BBD: COIN-Cidence {Updated}

“This is a rich man’s war and I don’t want any part of it.”
—Some poor sod, unfortunate enough to be alive when the War Between the States broke out, but smart enough to at least see part of the big picture, when writing to a friend


Just a list of the bizarre places/times I’ve sometimes found myself. Need to remind people again, I had nothing to do with any of these things beyond what is stated here, was merely used as scapegoat where applicable.

Context is everything. This is why when something else happens it becomes very difficult to determine what is normal life and what is covert action. That is at least in part the idea, to turn a target like myself against myself psychologically.

In the interests of brevity and simplicity, I’m not linking up any of this or including backup, evidence, etc. It’s all here in other posts, in Wicked Game, or in my possession.

1989/1990: Worked as a temp. Wound up working at Philip Morris on the shareholders meeting multimedia preparation team not long before tobacco hearings wound up causing a large shift in the board of directors.

1997/1998: The company I worked for, Professional Service Industries, Inc. {PSI} was bought by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital. Our office was closed soon after as the main project wound down.

Late September/Early October 2001: Saw suspicious characters walking about near Gracie Mansion. Reported it and saw the response to my call.

12 October 2001: Saw Tom Brokaw at lunch at midtown restaurant with some interns. Saw he was trying to reassure them. Checked the web, saw that the Amerithrax attack on NBC had just occurred. An attempt to blame these attacks on Al Qaeda and/or Iraq will ensue. FBI director Mueller, who only took over a week before 9/11, resisted the pressure to rush to judgement by CIA and various neocons in the Bush White House. It will be determined later that it was most likely the work of Bruce Ivins, who in some ways has several uncanny similarities to Frank Olson. Olson, who worked for the US Army and CIA was allegedly murdered in the 1950s because he felt guilty about being involved as an observer in a deadly nerve gas test conducted by MI6. Olson became unstable and either jumped or was thrown out of a hotel window. Ivins, like Olson, worked at Fort Detrick and became unstable. The motive for the attacks is alleged to have been Ivins paranoia that terrorists would conduct anthrax attacks and the US was unprepared for it.

Matt Dehart claims he had evidence in the form of electronic documents from an unknown member of the hacker collective Anonymous that FBI was investigating CIA for attempting to place responsibility for the Amerithrax attacks on others. Matt’s trial is scheduled to begin on 8 December, though the Department of Justice is doing so via other charges. Matt also says he was drugged and tortured while in Canada seeking asylum. Note that just before the board determining his status made their decision, the son of one board member “went postal.”

2003/2004: A man who worked for a private defense and intelligence firm founded in 1917, Booz Allen Hamilton, was in my social circle for a time. His wife worked at the UN.

2003: Worked on a project in Helmsley Building for owner/landlord where one partner of owner company, Adam Hockfelder, wound up going to prison for fraud. My work was exclusively for the other partner, Richard N. Kalikow. Wound up getting myself removed from that project when it was clear there was shifting of money around between projects that had different investors. However, the amounts were less than 7 figures from what I could tell. Knew nothing of Hockfelder’s doings until it made the news.

2007-2008: Worked on a very fictional graphic novel script based partially on investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill’s work on Blackwater and more generally privatization including the fire department. Didn’t discover until much later that Scahill and my partner and I were neighbors. Also later discovered that yet another Booz Allen Hamilton employee lived in my condo building.

13 November 2008: One of my firm’s clients, John Paulson {not to be confused with Hank} of Paulson & Co., testified before Congress regarding the hedge fund hearings and bailouts.

September to November 2009: Worked on the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, or Cordoba House. More recently discovered that it had FBI/CIA backing and was likely staged as a wedge issue for the 2008 and 2010 elections.

October 2009: After writing and publishing what was to be the first of very fictional a mini-series comic in which the antagonist was an Ayn Rand follower type, my local comic book store was robbed. On top of the trashed mess the robbers left on the counter was a copy of my book. The owners wondered if I weren’t therefore somehow involved.

14 January 2010: My boss’ PC was hit with a worm and various trojans originating from Ford Motor Co. in Deerborn, Michigan. It is so bad that the hard drive is unusable. This follows closely on the heels of the alleged Chinese hacks of Fortune 500 companies including Google where my then partner worked. Note that before moving to operations, I was the IT manager so the attack, even though my boss thinks he clicked on a phony Classmates link, reflects badly on me.

15 January 2010?: My firm was asked by building management to expedite certain areas of the building for a building wide project. In one of these spaces the People’s Bank of China was the tenant. My co-worker and I were ushered out by several BoC employees who were moving us out in tandem.

29 January 2010: Completely fed up with the incessant and ever increasing psychological harassment–and after asking the government to put an end to it–I donated money to Wikileaks in protest. This was before Private Manning’s arrest but after the point where the government claims she began shopping documents around. I was of course completely oblivious to all of that until it made the news.

8 January 2011: When in Minneapolis doing a Google search to see if there were any movies a friend and I could go to, Google incorrectly listed my location as Arizona. This is the day Jared Lee Loughner shot 19 people.

Fall 2012: Went to a party and hit it off with a 26 year old young man whose name turned out to be James {Something other than Eagan} Holmes. Next time I saw him, he was “busy” with a looks-like-Eff-Bee-Eye guy who left the party soon after. This is eerily similar to events that lead to my one and only suicide attempt back in the 80s. The same day, a 62 year old man fell in love with me.

February-September 2013: Worked as a security guard one day a week at a plant owned by Koch Industries. This was surprising because I had, in the hopes of escaping the harassment I had endured for months at that point, run a PSYOP against Koch lobbyists in 2010 pretending that I had something to do with Hockfelder’s prosecution {again, I did not and the harassment continued}. Soon after putting in my notice, a problem at the plant lead me to think it was sabotage. More recently when I learned more about it, it seemed likely that STUXNET was used. This was during one of the allegedly Koch-engineered government shutdowns.

May 2014: When meeting with a woman who is to appear in court for a sanity/competency hearing to determine if she is to become a ward for the state {think of it as a permanent private prison sentence without the cell but all the subcontractors taking her disability income}, the man who is driving her, me, and one other man explains that he was present at the Bundy Ranch standoff. Senator Reid referred to them as domestic terrorists.

As you can see, there’s a pattern of scapegoating there. This has grown, via the destruction of my life and other events and forms of harassment, to an attempt to drive me to violence of some kind. Just as the government and private think tanks try to label all sorts of minorities as terrorists, they hoped to add LGBT to the list. Our system is that mercenary. What you see here, in Wicked Game, and  on Twitter, etc. is me fighting back. Simple as that.


Think of the Children

First, a little reminder. The Worldwide Association of Specialty Schools, run by George H.W. “Where was he in ’63?” Bush and Willard Mitt Romney bagman Robert Lichfield was investigated and shut down in places all over the US and indeed in the hemisphere:

Reason, “Romney, Torture, and Teens,” Mala Svalavitz, June 27, 2007:

As The Hill noted last week, 133 plaintiffs filed a civil suit against Romney’s Utah finance co-chair, Robert Lichfield, and his various business entities involved in residential treatment programs for adolescents. The umbrella group for his organization is the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS, sometimes known as WWASP) and Lichfield is its founder and is on its board of directors.

The list of abuses read like PROJECT MONARCH or the Manchurian Candidate stuff but for real. As I’ve stated before, the CIA was inundated with Mormons in the 1980s, according to the New York Times. The hiring was out of proportion to those who were not Mormon at the time.

In addition, one should again review the list of MKULTRA subprojects, especially in this case:

102: MKULTRA: Adolescent Gangs

103: MKULTRA: Children’s Summer Camps

112: MKULTRA: Vocational Studies in Children

117: MKULTRA: Cultural Influences on Children

119: MKULTRA: Telecontrol–Texas Christian

That last is more to drive home the idea of what the goal is: The Stepford Children. Obedient. Violent when directed to be. Warlike. Blindly supportive of military action, especially when those being invaded are not themselves WASPS. In essence, they are making sociopaths. While not to the letter MONARCH stuff, this gets a lot closer. There’s at least one study that has shown that childhood trauma can make someone less sympathetic to others as an adult. This WWASP system seems to exist for this purpose. Yes, I’m calling it out as a joint CIA-DoD-probably Booz Allen Hamilton type joint program to affect the character of American youth.

All of that is just to get to the point: They’re back! Under a new guise. Two schools in particular stand out and in one case there’s been at least one abuse-related death.

Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah:

The truth is, Diamond Ranch Academy is not a therapeutic boarding school, it is a behavior modification program that employs techniques of seclusion, forced labor, physical violence, fear based control and brainwashing techniques that violate all basic human rights and could certainly be considered child abuse, if not actual torture.

Logan River Academy in Utah:

(Under Testimonials, Professionals):

As a Psychiatric RN and member of this society, I firmly believe that Logan River Academy must not only be shut down, but must also be held accountable for the human rights abuses of the vulnerable youth who have suffered in its facility.

Note that the accrediting body is  NATSAP (pronounced, I think, NUT-sack) in Bethesda, Maryland. Check the bio of one of the officers:

Tim Campbell, Director, Government Relations and Membership

Tim comes to NATSAP after spending much of his professional life working with the Department of State. While working in the Near Eastern Affairs and South and Central Asian Affairs offices, Tim deployed diplomats to various international assignments. In the private sector, he helped manage a variety of Government contracts with the Commerce Department, Census Bureau, and Department of State. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), he has experience in Public Affairs, Account Management, Finance, and Quality Control.

Always a fan of traveling, Tim spent a year living and working in China. As an enthusiast of all things outdoors, he can usually be found hiking any trail along the Shenandoah Valley.

Sounds like a swell guy, doesn’t he? For our friends who don’t know, CIA officers frequently list the State Department as employer due to having been under diplomatic cover.

This is what I have meant when I said there is no explaining it any other way. The US is not genetically different from Europe and Canada. And yet we are far more Violent, abusive, and in the case of Obama’s or any other Department of Justice, criminally negligent when the crooks are well-connected.

Child abuse ignored by Holder. What’s next? Oh…

Federal Judge and former head of DEA: CIA regularly smuggles cocaine into US

Just like people said decades ago and got called conspiracy theorists. And I’ll save linking up how Afghanistan went from 185 tons of heroin a year in 2001 (via the Russians) to 5,800 per year (via NATO).

You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Decide.

Could Go Any Which Way


Yet another voice-to-skull drama masquerading as remote viewing or remote listening.

This bulls*** tactic is a favorite of theirs. Even if you reject its content, it still has gotten into your head and you have to spend time and energy actively negating it. It is like hijacking your thought process.

I haven’t even gotten to what they had hoped would happen at that convention weekend before last. It was hilarious let me tell you. That they actually believed they pulled it off is what is funny. As if I hadn’t learned already that these people are scum. And clearly cannot read minds.

So. Page one of my agreement with an attorney. I have it all in PDF. No more details than that, but I still haven’t heard back from my meeting (which is due, I assume, to the delaying in my check being cleared. Should have paid cash, I guess, but the paper trail is part of the point).

However, today I am actually having inexplicable credit card problems. Can’t access money means you can’t afford to stay but you also can’t afford to leave. Not sure what the game plan is. I assume it’s just to continually raise my stress level and hoping that their God of Money will actually grant their prayers of giving me cancer or whatever ending they would find satisfying. (Covered that on Twitter this morning. Random stranger comes up and tells me his father has pancreatic cancer. “That’s the one where you can’t digest, right?” Implying that is what’s responsible for the poisonings I experienced in Kentucky).

Yes. This is the country that many of you live in. Here’s yesterday’s microwave delivered V2K fiction:

“Go get him, Bob.”

“And do what?!?”

“Get him and bring him home.”

And so the phony narrative today is that some retired spook is arranging this credit card trouble to get me back “home.” Home, where I can’t even go out to eat without getting poisoned. Home, where it’s now legal in some places to fire someone over their sexuality. Home, where arson is legal or at least unpunishable. Home, where the only thing either of our failed political parties actually cares about for the most part is keeping the cash rolling in, despite full knowledge that this idiotic game they are playing is fixed and change is therefore impossible except for one cosmetic step forward, ten actual back. Home, where whistleblowers not only get no protection (despite it being clear under the law that they are afforded them) but get harassed and destroyed. Home, where Dick Cheney and his band of dinosaurs march ever onward toward preserving what they think of as “the American way” by killing everyone else. Land of the consumer zombie and the home of the cowards and crooks. Home, where yet more harassment of innocent people goes unpunished and uninvestigated. Over and over. Land of the s*** and shoved in it.

At least if Romney gets elected, we can get on with the Fourth Reich stuff, have all that bloodshed, etc. ending as these things always do, and these same people can (as usual, facing no consequences for their actions whatsoever) get on with planning the Fifth Reich.

That is, if the coming wars actually leave Earth a livable environment. That is anyone’s guess.

(Update: Hotelier is allowing me to stay one night on spec.)

More Known Unknowns


There was another day I became angry for no apparent reason (I have many reasons to be angry, mind you, but that fact didn’t change from the days previous). The voice-to-skull said (or showed?) to go to the park nearby.

I sighed. “More bulls***,” I thought.

Now! it said.

As I headed in that direction, down the hall toward the back door, I found myself mere steps behind my former next door neighbor (I had moved from the one bedroom that was apartment 13 to a two bedroom that was apartment 1 after the fatal shooting in front of Heathcliff’s old place and we moved in together).

As the neighbor headed in the general direction that I would take to go to the park, he stopped behind a shed and started hitting himself in the head with his fist. Not kidding, that’s what he did.

He was surprised and embarrassed to see me standing there watching his private inner turmoil boil over into self abuse, but in true Minnesota style, recovered quickly. We discussed his perceived problem (marital in nature) and I provided some advice. No idea if he took it.

The important bit is that he and I both were exceedingly angry at exactly the same time and that V2K had instructed me to witness that. Hence the possibility that this stuff is in satellites or otherwise some kind of ranged electronic device.

Not many days after that happened, it suggested the park again. Repeat the sigh.

This time there was a small U-Haul trailer attached to a jeep at the curb along the park. The U-Haul had Tennessee on it (they typically have a state on them or some other theme like a park) and the jeep’s passenger door (the driver’s side was facing the street) was open. Seemed to be a suggestion to go visit or live with my parents, but why not just f***ing say that? Don’t know.

I thought no way, no way I’m going to do that. Options cut off (such as getting a shortterm loan due to my credit score not being available, have proof of that), things going incredibly and dangerously sour with Heath, by November that’s exactly what I did. The events were probably Summer of ’11, so three or four months before it was necessary.

So, let’s recap. The American intelligence community, for no good reason at all, utterly destroyed my life, has done untold damage to my health both physical and mental, serious PTSD emotional damage, killed my dog (and perhaps my grandmother as well), ruined any chances for using my retirement from decades of work for what it was supposed to be used for, separated me from my friends, ruined my reputation in every conceivable social and working circle, destroyed my longterm relationship, harmed many other people (and animals) in the effort to drive me to suicide or violence, and more…

And their “solutions” are to either go live with my parents in a state that has gay bullying laws (yes, it’s legal now from what I understand to fire someone for being gay in Tennessee). My father’s favorite shows are the ones that depict the very people ripping us all off and creating homegrown terrorism as heroes. It’s enough to make you puke.

Or just go back to working full time in Kentucky with my ex-wife’s husband (who says the best time of his life was working for a defense contractor) and they both go to a megachurch who thinks all of our problems stem from sex sins (they ignore the ones related to mammon; it’s a megachurch, it’s all about worshipping personal wealth and supporting things like war and the evangelical music industry). And Kentucky is not far behind Tennessee on reversing human rights. Attempts to pass an anti-bullying law after three teen suicides were met with the Orwellian, “Let’s protect all students.”

Those are their “solutions.” This is the state of the union. The American Taliban is here and has gone mainstream. NDAA is an excuse for Romney-run concentration camps. Not maybe…is.

So, I’ll say it again. Didn’t ask for this. Didn’t do a single thing to deserve it. Not going to compromise with terrorists and psychopaths.

Budget, Budget, Who’s Got the Budget? (Updated)


Today we are going to discuss one of the places that our tax dollars are being flushed down the commode. Specifically, the CIA’s budget, which is always undisclosed and tucked away under some other budget.

There was testimony back in the 50s, I think it was, where the querying legislator said something along the lines of, “So you guys are in the Social Security budget and the American people are none the wiser?”

The reply, “We haven’t actually tried that one yet, but that’s an idea.”

Post-9/11 you know their budget grew to the point that they really don’t know what to do with all the f***ing cash…only that they needed to make as much s*** up as they possibly could in order to actually procure as much of it as possible because that is the primary function of any bureaucracy (just ask the Teapublitarians…as long as you are not talking about something that murders people, undermines democracy, f***s over the middle class and poor, or otherwise destroys America, they oppose spending one goddam penny on it. On the other hand, if it kills, they cannot approve spending fast enough—unless of course it’s a fetus or embryo because that’s hope for more and cheaper labor).

So. Where is it?

McCoyote Estimate:

33% of Healthcare budget of $916B for 2013 is
+ 15% of Welfare budget of $422B for 2013 is
= $368B

(I figure they are in pension as well, but you get the idea).

If you add the $368B to the $901B defense spending, you start to get closer to the actual situation except of course none of that includes Iraq and Afghanistan. Figure over half of the budget in some way is basically a handout to Exxon-Mobil and funding their wars (none of which includes the human cost which they also do not pay for).

Not only is it money wasted on coming up with various false justifications for wars, exaggerations and distortions to invent paranoid non-existent threats at home, human experimentation on US soil on US citizens to justify a surveillance and police state, etc. just to keep their Wall Street and military industrial complex masters happy, but it also serves as a lightning rod to try to destroy the social safety net that companies traded on Wall Street make necessary through pursuit of outsourcing jobs overseas in order to increase their stock value (hello Bain Capital!—a practice which is almost always in opposition to the company’s real value of providing a good product and / or service—having lost sight of that is probably well over 80% of the world’s problem) and undermining health with waste products and bad food. Layoffs and illness are something often out of the working class family’s control and they know it.

So, it’s easier for the lazy nazi to decide to purposely make things worse, to prod, provoke and in general f*** over the average American in the hope that he or she will snap and in turn justify their bloated budget spent largely on bulls*** that serves no good purpose.

Too big to fail means too big to succeed.

And that’s the probable story, more or less. * The suckage, both in terms of quality and in vacuuming those holy tax dollars that the GOP only selectively complains about, continues unabated.

To be Germany in the 1930s and Rome during its fall at the same time, well that’s something to see. Just keep watching.

* V2K says it’s only $275B. It usually lies, so I take it with a grain of salt. Usually. Not always. In fact it has at times provided information I could not have otherwise have known. But how does one prove that that is true more than anything else I’ve detailed?

The Dog Race


I promised myself I would try to stay away from it. It is of course impossible.

The presidential race has taken a recent turn about Romney’s alleged treatment of his dog. He allegedly kept the thing on top of his car for the entire trip from Boston to Canada. As a result, the dog became quite ill and the vulture capitalist’s solution was to hose down the car and the dog and continue the journey in exactly the same way.

Contrast that with Barney, who apparently gets to ride inside the Presidential limo.

Of course, the treatment of a dog, while it concerns me and proves that Bill Maher has gotten yet another thing wrong * (he is pushing the silly notion that Romney is boring…that’s just his TV face), I worry more about someone who would support and be connected with torture of American teenagers. Sure, they continue to defy the fashion police and wear baggy and or hilariously low-riding jeans, but that’s no excuse for this kind of treatment.

Not funny, I know, except in a “mainstream media sucks so bad it’s tragically hilarious” kind of way. This was not an anomaly nor was it an accident. This is right out of the “How do we brainwash people into being good little nazis?” playbook when it actually was German scientists attempting just that on Jewish prisoners (typically using mescaline as opposed to Ewan Cameron, DOD, and CIA using electrodes in the 1950s). The difference in this case of course is that it’s conservatives, xenophobes, and remorseless soldiers they are trying to manufacture. Operation Paperclip: it’s effects are still being felt today.

And of course the GOP plays apologist for the CIA torture program. It makes us less safe by virtue of the bad press it provides and they know it. So many are draft dodger types that they also know it will be someone else’s kids paying the price, so who cares? It makes more money, this warfare, for a few people and that is all that they care about.

* He also played lefty apologist for Rush Limbaugh’s and the GOP’s war on women. I understand that Romney’s current strategy is to turn that into a positive and court the misogynists. Aren’t they a non-cynical bunch, the modern Teapublitarian party?

More on Organized Stalking Motives

(Warning: takes another religious turn toward the end. Couldn’t be helped. You have to point out the inner-inconsistencies of your opponents).

Summary: the goals are to drive people crazy, cause division, remove civil rights, undermine the government. Who profits?

Taking a look at what people have said, experienced (filtered through what I believe was actually happening, eg, voice-to-skull, not thousands of people knowingly involved in a conspiracy), I restate what should be obvious.

It is impossible that the organized stalking phenomenon could exist and persist this long if it were simply a network of nazis with no connections to government and money. Likewise, it is impossible that they could use technology such as the patents I’ve pointed out that utilize the Frey effect and the fact that the brain and nervous system are, ultimately, a form of computer and network that can be hacked just like any other and it not have military and intelligence facets to it.

Since the origins of the Men in Black were clearly a form of organized stalking, since it centered around what seemed to the witnesses to be technology too advanced to be the USA, they assumed it was UFOs (technically correct, unidentified flying objects) but again, this was 1947 and 1949. The CIA and DOD acquired Nazi rocket technology which had surpassed that of the Allies (thankfully not the Bomb) via Operation Paperclip in exchange for allowing some of them to flee to South America. So, it could have been rocket tests or, as I’ve suggested, prototype testing of the U2 spyplane, first known official flight 1955. One assumes development went slower in the pre-PC days when it was people doing most of the math without much in the way of CPU help.

That was government in any case and related to military and intelligence activities. Note again: technology that seemed far more advanced than the average American mindset could accept as being possible at the time.

(Additionally, I think that true of the moral and ethical part of this. We cannot accept that anyone, no matter how greedy, would for example allow the 9-11 attacks for personal gain. Let me disavow you of that right now. They not only could, they did. Too much points in that direction.)

Another example was what I discovered in 1982: that NSA had a method (that may or may not have been effective) of reading what is on a computer screen from outside a building. The photons travel through the walls very, very faintly and can be detected. This is 1982. Before the Internet. Before the PC became the mainstay that it is today (for now).

So, you have the preposterous idea that there is some entity that the US government is unable to detect and stop despite it’s breaking of numerous laws. It’s because it is hiding behind the excuse of national security. Law enforcement, like most of the rest of us, turns a blind eye toward bending and breaking of the rules when that is mentioned. It’s authoritarianism and part of human nature to accept most of what an authority figure says as fact as long as it is said the way we want to hear it and comes from someone we have decided has some level of trustworthiness about them.

Basically, when CIA does something on US soil that, were it done by, for example, the Black Panthers or the KKK the FBI would be all over it, it is in part because it ceases—they think—to be the FBI’s job to do anything about it. It moved from being a legal issue to a security one—they think. Similarly, it can spell the end of your career very quickly sticking your nose into things like this.

Republican president Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us that this would happen. He saw it coming. It grew from profiting off of making tanks, planes, guns and ammo in WWII to what we have now: a security, surveillance, intelligence AND perpetual war state fueling itself by causing the same strife it wants to be paid to “fix.” That is the primary motive for organized stalking: to kill the Constitution by making the American people want it to be killed. “Just protect us from whatever the heck this is!” That makes it a false-flag attack. Pretend it’s some other group, Illuminati, space aliens, Satanic cults, etc. and profit off of the suckers who buy into that.

Next, there is the religious motive. I still have some trouble squaring this because, well, that Jesus guy was so not into violence. But his representatives have long been into more than making up for that.

Hitler was not an atheist. That is a lie spread by people who want to reframe what happened. He made it clear: he said he was killing Jews, gays, intellectuals, the racially impure because God hated them. Whether or not he really believed that is immaterial. The fact that people accepted it as true is the point.

When Romney has such strong ties to CIA (Cofer Black) and NSA (Michael Hayden) it’s worrisome when you recognize that both have become the pimps for a very large business in the wake of 9-11. When you also accept and recognize that it’s not just Karl Rove and Frank Luntz who used the Big Lie (the less true it is, the more you say it and it will be believed), but Joseph Goebbels as well, and that they always accuse their opponent of their own worst attributes…and that they refer to Barack Obama as the anti-Christ…

Well, that strikes me as cause for worry. So does “secret terrorist.” (See again allowing 9-11 to happen to profit). So does Romney’s promise to double the size of Gitmo.

I’ve had the opportunity to discuss the experiences of other targeted individuals, to read the experiences of yet more and the similarities are striking. That implies that the word organized is apt.

The CIA spent and spends a great deal of time, energy and your money on thinking up, discovering and compiling books on “dirty tricks”, on psychology, and on how to achieve goals, to prod a target into doing what they want the target to do. This stuff is so old that some of it has made its way into the public domain (books by George Hayduke for example). However, this phenomena would not continue if it was not sanctioned by CIA and the Pentagon. It just wouldn’t. These are two extremely powerful organizations.

And both have a history that includes abuse of all kinds, of disrespect for civil liberties, of radical propaganda (it is not easy to kill someone; demonizing the enemy has long been a tactic to make that easier). Hatred of minorities, gays, foreigners, politicians and civilians is actively encouraged and we have all seen and heard examples of it. This is why rape has gone up and is winked at. This is why WWASPS existed.

Further, as I said recently, the goal is to divide the public from law enforcement, to increase distrust. It does not help that being a cop does not generally pay well. It does not help that there is a certain level of (often justified) concern over corruption and abuse.

But that is being exploited, enhanced and exaggerated to unravel society as we have known it to replace it with a totalitarian state. Who profits? The mercenary and security corporations who will get contracts after the government “fails.”

And again this is ultimately about helping a few people get richer and everyone else to get poorer. About coddling the 1% at the expense of the 99. Cheap, compliant labor not because it has to be that way but because some people have decided that their already undue influence over how society is run is not enough, they want absolute power.

Enter behavioral modification. Mind control. Psychological warfare. Propaganda. Lies. New methods of assassination, difficult to detect. Social engineering on a national, sometimes international scale. The belief that God’s greatest reward is financial gain and that receiving it is proof of his love and murder is what he wants despite that whole thing about camels and eye of the needle, about turning over tables, and about healing an ear when a sword gets used.

That’s hypocrisy. No matter if you believe in it or not, if you claim to, you are being not only inconsistent but actually more than that, doing the opposite of what your instruction manual tells you. You are allowing evil men to manipulate you by quoting your book and not thinking for yourself (testing the spirits, if you prefer) and doing evil, spreading hate and fear. If there is a God, he must hate that.

So, stop being full of s*** and and take your stuff seriously or admit that you are willfully part of a killing machine that only cares about power and financial gain. You can’t serve God and Mammon, remember?

God is such a communist!

And yet it’s apparently Mormons and Wall Street whores in the CIA and radical Catholics and self-dealers in the Pentagon hell-bent on Big Oil running the show, bankers helping themselves to all of the money that once powered the economy from the buying power of the middle class.

Does that make sense to you? Only if your god is an a**hole. Is he?

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