Deleted US Army Center for Army Lessons Learned [CALL] definition of voice-to-skull devices {mirrored at the Federation of American Scientists website, FAS.org at fas.org/sgp/othergov/dod/vts.html}:

Source: http://call.army.mil/products/thesaur_e/00016275.htm

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voice to skull devices

Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports.


Broader Terms:
nonlethal weapons

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Last reviewd: 25 Mar 04

Note: CALL switched servers and changed it’s system a bit. The new version of the thesaurus, on the page for the letter V, no longer included voice-to-skull devices many months ago and also when I last checked {25 June 2013}.

After discovering the existence of this and similar technology and contacting various Inspectors General, the Department of Defense issued the following informational memos on the same day, 17 May 2012:

The first {1000.29} makes the DoD Inspector General’s office report case progress to the appointed “Civil Liberties officer” in civil rights cases {to avoid “duplication of effort” they say} who in turn reports into the normal chain of command. This undermines, perhaps completely eliminates the independence of the OIG and gives the appearance that the DoD is violating civil liberties and is fully aware of that fact.

1. DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT (DA&M). The DA&M, in addition to the responsibilities in section 7 of this enclosure, shall:

a. Advise the Secretary of Defense and senior DoD leadership on the DoD Civil Liberties Program.

5. IG, DoD. The IG, DoD, shall inform the DoD Civil Liberties Officer or the Deputy Civil Liberties Officer of its privacy and civil liberties activities in order to avoid duplication of effort, in accordance with Reference (a). The IG, DoD, is an independent organizational component of the DoD, and nothing in this Instruction should be construed as infringing upon the independence of the IG, DoD, or preventing the IG, DoD, from fulfilling its duties pursuant to Appendix 3 of title 5, U.S.C. (also known as “The Inspector General Act of 1978,” as amended) (Reference (n)). Effective coordination and cooperation shall not interfere with existing investigatory processes conducted by the IG, DoD, including investigations into privacy or civil liberties complaints.

It doesn’t really have to be construed. It infringes because it forces an independent body to report its activities to the chain of command that oversees, or are, the people being investigated. That is the purpose of the memo.

The second {3200.19} defines nonlethal weapon damage {voice-to-skull devices are defined as NLWs as you can see from the Army’s own definition above} as having to be both physiological and permanent. In other words, temporary insanity from something like Sierra Nevada Corp.’s MEDUSA or permanent psychological damage due to their use would not, as the military now defines it, be recognized by them as “damage” due to the use of nonlethal weapons such as the subliminal use defined above.

4. POLICY. It is DoD policy that: a. NLW are intended to have relatively reversible effects (see Glossary) and minimize risk of fatalities, permanent injuries, or permanent damage to materiel; however, they shall not be required to have a zero probability of producing these effects in accordance with DoD Directive 3000.3 (Reference (d)).

human effect. The physical impact on, or behavioral response of, a human resulting from a stimulus or set of stimuli.

human effects characterization. A formal process for fully describing the compendium of physiological- and behavioral-effects knowledge associated with a given NLW. It establishes the baseline human effects understanding of NLW, identifies risks and data gaps in human effects knowledge, and facilitates presentation and communication of its human effects.

permanent injury. Physical damage to a person that permanently impairs physiological function and restricts the employment or other activities of that person for the rest of his or her life.

In other words, they acknowledge psychological effects but do not include them in ‘permanent’ nor ‘physiological’ damage. The potential for harassment including, but not limited to, driving people to suicide or other violence is not addressed, and psychological damage could be longstanding enough to be considered permanent for practical purposes.

{Note that there are many other potential nonlethal weapons. I am limiting this to V2K since that is the purpose of this page.}

They have created a situation where it is impossible to address use of these kinds of technologies on American citizens without the potential that the person or persons who approved their use being informed of the progress of the case and the legal block of not recognizing it as “damage” in any case.

The fact that it is highly likely that these devices, used in tandem with PSYOP and drugs, can modify and even control behavior, should be reason enough to look into them, regulate them, and educate the public on their existence.

Power of all kinds oppose this because they prefer to control people and keeping information from them is key in that regard. Further, this technology combined with the methods necessary to make it more effective, prevents the will of the people from having significant effect on the course of the country. It may even obscure precisely what the will of the people truly is. The number of organizations utilizing this in covert ops is unknown but it appears that both public and private organizations do and that there are no checks and balances in place to abate that.


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  5. It’s happening to me 24/7 v2k.. What or who do I call to get this stopped ?? Can u please help me, thanks

  6. My name is Artin arzmanians, I been a victim of mkultra v2k Microwave for over 15 months by my own friends. Live in Glendale ca 91206.

  7. My name is Artin Arzmanians, live in Glendale Ca , 91206. By my own family and friends been going through this abuse for 16 months. Just insulting my baby’s mom ( Jessica Kane aka Nikki Nieves and my daughter Yvette Dora Kane Arzmanians and her brother Benji. And my parents and older brother Andre Arzmanians have been the victim. And Anet Mardirosian and her family and Ana Nalbadyan ( my brothers family ) and Diana Joseph and her family And Sevan Derohanian family and sevan Madadian family

  8. How the hell do u get off of v2k

  9. My name is artin Arzmanians and I been a victim for 19 months which started 2011. Nikki Nieves and Alek Nalbadyan plus brother in law Armond Arzmanians and Joe.

    • Trust me and do this for yourself if you want V2K, MK Ultra, to stop.

      V2K effects with a chip being in your arm.

      – Use a stud finder, or RFID Scanner, or metal detector to locate
      where the chip is in your right or left arm, lower or higher and to the
      – Use a CMS Magnetics 405lbs magnet on top where your chip is located.
      – You will need to do this for sometime to notice any effects.

      I understand about the V2K and MK Ultra, it is wrong,
      same as NSA Remote Neural Monitoring.

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  11. I’m a Targeted Individual (TI).

    I have caught the audio recording evidence or proof of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Voice to skull (V2K) See here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN4QCVwiUsI&list=PL42RBzMkobFQW9tHMsXGjJ-wHLWK-lv4E

    For detailed explanation of methods used for harassment from my personal experience by Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Voice to skull (V2K) visit https://remoteneuralmonitoringv2kevidence.blogspot.in/

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