Mos Def’ly Deep State Skullduggery {Updated}

Bout to represent in your whole atmosphere

The answer bloody well isn’t forty-two, it’s yes. Undoubtedly, unequivocally, unabashedly yes.

28 May 2014 update: Apparently the story picked up by the New York Daily News, Democracy Now, and others was false. Mos Def has not been blocked from entering the US. But do read this Salon article on why the rumor worked so well.

Salon, “Mos Def’s False Alarm: Why a Deplorable Internet Rumor Seemed So Credible,” Falguni A. Sheth, 27 May 2014:

The answer provides a lens into the current state of U.S. foreign policy: If it can drone its own child citizens for the sin of having a fundamentalist cleric for a father, why would it be so hard to believe that it would deny reentry to one of its own adult citizens?
Last year, Bey drew attention to the inhumane treatment of hunger strikers at Guantánamo Bay by attempting to undergo the same force-feeding procedures that have been imposed on them. Bey aborted the attempt almost immediately because of the intolerable pain and discomfort that he felt.

Maybe something about the US reminds him of that pain and discomfort. More at the link.

On the flip side of this portion, Apple has now bought the headphone business from Dre, so white people can also worry about what’s going through their ears and into their heads via Carlyle:

Guardian, “Apple buys Dr Dre’s Beats for $3bn as company returns to music industry,” Heidi Moore, 28 May 2014:

You know, Apple, one of several companies that the US intelligence community has direct access to your data on their servers and, as Edward Snowden noted this evening on “Defending Yourself and Deflecting From Government Abuse with Brian Williams,” any intelligence service in the world can gain access and control of any phone, any time. This includes the iPhone, of course, but I knew that back in 2010 when they did that to mine a few times.

First I’d like to thank the US government for inspiring this post. You know, “without whom…” etc.

Actor and rapper Mos Def is not allowed to enter the country due to some immigration issues:

Guardian, “Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def, cancels US tour amid ‘legal’ wrangles,” Ben Beaumont-Thomas, 22 May 2014:

I’ll remind folks that this is likewise the status of Canadian scifi writer Peter Watts due to that which we refer to as Squidgate.

Good advice on Guide

The connection? The key to winning wars this century is controlling the narrative. From the old CIA manual on guerilla warfare:

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.

This is MOCKINGBIRD expanded to contain all forms of art and creativity as well as MSM, or as I prefer to refer to it, Wolf Blitzer’s Beard. It also goes to setups, covert ops, dirty tricks, intimidation, coercion, as opposed to simply hiring parrots like ONI Bob Woodward and potentially CIA Anderson Cooper.

Why is this such an important issue? As I’ve been reminding lately, Stratfor-, and therefore CIA-, connected disinformationist Alex Jones has been stirring up trouble. Interesting to note that on one hand, Jones slammed the Koran for anti-gay language {while failing to mention the same sort of language in the Old and New Testaments} and on the other called gay rights part of the New World Order conspiracy to control population. Curious, since loving couples who do not procreate but instead adopt strikes me as being more akin to something that would resemble God’s plan.

Mos is a supporter of 9/11 Truthers, which seems to me we should all support the truth regardless of our preconceived notions about what that is. He also opposed the continuance of Gitmo, torture, perpetual war, etc.

In a similar, dangerous, and of course nigh-to-unbelievable vein, Carlyle Group, umbrella under which Booz Allen and Booz Allen Hamilton subsist, two other defense/intel contractors, notable for having been invested in by the Bin Laden family and more recently the UAE, has invested $500 million in Dr. Dre’s headphones:

WaPo, “Carlyle Group jumps into music scene with $500 million investment in Dr. Dre headsets,” Thomas Heath, 27 September 2013:

The plunge into headphones is not the norm for Carlyle, most well-known for hiring ex-prime ministers and ex-presidents and buying and selling aerospace and defense firms.

But Carlyle has recently ventured into the consumer space, including buying Dunkin’ Donuts, Hertz, Mrs. Fields’ Cookies and NBTY vitamins.

For my notes on Congress’ 1984-themed surface-scratching regarding subliminal communications technology, start with part 1 here or click the tag at bottom of post.

See also various links at top especially MKULTRA subproject 119/Project Bizarre and FBI consulting with Russians on acoustic psycho-correction. This stuff more or less works, I’ve seen it work on other people, it’s worked on me to an extent, and I think it can and will work to an extent on anyone. That I am still here and not in prison means it isn’t perfect. But if you are completely unaware of it and foolish enough to think your corporate-controlled government and private contractors wouldn’t do it out of some kind of sense of decency, you are setting yourself up for big trouble.

Note that this does not mean that Dre knows what they are doing. This is highly technical stuff, not an issue with the headphones themselves but rather whatever signals they may be capable of carrying. Understand that any device capable of connecting to a network or the Internet has a unique MAC address. This means the intelligence community, Department of Defense, and/or some contractors can access a particular person’s device and piggyback subliminal data on it, essentially providing near-hypnotic suggestion without the listener ever being aware of it. Anger can be the result, as I’ve suggested may have happened with Barrett Brown, Ibrahim Todashev * , and myself in a Minneapolis grocery store during an encounter with a strange-behaving MPD officer.

Race war? Possible. At what point does danger potential trump looking silly asking such questions? What will it take to get us to the point that we take what our government and their private partners are doing with technology serious enough to be seriously concerned as well? There’s history. There’s some evidence in science journals and buried ledes in news we already have. What’s missing: a Snowden in this area of either usage or research.

Final comedic note, this was what I left a note under Dr. James Lin’s door about while I was in Chicago. Didn’t expect a reply. Lin worked on the Frey effect, microwave hearing effect extensively, though in recent years he’s stuck more to rounding up regular microwave and EMF research work from what I saw on his bookshelf.

Speaking of EMFs…

Would they? Yes. Can they? Apparently.

* Boston Globe, “Ibragim Todashev shooter had stormy record as officer: Boston agent who killed Tsarnaev friend was target of brutality suits with Oakland police,” Maria Sacchetti and Globe Staff, 14 May 2014:

McFarlane’s full name and birth date on records in Massachusetts and New Hampshire match that of the Oakland police officer who was involved in several controversies during his four years with that police force. He retired with a pension of more than $52,000 annually for the rest of his life.

In California, lawyers who had sued McFarlane in Oakland were stunned that the FBI later hired him.

“I would be shocked to learn that the Aaron McFarlane we sued a decade ago could have gone on to have a career with the FBI,” said Ian Kelley, a San Francisco lawyer who sued McFarlane on behalf of a man, Michael Cole, who accused McFarlane and another officer of beating him.


BBD – Et tu, Silicon Valley?

New bits of evidence that contradict, for example, Google’s insistence that it has been a government accessory to mass surveillance by Jason Leopold via FOIA.

Side note / off-topic reminder: Jason also worked on the CIA and Navy “pharmacological waterboarding” story related to dosing Gitmo detainees with five times the normal dosage of the drug mefloquine. The antimalarial drug, also known as Lariam, can cause schizophreniclike symptoms even at normal dosage. The Navy declassified portions of their Inspector General report on it. The CIA still has not.

His latest on NSA and Silicon Valley, in this case focused on Google:

Disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the agency’s vast capability for spying on Americans’ electronic communications prompted a number of tech executives whose firms cooperated with the government to insist they had done so only when compelled by a court of law.

But Al Jazeera has obtained two sets of email communications dating from a year before Snowden became a household name that suggest not all cooperation was under pressure.

The NSA “has no business helping Google secure its facilities from the Chinese and at the same time hacking in through the back doors and tapping the fiber connections between Google base centers,” Cardozo said. “The fact that it’s the same agency doing both of those things is in obvious contradiction and ridiculous.” He recommended dividing offensive and defensive functions between two agencies.

AJAM, “EXCLUSIVE: Emails Reveal Close GOOGLE Relationship with NSA,” Jason Leopold, 6 May 2014:

There’s more at the link. For example, seems NSA did try to keep them close under guise of fixing security holes while actually looking for ones to exploit.

More reminders, this time of the personal Black Boots Diaries variety.

Before I do that, let me say that I expect journalists like Leopold would prefer people like me don’t in any way connect their stories to what I have to say. I completely understand that. They don’t want to be associated with what they consider to be “conspiracy theory.” They have a reputation to protect and I don’t, insofar as I have truth to tell and it may not align with the worldview of many. Certainly not with the ones that the Deep State projects, provides for our amusement and detriment. Even if the US government was merely attempting to make things seem worse than they are, they still trampled my rights, repeatedly and without the slightest bit of remorse or second thought about doing so. Even if {not the case, but if you find it easier to believe} they just drugged me and/or zapped me in the head with microwaves and I hallucinated 90% of it. The scandal is as much about that they did these things at all, not just what they did and how.

This is what happened.

First, my longterm ex worked at Google for several years. In January of 2010, mere weeks after Squidgate began and my friend Kate Conway was still in the hospital in a coma after her condo building mere blocks from ours burnt to the ground, he came home one evening and could barely move. He was so exhausted, emotionally it seemed, he could hardly even speak. His energy was extremely low.

Unsure if I should call an ambulance, I contacted a friend and he suggested not doing so unless absolutely necessary. The NYC system does at times and in some ways resemble the nightmare that libertarians and conservatives describe, that is “too much government.” Once you are in the New York mental health system, he said, it takes almost an act of God to get out of it.

I ran some homemade remedies designed to improve those natural “up” brain chemicals. I’ve covered this part many times before so those details aren’t important. What is is that I now had to consider that a potential murder attempt. Had he been drugged? This was months before the Washington Post did their expose on Top Secret America revealing that Google was one of nearly 2,000 subcontractors to the US intelligence community, most of them working for NSA. Between this and the fire as well as not at all feeling my old self and the near constant barrage of psychological harassment and bizarre events it would take years to explain, some still not explainable but I trust the trend, it just seemed as though someone I loved was in danger, somehow because of me.

This was not the first nor the last wedge they drove between us, but it was one of the most effective ones that I was on some level aware even then as clearly threatening, of human cause, and not resolvable by discussion.

They manipulated me out of the relationship and out of town.

Later in the year, he visited me in Minneapolis. This was our chance to try to resolve things and put it back together. Of course that didn’t happen. Though he was unaware of much except the very basics: something was very wrong and it related to the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival from two decades prior, he mentioned and was clearly a little bothered by the deaths of a few Google employees and one involving an Irish national who was knifed to death the day of his interview in California. One other was a boating accident on Long Island. Don’t recall details of the third and/or fourth.

The visit did not end as I’d hoped. I recall one phone call a few months before when it seemed to me he wasn’t hearing what I was saying at all. During that conversation, a stranger, a woman, walked by and mocked me, repeated what I was saying and laughed to her companion. This was one of the many, many examples of what I mean when I say that our intelligence community doesn’t care at all about people, the 99%. I saw spook after spook doing really cruel and awful things, and some of those people could not have been in the business very long due to being so young.

Like ‘Janus,’ for example. I still can’t wrap my head around why someone would choose a career destroying the lives of others. I just can’t. Sociopath? Seems likely. Note that I would still back him if he blew the whistle, but that seems unlikely. More likely, there’s still more shock and pain coming my way. Just don’t know what’s taking them so long to get around to it.

I can understand why the government, in collusion with oligarchs and special business interests would use such people though. The Deep State has set fire to this place, and are going to sit back and watch us tear each other apart. It’s in every indicator. Our power brokers want civil war and they are going to get it through, in part, the combination of viciousness and naivete of America’s youth that they have brought to bear.

That’s what happened. All I can do is relate it and hope that maybe someone, who perhaps cannot feel or only feels anger, will blow the whistle. Does it get more f—ed than that?

Hands Across the Water

As I noted previously, there were a few items on the GCHQ slide {here} that seemed familiar. Though it is entirely possible that it is British intelligence performing some of these tasks on US soil in order to get around US law preventing CIA from doing it, that’s not what I’m implying here. I’m just using JTRIG’s slide to show some spy science. That said, the inference made a nice title for this blog post.

Though the general theme in the slideshow seems to be about internet operations, this particular slide deception in general, some of these phrases may relate to the kinds of things I’ve experienced and described here. I should note that I may be taking some of them far out of context. Without the associated soundtrack or speech, we are left with guessing to an extent what these phrases mean exactly.


“Exploit prior beliefs”

Indicates that some kind of psychological profile and/or intelligence has been created/acquired on the target, however rudimentary.

In my case, one of the first things I did after the strangeness began after Squidgate was to send an email off to a pair of agencies asking if perhaps there wasn’t some foreign operation going on for purposes of embarrassing the Obama administration or similar. Though what happened on the bridge seemed unto itself to be a relatively common police-civilian dust up, the crazy activity in NYC on my end indicated otherwise. Though the idea that it was a Russian op seems silly in hindsight, it seems even more outrageous that it turned out to be an American one.

This email was followed by a few attempts at confusion including a “doppelganger” photo online implying Watts was a former Russian soldier {see Wicked Game} as well as my pickpocketed phone winding up in the hands of someone who spoke Farsi and the default language of my iTunes account was also switched to that same language.

Note that three of those four events involved the internet. Also, the phone, after the meatspace theft, could easily have been spoofed.

“Present story fragments”

This is perhaps my favorite. There was a internet squabble involving Watts and Beaudry–cyberspace!–followed by a fire–meatspace!–that claimed the home of my friend and her father. This in turn was followed by a trio of spooks intending to impersonate Beaudry’s father and two brothers in a truck spewing large quantities of white smoke. These last took place in meatspace but were built upon, enhanced, by what happened previously on the internet.

These are three story fragments:

Smoke trick truck

Seemed logical to put them together, though there were some logical flaws and in any case did not do what was intended, did not cause me to make a scene or become violent in the courthouse. You would think this would be cause for celebration and reward, not further harassment and ruin. Welcome to the US of A where no good deed goes unpunished.

“Repetition creates expectancies”

This can relate to things like simply foiling job interviews until the target gives up. Really, these people have been at this a long time and have their tricks suitable to tasks like this.

On the more advanced psych side, it’s akin to learned helplessness, a common side-effect of captivity-style torture and conditioning. It is also achievable via the hands-off means I’ve described on this blog. It attempts to make the target dependent on the torturer in order to be able to function normally at all. This allows for easier foiling of any endeavor that the target wishes to engage in.


“Create Cognitive Stress”

Also known as churning. Why is this happening? Who is doing it? What actually happened? What do they want? These are all questions that targets, unless of course they actually are terrorists, ask themselves. The repeated and consistent harassment ensures that they don’t stop and become exhausted as a result. Further, utilizing electronics like voice-to-skull, they can ensure that the target relives the traumatic experiences over and over again. They can also be reminded while attempting to perform some normal, every day task what was taken from them. Reminded over and over, the target becomes desperate to end this psychological torture and behaves erratically, further undermining their own credibility as a witness to the abuse.

The United States engages in these activities illegally, including on American soil, on Americans and most certainly on people from most anywhere who are not terrorists, not even drug smugglers, hackers, or criminals at all. As I’ve noted, sometimes it’s because they are being used for live training, sometimes because they are witnesses, potential whistleblowers, activists, etc. This country can only lay claim to moral superiority by lying about its own behavior.

“Create Physiological Stress”

That’s curious for JTRIG. How does one create physiological stress online? Certainly there have been physical harassment techniques employed in my case. Clumps of hair falling out just before the Squidgate sentencing hearing {see again the story fragment ploy above; the final piece, linking the three men to the fire would come at the hearing}. The very painful lump in throat that lasted several weeks due to eating something or other. Then there is the physical stress due to sleep deprivation that can be inflicted numerous ways. See the noise section of the Barrett Brown in Brooklyn post below for one example.

“Create Affective Stress (+/-)”

This was the most obvious part of the early harassment and even still occasionally is employed. It consists of intentionally causing mood swings. There was a time I envisioned this as picking me up and dropping me over and over in an attempt to break me. Seeming good news followed by bad news. Typically this would consist of attempting to convince me that someone had my back {see again Obama/Democrat comment in previous post} to find later that they did not. This is clearly part of attempting to direct my ire in a particular direction, though I note there were also conservatives on that list {take, for example, the fire taking place on Bill Kirstol’s birthday and that being pointed out to me}.


“Time-shift perceived behaviour”

This was one I’ve talked about extensively. Doesn’t do much but confuse, but that’s at least part of the point. Magic tricks, especially some card tricks, rely on a different perception of the order of events than they actually occurred. And the science of deception is closely related to stage magic.

Thats most of it. There’s the part about cues in the PERCEPTION section, which sounds astonishingly similar to what targeted individuals in organized stalking refer to as triggers, but I may be taking that out of context. In essence, it’s the presence of some symbol, sound, color, etc. that the target has, through weeks of conditioning, come to associate with some emotion, usually fear and dread.

How did the US become a place where nightmares are dispensed with psychopathic glee? A lawless–yes, Mr. President, lawless–nation run on blatant lies?

Because we handed the reins of power over to the selfish and unscrupulous because we were afraid. We put the wrong people in charge and gave them the ability to operate in the shadows without accountability. We allow them daily to engage in lies of influence, to point overseas, lie some more, and pretend that these wolves in sheep’s clothing aren’t the biggest threat we have.

BBD – A Janus-Puzzle Piece

Going to begin by pointing out some very strange coincidences. Last night, I came across the story of the Hactivist Jeremy Hammond. Believe me, that was no coincidence.

Jeremy Hammond (now 28, born twenty years and five days after me, which puts the age about right) has been arrested several times and, as of February 2013, as I understand it, is awaiting trial for hacking Top Secret America douchebag contractor Stratfor’s server as part of Anonymous. Here’s one of the things that earned Stratfor (originally Strategic Forecasting) the well-deserved douchebag title:

In an email from Dec 6 last year, [Stratfor CEO] Mr Friedman advised an analyst called Reva Bhalla on how to deal with an Israeli intelligence informant providing information on the medical condition of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president.

“You have to take control of him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control,” he wrote.

(Covered here and here back in February 2012. My other favorite quote about Stratfor is The Nation/Atlantic “It’s just The Economist a week later and a hundred times more expensive.”)

As you can see, the US government is involved in COINTELPRO activities. It’s right there in black and white. Barack Obama, for all his talk of opportunity in America, his background as a Constitutional scholar, his affirmation that the US intelligence community behaves responsibly, is full of shit. His administration has been the toughest on whistleblowers in history, and there is clearly a deep and wide swath of corruption that his administration actively protects.

But let’s look at Jeremy Hammond’s other arrests:

1) 2004 RNC in New York City. One of the largest protests in Big Apple history. Many New Yorkers marched because they felt that the Republican Party was trying to exploit 9/11 (a failure of the Bush administration to prevent, we thought then; a false-flag attack I now know).

I was there along with a couple of friends from a D&D game. The photos seem to be currently lost (old Picasa doesn’t seem to have survived new Picasa; lost also 2006 Paris photos) along with so many other things in the wake of the US government’s illegal (conspiracy against rights combining the worst of COINTELPRO and MKULTRA and of course utilizing PRISM) effort against me. Attacking me for writing The Wisp must surely be part of it (a violation of the First Amendment), though it appears that that may have been someone else’s trap (using me the way they did, a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment on that side of it).

At the same protest march. Hammond was arrested during a drum beating protest.

2) Gay Pride altercation with anti-gay bullies. Hello?

3) Occupy Wicker Park 2005 (didn’t even know that Occupy existed back then, bet most of you didn’t either). Supported Occupy more recently. They’re one of the only voices out there for the middle class that actually seeks to do what they say (unlike the Democrats).

4) Protesting Nazis, December 10, 2005. Read Wicked Game. Read my short stories. Read this blog.

5) On December 7, 2006, Hammond was arrested for hacking an anti-protestor site, ProtestWarrior. ProtestWarrior was started by two kids in Texas who were pro-Iraq invasion. These guys (though I’ve said similar of Anonymous) are undoubtedly puppets of the Department of Defense whether they know it or not. The irony of the picture currently on their front page (“War Never Solved Anything: Except Slavery, Nazism,” etc.) is so strong that it breaks out of the world of concept and takes on physical form. “Zombies” promoting “zombism”, fascism, etc. It is obvious (to me).

What is even sadder–and proof positive that this country is f—ed on a permanent basis, is that among the things he stole were credit card numbers of the people who sent donations to the site. He did not use the numbers, did not give them out.

And yet the US government prosecutors “assigned” a monetary value ($500) to each of the 5,000 credit cards as though he had done what any Washington DC politician would do, go on a spending spree of hookers and crack cocaine.

(This is an evil, evil place. I’m sold on that now, thanks, US government. You can call it what you want, but both parties, top to bottom, are in the thrall of hatred and their only thought is who they can kill, maim, torture, or otherwise make miserable. That’s all they do. State governments and local governments are no different. We a capital f F—ED. Mounds of dead bodies in the street in our future. Guaranteed. God couldn’t stop it at this point. *)

You see it’s not about the law, it’s about using the law for your own petty, often criminal, self-serving purposes. Ending COINTELPRO 2.0 is not in their best interests because they like being able to hurt people they perceive as a threat to their power. Witness the Syria debate (abusing the meaning of the term) and how it comes down to someone making fun of the US. Apparently words hurt the Senate and the President to the point that covert ops designed to destroy Americans who disagree with their backwards, sometimes treasonous, policies are employed.

6) March 25, 2010: Protesting a Holocaust denier. Says it all, doesn’t it? You can’t even protest people who deny what HITLER DID!!! No, we can’t think about that because we’re borrowing so many pages from the Nazi playbook. (Of course, a small masked black-clad people stormed the stage, turned over chairs. I’m thinking the irony was lost on most people.)

7) March 5, 2012 was the Stratfor arrest.

Similar thinking politically, similar concerns about where the US government (and others) are headed. Different methods though.

(Also note that the case’s judge’s husband was somehow connected to Stratfor…)

Now let’s take a closer look at Jeremy Hammond’s reading wish list on Amazon. I’ll do the hard part for you:


Again. Cory Doctorow. In a way it doesn’t mean that much. Doctorow believes in a free internet.

(Whatever misgivings I once had about that are now gone thanks to the Obama administration and self-dealing neocon Michael Hayden. There is nothing worse, no greater threat, than an out of control defense / security / intelligence / police sector and there never could be. Their corruption alone makes us less safe because you don’t get a good picture of reality and the effect of making so many people miserable means that the US is going to be vilified world round, not to mention treating innocent people like criminals. We are actually more likely to suffer a huge, horrible, deadly terror attack because of these people, not in spite of them).

Then there’s the photo at Huffington Post and on the support site. This, apart from my old Parisian friend’s face plastered over it is pretty damn close. Hair (closer to Jason’s, see below), ears, height, build.

But it’s not him. Voice is wrong. Neither is it his twin, Jason.

I’ve not ever covered on this blog previously. February or so of 2010, I first saw the mention on Twitter of a novel similar to The Girl Who… series where the female protagonist or victim had a twin–then!–later the same day, came home after my jog and my then partner was reading that same book. I’ve forgotten the name of the book and I’m too something to email my ex to ask him about it.

In my drugged state in 2010, I applied that twin meme to Janus (you know, the mythical god with two faces). I had set that and so many other “silly” ideas aside because since getting some of my wits back, I’ve been trying to go with the facts as best I can get at them. How was A likely done, why was B done, who did C?

But there it is. Twins (fraternal, not identical) with similar politics to mine.

Of course, before all this I was far less passionate about it and far more trusting of the federal government and the system. Since seeing just how bad it is, being on the front lines of it, how government agents can do anything they damn well please without even the Inspectors General having a say in it when it happens here, says it all.

Not Jason either. The point?

To try to connect me to Anonymous (as they had with the January 2010 Wikileaks donation and therefore Chelsea Manning) and to set me on the warpath against Cory, EFF, Anonymous, maybe even to stalk Jason or Jeremy Hammond. Pit your targets against each other and you can concentrate on doing the same to someone else.

The cat was clawing out of the bag where voice-to-skull is concerned. Too many psychopaths enjoying the use of that and similar technology to allow, for example, my partner and I to take a short Toronto vacation and for me to sit down with a Canadian scifi writer to talk about scifi. Likely, that’s all that would have happened. Maybe we would have found a strange coincidence that a former fellow actor at the NJSF had voiced over one of Peter Watts’ novels and maybe we wouldn’t. Probably wouldn’t, but these people are control freaks and tax wasters. Getting to do both is fun for them.

In any case, after seeing clearly just how corrupt our government truly is, that they break the law every day and don’t care that they do, that they have murdered many people for many reasons none of them good, I am not left with any viable options but to support the opposition, am I?

As Julian said:


Jason, your brother has my full support. Feel free to contact me with any questions any time. You were set up as was I.

Having said that, as far as people to be brainwashed over, if it had been you, I could do far worse. Thanks for fighting for our rights.

Read my book and this blog where these methods and tricks are concerned and be careful. We are in a proxy war that, like all other wars, protects the powerful while people like us (and even ProtestWarrior) are thrown into the line of fire. It’s true. I agree with my convictions, they are generally “mine”, but they are being pushed to an extreme coupled with V2K sent solutions that are not mine at all. As you may have read or will read, it’s very, very likely that this was the case with Chelsea Manning as well. The signs of having been brainhacked are all there, as they are with me. I suspect you two as well. (See also MEDUSA, owned by Top Secret America Sierra Nevada Corporation after they bought WaveBand.)

The pattern here seems to be repeating something out of The Wisp and that did not turn out so well for the hactivist character in that story (who was warned just as I’m warning you now, “HOSS is dangerous, leave them alone” or similar).

If you start feeling the slightest bit in despair, know it probably is V2K and it will pass. Don’t let these criminals “Aaron Swartz” or even “Tony Scott” you or Jeremy. They did it to five or six young gay men in 2011 as well. Noted on this blog some time in 2012 because I could not process it emotionally when they initially told me that in Minneapolis via V2K.

Violence. This is a goal for them because they love nazis, hate freedom, and they think they can drive me to violence by hurting people like you. Sorry for you that this is the case.

You should also read Watts’ books. Your brother as well. See especially the end notes of Blindsight for what it was got him into trouble. The Rifters Trilogy gives an idea of one of our possible futures brought to us by our sell-out representatives.

(And of course, will the real Janus, please stand up? For something. For anything.

Careerism, peer pressure, nationalism, fear, whatever it is, not a valid excuse. It’s your decision but it’s also the world you’re going to have to live in long after I’m gone. You are making that world, my man. This was always about you, not me. I’m just the one trying, for even ten seconds, to snap you out of your zombism. I’ve paid the price for the privilege. When are you going to do something constructive?)

* Worth a try. You know, “…couldn’t sink the Titanic.”

Wake up, it’s much too late…

Chapter 23 Update

After looking for a better copy of the email detailing the garbage snooping from November 2008, I noticed that one of my neighbors worked for Booz Allen Hamilton (now simply Booz Allen).

This is interesting because I also (as previously noted) had a BAH employee in my social circle for a while as well.

Further, it’s interesting because Booz Allen does Border Control services (a point of interest in Squidgate), as well as so much more:


I’ve updated chapter 23 to reflect the neighbor on the distribution list regarding (likely “Janus”) stealing the garbage.

She would also have been there when the noisy guys living upstairs broke the fire exit (after the Conway condo fire) and the rest of what happened during December 2009 to March 2010.

Like I said in the book, the Rule of Law is a joke in this country. NSA subcontractors can destroy your life, burn down buildings, harass you endlessly, try to drive you to suicide and violence, and reporting it doesn’t do a damn thing (because they work for FBI too, so it’s all about the coverup).

They have been around almost 100 years and had, as of 2010, 26 federal contracts and $5billion in revenue.

You can’t use the system because they are the system. They have access to your private information, can listen to your phone calls at any time, and are defended for abusing that power by Obama and the Democrats in the House and Senate.

This is a lawless country. When the law is only applied when it pleases someone then the law is no longer the law. It’s an arbitrary set of rules, a tool for tyranny.

Conspiracy Against Rights. Links at right to DoJ and FBI pages that include it.

You could try to view the Washington Post webpage where that information came from, but it quickly forwards to a “Page Not Found” page after showing quickly that it is actually found.

They “police” the Internet too, just like Michael Hayden wanted. They also do things like send emails to politicians that appear to come from people they target. Haven’t gotten to that yet in Wicked Game, but it happened a lot.

Updated chapter 23.


BBD – Meandering

First, apologies for the delay in delivering part 8 on Congress’ 1984 investigation into the use and potential abuse of audio and visual subliminal messages. Likely something in one of the more recent parts (like, say, ELECTION FRAUD) has resulted in the past few days feeling like having been kicked in the head, minus the intense pain. Feels like what I imagine a concussion might be like, perfect or otherwise. No idea how this was accomplished, merely note the brief.discussion of the “perfect concussion” during the Church/Tower hearings. Therefore, this post will largely revolve around what that does and how and why people that this kind of thing happens to come off as not being “all there,” “playing with a full deck,” choose your metaphor. Posts for yesterday and earlier today were aborted due to the realization that I was finding it difficult to maintain a throughline, a cohesive thread. So, why not do a post on how it’s difficult to do at times?

Second, I’ll give a brief teaser about what part 8 and the testimony of Dr. Lloyd H. Silverman of NYU and NY’s Veteran’s Hospital will likely entail. The ability to, using subliminals, increase depression and the belief at that time that depression generally had two causes or connective psychological factors: loss and guilt. Here’s a hint how part of that (in this case loss) relates: dead pets and relatives.

As previously mentioned, there are a number of factors that make being, how the Organized Stalking subculture refers to it, a TI–a targeted individual–difficult.

As I’ve written previously, likely depending on whether the target is chosen due for training and testing or due to whatever they have witnessed or whatever perceived threat they pose to the criminals behind the, for lack of a better term, GLADIO-D operation to control the domestic policy of this country via black ops, they are likely surreptitiously drugged early on. In my case, I think it actually came (sort of) after a few things had already been done but before I realized there was anything suspicious about the events. For example, I didn’t positively connect my dog’s illness to harassment until long after she was put to sleep. Think of those things as sort of psychological landmines. Once being targeted becomes clear, you look back and realize some previous events were not just life throwing you curveballs, but rather done in the hopes that once you realize just how goddam evil those who arranged it are, you will go off the deep end, become violent, act irrationally and further increase your own frustration in attempting to alleviate it. In short, it is a lot like being bullied at school day after day and finding the teachers just don’t care, either fear the bullied as well or approve of their actions.

Except it’s happening to adults who are better at dealing with it. Except those adults are also drugged.

The first two things you wonder are, what is happening and why is it happening? Typically, at the beginning at least, you won’t be able to answer either question. You go round and round, looking for answers. They refer to this in OS as churning. You spend hours attempting to figure out why. You knee-jerk assume that either you actually did something to deserve it (because authority is always assumed to be in the right, just ask them) or there’s been a mistake. You may even feel guilty over whatever it is you don’t know you did. You wonder about everything you’ve ever done.

Probably, it isn’t until your entire life is a wreck and, only if you’re lucky enough to somewhat overcome what’s already been done to you drugwise, that you realize, no, these people are something akin to nazis and guilt or innocence (there’s that depression trigger Silverman talks about again) isn’t important to them.

You realize that you have all sorts of evidence of your life having been tampered with but likely nearly none explaining who was responsible. You might have even fallen prey to disinformation blaming the supernatural or space aliens, some ethnic, religious or political group, some fictional group.

Otherwise you tend to land at “the government.” And why not? They are both supposed to be the only ones conducting black ops and weird experiments and at the same time protecting citizens from crimes (such as conspiracy against rights, link along right side of blog to text of it).

Of course there is evidence of political parties (at least one) doing black ops on US soil and elsewhere. Besides Watergate, there is evidence to suggest the GOP was deeply involved in Iran-Contra and Arms-for-Hostages and had, likely still has, quite the black bag machine. And then there was James O’Keefe III’s ACORN stunt and his attempt to bug the office of a US senator. No investigation into the use of black ops to influence elections would seem to me to indicate, again, corruption in Congress (you know, the H.O.R. of Babble-On…well, couldn’t resist).

But I am drifting from the point (which is a point unto itself). You realize you’ve got enough that anyone would have to believe that something odd happened.

But when you try to explain it you realize that you have to go through the same damn logic all over again and part of that logic is as simple as: this much stuff does not happen to one person in that short amount of time. Just doesn’t. But explaining that, any person who hasn’t been through it wants to diminish the whole idea by picking apart each of these many events one-by-one. You realize that it’s an uphill (practically vertical, perpendicular to the ground) battle and you’ve already spent so much time and energy debating it all with yourself, you’re tired and here’s someone diminishing your suffering, making light of it.

You freak out. You lose your temper. You wind up sounding like Mel Gibson in…well… most anything. You rave like a mad person. That’s what they’ve done to you.

Your government failed you. Society failed you. Family fails you. The law failed you. You may or may not latch onto some kind of belief in some kind of god or God for comfort.

Evil wins.

(Now, wouldn’t it just have been better to have let me enjoy my right to free speech?).

Catching Up

Went to a funeral in Wisconsin this week. Person fell and hit his head while intoxicated. Person was Native American. Also other evidence of possible arson of lakefront property.

Will be posting less for the next few weeks. Internet access is limited.