Surveillance Abuse of the Thirteenth Kind

Remember this? Well, there’s been two studies since then. The first I’m ignoring because it basically said “we don’t know but everyone else was wrong and it’s not mass hysteria/delusion.”

The other, though.

Nora Gámez Torres, “Computer scientists may have solved the mystery behind the ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba”, Miami Herald, 2 March 2018:

Professor Kevin Fu and members of the Security and Privacy Research Group at the University of Michigan say they have an explanation for what could have happened in Havana: two sources of ultrasound — such as listening devices — placed too close together could generate interference and provoke the intense sounds described by the victims.

This is especially interesting because as I’ve noted before, the legal definition of torture requires intent. Now, prove that spies or counter-intelligence agents, who are already operating under extreme secrecy and typically illegally albeit with approval from above did or did not intend to place two or more devices in close proximity in order to harass the surveillance target. It’s wrapped in so many iron boxes that it’s practically impossible to penetrate and even when you could, there’s the “Golly, gee, we didn’t do it on purpose, Beav” excuse.

Similar to Manning’s harassment/brainwashing being called medical or suicide watch, these agencies have a long history of skewing definitions, playing with words so that they can break the law while pretending its all okay under secret legal papers we can’t view in the first place to judge the legality much less the intent of the law as written.

Anyway, this is why I tweeted it with a note to the State, Justice and Defense Departments’ OIGs and the ACLU. Shall I hold my breath for any resulting OIG reports being made public? Probably just the part that talks about mistakes being made. The rest will be covered in black ink.

And as a bonus, one mo’ time…here’s a short fiction piece I wrote in September of 2013:

“In Plain Sight”

“…Guess what it does.”

It only took him three seconds to respond.


“Yep. Every time we listen in, we are also attacking the same target.”

“With what?”

“Variable sound that appears to be designed to annoy. Imagine a persistent, low-grade headache that won’t go away. The more we keep our eye on them–”

“The more irritated the target we watch becomes. The more violent. The more likely to do or say something suspicious.”


That’s because I didn’t need to be told. I just didn’t know precisely how it was done.


HUMINT, Surveillance, and Destroying People

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the principles used in stage magic, especially card tricks, is to alter the audience’s perception of the order in which things happened chronologically. That is, by making things seem as if they happened in a different order the magician, or in this case covert operative/harasser, can also alter the perception of causality. I’ll repeat the example rather than linking to it.

A stage magician knows the value, suit, and location of one card. He gets a volunteer to choose a card. Once chosen, he calls out the one he knows and looks at the one chosen after doing so. Now he knows two cards. He repeats this as many times as desired but ends the process by choosing the card he already knows last. Then he places that card in the first position. It appears as though he called out the handful of cards in order, even though he did not.

Now imagine all your interests and the subjects of your emails and phone calls as the cards. In this case, several things have changed. First, though you are vaguely aware from reading that mass surveillance is occurring…

{Quick sidebar: I would note a recent tweet from Snowden reveals that there are many people who do not know his name. Ah, to be so blissfully ignorant of what is happening around me. Again.}

Though you are vaguely aware of mass surveillance, you don’t get to see the magician. Further, you likely don’t recognize any reasons why, even if at least three intelligence agencies have all of your emails and phone calls, why they would bother to do anything with it. In short, optimism bias and humility prevent you from accepting it as a possibility. That’s fine for our purposes. We’ll use someone who is aware instead.

Someone who has already been subject to what on its surface is nonsensical cloak and dagger harassment, for whatever actual reason. I’ll get to a few possible ones later in the post.

Imagine that person. That person, when attempting to keep some semblance of normalcy, will try to engage in things like other “normal” people. Music, pop culture, current events, TV, movies, etc. I’ll also get to why removing the desire to do this is so critical to the covert operatives involved. In short, it takes away things that prevent the target from giving in to “learned helplessness” and “persistent adversity,” two terms used by the CIA psychologists who designed the torture program by reverse engineering the torture resistance program, SERE.

Imagine all the words and terms are in a computer. A database. Imagine it looks, because we humans require visualizations of data in order to grasp ideas, like the word cloud at left if you are reading this on the desktop version, or at bottom if the mobile one.

All of your interests and concerns are in there. The things you recommend to other people on Twitter and Facebook.

Then, later, you discover that something bad happened to someone involved with one of those interests or similar. How you find out is likely another thing to be discussed, but find out you did.

It was easy. They already knew what you did, so they merely need a computer to note the news regarding your interest and then decide to place it in front of your nose if the news is bad.

Assuming again, you’re a person who has already seen their unfair share of abuse from system run amok. The urge is to think that you’re recommendation one way or another was somehow connected to what happened.

Now assume a bit more. Assume that, because these other people, these celebrities, are also under surveillance–because we all are–that it becomes easy for an intelligence organization to know that a celebrity is ill before the general public does. As noted elsewhere, I am fairly certain similar was done with an earthquake in Virginia, where the big one made the initial news but it wasn’t until much later that, “Oh, by the way, it was preceded by 48-72 hours of tremors” got reported as well.

Alters perception. Alters perceived causality.

Right. Who are some of these targets? The start of another long Twitter thread that still grows now and again.


Okay that explains part of it. Who next? Random people because they present more of a challenge than those dealing with mental illness and yet there is no motive for it happening. Remember, we’re still talking about training at this point.


Now, why is cutting the target off from anything enjoyable so important? In order to make their lives a living hell to the point they “give up” and become whatever it is you want them to be, up to and including mass murderers and terrorists or to simply disrupt activists, alternative business sectors that make bigger, older ones feel threatened.

You should probably read that thread. Lots of goodies beyond the paper, which I’ll also link up below.


Anthony Stahelski, “Terrorists Are Made, Not Born,” Central Washington University, 2004.

New link:–not-born-stahelski


BBD – My Drone Experience

First, if you haven’t done so, you need to check out The Intercept‘s new exposé on assassination aka targeted killing aka surgical strikes via drones aka UAVs aka ‘birds.’ There are eight articles and I’ve only begun delving in myself. Besides the scoop via an unnamed source aka whistleblower, the graphics are amazing and the design team should win some award along side the journos.

The importance of this story may be underestimated by some. People are ignorant about why, how, when assassination became illegal.


I cannot recall exactly when this was because it was before everything started going sideways in December of 2009 and I started taking note. I’m going to guess it was Spring of 2009, but it may well have been a year before or even the Fall of 2008. I recall it being windy, which implies April or October, but might have been neither.

Worse, I’ve lied to you, gentle reader. At least sort of. And that’s something I’ve promised never to do without a very good reason.

It wasn’t actually a drone I saw, but rather a kite. {Below I’ll link you up to how that relates}.

The movement of the thing was so bizarre that I had wondered fancifully if there wasn’t some unseen method of propulsion onboard, micro-sized and hidden from view. Recalling it now, and incorporating some of the other things… methods and trends…I lean heavily away from that.

Though the thing that kept me from being able to look away was how it seemed to be moving by some means one would associate with a motored hovering device, I think it far more likely that it was simply done with multiple tethers, though I could not see them. It stopped periodically and hovered. Suspicious activity for a “stringless kite.”

This occurred on the avenue of my apartment in Brooklyn and I watched from the little balcony thingy. It appeared to emerge from inside a sunken overpass nearby and made its way all the way up to street level and eventually over a fence next to the large landmark building next door out of my view.

The kite itself was the ‘delta’ style, that is the v-shaped sort. It kind of reminds me of the classic ‘Bat’ kite, but as I recall it was yellow, not black.

Anyway, it was obvious that the wind was blowing hard against the wings because the way it shook. But without a string, it should have made a quick dive upwards and then nosedived to the ground.

Multiple strings? There is a similar trick, actually many, many variants, on how to for example levitate a person and then walk around them and pass one of those big hula hoop things over them to make it appear as though there are no wires. In reality, at least in the old variants I saw in old stage magic books decades ago, the ring is actually has the wires running inside it and has a slit in it, and the magician is merely passing it along the center of the X-shape that are being used to levitate the assistant.

Yeah, like this one.

So could it be with a kite. Multiple tethers from multiple directions giving it the appearance of no one tethering it at all.

Why did they show me this shit? No idea. Probably to mess with my head. I really just rationalized it as some very strange crosswinds at the time. We do that, ignore the seemingly impossible until we can no longer do so.

Why am I bothering to write it up? Two reasons. Because it was such a heavy news day and that, apart from what else I’m going to say on the political end, I’ve little to offer on this subject. Also because I’m still disappointed that I haven’t seen one in action. But then I also wonder what a gal has to do to warrant a black helicopter and I’ve yet to see one of those hovering about either.

Right. What do kites have to do with drones?

Joe Dana, “Who needs drones? Surveillance expert uses kites,” AZ Central, 24 February 2015:

The answer to his question in the title is of course murderers, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Drones are all the rage. But in the world of forensic evidence gathering, an old-fashioned kite will often suffice. And better yet, kites aren’t subject to the same FAA regulations.

“Drones are here to stay, and they are a very valuable tool,” said Randy Anglin of Lionstrike Forensics. “But kites and balloons have become a very valuable tool for what we do.”

Kites and balloons for surveillance. Makes sense.

Carl Engleking, “If You Can Fly a Kite, You Can Fly This Drone,” Discover Magazine Blog, 19 August 2015:

{Note: Have had trouble viewing this link since doing so originally and the URL I saved somehow added an identifier that wasn’t there originally and I have removed for you.}

While some businesses are eager to unleash drones and put them to work, one company wants to leash them up.

The Fotokite Phi is a drone, built by Zürich-based Perspective Robotics, for people who have no interest in actually flying a drone. The Fotokite is a fold-up quad with a GoPro payload that’s tethered to a leash, which makes operating a drone as simple as walking a dog.

So that’s the psychotic-government-operatives-showed-me-a-freaky-kite-but-not-a-black-helicopter story.

I survived COINTELPRO 2.0 and I didn’t even get a black helicopter.

Moving on…


Right. But kites don’t much kill.

Matthew Power, “Confessions of a Drone Warrior,” GQ, 22 October 2013:

A later study found that drone operators suffered from the same levels of depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcohol abuse, and suicidal ideation as traditional combat aircrews. These effects appeared to spike at the exact time of Bryant’s deployment, during the surge in Iraq. (Chillingly, to mitigate these effects, researchers have proposed creating a Siri-like user interface, a virtual copilot that anthropomorphizes the drone and lets crews shunt off the blame for whatever happens. Siri, have those people killed.)

And this is where it gets even spookier. They key, per the article, is removing the guilt. So you have a few choices, if you are a murderous psycho among the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

1} You can hire people who don’t have a conscience or who are already homicidal maniacs and try to control them.

2} You can take a more ordinary person and muck about with their brain chemistry or otherwise alter their personalities and neurochems so that they are more like the people in #1. See again “try to control” portion.

3} Create an AI that takes care of the whole thing, adding another buffer between killer and killed.

4} All of which is leading up to use domestically.

Pressing pause here to make something clear. Everything is about the banking system. The 2001 National Intelligence Estimate suggested that the growing gap between the rich and poor was the biggest national security concern facing the US in the foreseeable 21st century. Surprise, surprise, actually chieving this, not mitigating it, has been CIA’s real mission all along.

David Talbot, “NEW BOOK ON CIA MASTER-PLOTTER DULLES, SNEAK PEEK: PART 3; Dealing with Inconvenient Facts, CIA Style,” WhoWhatWhy, 14 October 2015:

Dulles’s job, simply put, was to hijack the US government to benefit the wealthy.

By mimicking the UK’s Gentleman’s Spy Club MI6, we incorporated class warfare as well. Everything must be viewed with this lens on.

Rather than work openly and brainstorm new markets to explore to make the world a better place, of course the Cold Warriors and military industrial complex instead tried to figure out how to create more boogeymen in order to turn a profit for themselves. Of course they also made up reasons in order to create an oppressive Stasi-state ready to silence anyone who complains about this theft, is able to see it hiding behind the empty rhetoric and veil of lies.

Naomi Wolf, “The coming drone attack on America,” Guardian, 21 December 2012:

People often ask me, in terms of my argument about “ten steps” that mark the descent to a police state or closed society, at what stage we are. I am sorry to say that with the importation of what will be tens of thousands of drones, by both US military and by commercial interests, into US airspace, with a specific mandate to engage in surveillance and with the capacity for weaponization – which is due to begin in earnest at the start of the new year – it means that the police state is now officially here.

Never has ‘all men and all women are brothers and sisters’ meant so much. By giving active and passive approval to illegal acts by your government when used against people with brown skin overseas, you are slitting your own throat.

It’s no longer about nation states. It’s about multinational corporations and they don’t care where you’re from. You’re standing on or near something they want, so hand it over or die, dumbass. You homo sapiens all look taste alike to Tyrannosaurus Holdings Corp., nom, nom, nom.

That’s enough for tonight.

Funny and Not So Funny Thoughts

As anyone who reads this blog knows, there’s a lot of TV fiction that I deeply despise. Also, I don’t believe in chemtrails.

Regarding the first point, I live in a house where other people do on occasion watch really bad TV. I caught a portion of Scorpion the other night. A team of geniuses who started out working for the FBI and now work for DHS prevent crimes and stuff.

The most recent episode included using a tooth implant for surveillance. Implants are also something I’m not a big believer in, at least when it comes to those people who have probably actually been the victims of abuse by the US intelligence community who think that they have them.

But a GPS-tracking tooth with audio capabilities? Not only possible but also possible to have a real use: Tracking and watching CIA officers who work for the Directorate of Operations. Let’s think about it. The closest thing to whistleblowers we have in that regard are Valerie Plame and John Kiriakou, both of whom were kind of pushed out, and didn’t leave in the same kind of way that Edward Snowden did.

CIA did experiment with radioactive iodine in order, they said, to be able to tell someone who has been overseas really is the person who left. They feared Soviet doppelgangers.

Then there’s the possibility of simple telling covert field officers that such a device is what they have in their mouth 24/7. The mere thought of being watched can alter behavior. See for example the Raytheon blimbs over both Kabul and Aberdeen in this marvelous video:

Kirsten Johnson, “The Above,” Intercept/Field of Vision, 29 September 2015:

{I also love how that elderly Afghani talks exactly like a US Baptist, but that’s off-topic}.

Could be. Don’t know.

On the other less humorous topic of CIA/DoD poisoning its own citizens sometimes the truth smacks you in the face:

Emily Anne technology,”  Revealed: Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with ‘radioactive’ particles for YEARS to test chemical warfare technology,” DailyMail, 29 September 2012:

In her research, she found that the greatest concentration of spraying in St Louis was at the Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex, which was home to 10,000 low income residents.  She said that 70 per cent of those residents were children under the age of 12.

‘There is a lot of evidence that shows people in St. Louis and the city, in particular minority communities, were subjected to military testing that was connected to a larger radiological weapons testing project.’

Which doesn’t persuade me on chemtrails even with blowing up hospitals. But is that just wishful thinking?


That Small Nagging Hope

It seems clear. We are headed toward a global conflict over what there is. It is going to happen, is already happening albeit in the early stages.

This is why, of course, there is no law–that is the even application of it–in the United States. There is only the will of the Deep State and it has decided that some folks are just going to have to leave.

This power structure is further broken down into three or four basic subgroups that all agree on that, may merely disagree on who precisely needs to go and on what methods to employ to achieve those ends.

The first is the power behind the Religious Right portion of the Republican Party. Hate, fear, superstition are employed in order to create out-groups that receive overt or less obvious nods to be extinguished. It is in the rhetoric of so many politicians who say, for example, gays should be killed or put in concentration camps. The obvious Islamophobia that goes along with this is what provides support for, for example, American Sniper. That the real title character also claimed, unconfirmed, that he killed thirty black people after Hurricane Katrina hardly bothers them. This is the Seven Mountains movement of Ted Cruz. This is the Jewish conversion to Christianity movement to bring the Second Coming of George W. Bush. This is the American Jihads of Erik Prince. This is the Spiritual Fitness Test of the radical Catholics among the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Department of Defense and NATO. This is Prop 8 in California secretly backed by the CoJCofLDS and the flood of Mormon missionaries into the CIA under Reagan. It is on the state level, Kansas and Tennessee where it is legal to fire someone from a job for being LGBT. It’s also Palin, though she spans the gap between this one and the next two because she’s really just about her.

But this is also the antitheism of Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher. That their motives may differ doesn’t bring them out of this category, but rather shows them as useful tools for the same. Dupes, if you will, like perhaps the man who murdered three Muslims in North Carolina recently. Was he, too, subject to covert harassment appearing as bad luck over and over again, reminiscent of “persistent adversity” that operates as part of brainwashing? Then pumped up a few notches with microwave NLWs that that Navy tells us can cause thrombosis and hypertension, and the Army compared to the administration of drugs in their respective FOIA documents? Then maybe had his ire directed via the subliminal use of V2K–proven to exist per the Army again, or acoustic psycho-correction that the Russians used to prep their special forces for atrocities against civilians in Afghanistan in the 80s, and CIA acquired soon after?

Why not? It’s a proxy war and they use their proxies.

The second group is closest to this one. It is the so-called fiscal conservatives who don’t share the religious views but tolerate and employ them in order to maintain unity. All that matters to them is cash flow. This is the George F. Will, Richard Scaife, and Karl Rove part of the party. They are just as pleased to murder Muslims and anyone else that they can as long as it serves the overall goal.

The third is also closely related but sometimes in conflict. The Tea Party. The Pauls, the Kochs, and Peter Thiel are the most famous of this group. Thiel reportedly wants to build his own offshore oasis, a country unto itself, to prove Ayn Rand correct I suppose. Yet Thiel’s Palantir is trusted with America’s secrets just like Stratfor and Booz/Carlyle.

The Tea Party–who I at least agree that there’s something very, very wrong going on though not on what nor probably the solutions, wants mob rule. They want the right to shun people based on race, sexual preference, profession such as sex worker, etc. They don’t want anyone telling them how to behave and who to not hate. They view that as a right, a freedom.

Interestingly, I think this group makes up some percentage of Anonymous. Another significant portion is the Anarchists, who also want government out of their lives but in part in order to prevent the government from doing the very things that the TP wants to do, ie, inflict economic injustice on whomever they see fit and to elevate individuals, eg billionaires, above the rest of us. Strange bedfellows.

Then of course we have the Democrats who are not at all as liberal or progressive as these other groups would have us think. They aren’t even moderate, really. They are rightwing. Both their rhetoric and the rhetoric of these other groups would have you think otherwise, but if you just look at what they do, not what they say, they’re just a warring faction attempting to wrest control. Let’s put Bezos, Omidyar, Soros, Gates, Schmidt, etc. in this category along with the Clintons and the Obamas. This group doesn’t really believe in anything, merely the accumulation and extension of power. They are at times pragmatic and have the added charm of not usually pushing the doctrines of these other groups do verbally and yet backing and protecting their actions when it serves their purposes. Clinton’s gutting of welfare and Glass-Steagal. Obama’s continuation of torture and renditions and the increase in hate-generating drone strikes on civilian populations, as well as his war on whistleblowers and surreptitious means of crushing journalism and dissent from antiwar and economic justice groups.

What does this all mean? It means the one thing power can agree on is shit runs downhill. And that means that, eventually, any group that doesn’t have protected status is going on the watch and terror lists. Rightwing will not because that’s a protected group as we saw when Napolitano got grilled by Congress for suggesting that the data supported the idea that it was a problem.

No, it will be women, the poor, African Americans, LGBT, Muslims, atheists, real liberals and progressives, anyone not doing their part to aid these insane factions in their evil plans and of course lots of hapless people ignorant of the whole mess because this is a machine like the former Soviet Union’s and it requires bullshit fuel in order to run. People will be accused of things that they are not guilty of just to create the appearance that Problem X is a real problem. Still others will be, as they tried with me, forced into a corner and pushed and pushed until they crack and go apeshit in order to support the “lone wolf” narrative. Those people will have actually carried out whatever it is that they are accused of, but aren’t technically guilty because they were tortured into doing it.

So, it is bleak.

But that small sliver of hope is to spread the word and, at least, mitigate it a bit. Maybe even prevent one group from becoming the boogeyman that these factions want.

But that would mean some folks have got to catch on. You’ve got to grasp at least the basics and see that this is not space aliens or wild fantasy. This is technology and methods that the government itself admitted exist. It is the employment of dirty tricks that they were caught using in the past. And it is the psychological and philosophical motives that I describe above motivating them.

It’s all there.

Mass Effect

Or, “How Dare You Change the Subject, Mr. Bond?”

In passing, let me relate one organized stalking phenomenon that generally does not help those targeted by it. In a similar fashion to mistaking technology and tricks available to DoD/CIA/NSA/FBI, private subcontractors, and oligarchs for being so advanced that it simply must involve the aid of some advanced alien civilization, they fall for a trick using mass media. As has been shown before, CIA and British intelligence have hired magicians in the past in order to solve specific problems, like how to slip someone a drug or how to fool the Nazis into thinking there’s a massive buildup of troops and military vehicles and planes where there is none and hiding the real one. This latter not only was a real part of WWII history, but the novel and film Eye of the Needle centered around it:


But what I mean for these people, some targeted for a reason and others for simple target practice, is the idea that something on the news, in movies or tv shows, or song lyrics, were written/said/presented for the target specifically. Though it would not surprise me if on occasion that is actually done, most of the time it’s a trick of the mind turning on itself as a result of the isolation and trauma, surreptitious drugging, electronic assault, or some combination.

I was lucky early on when, around February of 2010, I picked up a book of Harvard poetry from the 1910s and laughed as it seemed as though some of it applied so well to me. The secretly applied drugs, hypnotic suggestion, or something else I can’t nail down, I don’t know. But it is a trick, whatever the direct cause and they are aware of it. I tend to lean towards drug-induced “brain fart” since that may be what inspired Jung regarding his obsession with synchronicity.

In any case, one of the intentional side effects designed to undermine credibility.

But, that’s not the main point. The main point is the opposite, except not being aimed at one person but rather as the guerrilla warfare manual suggests, everyone.

During the Cold War, Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels were contraband in the Soviet Union. LeCarre has discussed this more than a few times: there’s a double-edged sword at work. On the one hand, you seduce Russian youth with visions of easy sex, fast cars, fine foods and liquor…you know, “freedom.” On the other, LeCarre pointed out, such a real spy would quickly become dependent on those “perks” and quickly work for whichever side offers the best of all those things.

Move to today. Hello, private intelligence community revolving door. Not only the Top Secret America contractors, who actively pursue getting around the Constitution whenever possible, but serve the Oligarchy often at the expense of the 99%. And perhaps worse where the rise of radical theocrats endorse murder of people with whom they.disagree on lifestyle–right out of Congress’ COINTELPRO report by the way–but also radical jihadis and neonazis. Not to mention the varied attempts to radicalize via Alex Jones, etc. that I’ve mentioned before.

So it is strange to note that we went from this obvious anti-multinational corporate fascism:



To making leaks, Wikileaks, and Julian Assange the villains:


Really kind of odd, because the Organization and Mr. White story arch was supposed to go for four or five films. Or is it odd? Or have our spies accepted that they will be better taken care of by the multinationals than serving their communities? The answer seems obvious.

In closing, an apology to Mr. Assange. I’m guessing you recall the letter or can find it. As noted above, really was not in my right mind at the time. Additionally, you were right, I was wrong:

Techdirt, “US Military Admits No One Died Because Of Manning’s Leaks,” Mike Masnick, 31 July 2013:

The Nation, “A Long List of What We Know Thanks to Private Manning,” Greg Mitchell, 23 August 2013:

That time. Stated my opinion this time on Twitter. Maybe I’m wrong again. Time will tell. Just beware the obvious trap. Of course if they don’t move a finger to secure the facilities within the time allotted, guess we’ll know how important the operation really is as compared to the propaganda they may seek to use it for.

Hanging Together Part 1

Soooo many things to cover. This is going to be long, I think. Will try to organize into subsections.


Other bits will have to wait. For example occurred to me recently that they may not in fact have murdered my grandmother but rather employed some sleight-of-hand to make it seem that they did. Which would mean that they still did make my dog deathly ill. Perhaps they did that after discovering my grandmother’s illness but before her death in order to make it seem like the timing was reversed. Combine this principle of stage magic and card magic tricks with the terrorist organization’s penchant for taking credit for things they didn’t do. Well, terrorists or psychos. Like Charles Manson taking credit for making the DA’s watch stop during his trial. This is the psychology of the psychopathic Deep State. See also again GCHQ/JTRIG’s Gambits for Deception up top about playing with perceived order of events. Apparently standard scumbaggery in any dialect of Merkan.


Ok, guess that didn’t have to wait after all. Neither does why they would do such a thing. I’ve had to update an old 2011 post here:

Note that, yes, I contact reporters all the time and though I don’t deny having had from time to time issues between the ears, it is the cause of that that I dispute. Recall again items 1 and 5 of the draft ’55 MKULTRA memo. Old tactic, one G. Gordon Liddy talked about having discussed and planned using on investigative reporter Jack Anderson and a member of Congress during his CREEP years for Nixon. Pervert and fake psychology like they do news and starts of wars and they lay the groundwork for the narrative that begins, “He was a quiet man…”

In point of fact I am not a quiet man. Just look at this blog.

Or ask folks outside the movie Saturday evening. More on that later.



But this is about my trip to NYC. Just got back. Was there on a one-week temp job. Contract was only signed a week ago Thursday.

Which is so funny because the job turned out to be the same week as the Tribeca Film Festival. I discovered this from the Twitter and that a pair of films that would interest me were playing there.

The first, I didn’t get to see. It was 1971, based on the break-in in a Pennsylvania FBI office that lead to exposing COINTELPRO. We are fond of laying all that on Hoover, but let’s recall that agents took part and none blew the whistle. It took a crime to expose just one illegal program. We still don’t know how many similar ones there may have been nor do most of us know it continues today or is back, depending on which narrative you buy into.

You can read about a new book on the subject here:

FDL, “FDL Book Salon Welcomes Betty Medsger, The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI,” Kevin Gosztola, 29 March 2014:

One of the film’s producers is Laura Poitras, a multi-award-winning journalist, WaPo and Guardian, worked with Glenn Greenwald, Jacob Appelbaum, and others, and has written about the NSA and other intrusive Orwellian offenses. Laura joined First Look Media and now works along side Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and others.

It was my plan to make that film but I got caught up in several other things at once including options on a Good Friday worship and possible sexual encounter. To be clear, these were not in fact the one-in-the-same offer.

Deciding neither inducement of oxytocinal bliss would be the best use of my time {there it is: turning down sex and Jesus; must be insane}, I attempted to see if I could make it in time to the after-screening Q&A. I didn’t, but I did ambush Kevin Gosztola as he exited the theater. A big surprise, he had two whistleblowers in tow: former DoJ consultant Jesselyn Radack and former senior NSA officer Thomas Drake.

It turned out these two were 2/3s subject of the other film, Silenced. The remaining 3rd is John Kiriakou, who is in prison. He’s the only person in prison with connection to the CIA’s torture program and he didn’t torture.


Speaking of torture, forget what I wrote about ending in 2006 below. Forget 2009, too. Significant portions of the so-called Enhanced Interrogation Techniques program are still in place. Jeff Kaye has more, including my senior Senator being just fine-and-dandy with it:

FDL, “DoD Directive Used Duplicity to Hide Current Use of SERE Torture Techniques in Interrogations,” Jeffrey Kaye, 20 April 2014:

To the uninitiated, this means that the reverse-engineering of SERE, a program designed to help American soldiers and spies resist the evil acts of North Korea, Cuba, etc., should they be captured, was turned on its head into a North Korea style torture program. Jeff Kaye is reporting on how DoD used weasel-words to finesse this continuance.

There’s also more elsewhere from former UK diplomat Craig Murray and the British media’s resistance to reporting on the horrors he witnessed at Black Sites, but back to Silenced.


Silenced you can read more about here:

See it if you can! I wound up seeing the world premiere on Saturday.

In summary:

Jesselyn dealt with a coverup at the Dept. of Justice over the illegally acquired confession of “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh. Ashcroft knew it was illegal and looked the media in the eye and lied about it. So much for the morality of someone in the we-know-where-he-was-Friday-night/Sunday-morning category. Think it says, “He who knoweth right and doeth wrong…” And he clearly kneweth.

Then Thomas Drake. He found that a legal and less expensive software program {THINTHREAD} had been passed over for a more expensive one {TRAILBLAZER} that did not have the FISA rules built into it. Naturally, attempting to save taxpayer money and avoid unlawful acts results in being attacked.

Then Kiriakou, who talked publicly about the CIA torture program after it had already been in the news. He admitted to also making a slip also when asked about a colleague. He’s in prison for this unintentional, technicality while Cheney and Scooter Libby are not for their intentional one. Cue Nixon, “It’s not illegal when…”

In all three cases, there were personal costs attached that are all too familiar. Though in my case it was accomplished almost purely through  black ops–psychology, pharmacology, and other science instead of legal tricks–the result was the same: financial ruin, loss of personal relationships, isolation, insult, intimidation, stigma, and loss of career.

It was painful to watch these people suffer but we need to see what is being done in our name, We the People. It was in some ways reruns and in others realizing that I’m not alone and remembering that it is a corrupt system that we stuggle against.


For anyone new to the blog, simply put: legal system directly aimed at me as related to what it is really related to–an illegal government program–would confirm the existence of the program. These methods, techniques, etc. that I witnessed in action in 1988-1990 and after are being used today on American citizens, on American soil. This for domestic political reasons and personal gain motives. It is merely under the guise of, or in tandem with, actual, legitimate, reasonable reasons related to national security. It is important that they be revealed. Our government is once again dissembling, taking advantage of the public trust, using fear of “others” and terrorism to rob us for the benefit of some special business interests. That’s it. They spin and accuse anyone who points this out of aiding the enemy.

Shorter version: witnessed covert “fix-it” training ops and now that they’re operational and making a play for total control, they don’t much want me around spoiling their “fun.” What I witnessed includes seeing means and methods in action, more often the results of same, that can be used to destroy whistleblowers and others.


Don’t want to give too much away about the film but there were several familiar statements that stuck out. Kiriakou says, “They told the interrogators what they thought they wanted to hear to make the torture stop.” Drake said that much of the government’s efforts against whistleblowers is to destroy them. Jesselyn found herself in a Twilight Zone type nightmare when she found that the Lindh file had been purged of everything but two innocuous emails after having been an inch thick. She likewise found emails missing and managed to recover only 15 of perhaps hundreds.

The most troubling part is how so little comes from these revelations. Mainstream media and indy pundits tow the government’s line as if they are all MOCKINGBIRDs. Congress acts as if it’s all normal and tends to legalize whatever wrongdoing is discovered unless it is safe to do otherwise in which case they pretend to scold. Recent example, the torture report again. Pre-Boston Marathon bombing reporting mentions senior Bush officials approving this program. The summary “leaked” to McClatchy now says CIA misled everyone. They may have, but the long delay in release implies edits for political expediency.

Drake also noted that 9/11, his first day of work on his new NSA job, was referred to as a gift by his supervisor. NSA would get all the money it sought and more due to having failed.

The main point of the film, though: here are people holding their own government accountable to the law, protecting freedoms of their fellow citizens, and upholding their oaths to protect the Constitution, and there’s a huge machine that knows without saying it that there is no intent from top to bottom to do the same. And that machine, that Deep State, ate them alive.

And yet there’s hope in the form of a surprise towards the end of the film. Not telling.

{To Be Cont.}

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