Might As Well Be the One

Excerpt from the August 6, 1984 Congressional report on Subliminal Communication Technology:

…that the person was vulnerable to could become exacerbated under these circumstances.

If you go back to the study that I told you about earlier where if you flash on the message “I have been bad” or “I have lost mommy,” this did not lead the people in the experiment to say that they had been bad or that they were concerned with loss. What it lead them to do is to become more depressed.

Of course that was 1984 and previous. Not difficult to imagine where they have gotten to since in an effort to control the narrative, to eliminate people like Aaron Swartz to intimidate Hollywood into complying with the march to war, torture and lies.

(UPDATE: Or attempting to turn me into a killer by using it to murder several young gay men in a row and then throwing on a V2K guilt-trip.)

And in order to do what all of you should be doing every day, that is washing out the crap in your brain every day, they are not doing any of this for your best interests. This is about personal greed and handing over a representative democracy to those who can and will dictate every aspect of your life one day soon, including and especially what you get for working for them. That’s just how fascists and cheap laborists roll.

And let’s not forget the forward to the CIA Guerilla Warfare Manual:

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.