Targeting Motives

These are some of the less obvious reasons that people can wind up on the wrong side of harassment by the intelligence community. For most of these, I have either met or spoken to someone in the category or read their story online. In the case of industrial accident, this was discovered via the Stratfor hack.

Prevented a mass shooting.

Injured by an e-weapon test.

Family of industrial accident victims.

Worked for military or public/private intelligence organization and witnessed war crimes, overbilling or other abuses.

Witnessed a covert operation, but not necessarily aware of what it was.

Being an activist, hacktivist, investigative reporter, or attorney.

Filed a grievance against their employer.

Blew the whistle on fraud or abuse or planned to.

Involved with a film, book, or other media that tells a story perceived as threatening to special interests.

Random target for training or chosen due to being mentally ill for same purpose.

To send a message to someone the target knows or who knows of the target.

Being a member of a particular race or other demographic {eg, religion, sexual preference or identity} in order to increase NATSEC contracts based on groups and to sew distrust among the public at large to distract and prevent meaningful addressing of grievances for corruption and anti-public interest policies.

Being a family member of someone in the above categories.

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