The Maybe-Maybe Not Coming Zombie Apocalypse

There’s only one sure way
To bring the giant down

The necessary background.


You could start with magicians being hired by the UK during WWII to try to trick Germán aerial reconnaissance I suppose. Fake planes, etc., designed to make them concentrate forces in the wrong places. Been a lot said about this and is a major plot point in The Eye of the Needle, though that is from the point of view of a German spy who finds out the buildup is fake, so we don’t see who and how the fakery happened.

But that’s stage “magic” being used to trick. Optical illusions, stage sets, and so forth. What we really need here is occult. You could likewise go with, again in order to trick Hitler, Ian Fleming attempting to get an op started in which Aleister Crowley was to write fortunes that would trick Hitler into making some big mistakes because he didn’t trust his generals and was superstitious. That didn’t happen, but apparently they may have done something similar to get Speer, also superstitious, to defect on a particular date later on,

Then there is the lying. CIA’s Sydney Gottlieb, when asked about a program that was cataloging the effects and side-effects of pharmaceuticals, claimed that MKOFTEN was about mind-reading and gypsies fortune telling or similar. And when CIA assets were caught smuggling four, five and six year olds overseas–this is human trafficking by the way–most likely to deliver to House of Saud pedophiles under the longterm FINDERS op, they left some Satanic literature lying around to throw off investigators.

Of course they actually hired hypnotists and magicians as well during MKULTRA. And finally, mostly Gottlieb again, they investigated the science behind various legends. Most notably, LSD-25 is derived from a wheat fungus called Ergot. Ergot, the scientific theory goes, was the basis for werewolf legends. It can cause serious brain issues in animals and humans due to the presence of an alkaloid.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the glut of cable tv shows attempting to reinforce belief in ghosts, intelligent space aliens who come to Earth for human ass-play, etc.


Noted back in my Minneapolis days, this being when the harassment and surreptitious drugging was much more intense than anything since, that there was an interesting pattern developing. We had had at least two strange chimpanzee incidents, one being the one where it ate a woman’s face in New Jersey, if memory serves.

Then, a year or two later, we had a few similar attacks involving humans. In these two or three cases, as I recall, there was someone involved in the investigation or reporting pushing that so-called bath salts, a generic name for several designer drugs with similar structures, were responsible. This seemed to several experts to be nearly impossible. We’re talking synthetic marijuana, as I understand it. Reefer Madness was propaganda and scientifically baseless.

I should probably note, though I’m going to guess that the trend already has or will stop at some point soon, of there being a detail in many covert ops that are ridiculous. I’ve often wondered why this might be. It’s been my assumption that it is a signal to other spies, or possibly FBI law enforcement side, to stay away: This is someone else’s op; do not interfere. Or to make asses out of them if they pursue investigation based on the ridiculous point. Maybe they want to see how many FBI X files they can inspire.

Late-hit alternative thought: Probably or possibly the inside joke thing in ops mentioned in passing above is either to treat things less seriously, so as not to be as traumatized by whatever was done as one might be. Though there we are treading close to cry for help territory or detachment from reality for similar coping reasons.

And/Or, it’s the intelligence community’s version of stand up comedy. The spies all get it because they know how common ops are, while the public just either buys it or states cross-eyed into the horizon wondering if “God” or the like is trolling humanity.

In any case, there is sometimes a would-be-if-it-weren’t-so-sad-also-silly element to cover for ops. This is one of the ways I think that I was able to identity a few.


And so there’s a glut of stories about zombie deer disease and the idea that it might spread to humans. Chronic wasting disease {CWD} they believe involves microorganisms called prions infecting and reproducing in the brain and spinal cord, causing nerve and brain damage.

“Someday.” This is undoubtedly the home of equal time for both “sides” of an issue. Looking forward to the interview to get the parasite point of view. In this case one can appreciate the restraint, however. Because it’s mostly downhill from here.

We’re not saying it will, we’re just asking questions.

Ah. Denial from the smaller outlets. Like it. Kinda. Sorta. Linking the latter below due to not sounding panicked and explaining what’s behind the story {spoilers: they fed a chimp some diseased deer meat and the chimp got the disease}.

But you know, it’s The Post. May as well be…

And of course the desire to be first, because who needs accuracy and calm when there’s zombie deer potentially circling your children?

But they were clearly slow:

Superior Telegram apparently not having gotten the memo to refer to it as Deer Zombie Disease.

Jesse Inman, “Zombie Deer Disease? {No, it’s just CWD},” Ozark First, 19 February 2019:


Regardless of what you might think about the disease, the idea that it hasn’t been weaponized is what you really need to come to grips with. That’s where we almost consistently go wrong. There’s no way it hasn’t been studied, isn’t still being studied, for nefarious purposes, even if the only real purpose is to get you to either a} think that the world is ending or b} be distracted from the other ways that are pointing to world as we know it ending, eg, climate change.

Or, taking the walk on the dark side, given a choice: Force billionaires and large multinational corporations to pay up to deal with climate change OR to murder thousands upon thousands of “peasants” to reduce demand and usage of fossil fuels, etc., which would CIA choose?

If you’re fool enough to believe the former, you need to take a hard look at history and explain why and leave Tom Clancy and James Bond completely out of it, because that is fiction. I mean, who’s the real zombie here?

What do I know? I thought it’d be water fowl.


BBD – Quickie Plus Buy Echopraxia

Regarding some portion of this:

October 17th, 2014 at 8:29 pm:

Within days:

Car 1: battery dead, overheating and an as yet unknown third problem.

Car 2: Something burning under hood.

Car 3, “rescue car for Car 2”: flat tire.



The least you can do for Canadian sci-fi writer Peter Watts, beaten and pepper-sprayed at the border by US C&BP and then convicted for the “privilege” is to buy his new book, Echopraxia and rescue him from CanLit.

Echopraxia is a remarkable hard sci-fi work with tons of action, thought-provoking debates, and a mix of science and poetry for which there may be no equal. Plus zombies, vampires, aliens, and transhumans all done with care for plausibility. So buy it.

Don’t make me start a rumor that it contains secret messages to the Rebellion in order to get the DoD, FBI, and DHS to buy it!

Once you have accomplished that mission, go read the others. For free!

Do it.


Zombies, Ranchers, and the Historical Improbable in Plain Sight

Let’s start with another article on the US government’s obsession with zombies.

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Giorgio is No Pal of Mine

Independent UK, “Untrue statements’ anger over work to make H5N1 bird-flu virus MORE dangerous to humans: Coalition of leading scientists claim ferret experiments could lead to a pandemic,” Steve Connor, 20 December 2013:

There’s a lot of use of double negatives in the article. This is largely, I think, to avoid stating the truth or, should some editors IMO still be in denial as to the state of world affairs, not to falsely accuse the European Society of Virology and its president Giorgio Pal of outright lying.

Let me simplify it. H5N1 is a very deadly flu virus but with a very poor transmission rate. What these people are doing is purposely running it through multiple generations so that they can get a version that is easily transmitted to humans. In other words, a virus capable of killing hundreds of millions, maybe more. They’re making a bioweapon.

I’ll just insert some memes here. Population reduction. NATO. Europe. GLADIO.

Why do this? Good question. After all, “they” aren’t going to be immune themselves, right? The world’s elite could die of it as well.

Let’s take a closer look at a few things that have transpired since 9/11. Let’s start with the grounding of all planes. The “monkey to the airport” scenario isn’t much good if the plane isn’t allowed to land, is it? Didn’t take long to make happen either (well, except for those planes destined for Saudi Arabia, see below).

But what about all those borders? You can’t be serious.

Oh, can’t I? This has been the one thing, the Customs and Border Protection escalation, that seems to have been agreed upon by people of all stripes with perhaps the exception of some libertarians. Even the Tea Party has pretty much always been up in arms about the “took’r’jobs” situation and the drug cartel problems. The former typically involves jobs the average American doesn’t want to do and is actually a symptom of the highest productivity in history; if 60 people do the work of 100, that still works if you deport half and 30 do the work of 50. The latter of course involves the Central Intelligence Agency running contrary to the function of the DEA in order to fund domestic and foreign operations. But the dual function of keeping flu infected “zombies” out, well DoD and CIA dominated Hollywood have prepared us all for that eventuality, and thank you Homeland Security for keeping out all those sick people, just as Jesus taught us.

The last thing, of course, you can bet that there will be excellent health care to deal with any outbreaks in country.

For the 1%. The rest of you will have drones, detention centers, and–why not?–flamethrower squadrons to make sure it doesn’t spread. Though that last will likely only happen until we have napalm-carrying drones.

Incredible time to be alive isn’t it? Front row seats, no longer any reason to need CNN to bring you images of the destruction you financed and backed all these years because it felt so damn good being so important that a group of Saudi Arabia and CIA backed radicals attacked some buildings in a city most of the Red States never gave a damn about anyway. Now you’ll get to see it in 3D, up close. With surround sound. You’ll even feel the heat. For a short while anyway.

Congratulations. You are at least important enough to be mass murdered by your own corporate-controlled government in order for them to save their own sorry asses and to keep them in the life style in which they have become accustomed.

NY Post, “Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup,” Paul Sperry, 15 December 2013:

WhoWhatWhy, “Saudi-Sized Cracks In The 9/11 Wall Of Silence,” Russ Baker, 19 December 2013:

NY Post, “9/11 victims’ case against Saudi Arabia restored,” Reuters, 19 December 2013:

Subliminal Communication Technology Part 4

Before I get back to Becker, etc., I had a few more thoughts about ‘Harold’, murderer of Ronni Chasen. (Most of the rest from Becker is the politics, PR, and responses to media reports anyway, as you’ll see below).

Another notable thing about him is that he seemed to be determined not to go back to prison. This was what resulted in a shootout with police that ended with him dead. Could that also have been the result of subliminal affirmations or veridicals?

Additionally, investigators tried to say her death was drug-related. There was an outcry by people who knew her stating that she would not have any such connections.

The idea of killing the assassins after the deed is done is a very old one. It’s in Shakespeare’s Macbeth but I don’t recall/know if it was in his source material, Holinshed’s Chronicles. This is also in his Richard III, I think, and the same question stands. And there’s the darkly humorous chain that Heath Ledger as the Joker uses in The Dark Knight to rob the bank and steal the mob’s money. It’s a common enough meme in fiction.

There was also, of course, the Lee Harvey Oswald/Jack Ruby chain of events, though the truth behind that portion of the JFK assassination, like so many others, is in dispute. I do note, however, that much of the early research in the area of hypnosis happened in the 1950s, years before that fateful day in Dallas.

In any case, this resolve to avoid jail prevented Harold being interviewed by police after the fact. Further, shooting someone like Chasen, unknown to most moviegoers but well known in industry circles, would tend to send a message without the additional scrutiny that shooting someone more famous would bring.

As I’ve noted previously, control of Hollywood and overcoming the prevailing attitude there against war would seem to be the goal. Truthout and others also reported that DoD gave many financial incentives to make pro-war propaganda films and gained line veto power over the script as a result. The relationship between Hollywood and DC, especially the CIA and DoD is a long one and well documented.

On yet another topic, because the blog operatioN|Manning reblogged part 2 of this series on Congress’ study of subliminals, I am linking to the older stuff, from January of 2012, that I was referring to in part 2:

More on Bradley Manning’s Treatment

I will also restate that I sent money to Wikileaks in January or February of 2010 without really knowing why. The harassment and effects of whatever drugs I’d been slipped leave some moments from that period rather hazy. Wikileaks seemed to be about exposing corruption and having previously contacted the authorities and found not only no relief but a worsening of my treatment, it seemed like a way to strike back. Of course the whole thing was actually done via subliminals and playing around with my Google search results. This occurred before Manning’s arrest and I’d never heard of him nor Julian Assange at that time. (Believe me, the authorities know it was something like I describe. Similar events have happened before and since and they know I have no links to the organizations involved).

Which again brings to mind the documents in Manning’s case that indicated he was under psychiatric care in the run up to the alleged leaks. It sounds very, very similar to what I and people experiencing Organized Stalking have described. That is, it sounds like he may have been drugged.

Back to the Congressional report. Becker provides a letter he sent in ’81 to Senator Tsongas. In it, he describes his list of references to media stories as minimal examples of pro and con. He also notes that some are in his opinion irresponsible and inflammatory. His three primary examples of this are articles from the Wall Street Journal (“Words Whispered to Subconscious Supposedly Deter Thefts, Fainting”, 11/25/80, Neil Maxwell), the Boston Globe (“This Mama Will Faint If She Wants To”, 12/14/80, Susan Trausch), and the Christian Science Monitor/The Leader (“Subliminal Warrants Caution”, 2/5/81, Robert C. Cowen).

Becker then describes how the publicity leading to public concerns started in April 1978 when Becker and Norma Glanzer presented a paper at a conference in Atlanta. The paper concerned things like weight loss and “honesty reinforcement, theft determent, and loss prevention in industrial and commercial settings.” The AP picked up on the story and referred to it as “Dr. Becker’s Electronic Conscience” and later his “little black box.”

He goes on to describe how these devices were at times not endorsed by politicians, but how he was asked to speak at seminars that, for example, the Louisiana attorney general was conducting.

As I’ve stated before, rather than increasing violence, terrorism, and affecting domestic policy via covert operations, they could be using this stuff to prevent crime and terrorism.

Unfortunately, like eating less food, there is no obvious and immediate financial motive for doing so. Security, intelligence and defense industry companies make money from ongoing problems, not permanent solutions. Regardless of what you think about the practice of subliminals for honesty, nonviolence, etc., the fact that the opposite is happening indicates that the safety, security, and pursuit of happiness of the average American is not at the top of the to-do list. The appearance that it is is largely due to the influence over entertainment, news, and control of the narrative.

Becker goes on to describe how progress is being made to rehabilitate young criminals, how he is often contacted by desperate parents, how funding is an issue but he is hopeful.

Then he complains that Barbara Stack, the ACLU’s NY legislative director, told the WSJ, “The potential for abuse is enormous…If it is a distortion of sound and camouflaged so the receiver isn’t aware and can influence his behavior, it’s tantamount to brainwashing and ought to be prohibited by legislation.”

Becker says that the WSJ did not afford him the option of responding in the same article. Trausch in the Globe article treads closely to character defamation, he says.

He says that the articles and others like them are irresponsible because they recommend legislation against crime prevention and therefore against the public interest.

Then he says he would not be averse to reasonable legislation and offers to help write it by serving on a commission.

But that’s mostly beside the point here. The point is that the ACLU said that there was the potential for abuse and Becker responsed with “How is ‘I am honest’ as a message a bad thing?” It is that this kind of thing clearly is being abused now that concerns me. How could Becker have ever thought to control the technology? He is correct, I think, to point out that any new technology or advance is always met with resistance. He adds the automobile to the previously mentioned aspirin argument and even suggests safe driving subliminal service announcements.

Ironically, he quotes Eric Lander (“In Through the Out Door”, OMNI, February 1981), “Unfortunately for the movie’s creators, turning the population into zombies by subliminal subterfuge is the only thing scientists unanimously agree is out of the question.”

Depending on your definition of zombie, it not only seems possible but perhaps to an extent what is happening. The Corbett Report in the first clip I watched said that that was exactly how we as a nation behave. False-flag operations during some post-Arab Spring events in the Middle East were completely ignored by the MSM. All kinds of indicators exist that something is very wrong but we ignore it or focus on B.S. like rumors of fake birth certificates and other disinformation spread by special business interests.

Then there is the definition I’ve used half-jokingly about being a slave, working for one or more government agencies without ever realizing it (and because I like people to remember, it was as a patsy, not an actual operative).

And then there were the actual cases, close to each other timewise, where people actually ate the flesh of other human beings. Generally, this was blamed on pot and so-called bath salts. It didn’t occur to me that subliminals might have been involved and I assumed a one-size fits all engineered drug or pathogen. More likely drugs and instructions in tandem with PSYOPs like.most of these other events based around the psychology of the targets.

Back to Becker, he also talks about invasion of privacy as argument against the use of subliminals. He agrees that it is but that the benefits outweigh the intrusions.

There are only a few of the actual enclosures that Becker sent the subcommittee, most notably a brochure and a positive article.

Up next, David Tyler of Proactive Systems speaks to the subcommittee.

Disappearances in Magic Valley

This story (mobile version). Dogs disappearing in mysteriously Magic Valley, Idaho, police puzzled.

Likely not really much to do with the purpose of this blog, but something to blog about tonight.

Several interesting possible scenario variants and way too early to pin down since we don’t yet have much to go on but here goes anyway. (And even if it does turn out as weird or weirder than the possibilities I’m playing with below, I just don’t have room in Infernis to incorporate it!).

One or two young men, probably between the ages of 17 and 26. They may be acting out part of the plotline from 30 Days of Night (the film, the comic is several stories I understand, don’t think I’ve read them or if so not much).

In the film, a boatload of vampires descend on a town. First they send a forward team to remove the dogs and cell phones. If cell phones start disappearing (or already have) then you may have just that.

A (not so) funny story regarding the so-called “Vampire clan” (this story here, you may have seen this ringleader in some specials on those various true crime channels and maybe I think HBO).

When those guys passed through Kentucky, the stopped in Murray (where I went to college and close to where I attended high school), where one or more of them were from. There, they broke into the local dog pound and murdered several puppies by cutting off their feet. This was of course in preparation for the murders they later committed in Florida.

Anyway, the (not so) funny part, how I know about that, my ex-partner and his friends were initially blamed by the local police for the break-in and dog mutilations because they were goth-y. You know, wore black, painted fingernails, etc. though they really were more punk when it came to musical tastes and my ex tended to die his hair back then various bright colors. Once Murray PD got word about the murders in Florida they knew they had the wrong people.

It occurs to me that the entire vampire murder mess may have been related to NK/Intra. Why not? I’ve “stumbled” into so many unbelievable situations * , why not one more?

And so, there is also the possibility of an upcoming Pont-St.-Esprit-like event in Magic Valley, Idaho. Why not?

The goal is in part to create an old timey, fire-and-brimstone revival in order to get a majority of Americans to go along with the draconian measures that NATO has coming down the pike. What better place to stage a “mysterious” event than a place called Magic Valley? Dogs disappear, weird stuff happens. If you’re having a problem understanding just how superstitious your fellow American is, and how most “educational channels” cater to this now, you either need to get out more, or less.

Yet another variant, the dogs are “joining” coyote packs (like Canis Doofus seemed to do). I use the quotes because it is my belief that they likely mate with dogs and then turn on and eat them. Coyotes being practically everywhere in N’Am, not impossible.

The point is, who knows? And why should they with all this secrecy? No question that the program is active, merely when and where it’s actually being used.

By the way, off-topic (sorta) but in case I haven’t said it on this blog before, isn’t it strange that so many violent shootings occurred at Virginia Tech? I mean, what else is in Virginia that might explain…

Oh. Right.

But they never told you the price it would pay,
The things that you might have done.

* Working (indirectly) for Bain Capital / Romney, working (indirectly) for Koch, working for OFA (actually my choice for once…I think), noticing a pair of suspicious characters near Gracey Mansion just following 9/11, Squidgate, and of course the many, many other bizarre things I have documented here.

Spooks vs. Zombies

HuffPo – Large Federal Zombie Apocalypse Exercise Scheduled

The keynote speaker beforehand will be a retired top spook – former CIA Director Michael Hayden.

I tell ya, I can’t keep up. Like The Wisp, Infernis is going to become more and more dramatic re-enactment / documentary / history before I get the damn thing finished.

False-flag zombies…well, that’ll be one way to shorten the lines at the gas station, get good seats at the movies, and to cut down on the Social Security budget while simultaneously increasing the military one.

(Some may have forgotten the flesh-eating stories of last year and the, apparently false, claim that synthetic drugs generically called “bath salts” were to blame).