious, see ambassador Sir Nevile Henderson, who kept telling London that Hitler was just swell.

Or should I just launch into Niemöller quotes?

Right, so we could definitely poison or drug massive amounts of people at once if we so desired. Easy to do via plane, drone, covert ops.

The next point, here’s again that 1955 MKULTRA draft memo from the appendix of the Senate report:

11. Substances which will produce “pure” euphoria with no subsequent let-down.

12. Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.

Mind you, this is as illegal and likely somewhere almost as unethical and immoral as what we’ve been doing, eg raping women with broken bottles and blowing the children apart with drones. It’s exactly the kind of thing that worried Aldous Huxley as well. But I figure as long as we’re killing the concept of the individual anyway and giving way to the multinational as God, this is merely the touchstone that shows that they have no interest in peace, merely pelf and power from war and chaos.

Because, folks, that was the most remarkable thing. My life was literally disintegrating before my eyes, I was being constantly harassed, and I didn’t care because I was also drugged or had some electronic device used on me that had much the same effect.

Got that? Between the moments of euphoria there was, “Oh, it’ll all turn out fine…it must.” Because as neuroscientist Sam Harris surely knows, mood–and to a large extent personality–comes from brain chemistry. The fact that the person over whom I was brainwashed just turned out to be another sadistic covert ops creep with no regard for civil liberties nor what he is doing to his country isn’t really relevant to the point. The point is, it worked. No matter how angry they got me, there was that light at the end of the tunnel to remind me to just survive until things changed.

And that’s how I know our intel community and the Pentagon is full of shit. Peace is a choice, they chose otherwise, and are sweeping the rest of us along in the momentum of their wake.

And So It Came To Pass

When I wrote The Wisp, a story involving privatization of the intelligence community and warfare, I had thought that I was gazing down the road ten years or so. It wasn’t until the WaPo exposé Top Secret America that I realized it had already happened mostly in 2004 and 2005.

Twenty-two months ago or so, I started a “Fauxpocalypse” novel entitled Infernis. The idea behind the fake end times term, self-fulfilling prophecy can be as dangerous as, in my opinion perhaps moreso, than the supernatural. For the unfinished novel, a system that absorbs too much of those beliefs is susceptible to the same delusional thinking. Think HAL 9000 meets War Games.

Then, about 10 and a half months ago, started the sequel, Inthrallis. This one is in part based on experiences with some of those items listed in that old 1955 draft CIA MKULTRA memorandum:

11. Substances which will produce “pure” euphoria with no subsequent let-down.

12. Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.

I may expound on that later, but as I’ve noted below, the scope of the project quickly grew and before 1960 they were looking at what makes us decide to vote, child personality development, mental illness, minorities, criminals, hypnotism, means of control and altering personality, etc.

August of last year was before the MINERVA stuff made it into the news. It’s apparently gotten a nickname now, “FBULTRA,” which I think is appropriate.

The theme of Inthallis is similar in that it still circles around self-fulfilling prophecy but this time it’s a sort of anti-Christ figure. Superstition as crowd-control and flimflam predates even Judaism, so it should not be taken as an attack against religion as a whole.

Superstition and inquistion-lite are making big comebacks.


VICE, “EXORCIST REVIVAL,” Staff, 16 June 2014:

VICE, “Why the Vatican’s Recognition of Exorcism Is Important,” Kayla Ruble, 4 July 2014:

Witch Hunts:

NYTimes OpEd, “The Persecution of Witches, 21st-Century Style,” Motch Horowitz, 5 July 2014:

In some communities, it is chiefly young men who take on the role of witch hunters, suggesting that they may see it as a way to earn prestige by cleansing undesirables and enforcing social mores. That many of the self-appointed witch hunters are men highlights another baleful aspect of the phenomenon: The majority of victims are women. The Rev. Jack Urame of the Melanesian Institute, a Papua New Guinean human rights agency, estimates that witchcraft-related violence there is directed 5 to 1 against women, suggesting that witchcraft accusations are used to cloak gender-based violence.

Another factor, particularly in Central Africa and its diaspora communities, is the advent of revivalist churches, in which self-styled pastor-prophets rail against witchery and demon possession. They often claim to specialize in the casting out of evil spirits, sometimes charging for the service. Many of those congregations have emerged from Western evangelizing efforts.

Globalization means that paranoia over black magic and spirit possession are no longer confined to developing nations. Mass migration has made this a pervasive problem. In January, a Queens, N.Y., man was arrested for beating to death with a hammer his girlfriend, Estrella Castaneda, 56, and her daughter, Lina Castaneda, 25; Carlos Alberto Amarillo told the police that the women were “witches,” who had been “performing voodoo and casting spells” on him.

There’s lots more. Our ally and assistant chief shaper of foreign policy, Saudi Arabia, for example, and the UK.

Persecution of LGBTs:

MotherJones, “Meet the American Pastor Behind Uganda’s Anti-Gay Crackdown: Scott Lively has stirred up hate from Moscow to Kampala. Watch him in action,” Mariah Blake, 10 March 2014:

HuffPo, “Russia’s Anti-Gay Law Is One Of My ‘Proudest Achievements,’ Claims Pastor Scott Lively,” Gay Voices, 24 September 2013:

He also blames the Ukraine situation on gays, but then so does Putin:

The Advocate, “Putin Claims ‘Gay Nazis’ Behind Ukrainian Unrest: The Russian president takes a page out of a notorious antigay American evangelical’s playbook and claims that gay people are the cause of the current conflict in Ukraine,” Sunnivie Brydum, 16 May 2014:

The problem, the Ukraine’s neonazi movement is not Russia’s doing, but rather the US and NATO:

Global Research, “The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine,” Michel Chossudovsky, 2 March 2014:

“The flowering of democracy” in Ukraine –to use the words of the New York Times– is endorsed by Republicans and Democrats. It’s a bipartisan project. Lest we forget, Senator John McCain is a firm supporter and friend of Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok (Image right).


And it comes back around full circle:

DailyMailUK, “Palin under fire over African pastor friend who waged witch-hunt against woman he believed caused car crashes,” Paul Thompson, 18 September 2008:

Lest you think 2016 and beyond will look any different:

Gawker, “You’ll Never Guess Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Book,” Hamilton Nolan, 16 June 2014:

NYTimes, “The Next Act of the Neocons: Are Neocons Getting Ready to Ally With Hillary Clinton?” Jacob Heilbrunn, 5 July 2014:

I really am starting to wonder about that brain injury–attributed to a fall–that Karl Rove has been accusing Hillary of having. I know, consider the source…but have some problems squaring Obama and Clinton on so many issues these days without resorting to the mind affecting tech and/or intimidation hypotheses.

Never Smile (Updated)

8 January 2014 Update:

Reason blog puts entire story in question. Intentional or unintended scare story by police that was picked up by national news outlets? Possibility that adverse effects simply due to dirty needles; unable to confirm that drug has been officially linked to the adverse effects:

Ok, new drug called ‘krokodil’ or crocodile. It’s being compared to heroin except is has a very nasty side-effect:
Continue reading

Too Damn Close

“So, you aren’t so much fighting me as you are human nature.”
–Moriarity, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

“Vaal hungers. Vaal calls to us.”
–“The Apple” episode of ST:TOS (roughly)

“This is a rich man’s war and I don’t want any part of it.”
—Some poor sod unfortunate enough to be alive when the War Between the States broke out, but smart enough to at least see part of the big picture, when writing to a friend

WARNING: Contains religion and science. Contents may be explosive in combination.

A 12/24/12 letter printed in the Sunday 1/6/13 Times Herald:

Nation must restore its devotion to God

A nation and I mourn the murders of 26 people—20 of them children. The public cries out for gun reform and protection of the innocent children.

I look to God Almighty, who is a great and glorious God, and ask for mercy upon this nation.

On June 25, 1962, we, as a nation declared that there will be no more state-sanctioned or mandatory prayer in public schools and on June 17, 1963, that there would be no more Bible readings in public schools.

On Jan. 22, 1973, abortion was made legal in this country. God loves children. In fact God wants us to defend the fatherless and the weak.

Call it sowing and reaping. Call it karma. Call it spiritual law. For nearly 50 years, we, as a nation have told God we don’t want you or your Bible in our schools. For nearly 40 years, we as a nation, put the pursuit of happiness, convenience, money and reputation before the lives of unborn babies.

I love God. I love people, and I love this country. I can’t fix it, but I declare this: God, I want you, your words and your laws back in my nation and schools. Lord God, please forgive this nation for trampling you under our feet.

We, as a nation, should teach our children that our Creator made them and loves them. God requires we love Him and each other.

God, I love and need you. If we, as a nation separate ourselves from the God who made us great, how long will our greatness last?

So close and yet worlds apart. The fact is that it was men who engineered this, men who even carried it out, men who approved it, and men who profit from it would seem to be missing the point, but then things like MKULTRA aren’t taught in high school history classes.

While on the one hand I am glad for any influence that makes a human being utilize their better selves for dealing with the world, how far are we from tyranny when superstition is the result of witnessing the seemingly senseless? How long before a sociopathic social dominator comes along and fools people like this by stating on the one hand, yes, religion should be mandatory in public schools and on the other that sinners (as defined by the sociopath via biblical cherry-picking) should be stoned? Should be burned at the stake? Should be placed in military-controlled concentration camps? Should be tortured for the “good” of their souls, to appease an angry God?

I say thanks to subliminals, the lack of legislation regulating their use, loss of civilian control of the military, rampant domestic cloak-and-dagger, and the general cowardice and greed of elected officials and current and former bureaucrats as well as their corporate counterparts, not far at all. Too damn close as a matter of fact.

The Bible teaches to “test the spirits,” by which I think it means, simplifying it, “is this borne of love and faith or hate and fear?” And yet, so many will, out of the latter, look the other way when the round-ups begin, and some portion of that will gleefully join in on what they are told is God’s little torture-fest against sin. These events are not far off.

One thing I agree with the author on, gun control is not the solution. There are always ways to kill lots of people without guns. And yet our progressive media continues to toot that horn, refuses to accept that there is a massive effort behind this, because they fear looking foolish, being accused of being conspiracy theorists. What will it take? The first mass deaths via those unmanned drones being rolled out? The collection of people into NDAA concentration camps? I’m certain they will manage to rationalize those away as well (while simultaneously at least complaining about them).

Though the author of the letter at least gives lip-service (once) to money, it is only in the context of abortion (and at a time when over-population is the real, largest problem we face) and not the rampant greed that has lead to indefinite wars (and soon indefinite detainment) and the robbery from on high of personal property. That greed in high places has lead to most of the world’s ills that we see today, including the shootings.

By leaving those other forms of “sin” out, the author shows just how well the arguments of the social dominators have worked. If it is liberal to want religion out of schools (in order to protect the liberties of those who wish to raise their children the way they please) and that is a bad thing, then by extension, anything a liberal wants must also be bad because they “defy” God. And therefore, anything a conservative wants must be good because they are the “opposite”. That’s the lie, that’s why we are where we are.

Which group wants support for the hungry, elderly and sick and which wants to leave it up to the individual to decide if a starving person “deserves” to eat, to have shelter, to have access to health care, to make the power structure even more incredibly, dangerously, lopsided? Which wants to spend on nothing but warfare and a hideously bloated security industry? Which wants to kill education altogether, to replace it with whatever will make people more willing to go along with more grand robberies, to create an atmosphere in which we all thank the robbers for taking away all that we possess? Which has sat back while crime after crime, nearly all of them harmful to the country that the author of this letter claims to love, goes unpunished? (Though I grant the others in government have done that last part as well).

They are well aware of what the Bible says and yet reject such things as the “eye of the needle” and “giving until it hurts.” So I don’t think lack of Bible education is the problem. Nor is the Almighty Sky Killer Robot that requires constant re-affirmation or he’ll command someone to shoot your kids.

That’s the meaning of the letter, isn’t it? God loves to murder kids because we don’t kiss his ass enough. That’s quite an inferiority complex the Creator of the Universe has according to these people.

Instead we see the same old arguments we have heard from one of the most corrupt institutions in world history. One so debauched that it thinks nothing of laundering drug cartel money because it enriches them. How many birth defects, stillborns, result from drug exposure during pregnancy? How many children die as a result of drug-related violence daily? Yet they only harp on abortion because they make money off of the other and they want more warm bodies to increase their influence, their reach.

And then, speaking of God loving children, there are the many, many coverups, the shuffling of pedophile priests. The largest scandal in history was recent in a developed European country, not from the Middle Ages in the middle of a largely unexplored continent. They turn around and blame “gays” for joining their ranks, attempt to deflect blame for their coverups, their ignoring of the crimes committed and engage in incessant foot-dragging when it comes to making financial amends to those who they harmed. Of course, it’s only mammon they actually worship. Going after abortion just means more future members to them, and it is not out of any concern over children or they wouldn’t be laundering drug money, would they? Hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy in places of power must be addressed first. If God gave us brains, he must have intended for us to use them, right?

By the way, in case you aren’t yet scared s***less, here’s an article on scopolamine, and how it frighteningly resembles both MKULTRA ’55 memo item 6, “Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness”— and is a possible candidate for the “zombie apocalypse” drug of unknown origin.

[Bogata drug dealer Demencia Black] told Vice that scopolamine can be blown in the face of a passer-by in the street, and within minutes, that person is under the drug’s effect—scopolamine is odorless and tasteless.

“You can guide them wherever you want,” he explained. “It’s like they’re a child.”

Prevents memories from being formed during its effects also. Better than rufies in that regard and has been responsible for many rapes in Colombia the article says.

It sounds so crazy that people thought it an urban legend. Just keep ignoring it.

Switching subjects a bit. Back to the rash of thefts at work.

The message there is clear enough. My supervisor publicly blamed the Squidgate juror’s son for it all without the slightest bit of anything resembling evidence.

This is supposed to undermine my confidence in what I’ve been doing here, you see. One or more of these terminally corrupt organizations is hoping that I draw a parallel between that and, for example, pointing the finger at CIA for re-engaging in that which the public record already shows that they have (including the recent use of mefloquine on detainees, which DoD also engaged in), or NSA being involved since it’s the top dog in Top Secret America, is part of DoD, and had a promoter of military control of the Internet at its helm (who was also CIA director for a time).

Also, anyone who has bothered to do their research on my situation or has been following this for more than these three years knows good and damn well that I did not at first suspect CIA, FBI or any other US organization of wrongdoing. CIA and FBI were, for example, the “good guys” in The Wisp, the “bad guys” being those who knowingly sought to profit off of 9/11. Additionally, my initial instinct back when I emailed some of them back in December ’09/January ’10 was that this had to be foreign interference, had to be a foreign power doing these things, or failing that, Cheney’s stay-behinds seeking to undermine the Obama administration. The subsequent discovery of the link to the Open Government Directive would seem to have supported that latter notion.

And yet it continued unabated no matter what I did, no matter who I contacted, no matter how much support I attempted to show for the current administration *, I just got screwed harder and it still hasn’t stopped.

So let me say it again as though I’m talking to sixth-graders (because it certainly seems that way most of the time when I manage kid myself into thinking eleven year olds are actually this f***ing dense):

1) Whether it is you directly, you using your many corporate surrogates to avoid responsibility, or you using a loose association of spooks who get paid through business fronts indirectly to avoid responsibility, is irrelevant because it’s still you at the heart of it;

2) Even if, by some unthinkably odd turn of events and circumstances it is not you, not those surrogates, it is your f***ing job to prevent these kinds of things, terror-by-proxy, surreptitious drugging, etc. from occurring. It is your job to uphold the Constitution as it is all of those who have taken such oaths and yet break them daily over manufactured excuses and the most contorted re-interpretations of the law imaginable.

3) I have been left no choice at all but to make best guesses as to who, what and why. That’s all I am given. The only other option, apart from those I’ve outlined time and again, generally being driven to violence, is to sit back and wait until this problem somehow miraculously fixes itself. Been going on in close to its current form since the early 80s. That means there are other people who have waited for this miraculous revelation that has not come, will not come until someone puts their foot down, for a lot longer than I have.

Am I to engage in random FOIA requests, hoping to finally land upon the correct culprit, the correct choice of words? I had my scant savings taken from me along with my job. How can a poor person ever hope to get information from paranoid parts of the US government? Who is there to help? Not a single goddam person or entity I can see. Besides, I’ve hit some of those who should as well, to no avail. There are currently also multiple FOIA denials and dodges going on by this government as has been reported on extensively by Truth Out. If they can’t get to the truth, how can I be expected to?

Then you have the strong possibility, a very strong likelihood in my opinion, that there are–in addition to the seventeen major intelligence organizations known to exist in the US government–one or more additional ones we don’t even know exist. NSA itself was created in the 1950s, was denied as existing I think even after the hearings in the 1970s as far as most people were concerned, as far as the mainstream media reported on it. Precious little has been known about it at all until fairly recently, largely due to the investigative reporting of James Bamford.

If so, am I supposed to guess at the name of the agency involved, guess which department it is under (knowing that it may even be its own department) without a website, without instructions as to how to contact its Inspector General, assuming such an entity even has one? Why would it? People don’t know it exists. How can they therefore complain when it runs them over for no good reason other than the greed and maliciousness of people in power?

The system is broken. There is no question about it. Someone is playing God, deciding who gets to be used for domestic black ops training purposes, who gets to be experimented on, who gets to live and who gets to die and who gets to profit off of all of that.

No choice.

To put it simply for you sixth-graders, my response to your suggestion of waiting while I am being tortured almost daily as are multiple other people I don’t even know, while people I do know are harassed, threatened, and the subjects of things like arranged car accidents, etc. is: kiss my ass.

Again, simple: even if it isn’t (directly) you, it is you.

You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Where is the slightest goddam indication of progress of ending this madness after over thirty years of the most recent behavioral modification programs? Not even research any more so much as training and actual operations designed to undo, to utterly destroy what this country was founded on: the right to disagree civilly on any damn subject imaginable.

With a proxy civil war looming (in which only the puppets will pay the price while the powerful hide behind them), massive surveillance by criminals who only seek to enrich themselves by offering to fix the problems they themselves created, mass murder at any time, any place, and you suggest waiting until evidence that I cannot hope to ever acquire due to assholes hiding behind those words “national security”? You expect me to wait?

You’e not just psychopathic sixth-graders, you are delusional ones as well.

My supervisor went about assuming guilt because he doesn’t like someone, tried to fit the truth around who he dislikes, wanted it to be that way. He didn’t care about the truth at all.

Conversely, I dislike these organizations because of what they have done and continue to do. I initially assumed their innocence, assumed this could never happen in the United States, that there were checks and balances, something resembling oversight and legal restraints. I sought the truth and this is where it has lead.

There is no comparison really, merely the stark contrast. Even if innocent of direct involvement there is guilt by criminal negligence. It’s a done deal, not debatable in any significant way.

Kiss. My. Ass.

* Which seems to more and more resemble a Cheney administration every day. See the signing statement of the 2013 NDAA regarding disliking the additional protections for whistleblowers. See how John Kiriakou is facing prison time and not the at-least-five Bush White House officials who revealed the identity of Valerie Plame-Wilson to the press before the Novak article was published. (A fine legal point hardly ever discussed because they instead tried to lay it all on Richard Armitage in order to protect themselves and the lame MSM just repeated what they are told and what talking heads were paid to come out and say). This, despite the fact that Kiriakou was indeed whistleblowing and the neocons were both engaging in revenge and political silencing of the truth, the exact opposite of whistleblowing. This, despite the fact that it undermines the whole point of the Open Government Directive in the first place, spits in the face of democracy and embraces the tenets of neoconservatism which state that the truth in government is not only unnecessary, it is a bad thing. About as close to Goebbels in terms of thinking as it gets, isn’t it?

What do these kinds of reversals mean? Obama gave up? Obama has been blackmailed, bought, intimidated? Obama has been brainwashed? That he has been convinced that this is the will of the American people for the president to be a murderous maniac who engages in torture, human experimentation, and assassination of US citizens, inhumane treatment of anyone he damn well pleases for any reason at all as long as the US is “at war” (which will of course be forever)? Red kryptonite?

Human nature is a complicated thing. When most people are pointed out as behaving like the “bad guys”, they tend to want to prove otherwise. It’s not as one-sided as some would make it out to be.

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