The Interrupted Democracy

“…I wondered fleetingly, if [the Hills’] interracial marriage might be involved in Mr. Hill’s disturbance.”

“Will plays no part whatever in hypnosis, and the belief that hypnotizability is a manifestation of a weak will is false. The factors which influence hypnotizability are the intelligence of the individual, his conscious willingness, and the unconscious resistance or submissiveness. The latter are not always manifest on the surface…”

–Benjamin Simon, MD

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The Fauxpocalypse Will Be in Post-Production

…do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens Although the nations are terrified by them…
Jeremiah 10

The self-fulfilling prophecy is, in the beginning, a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true. This specious validity of the self-fulfilling prophecy perpetuates a reign of error. For the prophet will cite the actual course of events as proof that he was right from the very beginning.
Robert K. Merton *

The irony of that latter quote is not lost on me. However, I think that, a} anyone who reviews the record will see that I have certainly had impetus to alter my behavior and, b} I believe that the only way out–if any–is through. There just isn’t any other way apart from doing something the Deep State would like and I very much would not like. This is not a thrill ride. This is not fun for me, except for those oases where I make it so. This is survival and passing on possibilities of serious problems for many people should the momentum and trends continue in the way that they have thus far.

One problem among many of the people I like and admire is I think that they are so reasonable and not prone to falling for really ridiculous narratives that they also fail to see that so many of us in fact are not reasonable and will fall for any explanation sufficiently presented with money behind it so long as it is repeated long enough and backed up by some connection to personal experience, typically one that we cannot explain. We wind up dismissing, for example, what “flyover state” really means and the increasing popularity of CIA/Stratfor subcontractor Alex Jones and his many misleading conspiracy theories.

You can dismiss them for yourself as silly or crazy, but if a majority, or a sizable, motivated minority, believe something strongly, you are hard-pressed to talk them out of it. Especially when those same theories include labeling you a liar for doubting them in the first place. Perception is reality, somebody once said. It is no wonder our elected leaders, even when well-intentioned, often fall back to supporting simplistic falsehoods rather than try to fight public opinion when it is in serious error.

The table below represents my reaction to the glut of “you are now dumber” TV. I’ve blogged about this before, but never gone to research exactly which titles and why.

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BBD – Quickie Plus Buy Echopraxia

Regarding some portion of this:

October 17th, 2014 at 8:29 pm:

Within days:

Car 1: battery dead, overheating and an as yet unknown third problem.

Car 2: Something burning under hood.

Car 3, “rescue car for Car 2”: flat tire.



The least you can do for Canadian sci-fi writer Peter Watts, beaten and pepper-sprayed at the border by US C&BP and then convicted for the “privilege” is to buy his new book, Echopraxia and rescue him from CanLit.

Echopraxia is a remarkable hard sci-fi work with tons of action, thought-provoking debates, and a mix of science and poetry for which there may be no equal. Plus zombies, vampires, aliens, and transhumans all done with care for plausibility. So buy it.

Don’t make me start a rumor that it contains secret messages to the Rebellion in order to get the DoD, FBI, and DHS to buy it!

Once you have accomplished that mission, go read the others. For free!

Do it.


Cow Pokes

Before I get to the meat of the post, a quickie. Last evening, due to having been separated from employment, the Squidgate juror was home during a period in which normally she would not. This resulted in a “Wonder what’s on TV at this hour?” urge. That in turn resulted in viewing the guide.

Hilariously, right at the bottom of the screen, beginning in just a few minutes, were the words “CIA Mind Control.”

The channel, the American Heroes Channel, is one I’ve caught bits and pieces of. Typically I’ve found the shows to be very selective in what they say on a given subject. For example, think there was one on James “Whitey” Bulger without a single reference to his participation in CIA LSD experiments early in his career while in prison.

I had no intention of watching. I expected this show to likewise be crap. However, I was curious enough to request a viewing of the blurb text within the guide to see what flavor of feces one would likely be served.

This request resulted in the show being tuned to. I was now bracing myself for a plate of poo.

It centered mostly around Sirhan Sirhan and RFK. I was almost immediately surprised to see fellow Twitterer Lisa Pease (@lisapease) being interviewed. The show wound up being not as bad as expected. I even found myself partially agreeing with a skeptic, only brought in toward the end of the show, who pointed out a few weaknesses in the programmed assassin theory.

First, like the JFK event, this event may involve some magical bullets. Apparently Sirhan had one .22 revolver containing eight bullets. Five people were hit, some more than once, and there may have also been bullet holes in walls. This implies a second or more shooter, which fits better with my view of how this stuff would work today.

Speaking of today, what is perhaps also missing is when and where Sirhan would have been kidnapped and programmed. I am assuming that that would have been necessary even in the late 60s, though it is not today, given advances in PSYOPs, drugs, electronics, and the general body of knowledge surrounding the manipulation of perception, thought, and action. Again, I expect that the “crazy” individual is typically the lightening rod, the scapegoat and that when a specific target and goal is required, they cannot be relied on to achieve success. Rather, there may be professionals who avoid being identified during the confusion and the resulting investigation.

The skeptic–whose name I didn’t jot down–brings up Sirhan–a Palestinian–hated Israel and viewed RFK as an Israel supporter. Indeed, this is exactly the kind of person one would choose for such a job. His only role is to show up, have a gun, shoot the gun, and take the fall. This, rather than undermine a larger conspiracy theory, would seem to support it.

Additionally, he notes that Sirhan was likely lying at several points. This also does not discount other involvement, but neither does it prove it. Just note that I am attempting to be fair to the skeptic. Because I am going to be very unfair to Chuck below.

There is also a few snippets of 20-year veteran Robert Baer being asked about it. He thinks it is impossible that CIA could have such capability and he not be aware of it was the gist. Again, when it comes to, at least in the 60s, a complete programming of human behavior to the point that they could perform an action and later forget having done it, I agree. When it comes to manipulating, altering behavior, however, I don’t. The point of, or one point of, a covert op is to either conceal any involvement/action altogether or, when that is not possible, to place the blame on someone else.

Further, if I were a senior CIA manager and knew there was anything even close to this kind of capability, the last person I would let in on that would be a quasi-disgruntled, high-profile former spook with ties to Hollywood. While someone with so many contacts and reverent power might seem likely to learn about it, there is still compartmentation and need-to-know to consider.

Even further, and I say this from different-but-similar experience, you just about have to go through Hell in order to let go of all the preconceived notions you have had jammed in your head all your life. How much more difficult for someone who has been through whatever it is they do? In fact, it would seem more likely they would use something like whatever the US version of acoustic psycho-correction on someone like that, as they likely do on law enforcement investigators.

John Marks, FOIA champion and author of The Search for the Manchurian Candidate also makes an appearance. Would love to know what he thinks about all the other subprojects unrelated to interrogation, brainwashing, LSD, etc. especially with regards to African attitudes and voting given all the news related to these two subjects today.

I also note that the show was copyright 2006. How things have changed.

All of which was a lot longer than I intended as a teaser.

Now I turn my sights to the so-called Science Channel. I’ll skip over all the ghost stuff for the moment and instead focus on the UFO stuff I saw this morning. Specifically, cattle mutilations on Unexplained Files.

The main “character” on this show is one Chuck Zukowski. Zukowski states that he is a former deputy sheriff, having served as one from 2002-2011.

Now, I’m of two minds about even mentioning this. One look at Chuck and my spider sense went off. He’s got “that look.” It’s not, unfortunately, that anyone with “that look” is necessarily a current or former spook. Nor is it that current or former spooks all have “that look.” But there is enough correlation that I will blame pattern-matching for noticing as opposed to what the real explanation likely is.

I’m going to assume most folks are familiar with the specifics of cattle mutilations with regards to the evidence, etc. This show did include, albeit only briefly, the explanation that strikes me as the most likely one. Again, I missed the dude’s name who presented it. But the reason for it…oh, the reason for it.

Witnesses have on occasion reported seeing black helicopters. While this may tend to reinforce the notion of some kind alien conspiracy, I rather think known, confirmed history can better explain it:

Japan Times, “U.S. Army tested biological weapons in Okinawa,” Kyodo, Staff Report, 12 January 2014:

There’s a lot more on that subject as well. See subproject 146, for example.

In the case of cattle, you may have testing, counter-terror results for the lab, examination or cover-up of mad cow disease, and other possible nosiness.

Anyway, this prompted me to find out what Chuck was doing prior to 2002. Not available on in his LinkedIn profile nor anywhere else I can find.

Things that make you go hmm and…


Things that make you go yeehaw.

Bonus link:

HuffPo, “Ex-Air Force Law Enforcement Agent Says He Hoaxed Major UFO Mythologies,” Alejandro Rojas, 13 May 2014:

Government Alleges Space Alien Conspiracy in Barrett Brown Case

The government’s “case” against Barrett Brown, journalist who pointed out that the DoD report on the Collateral Murder video was misleading and created Project PM which focused on the government colluding with private enterprise to deprive citizens of their civil rights…

On that topic, see this Bill Moyers interview with a former Congressional staffer regarding Wall Street and the intelligence community conspiring to rob the Middle Class:

Bill Moyers, “The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight,” 24 February 2014:

…took a 180 degree turn when, after having already stated that the subject of hacking group Anonymous {really a movement without leadership and we know at least partially run by FBI through informants like Sabu} was irrelevant to the case but is now crucial. Further they imply that Brown and Anonymous plotted to overthrow the government. The evidence for this that those watching the case can find in the public record? This tweet by Brown from September 2012:


Kids! Overthrow the US government lol

The link is to a music video, “The Man from Mars,” by Blondie. No word yet as to when FBI will be rounding up 80s musicians nor whether they in cooperation with the Men in Black have located the little green men who were planning to eat all of the world’s cars bars guitars. The government seems more and more unhinged every day and in this case seems to be engaging in the very kind of conspiracy theory nuttiness that Obama advisor Cass Sunstein spent so much time suggesting the government use covert action against in violation of the Constitution.

Watch the skies!

Because if you aren’t distracted by the criminals’ bulls— it’s that much harder for DC’s public-private spook junta to steal the cash out of your wallet, your bank account, your mattress and coffee urns in the back yard.



On the Existence of Superior Beings

Cos I know what faith is
And what it’s worth

Watched an interesting interview today with a UFOlogy journalist. Unlike Alex Jones, I don’t think this guy is a government disinfornation crony. I think he’s sincere. Though never having seen a UFO himself, he has studied the subject for fifty years and talked to many who have.

Before I go any further, let’s review a couple of things.

1) Area 51 is reportedly a weapons and aircraft testing area. Research and development. There are, just as the Germans during WWII tried to create a giant fan to knock down planes, going to be some really off-the-wall, strange, likely huge wastes of taxes (but at least amusing and educational through the failures), projects that are not going to look like stuff we see every day. That’s just a given.

2) I believe, and that fact above combined with similar, later activity under MKULTRA and general psychological operations, would seem to bear me out on the so-called Men in Black. In two instances, 1947 and 1949, a person who had witnessed something strange, had a knock at the door. Upon opening it, there were three in one case, five in the other, men. The men were wearing dark suits and sunglasses with what appeared to be orange skin (keep in mind this is after The Wizard of Oz which had a man with silver skin, though that nearly killed Buddy Ebsen). They walked in and out in unison repeating something along the lines of, “You didn’t see anything.” The purpose was the same as later appeared as item 1 in the draft 1955 MKULTRA memo that escaped DCI Helms’ order to be destroyed: to discredit the witnesses. Fear that the Soviets might start wondering what was going on in the area and concentrate spies in there meant that someone (OSS/CIA? Booz Allen Hamilton? It was founded in 1917) ran a psychological operation to discredit the witnesses and prevent that happening. It is possible that the success of those two ops actually lead to further exploration and expansion of same and has since played a role in propaganda, information/disinformation wars, PSYOPs, coverups, etc.

3) Later during the Cold War, there was a lot of “whose is bigger?” going on. CIA funded abstract art even though they thought it was crap aesthetically just to say Capitalism was better for creativity than Communism. The Soviet Navy once engaged in a goods exchange at sea with the US Navy and gave them condoms far too large for humans to use.

Whose is bigger? Who is “God’s chosen” or will history say was correct? Who would an advanced civilization from another planet side with?

We turned some things like Area 51 around and instead used it as advertising: the aliens are here and they chose to contact America. Very similar to the men who stare at goats stuff in that it was part tax-grab, part educational, and a large part keeping up with the other side.

Not to be outdone, the USSR created the phony autopsy film to nudge the US into thinking that the USSR had access to advanced technology. Probably, they figured we’d scurry and pour money into making some and then they’d just steal it via one of their well-placed spies in the US government.

Those three points show that there were reasons and a concerted effort to obfuscate the truth, both towards external enemies and towards internal citizens.

4) It is a very, very large, mostly inhospitable Universe out there. The distances between us and some other species are quite possibly so immense that by the time either of us reached the other, whatever it was we saw via telescope is ancient, really ancient, history. Extinction or evolution of not just the visitors, but the visited, would be very likely. Just finding us in the may-as-well-be-infinite number of systems out there would be a task unto itself. Traveling would be the other.

5) If, and I say if with the knowledge that there are other explanations, some already given above, there are visitors who are not from this earth, then the most likely identity would be time travelers from Earth’s future. They would have a vested interest in the past. They would know where to find us.

6) I include this half-jokingly. If they existed, I’d think by now I’d have been abducted by government agents and introduced under the hopes that it would serve to finally make me STFU. “Do you see, now, assh—? WE aren’t calling the shots. So shut it!”

Of course by now I wouldn’t believe it was real in any case. Seen too many theatrics, heard and read too many lies.

I don’t happen to believe that to be the case, but as a victim of the new COINTELPRO who is mostly viewed with extreme skepticism even in these strange times of Snowden, NDAA prisons, the USG and future Amazon rollout of drones, torture, false flag terror and more (here’s one difference: we know it existed for a fact)…can’t bring myself to dismiss millions of people who have seen something strange. But then maybe that’s the point of this post. Let’s compare:

· A benevolent and/or malevolent force that is all powerful

· This force does not intervene directly, openly, in the affairs of the planet but rather does so subtly, often through the use of human beings despite its supposed omnipotence.

· Requires some level of faith to believe in.

· Though there are examples where this force has allegedly intervened, there are also examples when it didn’t.

What did I just describe?

One thing I won’t do is argue the merits of believing in something larger than yourself. There are benefits to that even if the beliefs are delusional and it has an evolutionary basis. I suppose, for now, that’s where things sit with me as well even though there is very little paranornal or supernatural about buying kitty litter and saying hi.

If there’s a lesson here beyond letting people believe harmless beliefs, maybe it’s grow up. I don’t mean that the way anarcho-capitalists do, that is stop thinking, kill your imagination and joy, and join the self-murdering herd on its journey to extinction by way of serving Wall Street while destroying water, air, economy, etc. I mean stop waiting for Superman to show up and save the day. Because it sure looks like he’s not coming. In which case, it’s up to us. Stop waiting and do something. If he shows up we can all mock him for being late or make him proud having taken care of it on our own. Either way, clock’s ticking. Don’t ask for whom the alarm clock rings, just wake the f— up and save the planet already. Believe what you want, but do that.

Wicked Game Note – 21st Century Bookburning

The Minneapolis author whom I wrote in Wicked Game had a similar experience in a bar (“chance” meeting with book promotion types, weird experience there with some mysterious fellow who made introductions) has just had one of his books in a trilogy (over the top parody, MiBs, space aliens, UFOs, etc.) put to audio as Peter Watts’ Blindsight had been done by a former actor acquaintance of mine from the Ford Foundation-backed New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. (Author Terry Faust).

In Terry’s case it’s a retired US Army Captain (Vietnam) turned Silicon Valley salesman, and now voiceover actor and producer. (Mike Vendetti).

Are CIA/DoD promoting work that tends to push supernatural- and space alien-related narratives? As possible disinfo, cover for things like population reduction (their answer to climate change) via perpetual war, etc. and to throw targets of PSYOPs another phony trail to follow?

The current glut of really, really bad ghost and alien shows on “educational” TV would seem to support this idea. MOCKINGBIRD as carrier of disinfo. This is of course why so many politicians support fancy-free spending on intel, security and defense but not education: an ignorant electorate is a pliable one.

Goodbye, American pie. Hello, fascism.

PS: A beer for anyone who can guess the significance of Merlin’s Rest beyond this.